Achaiah is the guardian angel for people born between April 21 and April 25. He has a feminine energy and represents the 0 and 5th degree of Taurus. In the angel hierarchy he is a Seraph, he is part of the sefirah of Kether, and his governing Archangel is Metatron. His planetary energies are Neptune / Mercury and he represents the element of Earth.

His name means: God Who is Good and Patient.

He symbolizes: Understanding and Faith. He offers you discoveries related to your existence and guides you towards rediscovering or better understanding faith. The angel Achaiah's stone is Ruby and his colors are Colorless / Violet. Of the 7 deadly sins, he rules over: Envy.

The qualities given to you by the angel Achaiah

He teaches you divine patience and demonstrates the role this plays in the workings of creation and the universe. The angel Achaiah helps you to explore your inner realms and guides you towards discovering the truth of the human soul.

You therefore have the patience of an angel who allows you to make wise use of it during times of waiting. He also supports you in carrying out difficult tasks which require both time and courage. He offers you guidance if you work in the fields of computing or development.

The angel Achaiah gives you great powers of introspection and a great clarity of mind which allows you to uncover and comprehend certain hidden aspects of the universe. He reveals that which is hidden to most in the realm of faith and encourages you to spread the light of divine knowledge.

He guides and supports the spread of information whether this be through the press, the television, the radio, or the Internet. He watches over the whole of the media environment.

Achaiah will give you a taste for teaching which will allow you to reveal secrets that are hidden to others. Through this he supports the discovery of cutting-edge solutions which are useful in resolving problems of a complex nature. He will also be an undeniable source of support if there is an exam that you wish to pass with flying colors.

The imbalances regulated by the angel Achaiah

He helps you to avoid becoming too impatient. He calms any feelings of resignation or revolt directed towards the Creator. He makes sure that you are not lazy, negligent, reckless, or ignorant.

He will support you if you have a lack of motivation towards learning or if you are having problems studying. He will be there at your side to help you avoid failing an exam and will make your fear of new situations disappear.

With the help of the angel Achaiah you will be able to face the adversity which is preventing you from moving forwards, especially in the fields of computing, programming, and development.

He will make sure that you are not excluded from leadership positions and will protect you from potentially having your image distorted in the media. He will also lead you away from the culture of personal glory and guide you instead towards that of the Creator.

When should I communicate with the angel Achaiah?

Time - Physical:
April 21 - April 25
Time - Intellectual:
02:00 - 02:20
Time - Emotional:
January 15, 00:00 - 23:59
March 27, 00:00 - 23:59
June 9, 00:00 - 23:59
August 24, 00:00 - 23:59
November 5, 00:00 - 23:59

What can I ask the angel Achaiah?

Pray to the angel Achaiah to ask him to bring you calm and to bestow his divine patience upon you. He can be of great help whenever you lose your cool or your world-renowned level head.

Ask him to enlighten you in matters of faith and divine creation. He will allow you to grasp what is hidden through the light of his knowledge on the balance of the universe.

If you work in the press, broadcasting, or Internet industries, he will be of great help in advancing your career.

Ask for the angel Achaiah's support if you need to start a new period of training or learning. He will help you to succeed and will inspire you with useful and innovative solutions.


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  1. I pray to the guardian angel achaiah. I pray that you look after my niece Ava Marie Rodriguez. I pray that you bless her and pray for her and allow her guardians to come into her life and heal her and pray for her and bless her and please place a hedge of protection upon her. Than you. Amen. I pray that you give her strength and power and forgive her for and mistakes it wrong that she nay have done and please forgive her for her sins and bring her good health and wealth, beauty, love,luck, trust, faith and youth. Amen.

  2. I pray that guardian angel achaiah protect me family and country. Please bless the work of my hands and makes my dreams come to reality amen.

  3. Guide me Angel Achaiah, see me through this hard times, prosper my endeavors and increase me in all areas so I can be a means of increase to others.

  4. My dearest guardian Angel Achaiah please protect me and my family from our enemies, bless me with wisdom and wealth again help me to get my soulmate. Bless me with good luck, help me manage my monetary affairs amen.

  5. I thank God for knowing you my guardIan angel Achaiah and what you carry and what you stand for, has brought clearity and enlightenment to most of the things i have faced in the past and what am into now,i pray for divine wisdom,peace,love,patience and wealth so i can be a blessing to others THANKS MY DEAREST ANGEL ACHAIAH….

  6. Thanks to Achaiah for all his love and care for me, please guide and protect my kids, Give them wisdom to excel in thier studies and I also pray for my business to grow. Bless my family.

  7. I pray that happiness will fill my marital home. I pray for good health and wealth. May I always be favored everywhere I go

  8. Guide me Angel Achaiah, see me through this hard times, prosper my endeavors and increase me in all areas so I can be a means of increase to others.
    I pray for the God’s way , please guide me

  9. Please give me patient and be level headed. At this time, please protect John as he makes that long journey to come be with me. Let him know I sincerely love him and will always love him and I will never disappoint him. It’s important he knows that.
    Help me and guide me as I embark on my new career

  10. Angel Achaiah I pray through the power of you through the power of Jesus Christ, you will help me with my heroin and meth and cigarette addictions and that you will give me the power and love and enlightenment of Christ and that I will be renewed and given back power and the innocence as a child would have.

    To give me patience and grace and peace and to give me love for myself so that I may love others the way I deserve love and the way I deserve love, that I may be forgiven for my sins, that I repent of my sins and that I have my health cured and newed. In the arch angel Achaiahs name through the power and authority of Jesus Christ amen.

  11. Angel Achaiah I pray through the power of you through the power of Jesus Christ, you will help me with my problem in family and my studies, I wish that you could help me pass my exams and help me to study more, don’t let me fall into nothing, please enlighten me at all times, guide me to all my problems and don’t let my family break, and I hope you watch my daughter elliah she’s in heaven now but I want to make sure that she’s very okay and not disappointed in her dad 🙁 that’s all. Amen!

  12. Angel Achaiah
    Be with me at all times, keep my family safe within your arms. And thank you for leading me in directions that are good for me even if I sometimes push for the wrong direction.

  13. Angel Achaiah…
    Guide me against family,colleagues
    and friends who has evil intention over me, empower and develop me through this hard times, prosper my endeavors and increase me in all areas of my living so I can be a means of increase to others. Ise Ase.

  14. I leave You an angel Achaiah no.7 of confidence and gratitude. Support us all, we send You our prayers to You, straight from the depths of our hearts and faith. Change our lives thanks to Your grace

  15. Angel Achaiah really leaves. I haved sked for his help several times and he answered. I really love you my guardan angel may you stay blessed in heaven and with me in life. I pray that you always be at my side for all my life……. I belive in you.

  16. My guardian angel with more love and compassion. U never left me for a seconds. Ur love has show me more light. U know my inner heart. Dear Angel Achaiah, pls give me the strength, wisdom, and grace to scale through my hard times. Ur love will continue to be my strongest weapon. U will continue to grow higher in heaven. Thanks for coming into my life.

  17. Achaiah please give me the strength and will to keep pushing forward so that I can reach my purpose. Thank you for leading me towards the right path.

  18. Achaiah please keep guiding me and supporting me through these hard times, I accept my spirtial awakening and want to learn all you can teach. Please keep my family safe and keep me surrounded with the white light. I appreciate everything you have done for me so far and life I have thank you

  19. my guardian Angel please help me to be patience and calm. And help with my studies and my family

  20. My Sweet Guardian Angel Achaiah lead me to success and guide me ..Be beside me a give me good signs of wonders

  21. My protector Guardian Angel Achaiah please help me to gain the total happiness that really belongs me by right that was given by god help me to regain my Hyper-Beneficial Angelical Karma.PLEASE help me also i suffered a lot of illness now please heal me by the power of God. Help me from my studies and guide me and my family. Help me also to be more patient and good. Help me also to endure all the up comings problems i will be having. Thank you. My guardian Angel Achaiah

  22. I would like to thank my Guardian angel Achaia for guiding me through difficult times we just went through and please keep me and my family in your prayers as we move forward through healing process. Please bless us with things we are in need of.

  23. I pray to the angel Achaiah to bring me calm and to bestow his divine patience upon me.

    And I ask you to enlighten me in matters of faith and divine creation.

  24. My angel alchaiah, I pray that you prosper my husband and guide us from the wicked ones. And also i ask that you take away delay in my life in Jesus name Amen.

  25. Now a days, I’m feeling lost and sad…Sometimes it suffocates me and don’t know to whom should I talk to. I hope this helps me… Thank You…

  26. I love what i just read this is great and cool o my God u are great father for creating my guiding Angel.
    I pray to my guiding Angel Achaiah to bless my marriage with children and wealth and to deliver from d hand of evil men, i pray that he should teaches me how to b strong in faith. Amen

  27. Thank you so much precious angel Achaiah for supporting and always guiding me. I believe in you now I’ve seeing the light manifesting manifestation. I’ll always call on you my twin guardian Achaiah🌏⚖️💡🔌.

  28. Angel Achaiah I have just found you and I pray for your support with the current career path I have chosen it is one which will allow me to teach, console and counsel people who need assistance and clarity. I also pray for a clearer spiritual path I feel that my learnings have left my mind cluttered with matters I should have discarded but retained for future use. Help me angel to grow from here.

  29. I really do appreciate this discovery, I pray my Angel Achaiah continue to watch over me, teach me and Bless me in everything I do

  30. I pray that Archangel achaiah remove negative energies from me. Curses, spells, hoaxes, voodoo or any thing that is able to remove my positive angelic bank. Quite letting others cause me karmic debt and alow me to have the happiness I deserve. I also pray for healing for myself, my family, and every cell of energy throughout the Universe.

  31. I pray that my angel achaiah remove my negative energies, curses, spells and hoaxes.
    I declare that i will be so blessed and to attract unlimited financial abundance in every area of my life. Amen!

  32. Dear Achaiah,
    I was just praying to you, but I’ll leave a prayer here as well, just so we have it “on paper”. 😉😅
    Could you please protect and help wake up my brother & his family and enlighten me in matters of faith and divine creation?🙏🏼
    Thanks again. 🙏🏼🙂❤️
    One Love ❤️

  33. I’ve found so much by reading this, i hope to continue my journey of spiritual awakening. i pray for protection, guidance, love and a successful future. Amen

  34. I pray to archangel achaiah for calm and successful business and help my highest good 👍and pray for guidance 🙏❤

  35. My dear guardian angel with more love and compassion.Dear Angel Achaiah, pls give me the healthy body, strength, wisdom, and grace to scale through my hard times. Ur love will continue to be my strongest weapon. U will continue to grow higher in heaven. Thanks for coming into my life.

  36. My guardian Angel Achaiah, please make me to be very famous and successful in the aviation industry.
    Please guard me, my siblings, my nephew and nieces, and pls make my sister to get married to her life partner set out for her by God.
    I have always wanted to live and work in Switzerland, please make this dream to come to pass.
    As I await for my visa to travel abroad for my aviation studies to become a pilot, please make it to come to pass.
    Please Achaiah, do not forget to coincidentally match me with my life partner whom God has set out for me.
    Lastly, please make me, my siblings, nephew, nieces, and our family, to live a very long and fulfilled life.
    Thank you Achaiah.

  37. Angel Achaia, so many trials are coming one after another. Help me overcome and make wise decisions keeping in mind the essentials of what living on earth is all about and realize God’s goodness and find out his plans for me, doing things to bring glory to His name! Amen!

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