Imamiah is the guardian angel for people born between December 8 and December 12. He has a feminine energy and represents the 15th and 20th degree of Sagittarius. In the angel hierarchy he is a Principality, he is part of the sefirah of Netsah, and his governing Archangel is Haniel. His planetary energies are Venus / Mars and he represents the element of Fire.

His name means: God Who Is Higher Than All Things

He symbolizes: Protection and Respect. He offers you respect and knowledge in relation to your enemies and brings protection to prisoners and travelers. The angel Imamiah's stone is Obsidian and his colors are Orange / Orange. Of the 7 chakras, he rules over: Svadhistana (The Sacral Chakra).

The qualities given to you by the angel Imamiah

The guardian angel Imamiah will give you the power to recognize the things you have done wrong. Thanks to his influence you will learn how to redeem yourself while also managing and correcting your past mistakes.

In your life, this angel has the power to bring you enthusiasm, courage, energy, and emotional strength. All this will help you to confront any of the challenges that life throws at you.

Furthermore, this patron angel gives you the capacity to take care of others, and thanks to this ability, you will be able to comfort, assist, and support the people around you when they are going through times of difficulty. This is vital in allowing us to live in a more harmonious society.

He will also give you magnetism and leadership skills. He will bring you tolerance, modesty, and simplicity, as it is his desire that you are able to become a loyal servant.

Imamiah brings peace between you and your adversaries and has the power to free you from your inner demons.

The imbalances regulated by the angel Imamiah

Pray to the guardian angel Imamiah and he will help you if you have a tendency to refuse to recognize your mistakes or to put yourself, or others down. He will fix your behavior if you have a habit of judging others too harshly.

He will keep you from any kind of cruelty caused by ignorance of your mistakes. He will also keep you from acts of malice, defamation, and slander. He can balance your karma to help change your destiny for the better.

The angel Imamiah will protect you from impoliteness, lack of refinement, arguments, confrontations of all kinds, and animosity. He will protect you from rivalries, insults, vanity, and malice. He will keep you from having an undisciplined and competitive mentality.

Imamiah will also keep you from hiding the truth, from any kind of lies, from double speak, from two-faced attitudes, and from bad faith.

This guardian angel will protect you from a chaotic and fragile romantic life and keep you from lustful relationships and perverse desires. He will also protect you from emotional rivalries and will help you if you are a jealous, bad-tempered, or overly-emotional individual.

When should I communicate with the angel Imamiah?

Time - Physical:
December 8 - December 12
Time - Intellectual:
17:00 - 17:20
Time - Emotional:
February 28, 00:00 - February 29, 23:59
May 12, 00:00 - 23:59
July 26, 12:00 - July 27, 23:59
October 9, 00:00 - 23:59
December 20, 00:00 - 23:59

What can I ask the angel Imamiah?

If you are feeling oppressed, pray to the guardian angel Imamiah for he has the power to free prisoners. You should do so especially if you are held in the clutches of your inner demons as this guardian angel can help you to find renewal.

Call upon this angel if you want to change your destiny for the better as he has the power to settle your karma. He will lead you to face the consequences of your past actions in order to free you of your debts towards others.

Ask for his help and support in no matter what you are currently facing and he will help you by giving you a great force of will. He will foster your endurance in the face of adversity as well as your hope, your courage, and your patience during some of the hardest challenges of your life.


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  1. I pray to you imamiah.. please help me I need strength to carry on as I am living in hatred and unhappiness.. I don’t know what to do any more I feel like running away and never coming back.. I feel so ill from stress! Please help me .. thank you.

  2. My beloved Imamiah, i pray to you in this moment to illuminate my heart my mind and my path.
    Please help me clean my karma as i dont want to end up alone, please clean my heart my mind, take away my sorrows and pain… I need peace i ask for forgiveness to whomever or whatever i did wrong.Wash away this grief i cant live in this anxiety no more… please.,,, please
    I love you, ill wait for you always.

  3. Thank you for hearing my prayer beloved, Imamiah! Help me settle my Karma as I’m tired of being unhappy and unlucky! Please break though my rain and dark clouds and send your sunshine upon me. Help me to know what it’s like to be happy! Thank you for hearing my prayer… even as I’m typing this, I feel I’m being selfish asking for help 🙁

  4. Thank you dear Imamiah… you know my heart…. you came at the right moment.. please forgive me.
    Just please, allow me to forgive and forget its been hard for my well being. I am aware and awake. Just send your light my way, please.
    I thank you, i thank you, million times for your love.
    Just thank you Beloved, for everyday and every blessing in my life, as my family and my children and their love and support, for the health and healing, for every single lesson learned.. pls hold me tight!
    I love you, forgive me, thank you.

  5. Imamiah, i pray to you to guide me to my desired future where i know i will be most happy and comfortable. please give me courage and hope for things to come and allow me to form connections and relationships with the people i will encounter in the future. thank you.

  6. Imamiah, my prayer is that you LORD hear from me that I am thankful that you are!

    Imamiah, my prayer is to let you hear that I Janier Guerrero Craig have been searching for a connection and a confirmation from you through all of my spirituality venues such worship music, writtings, church, and holy ghost.

    Imamiah my prayer is that you hear that I am a prisoner of sadness, poverty, and unhappiness. I ask that you be able to come where I am and free me. Imamiah, my prayer is that you hear that evil has followed me in all of my ways to success in relationship, and in life. Only you have the power to remove the bad karma, omen, and demons affecting me. Imamiah my prayer is to command you to come and take possession over all around influencing me and offer me a new start to life without burdens and evil.

    Imamiah bring end to all debts I own and a close door to demons of any kind. Imamiah please give me opportunity to have some of the angel power which you hold in my new human life start up. Imamiah help me find every door open for making billions of dollars. Imamiah destroy every bad spirit which has had or want to have seeds of any kind along the places where I am or walk. Imamiah return and cut every thread from those who had spoken in ill mannered against me. Imamiah over power everything which has wanted that I stay single, alone, poor, crazy, hungry, inferior, and in a dark place and pit.

    Imamiah my prayer is that you look and destroy every tramp, ways, people, crib, languages, faces, ghost, spirit, god, and devices of the darkness. Imamiah help in the areas where I have not written here which you know are posing a threat now or in the future.

    Imamiah who is Jesus Christ, Jehovah God, and Holy Spirit? Help me with them with your angel power completely in ways that I can be safe from all repeat risk of danger. Close and cut every umbilical cord to any form of toxic and negative oppression and energy.
    Imamiah I trust you are here now first and only one defender.

    Imamiah I truly thank you for coming over to this Earth and freeing me from the bars and caves where they had tried to block me from your angel authority and patron realm.

  7. I pray to you, Imamiah, my guardian angel, for your love, light, and positive energy. I pray to you for proper help and guidance in bettering my life and moving out of these dark times. I have struggled with my mental, emotional, and physical state and have made many mistakes and continue to have regrets that keep me from moving forward. Imamiah, I ask truly for you to break these chains of limitations and set me free from any kind of darkness or bad Karma. I ask of you, Imamiah, to change my destiny for the better. Please heal my mind, body, soul, and spirit and cleanse me to finally move forward and clear my karmic debt and be a new. Imamiah, bless me with a fiery wall of spiritual protection from any kind of negative, darkness or evil. Please help me to no longer judge or punish myself harshly as well as others. Please help me to be forgiving of my past mistakes as well as others and help me to truly let go. Imamiah, please help me to be kind to myself, have self love, have self respect, value myself greatly, and have compassion for myself. Please help me to let go of emotions that do not serve me positively. Please help me to let go of this drowning depression, social and general anxiety, low self esteem and ever changing mood swings. Imamiah, Please send me signs and messages and please make them obvious so I do not miss your sacred messages and can truly receive them. Imamiah, I thank you for taking your time to listen to my prayers. I do not expect you to do everything for me. I am just truly grateful that you are watching over me and here with me by my side every step of the way.

    In Jesus name I pray to you Imamiah,


  8. I pray to you imamiah my guardian angel to help me from my difficult times I’m facing right now. Please help me to over come all the pain I’m in money wise, love and trustworthy. I pray to you to give me strength and the power to face all the pain I’m in right now. Please let me forgive those who have hurt me and give me strength to heal and focus on reality I’m in now. Please give me power to grow and face every obstacle I’m in now and please rebuild my life as of today I pray to God help open my and thank him every day for saving me in all the bad of the world. Imamiah I pray today and for ever to never lieve my sights. Thank you imamiah for coming to me during this difficult time to show me that you are with me at all times.

  9. Oh, Thou, my Personal Angel of Luck, Imamiah, come this night and fill me with sufficient energy to act as I wish to.

    For this, I thank Thee in advance, for I know that if my intentions are positive, I will wake up filled with that angelical energy which Thou shallt have breathed into me during the night, that I might open the Doors to Good Luck.

  10. I pray to you my guardian angel Imamiah. To help me through what i’m going through right now. I can’t expain it, but my heart says it all. I really need you to comfort me and keep me strong and be there for me always, jesseca

  11. i pray to my guardian angel Imamiah to keep the frequency of love and positive energy at all time allow me to vibrate high so no negative energy trouble my thought
    please help me find peaceful home for me and my children i want exit this relationship no longer serve me in a state love without harming anyone i also financial providence to be able find a new place live thank you

  12. I pray to you Imamiah, i have been opressed for too long .
    I need a new job, u know where my heart is and what i am praying for.
    I need a good new well apying job to break through financially to be able to support my family as the only man left

  13. I pray to my guardian angel Imamiah to help me get placed and secure a job in the upcoming software mnc I would be interviewing for.
    Please keep my family members in peace and happiness especially my mom and dad
    And please help me find a happy Understanding Long lasting Loving Relationship with my soulmate whosoever he is.Please make this happen. My guardian angel💐

  14. Thank you my beloved Imamiah!
    Just when i need it you came.
    I am embarking on a New path, but seems like its not time yet?
    Or universe is probing my faith?
    Now i trust You! You the protector of my path whom gaves me light and love!
    I thank you again and again for giving me the strength and hope.
    Fill me with positivism because i feel weak and unsure.
    Just show me the way and stay like always by my side.
    Love always my LUCKY CHARM!


  15. Dear Imamiah, please help me to fight and conquer all my enemy and my inner demons,give me a new life .Free me prom the generational bondage, curse and poverty because I believe you can re perfect my life to brand new one .
    Continue to be my angel and always shows your love and affection towards my dear life.from now on I want a brand new destiny that can compete with the son of the Richie’s and my son’s as well.protect me and my siblings from sudden death.
    I want you to wipe away all the demons that are already using my glory for their own benefit .
    Thanks imamiah.

  16. Dearest angel imamiah am depressed, all my success is yet to come it’s seems something is blocking it. Pls help me counter the blockage I want start living a luxury life. I want happiness in my family .I want to travel abroad for fun. Pls help me. Thanks.

  17. Thank you for hearing my prayer beloved, Imamiah! Help me settle my Karma as I’m tired of being unhappy and unlucky! Please break though my rain and dark clouds and send your sunshine upon me. Help me to know what it’s like to be happy! Thank you for hearing my prayer dear. Imamiah

  18. Imamiah,
    Please release me from the fear of abandonment. Release me to trust in my personal relationships. Help me to have a relationship that thrives. Help me to clear old patterns of doubt and of running away. Help my partner to be in Oneness and to see my actions as a reflection of his own. Help me to create love where there is disturbance. Heal me and my relationships. Thank you!! Please also take all jealousy and insecurity. Show me I can be with sunshine I trust.

  19. Dear Imamiah,

    I don’t want to lose my relationship over my past karma. Please restore my spouse’s health, mentality and ability to trust. I know what he’s thinking about his health, is not true. He’s well. Please strengthen our relationship and maintain us.

  20. Dear Imamiah,

    I don’t want to think about health negatively as I think and give names to my health Issues whereas I know I don’t have that but my mind is playing with me. Kindly Listen to my urge to get well. Also Whatever happened in the past is past please end that karma and give a new start to all my relationships. I must be able to forgive my own people who have hurt me as they are my family and I don’t want them to repay for what they have done and doing. I just want my happiness and peace of mind. Imamiah please give me lots of strength and happiness… always stand by side so that I can make mom proud.

  21. My dearest Imamiah, I only got to know of you yesterday and I already have faith in you. Please help me love my life the way it is destined to be and not make me suffer for someone else’s debt. Kindly remove the burden of someone’s unpaid debt from my shoulders and let me live happily as this burden is a source of hindrance to my happiness.

    I strongly believe that you can do this and so I’m asking you with my whole heart to see me through especially in my academic areas and make me spiritually strong and also to assist me in my love life.

    I don’t know why I feel so unlucky in this aspects of my life but please help me and set things straight for me. I also ask for a good relationship with my family because I feel we are fallen apart. Please strengthen my bond with my loved ones and let my soul mate come to be.

    I also pray for financial aid in my life and in the life of my family. Secure our finances and let whatever that is good and that is for us reach us. I also ask for the same in my personal life. Assist me and make your presence known to me. And let others marvel in the goodness of your works in my life. Thank you so much my dearest Guardian Angel. I love you.

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