Haheuiah is the guardian angel for people born between July 17 and July 22. He has a feminine energy and represents the 25th and 30th degree of Cancer. In the angel hierarchy he is a Throne, he is part of the sefirah of Binah, and his governing Archangel is Zaphkiel. His planetary energies are Saturn / The Moon and he represents the element of Water.

His name means: God Who is Good in His Own Right

He symbolizes: Protection. He offers the protection of providence to people who are in exile or on the run, including protection from vicious animals. The angel Haheuiah's stone is Blue Fluorite and his colors are Yellow / Indigo. Of the 7 virtues, he rules over: Temperance.

The qualities given to you by the angel Haheuiah

The guardian angel Haheuiah will bring you protection. He will give you warning if there is any kind of danger lying in your wait. He is able to prevent evil and to deliver justice. He is the protector of the forces of order such as judges, lawyers, and soldiers. Under the influence of this angel you will be made into an honest and incorruptible individual as Haheuiah is a lover of both truth and sincerity.

This patron guardian angel will protect you from anything which could end up bringing you harm such as burglars, assassins, dangerous animals, the forces of evil, curses, and enchantments. He gives you a strong sense of intuition and the ability to predict the future and to know in advance what is going to occur.

Haheuiah will also come to the aid of refugees and expatriates. He is of valuable support for those wishing to return to their country of origin. He can put an end to times of difficulty.

This angel will help you to accept judgment and to understand what fits in with the justice of the divine. He can also help you to achieve your desire to fix the karmas that you have established within yourself.

The imbalances regulated by the angel Haheuiah

The angel Haheuiah can alleviate any concerns related to your protection. He can protect you from any abuse of power as well as from any policy put forward by the military or by a judicial system which is under a corruptive influence. He can protect you from any difficulties achieving or implementing justice.

This guardian angel also protects you from criminals and offenders. He will protect you from theft, imprisonment, and fraud. By his side you will no longer be the victim of the inflexibility of the judicial system.

This angel keeps you from any inability understanding the meaning behind a challenge. He protects you from inconsistency, instability, bewilderment, punishment, indifference, emotional coldness, persecution, and the desire for revenge.

With the help of Haheuiah you will no longer run from your responsibilities, you will no longer live your life through illicit means, and you will no longer take part in illegal acts. Furthermore, under his protection the forces of evil will no longer be able to reach you.

When should I communicate with the angel Haheuiah?

Time - Physical:
July 17 - July 22
Time - Intellectual:
07:40 - 08:00
Time - Emotional:
January 31, 00:00 - 23:59
April 13, 00:00 - 23:59
June 27, 00:00 - 23:59
September 10, 00:00 - 23:59
November 22, 00:00 - 23:59

What can I ask the angel Haheuiah?

Do not hesitate to call upon your patron and protector, the guardian angel Haheuiah, if you are scared that someone may steal from you. He will bring you all the protection you need to help you. It should also be noted that the protection he brings you will extend to every aspect of your life.

Just pray to this guardian angel and you will be protected from all kinds of crime, as you should know that the protection afforded by Haheuiah comes from heaven itself. If you ask him, this angel will give you a love of truth and sincerity and a taste for divine justice.

Furthermore, if you ask him, he will cast his protective gaze upon you so that no one will be able to harm you or put you in danger. Indeed, fear will no longer play a part in your life, as you will continue along your journey with your faith put in the hands of heaven.

By gaining the protection of heaven, you will be able to easily defend what you love most in your life, be it your children, your spouse, or anyone who holds affection towards you.


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44 responses to “Haheuiah”

  1. I pray Haheuiah, my guardian Angel
    for divine guidance and insights. May my spiritual eyes be opened, and your presence be with me every single day and night of my life. Come to my dream and let me know everything that is coming on my way. Let karma be automatically activated against all my enemies. I pray for divine blessing and uncommon protection

  2. Thank you Haheuiah for protecting me and my baby. I know you are near me as I breathe in daylight and dream at night. Your love is felt all the time. I can rest assured knowing that your protective gaze is upon me. Thank you for blocking evil from me. So many have tried to break me down. I am thankful for your love.

  3. Eternal Love for HAHEUIAH
    Eternal Joy for HAHEUIAH
    Eternal Care for HAHEUIAH
    Eternal Gratitude for HAHEUIAH
    Protect us from thieves,murderers ,harmful animals,abuse of power, corrupted judicial systems, instability, inconsistency,going astray, vengeful feelings, persecution, punishment, indifference,emotional coldness, demonic forces,fraud and imprisonment. Aid us in understanding the meaning and purpose of ordeals. Warn me of danger, blocking evil, bewitchment and spells ,ending difficult periods. Allow intuition with the capacity to anticipate and know in advance what is going to happen. Help repair our karma. Defend those we love and hold affection for us.
    Thank you HAHEUIAH
    Thank you HAHEUIAH
    Thank you HAHEUIAH
    Thank you HAHEUIAH

    • Help me Angel Haheuiah.Save me from harm and danger. Prevent fraudulent people from my life.Deliver Justice to people who plan to steal from me.Thank you Angel Haheuiah

  4. I Thank you My dear guardian Angel Haheuiah, for reminding me of your presence. I thank you for what do i need to know every day. I thank you
    foe what do I need for my highest good and for the good of all.

  5. Dear guardian angel, please help me get out of this mess I have got myself into,I’m so scared as I do not know what lies in store for me,this is quite a burden I have upon me,I know that people are out there and probably watching my every move,bad people,I hope you can hear me and I’m trying to put right my wrongs, getting a 6th sence of anxiety when I think danger is around me and it kicks in,thank you for watching over me,I’m going to try my hardest to get out of this mess iam in. Thank you

  6. Haheuiah, My Guardian Angel! I can never ever redeem the protection You have ensured for me and my loved ones. My gratitude to you and the Archangel Zaphkiel and through Him to the Merciful Lord God is profound as profundity can go. May your Glory be always around to protect the rightful and virtuous in this world.

  7. Dear, Haheuiah, Please remove all spells cast on me, and remove all malevolent people from my path. Thank you for your protection! Christy

    • Haheuiah thank you for being my guardian, please continue to protect me from my enemies and those planing to do me injustices I love 💕 and you love 💕 as you always,so let it be

  8. Dear guardian angle please bless me with twins, a good husband and job to enable me too look after them

  9. Dear my Guardian Angel Haheuiah, thanks for protecting me through out my life, please grant me financial prosperity and end all the struggles in my life, protect me from all the evil acts aimed at me and break all the chains hindering me from prospering amen.

  10. Dear God Jesus and angel Haheuiah, someone appeared to me a few years ago. Was it you Jesus or did you send your loyal angel? Please come back and speak to me. I wish to be your loyal servant in this world and will do whatever needs to be done. Please help me to do this. Love and amen from Lizzy Bee in Sydney

  11. Haheuiah.. I’m in need of your help… I need you to help me get the messages from my intuition.. give me clarity on the Truth of my relationship… I will keep my eyes open for the red flags.. you will see what’s hidden and then you will have to expose it to me. Thanks.

  12. I beseech you Angel Haheuiah to please grant me financial prosperity, victory in my court case against my stepmother, connecting me with my life partner and a smooth relocation overseas.

    Plus removal of ancestral evil marks on my person preventing me from being successful in life.

    Help me o be a blessing to my sisters and to help those in need.

    Thank you

  13. My Guardian Angel, I pray for your protection and guidance. Please protect me and my whole family, please help me reach my heartily desires.

  14. My precious Guardian Angel Haheuiah pls proctect me always help me in all the areas of my life thank yoi sincerely.Amritha

  15. Dear Guardian angel, thank you for those battles you’ve fought for me without my knowledge..
    I needed you in my life now more than ever.. am at this junction of finding future partner and beginning the journey of my career, pls open my Intuition sense and help me to make right decisions

    Don’t forget to protect me, my family, friends and loved ones..Amin

  16. Dear Guardian Angel Haheuiah i earnestly need your help i have payables to pay hardly find the money to pay my debt pray for your help and guidance , To God be the Glory

  17. Dear Guardian Angel
    Thank you for all you have done for me until now, even though I didn’t know you. I believe you’ve always been by my side.

    I ask of you to bless me with a partner, husband, lover. I yearn for affection of the opposite sex and would love to be a good wife to someone someday

    Hear my cry I pray

    Thanking you in advance

  18. It’s a privilege to know my guardian angel is real and has a name and a purpose. Angel Haheuiah thank you for your protection under the Most High One Creator. I know I’ve been led in the correct way and can see the protection and love given to me and my Son. Please guide me in my manifestation of wealth, higher vibration to reach the frequency that I need to have a fuller life innerstanding how to access my higher self for enlightenment so I can always remember this Journey and more. Thank you for your continued protection from negative energy.

  19. All I need is true love from a modest woman that can wholeheartedly reciprocate and recovered my missing opportunities and crowned me a very long life ….

  20. Dear Angel Haheuiah thank you for looking after me till this day.I pray you continue to guide and guard through out my life. Dear Angel I need to help me attract more positive energy into my life and grant me wisdom knowlege and understanding in everything I do .Thank you in advance

  21. Dear guardian angel haheuiah i thank you for the protection u have given me so far,give me divine intervention and reverse every evil against me back to sender… protect my family and loved one’s for me.give me financial breakthrough and settle me with a good job of my heart.roll away any karmic debt blocking my progress and bless me with good fortunes from today I pray thee.thank u angel Haheuiah for granting my request.Amen

  22. dear guardian angel pls bless me and my famly witj love and prosperity and keep my daughter safe from harm and bless her with health wealth and unconditional love

  23. Dear guardian angel i need you divine intention, in my life , any every aspect of my life, and remove every thing bad in me and every bad energy from my life. i need you now , i pray you come to my aid.

  24. Haheuiah,
    I beckon you to protect myself and those seeking your eternal wisdom and strength.
    Please, please, give us the strength and wisdom of God’s will and ultimate understanding.

  25. Angel Haheuiah your friend Blessing Andrew is saying good morning to you. Thank you for guiding my house holds and i, i speak today for more of your guardiance upon all my Children, my husband Mr Andrew, And my family, all my inlaws and all my motherS grand Children! Angel Haheuiah protect us all! Guide Us all ! Shield Us all!!! through Jesus Christ name i pray! i commit the business my kids and i are embarking on unto your hand Hsheuiah prosper and protect this business, let it be successful in God’ s name. AMEN!!! thank you Haheuiah !!!! Thank you Jesus !!!!

  26. Haheuiah I am praying to you for you guidence and protection, please help get me through this unjust situation I have been thrown and grant my appeal and protect me from going to a retriail or worse charges,please guide me to where I am supposed to go and who I’m supposed to be, and please give me the means to be a better person then I was today and a better parent to my son. Leas me to the knowledge I seek to change and save this world before it’s to late in your name amen

  27. My guardian Angel Haheuiah Protect, guide me, my husband, all my children,my entire family: inlaws, grabd children, and siblings of my father’s house,.from all formS of evil, financially bless me and my entire family

  28. Dear Guardian angel I pray you bless me and my family and protect and grow our finances and protect me my family from all obstacles. Protect me and my family from all evil please give us victory or reconciliation with people victory with recovery unrightully taking or storing money thank u sincerely

  29. My dear God thank you very much for providing me with this wonderful gift of a guardian angel from birth.
    To you Angel Haheuial thank you for always protecting me and my love once.
    June 27th,at 7:09am
    Please give me help with this karmic troubles and give me victory and restoration soonest..
    Please my Angel Haheuiah bless you with the Best Job ever,have waited so long for this please intervene. Thank you very much for I know you have answered my prayer in JESUS name Amen.

  30. My sweet angel. Pls, deliver me,my husband,my children from all evils in the world and protect us from any arms and dangers of the wicked. Lead me and my family to the right directions as we go about in the world. Regards my angel.

  31. Dear God, and dear Guardian Angels, please protect and bless the owner(s), admin(s) and author(s) of this website and related websites, because they are providing correct and honest information to helping others.

    Amin 🙏✨

    Thanks in advanced!

  32. Protect me and my family my wife and sons, protect my finance and my beloved ones. Thanks God that You give me my angels

  33. My guardian Angel, I come before you with honor and respect. I ask for your Devine intervention in all areas of my life. I ask you to protect me and my love ones from all evil. Please guide me to rightful destiny and let no man come before with evil intentions. Reverse all evil spells that have been cast on to me and my success. Thank you

  34. Dear guardian Angel pls protect me and my family from all obstacles… Make me a Mom soon….give me strength and make me worthy

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