Aniel is the guardian angel for people born between September 24 and September 28. He has a masculine energy and represents the 0 and 5th degree of Libra. In the angel hierarchy he is a Power, he is part of the sefirah of Geburah, and his governing Archangel is Camael. His planetary energies are Mars / The Sun and he represents the element of Air.

His name means: God of Virtue.

He symbolizes: Courage and Divine Inspiration. He offers you fame through your knowledge of creation and supports the study of the universal laws which inspire you throughout your existence. He will also help you to overcome all of life’s challenges. The angel Aniel's stone is Pink Tourmaline and his colors are Green / Red. Of the 7 kingly attributes, he rules over: The Scepter.

The qualities given to you by the angel Aniel

The angel Aniel is a patron guardian angel who can help you to understand the different phases of life and evolution. He helps in the study of history by enlightening you to the different causes and consequences for some of the things which occur in our lives. He brings new kinds of science and new universal concepts into the world through his encouragement of novelty.

The angel Aniel will help you to better understand the karmic law “you reap what you sow” in order to bring you a change of mentality and new ideas into your mind. Furthermore, this guardian angel will help to develop the will you hold within you while also fostering your independence. He brings you spiritual autonomy.

In love, the guardian angel Aniel purifies any negative thoughts related to sexuality and emotional dependency. He also helps to control intense emotional and intellectual impulses. Furthermore, this guardian angel will free you of any bad forces or negative emotions which are harmful for your mind as well as your health.

The imbalances regulated by the angel Aniel

The angel Aniel dislikes resistance to new trends and people who are fierce traditionalists. He helps in times of difficulty, if you are unable to accept something, or if you have a fear of change. This is because he doesn’t want you to live in the past. He will free you of any attachment to ancient structures and concepts; he will also bring you his support if you are going in circles rehashing the same thoughts over and over again by offering you his divine light.

He cannot abide those who subscribe to materialist philosophies whose way of thinking is too down to earth or who submit themselves to the material world. He detests any kind of fierce struggle in order to maintain the status quo. This patron angel dislikes tricksters and charlatans as well as anyone else with a twisted way of thinking. People who talk about things he doesn’t know are the enemies of the angel Aniel.

In order to have a more harmonious lifestyle, the angel Aniel will help you with any lack of understanding or ignorance towards the famous law of karma: you reap what you sow. He will also free you of any kind of dependency which is stopping you from living a healthy life.

When should I communicate with the angel Aniel?

Time - Physical:
September 24 - September 28
Time - Intellectual:
12:00 - 12:20
Time - Emotional:
February 13, 00:00 - 23:59
April 27, 00:00 - 23:59
July 11, 00:00 - July 12, 23:59
September 24, 00:00 - September 25, 23:59
December 5, 00:00 - 23:59

What can I ask the angel Aniel?

If you are feeling trapped by a dependency that is bringing you nothing but physical or moral suffering, whether this be alcohol, gambling, smoking, or even a dependency of the emotional kind, ask for the valuable support of the angel Aniel and you will be freed from it quickly and easily. Pray to this patron guardian angel and you will be freed of any evil that has taken hold of you.

If you want to bring change into the world, into your family, or into your work, etc., call upon the angel Aniel to help you in this regard. He will bring you his clairvoyance to allow you to accomplish everything you set out to do in order to create a better world.

The angel Aniel wants you to be forever at peace, so he can also be contacted if you wish to detach yourself from anything that is failing to bring you serenity and calm. Call him, and freedom will be at your door.


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70 responses to “Aniel”

    • O holy my guardian Angel aniel I know you are abiding me at all time, thank you for taking care & shower a blessings with me ,& my family, Guardian Angel Aniel grant my request to pay off all my debts and guide all my ways to solve it and whisper to Jesus to grant my request and prayers .🙏

  1. Oh holy spirit and the great divine, may we call on Our Angel Aniel, to help deliver us from addictions, from the past, and to offer his clairvoyance to live a life full of his love and grace.

  2. Dear Angel Aniel, Thank you for i know you will guide me thru life from now on. Kindly protect and bless me and my family abundance and prosperity. Whisper to Jesus to bless all the people in the world. Thank you

  3. I’ve often wondered who my Guarding Angel was. If you, Aniel, are truly mine then thank you for helping me attain the age with which I currently reside and for helping me live and learn, dream and enjoy this experience. My goal at this later stage of life is to work toward leaving this planet a better soul than when I arrived. Life’s lessons have been harsh at times, demanding and down right scary.

    Sadness has crossed my path but enlightening me in the process to know that I have the capacity to love another and allow myself to be open to being loved back. I don’t wish to leave this planet without having attained whatever contract challenges I signed up for before coming here so my request to you is to please help me not disappoint myself or my guides, YOU or others who are helping me, interested in me, watching me from moment to moment to wade through life on this planet and the many confrontations that each day brings in order to improve my intelligent spirit energy.

    I would say I was one of the lucky ones even though I know the hardships of losing loved ones, having and overcoming cancer, being badly scared, living with a mind that has not been strong, memory enhanced or brilliant. I came into this body and accepted its shortcomings for reasons I can only suspect but reasons I will find answers to when I leave it and return home. Help me to honor this body, this mind, this consciousness that has been a gift, a tool for my spirit energy to learn from, grow and aspire to be better as a byproduct of this life’s journey within each challenge.

    I am ready to return HOME but know I am destined to be here for reasons beyond my scope and with that in mind I acquiesce to just going about my daily activities hoping I am doing my best.

  4. My guardian angel aniel. Please guide me in my carrier journey.
    And help me to find my rhythm.
    I also need to find someone who is right to me.

  5. Hello Anniel please I am a smoker please help me to stop and again help me get a job. Thank u Angel Anniel I love u

  6. Thank you my Divine partner, lovely Aniel… pls help me to be able to communicate with you spiritual and physically appear to me, thank you for all ur love from day one. I need more of you to become a great Hope Nation. A man full of wisdom, courage and inspiration, wealth, health and abundance.

  7. Angel Aniel, allow me to hear you and listen to you in my dreams and in my reality develop my sense, my intuition my inspiration, my creativityfree me from unhelpful burdens, so that i may progress quicker on the route towards your light, I open the door in front of me, the door of happiness, of love and physical, moral, and spiritual stability. I love you very much and i cant Thank you enough.AMEN

  8. I thank u for everything and I really love to hear from you every day in my life and I want you to protect me to end and always knowing my rules please give me wisdom n knowledge to know u more and understand u help me to get e everything I most to have before I left here in this world and help me to use it to help anyone I should help. Thank you my caring n lovely one

  9. Gabriel . thank you my beloved angel angel for watching me in every aspect of life may you continue guiding me supporting me and protecting me .

  10. Guardian Angel Aniel please, help me to walk away from the smoking and, and guide me to a better financial and healthier life, please give put in my mind and heart what to do so I can have my grandson Ocia and my son home with me, you know all of the obstacles before me give my the strength to overcome all Amen

  11. I am so very grateful to you, Guardian Angel Aniel, for always being there and reaching out to me as you graciously guide me away and protect and strengthen me from all those with are ignorant and evil and are angry and materialistic. Please help me to break my love dependencies on any of them and attain my serene and peaceful spiritual autonomy quickly. Help bring me new ideas and insights to become truly independent and content. I thank you whole-heartedly Guardian Angel Aniel for your divine and constant support.

  12. Dear Angel, please free me and my family from any karmic negativities in past and present.. Thank you Angel Aniel for guiding and blessing me to a successful life. May you bless also my family to live in Canada with joy, abundance and good health. That i may hit a jackpot in lottery with your help. Thank you and loveyou

  13. Angel Aniel, allow me to hear you
    And listen to you in my dreams and in my reality. 
    Develop by sense, my intuition,
    My inspiration, my creativity.
    Free me from unhelpful burdens,
    So that I may progress quicker on the route towards your light,
    I open the door in front of me, the door of happiness,
    Of love and of physical, moral and spiritual stability.

  14. I pray I am being freed totally from negativity,disappointments and delays,I want these negative attributes far away from my life,never to return ever again in this life and beyond,I pray and welcome positivity,abundance,happiness,love,long life,financial stability and wonderful opportunities into my life.
    I pray for success in all areas of my life and the ability to carry out my life purpose and soul mission.

  15. Dear Aniel, please help me quit smoking. I feel like I’m trapped in a nightmare with these cigarettes. I’ve always loved and appreciated you as one of my most favorite angels, due to your amazing qualities and vibration.

    I’m really stuck in an addiction cycle of smoking, and I feel like there’s no way out of this nightmare. The more I think of it, the more it ties me down and detaches me from reality.

    Please bless me with your power to stop this nonsensical addiction and the harm it may bring to me and my body in the future.

    • I’m the same person, that wrote this post. I’ve went through a smoking cessation program in an app for 6-7 days and ever since January 6th, 10:57 (last cigarette), I’m one week in without any cigarette.

      The truth is, It’s kudos to you my lover Aniel, that lead me to that app. The app that saved my life from any future self-destruction, self-hatred, and literally any form of evil. But most importantly saved me from bodily damage and cancer.

      Thank you so much, I love you my Angel Aniel! I’m forever grateful to you! <3

  16. Blessed Aniel,

    I beg for the peace and serenity you have promised for the asking. I am deeply filled with sorrow and longing for what I cannot have. All things must pass and I need your help in accepting the world and my life in it as it is now, today.

    Please remove these bonds to the past that chain me to this grief. I trust you. I have faith you will hear my prayer and bring your gifts to my tender and broken heart.


  17. Please bring positivity, joy, happiness and love into my life. Help me help other achieve the same. Bring unity and oneness.

  18. My Guardian Angel Aniel Show Me Love Successes on my IRA Guide Me Protect Me From Evil Ones Help Me Grow In Abundance Of Fortune Health Wealth Grace Mercy Peaceful and Happy Life And Family! Ashe

  19. I thank God for Angel Aniel. Angel Aniel, with gratidue I inivite you to do your best work in my life. Thank you God for your unfailing mercies.

  20. Guardian Angel Aniel, please protect me from all evil spirits in my life. Please help me overcome my depression. Please look after me and my puppy, Lexi and my boyfriend, Kihyun. I love you <3

  21. My angel aniel please bless us and watch over my family.every evil plan of wicked in our life return it back. Thank you and love you always angel aniel❤️

  22. Guardian Angel Aniel please guide and protect me from all evil, please help me to overcome all addiction and the spirit of anger.
    Help me be peaceful and overcome my adversity with my sons father. We do not get along.
    Please help me with peace and justice and understanding of him
    And not going crazy with his manipulation

  23. I Pray for Safety, Health and away from any kinds danger of my families and loved ones.
    *To have peace at home and have respect all the time.
    *To be financially stable to be able to save for the future
    *To be able to pay all my debts and payments , expenses on time.
    *To have a stable job and be motivated to work hard and be promoted.
    *To be able to have and build my own dream house

  24. Hi dear Aniel, Thanks a ton for looking over.. I am desperately trying to get out of lack in to ABUNDANCE, PROSPERITY HEALTH, WEALTHY. I Want to look after my family in the bestest way I can. I am sure I will achieve my desired goal at the earliest and my health issues will be resolved completely so that I will be able to guide the needy… Please stand beside me and guide. Please forgive me if any mistakes happen in this journey to self realisation.. Please bless me and all of those who are in need 🙏

  25. My dear angel aniel I love u so so much be with me and help me from any stressed and give me money to solve my problems,healthy and many more.

  26. My dearest Angel Aniel ,
    Please guide me.. give me your strength your power to overcome from all my problems and from my past.
    I want new beginnings in my job that can serve and change the society. Please give me love that i can live with my entire life happily and save my family.
    Thank you Angel Aniel for being with me. Please show me your power and love. Give me all the good things to my life… thank you god!

    • To my beloved Guardian Angel Aniel. I thank you for revealing your self to me, I thank you for making me to see this day. Please Aniel Make my friend Marlyn Margaja help me and everything she promised to do for me let her do it. Please Aniel my beloved brother and my guardian angel my life is not ok, I want to pay my school fees, I want to settle my rent, I want to o help my mother with money to establish her, I want good life for my self my beloved Guardian Angel Aniel. My life is not going according to o how you plan things out for me, evil men have temper with my Angelic karma and gave me the adverse kerma. With your help and your energy I know you will help me to bring balance in my life. Please my beloved bring back my Angelic karma, please bring back my positively charged kerma back to life, with you my beloved Guardian Angel Aniel my life will be sweet once again. Blessed me and remove negativity and evil people out of my life and please Aniel don’t let them temper with my Angelic karma anymore. Please Aniel let my body burned with your light in my life. Please let your Glory bestowed on me for the rest of my life. Amen

  27. Nice to finally be introduce to u Aniel. I know it’s been 39 years. But I thank you for always looking out for me when I needed it the most. And thank you for continuing to with me always. Words can not be expressed. It brings tears to my eyes to finally get a name. U have had my back when I thought it was no one there. I have so many questions to asks u.. I just hope I wasn’t a hand full. I love you and give you a tight big hug. And a kiss on the cheek.

  28. Dear angel Aniel, thank you for knowing that someone is watching over me. Protect my siblings and I from the snares of our relatives who doesn’t want us to succeed in life,get married and have good jobs. Bring peace of co existence within us. Deliver us from dark forces and bring healing. I need happiness in my life . I’ve been living a life full of struggles working hard and the money I earned I spent mostly on my relatives. Teach me to know how to love and mostly love myself. Create a new beauty in me and my family. Every evil plan of wicked in our life return it back to them. Thank you for very much.

  29. I’m so grateful for all the divine protection lately. The synchronicities have increased like crazy and all messages seem to point to the same path. I’ve heard you loud and clear, Angels.

    Aniel, thank you for your message, it came at the perfect time and I am relieved to know that your are by my side to help me on my journey.

    I am grateful for everything that I have and for all the people that I love/who love me. I am ready to grow towards my better self. It is time.

  30. Please guide me toward a healthy and sober life. Please help guide me into a spiritual light, and out of this dark place of addiction and alcoholism. My mind is full of anxiety thinking about being sober. I wish to no longer feel the need to self medicate, but need your strength and guidance in a very crucial manner. My health is not good, both physically and mentally. It is time… I believe in God… I believe in myself…. I believe in you, my guardian angel Aniel, that you can help by guiding me now.

  31. Thankyou Angel Aniel . I am grateful for your presence ,i m so blessed to have you as my bestfriend my elder brother n a part of my family n my world, i felt so beautiful the very next moment realising about having an angel who is able to understand every aspect of my life n my thoughts even without communicating ,n i do find it to be a blessing ,cause everynxt time I search for ur message ,i always find the true solution n advice needed ,thankyou for bringing peace ,success ,and love and a great fortune ,u r presence in my lyf is a biggest fortune ,love you elder brother thankyou 👼

  32. Dear guardian angel, am hearing of u for the first time in my life, but I want to believe that our Lord Jesus Christ has sent you to be my guardian angel, therefore I make these petitions to u:
    Guide me and my family through out this remaining year.
    Grant my family and I finacial breakthrough.
    Remove any negative energy that is bringing separation and hatred from my Jude and his family.
    Grant me a good retentive memory and long lasting concentration and quickness of understanding throughout my studies.
    Help me to Love all I come in contact with and treat them with a good heart just as Christ Jesus love us.
    Thank you Angel.

  33. My dear angel Aniel please take care and bless my family parents and brothers friends and please help me to change this world with peace and love and please make bighit entertainment to contact me offer me a job in jesus name with monthly salary of 2lakhs so that I can solve my family financial problems and make kimtaehyung to talk with me and contact me make him to love me truly and sincerely and make him to marry me in the name of jesus please do help me thank you for everything you done for me till now and doing still for me thank you aniel

  34. My beloved guardian angel aniel please always take care of all my family members and all the people in the world which is need always your support there in heaven please always guide us.. Please tell to lord jesus that heal our land.. Thank you always my love angel aniel.. Lovelots.. Lex

  35. GUARDIAN ANIEL please release me from all dependency and allow me to be filled with unconditional love and support. I pray for financial freedom and a sound mind!

  36. dear aniel my guardian angel please help me.. with my goals in life.. i want to be successful for my family..

    • Hi my Angel I have a financial problems please help me to get money. What are my lucky numbers?

  37. This is amazing to understand that there is someone watching over me. I need to get my head clear of these negative thoughts and energys

  38. Hi Angel Aniel I was wondering if you can get my family a house a car and for my self a phone it doesn’t matter what house are care just need to get out of this hotel but I know you and God are going to figure it out nice meeting u

  39. Thanks for the awareness to discover my guardian Angel, Aniel.
    My Guardian Angel Aniel! I want a better change in my work. Please do this for me. I will forever appreciate.

  40. Am so happy I have an angel like Aniel
    I thank him for de protection and guidance he has given mi
    I always pray he will bi by my Syd n guide mi
    Thank you angel

  41. Thanks for protecting me aniel I have felt you when I’m alone I know your always by my side thanks for everything you have done for me aniel.

  42. Aniel, dear one closest to my heart, be there for me in the early hours and in the heat of day. Be my constant companion in the darkness of night and at the changing of the tides. Guide my hand and mind as instruments of good and clarity. Inform me of my way ahead and protect those I love.

    • Dear Angel Aniel I want you to freed me from any emotional dependence that does not resonate with my wellbeing .

      Always need by my side protecting me and my children all of evil.
      Bring peace, protection and prosperity to my girls and I.

      I need your help now more than ever.

      I ask for forgiveness for not finding you earlier.
      I need guidance and clarity on my current situation, dear Aniel illuminate the path that I must follow.
      So be it!

  43. I wanna thank you for taken care me and my family my lifetime and I hope that you take care of me to the journey of my house and thank you for taking care of my son

  44. I always knew you were with me! I just didn’t know who or what you were. Please forgive me for not trying to find out about you sooner in my life! Praying you will become closer to me & you will bring more clarity to my life! Can’t wait until we really talk & walk together! Waiting on our true meeting & learning.

  45. Dear, Aniel i would like to say thank you so much, you have been here for me in this difficult situation and i cannot thank you enough really. I just ask that you continue to guide me in the right direction

  46. Archangel Aniel.
    Thank you so much for having my back,please take post so we battle out any evil upon me,may peace ,success and growth be my ever portion..i love you and i am ever greatful that with the power bestowed upon you,you keeping a strong watchful eye on me…we have won all thanks to you.

  47. Dear Aniel,

    I love my parents, some negative forces made them to go against me.

    Please change their mindset.

    My General Manager is ignoring , please change his mindset.

    I have to lead my fearless life by clearing all my loan. Please overcome my challenge to face audience when I am speaking to the public. Kindly bless me, my wife and my both the children.

    An infinite salutes to you!!

  48. I need your guidance! I believe all that is said to be true. I need my clean slate and clear mind and to be able to accept love. Aniel I call upon you. And need you in my life.

  49. Dear, darling Aniel. Thank you for being a guardian of my heart and soul! I am ready to make a big change in my life. I am ready to leave the sad past and move into the present with love and joy. I am ready to release my addiction to liquor and replace it with a zest for life and love for all others and myself. I want to fully live from here on out! Thank you for any assistance you are destined to bring my life and I will do the work as well. Love, J

  50. My guardian angel Aniel ,may you guide me especially about my finances and i want to build my home i need peace ,free me from dependency syndrome,bring change into my world,my family and work.Thank you for looking over me

  51. Thank you beloved Aniel.
    Guide me please and free me from all this bad habits and thank you for protect me and my family!

  52. Honestly speaking I don’t believe but if you’re true the show me signs , free me from dependency and show my path to me

    • My dear brother/leader you have been by my side my whole life fighting behind the scenes for me you have given me abilities that I could never imagine for myself and communicate with me clear as dayi now want to return the favor by flooding the earth with the knowledge you have given me and the loving peaceful way of thinking and problem solving I ask that you my guardian angel aniel grant me all my wishes in good standing so I can stop being criticized by the simple man and being viewed as crazy and a false profit give me your power give me your luck give me your leadership skills grant me apart of you so I can do great works and wonders for the world I love you brother aniel please give me your blessing

    • Guardian Angel Aniel please guide and protect me from all evil, please help me to overcome all addiction and the spirit of anger, please come to my financial needs and bless me with riches and wealth please help me to become a better person Amen 🙏🏾

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