Pahaliah is the guardian angel for people born between June 27 and July 1. He has a masculine energy and represents the 5th and 10th degree of Cancer. In the angel hierarchy he is a Throne, he is part of the sefirah of Binah, and his governing Archangel is Zaphkiel. His planetary energies are Saturn / Mars and he represents the element of Water.

His name means: God the Redeemer.

He symbolizes: One’s True Calling. He provides one with an awareness of the laws which govern the world. This may lead to a spiritual awakening which can then lead people to their callings here on Earth. The angel Pahaliah's stone is Malachite and his colors are Blue / Red. Of the 7 virtues, he rules over: Strength.

The qualities given to you by the angel Pahaliah

Pahaliah brings liberation into your life. He is able to awaken one's kundalini or primal energy. He offers you conviction, bravery, and vitality so that you can easily overcome any challenges.

At the heart of a couple he brings transcendence of sexuality, purity within intimacy, fidelity, and divine sexual union. He can fix the mistakes you have made by losing control of your emotions or by having desires which are too great.

The angel Pahaliah is a great source of support when it comes to spirituality and morality and allows you to understand the nature of good and evil. He also helps you to establish the norms in your instinctual behavior.

This guardian angel brings you purity and with his help you will be able to accept the sacrifices needed to develop and move forwards. He gives you an exemplary moral behavior which will allow you to become a great initiate.

Pahaliah offers you a harmonious spiritual life and brings you the liberation needed to face your higher self.

The imbalances regulated by the angel Pahaliah

The angel Pahaliah prevents you from an abusive use of your power, as well as from extreme violence and fanaticism. He protects you from fierce battles, a challenging destiny, and from inflexibility. He also protects you from depression, illness, worries, and burdens.

He keeps you from having problems related to your sexuality such as a rejection of your sexual life, affairs which have no future, infidelity, debauchery, and depravity. He also protects you from frivolous sexuality and from engaging in prostitution.

He will help you if you do not believe in a higher power or if you break the divine laws. He will also put you on the right path if you have a tendency to set out to make material gains and will protect you from religious figures who seek to convert you.

When should I communicate with the angel Pahaliah?

Time - Physical:
June 27 - July 1
Time - Intellectual:
06:20 - 06:40
Time - Emotional:
January 27, 00:00 - 23:59
April 9, 00:00 - 23:59
June 23, 00:00 - 23:59
September 6, 00:00 - 23:59
November 18, 00:00 - 23:59

What can I ask the angel Pahaliah?

No matter what sexual problems you may be experiencing at this moment in time, pray to the guardian angel Pahaliah and he will deliver you from the evil which is eating away at you from the inside.

If you have health problems related to your lower back, allow him into your life to help you get through these difficult times with ease.

In times of hardship he brings you bravery, moral and physical strength, and persistence. Thanks to these qualities you will be able to overcome difficult challenges without allowing yourself to become discouraged, so do not hesitate to ask for his help and support.


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  1. Hey palahial my guardian angel please keep the evil and negativity away please bring strength, positivity, happiness, blessings, clarity, abundance in my life and in my family’s life and my friends life, but let me and my family and friends have more than enough blessings to share among people.

  2. I can’t thank you enough Pahaliah, for the countless times you have been there for me and I was unaware, for that I am sorry.

  3. What an utter legend Pahaliah!!! Thankyou for your work, Thankyou for your service. Sorry if I’ve been a handful sometimes. I love your work, you smash the ball outta the park time after time, always here if you need me, lets go do some good work x

  4. My wonderful guardian angel Pahaliah , I recognize and wholly accept you as my protector, my guiding light in my life.

    My true helper always to be by my side and to never fail me. I ask of you to protect me and my family and friends against the hands and tounges of the wicked that surround in this life and those to come .

    May we follow your guidance always never to fall short of all things you show us we are made to do and be. Show us mercy , grace, spiritual awakening in gods holy name , abundance ,health, finances, and all other amazing things that are our divine rights.

    I pray you open my inner and higher being and to fullfill every and all things im meant to achieve . Shine a light on my true path and to my soulmate so i never feel the pain i do now.

    I ask forgivness for all my past sins and shortcomings thus far and to be shown only the light and rebuke all things of evil amd darkness in JESUS NAME.

    Please walk by my side always and protect me and my loved ones and all others whom dont know you. Break the cycle of my financial blockages i have endured and open the floodgates of abundance for not only myself and family but that i may share the glory with those leas fortunate.

    Im so blessed to know and accept you in my life now. Its an honor . May only love light happiness and joy come ever more. I also ask that u bless my children of the knowledge and truth and give them and myself the strength to forgive others that work out of anger and hate.

    Ease their hearts and minds of grief and heartache and mainly fear of this ugly world as it only gets uglier. Plz give us the gift of seeing the beauty in all things as u see them.

    Thank you and i cant wait for my eyes to be opened and the discernment and abilty to see all i am meant to be and see. Thank you my lovely guardian angel Palahiah. Bless you always In Jesus name amen and amen

  5. My Dear Guardian angel Pahaliah please come true my financial instability,protect and provide for me .And please make my dreams of traveling to abroad comes true .Amen

  6. My Guardian angel Pahaliah , come to the aid of my family financial instability, protect and provide for us.may u also make my football career dreams come true… Amen

  7. My “Redeeming God” I pray you cure me of this illness called Asthma and open doors of favour for me in Jesus name Amen

  8. Dear guardian angel Pahaliah, I bless God for coming across with you today I haven’t known you before but coming across you today is the best I pray that you guard my path, help me grow spiritually and allow me grow to understand the nature of good and evil

    I call upon you today Pahaliah the 20th name of God that you help me and guide every steps of mine, offer me a harmonious spiritual life and bring me to the liberation needed to face my higher self

    I activate you today to work hand in hand with other Archangels and bring favor, blessings, wisdom, knowledge and understanding, breakthrough, peace of mind and wealth to me


  9. My holy pahalia
    I recognise you as my helper
    Help me attract favour blessings And mercy from God, men and all the angels above
    Help me take all my petitions to go that he may grant me all my heart desires 😊

  10. angel pahaliah , please help me with a windfall enough to help my family get back on their feet , and help anyone i see needs help in my family and friends, but most of all please break all evil doing and blockage of my finances and my families finances, please restore our finances to where they need to be I’m so tired of trying to make ends meet any money i make goes like water , please i need your help. restore my health, my brother jim’s my sister mary, and my son alfredo’s health . kristy, jennifer gary, need financial help they are my niece’s and nephew freddy alberti martinez my grndson too, and i think we are all under the same curse, break it in jesus holy name.

  11. please break all evil doings and all blockage from my finances, and return back to me all that has be blocked and stolen from me and my family, restore my health break all kind of witchcraft , evil doing from me , my sons, my siblings and end this evil curse for good, thank you for being there for me…

  12. Angel Pahaliah, cure me of my past mistakes,

    of my indulgence, my suffering, my restless wandering.

    Protect me from evil and guide me towards goodness,

    whilst reinforcing my faith, my trust, my energy.
    I ask for a favour and also a helper.

    Lead me towards happiness.


  13. Holy Pahaliah, please help all the others who have left prayers as well as you help me overcome this difficult time. Give us all strength, faith and light as you deem convenient for our evolution.
    Thank you, I pray for all of us as a big community, as I do believe that all souls are just one.

  14. Angel Pahaliah please give me abundance and prosperity, guidance, good health, protect me and my family to evil or harm. And over all. Bless me, in Jesus name amen

  15. Dear angel pahaliah, please bless me with a financial blessing and windfall of money so I can take care of my wife and son and me

  16. My Holy Pahaliah, my Guardian Angel , I recognize you are my helper , please help me to attract favor, mercy and blessings from God, men and even Angels above. Help me to activate financial breakthrough. And redeem me and my family from evil eye. Let me and my family have more than enough blessings to share among people this month of October. Conquer my enemies for me and deliver me and my family from the hands and tongues of the wicked. Amen in Jesus name .

  17. Welcome my guardian angel Pahaliah into my life I have not known of you before until today and I am blessed that I have now found you to stay with me through out my next chapter of my life.

    I ask you to guide me in my life to be a better person and to stop being angry and to be happy and content to have a peaceful fulfilling life to being And help me along my spiritual journey that I am so blessed to have now found. Give me Strength for my depression & illness that I can over come this.

    To be driven and successful in my new career and guide me to what I can do best. To forgive me for not be patient and to show me my life can be happy and to guide me in choosing the right people that should stay in my life. I thank you for letting me know that you are here for me from now and always. Bless you my Angel.

    I will be watching for your signs to know that you are always by my side.

  18. My one and only holy guardian angel Pahaliah.My Throne, the angel of my redemption, I thank you for being there for me. You have been the source of my strength, my very helper in time of need, am so sorry for not acknowledging you this years I have lived. Today I want you to take me by your side as we work together to achieve what My Father Jehovah want me to achieve on earth. Today I ask you to redeem me from Sexual problems and awaken my spiritual life that I may live for God my Father. Today give me the mercy,grace and strength I need to keep moving forward in spirit and in truth. My Throne, beautiful Angel of the living God, I ask of you to bring my family under your protection. I ask from you blessings, favor, prosperity from the Throne of God where you are serving. Give me wisdom, knowledge and understanding in all things that matters in life. Redeem me today from sickness. Help me to fix all the mistakes I have made in this very life, and I will be eternally greatfull . I will never forget your guard again in my life anymore. Lead me in the path you want me to go to and bid me to follow you. Save me and my loved ones from the hand of them that seek after our soul to destroy. I pray that you use me to teach others the truth you want them to know. Grant me peace by all means. Let your mighty hand rest upon me. And teach me all there is to know, and help me to hear you voice and understand your signs. I. I Love You My Guardian Angel.

  19. I bless the name of God for coming across my Guardian angel today. I pray for you to order my steps according to your will for my life. Pahaliah the 20th name of God. As I have come across this name, my life would not know sadness, sorrow, loneliness and poverty in Jesus name. Thank you for your protection. I know I will laugh soon in all areas of my life. Thank you Lord

  20. I am happy to discover you Pahaliah my guardian Angel, I pray this day in the name of JESUS that all my lost glory, favour, grace, blessings that anyone has been seating on, be restored in a double fold before the end of this year 2020 and beyond, as you continue to guide and protect, lead and direct me Angel Pahaliah in all my ways to success. In JESUS mighty name Amen.

  21. My dear guardian angel Pahaliah, it is with great pleasure to know you. Thank you for all the guidance and protection you bestow upon me. I believed it was you who is responsible to get me away and overcome all the difficulties i have had and might have. Please continue to protect and guide me throughout my life’s journey.

  22. I’m so grateful to come across this Angel Pahaliah . I know my life will change completely because his going to help me

  23. Dear pahaliah help with My lite and guide me to what i need to do in life
    Help me and My family members to have a positive mindset and protect is from evil forces.

  24. Thank you Angel Pahaliah. I’m soo much glad and well appreciated knowing you watches over me now and then and as a personal angel. I pray and humbly ask you to protect my path always and lead me to higher height in everything I do. I ask of forgiveness for every wrong Ihv ever done. I hope for your blessing and your healing power over my sickness. I ask you humbly angel Pahaliah to change my situations from financial burdens, spiritual attacks, failure and disappointments and open the flood gates of heath, riches, knowledge and power to overcome all trials and tribulations. I trust and believe in you for ever flowing supplications. Thank you Angel Pahaliah.

  25. I need Pahaliah to interfere with everything in my life. Now I turnt to believe about my guardian angel through much research. My Pahaliah help me more and more. May he break all the bad influence that seems hovering around me. Let him bring success to everything I do. Let me have breakthrough in all pillars of life. Let him fight all enemies of me that are blowing negative energy in my life. Let him fight for me mainly at work where I seem to face some challenges and destroy all challenges immediately.

  26. I need Pahaliah to interfere with everything in my life. Now I turnt to believe about my guardian angel through much research. My Pahaliah help me more and more

  27. Holy Pahaliah my Guardian Angel , I recognize you has my helper , please help me to receive favor , mercy and blessings from Jehovah and men and even Angels above . Help me to have financial breakthrough and redeem me and my family . Let me and my family have more than enough blessings to share among people . Conquer my enemies for me and deliver me and my family from the hands and tongues of the wicked amen in Jesus name and happen look for my husband

  28. Thank you God the all mighty and His son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit to know about my guardian angle. In my past life I had faced many problems and challenges and thru my prayers and by the grace of God, I thank my Lord for delivering me for it. I had faced many financial cases by God grace all were cancelled by the court without any payment. It was His power worked for that supernatural miracles. I know God has called and send me for His work I need to fulfill it. I want my angel to protect my way from all obstacles, in order to do His will. I know God has kept great blessing for me and please lead me thru the right path to receive and to enjoy the life. I pray that I need more spiritual wisdom and knowledge to do the gospel work for the Lord. Jesus Christ is the Lord of my life. I need not have to worry any more, I am protected by His precious blood and my angels. I cast out What ever holding me back to leave immediately from me in Jesus name. I need good health, good family life, financial break thru and financial deliverance and all Heavenly blessings in Jesus name. Amen, Amen, Amen.

  29. Thanks God that I have today known my Guarding Angel. I hope to call on him now and then for direction and guidance to be the son and a true follower of our lord and Saviour Jesus Christ

  30. Please my dear Angel, let me see your light to step out of the night. Bring me liberation in this life I live, help me find my self, my purpose, your will.

  31. Pahaliah, please show me your way and take me on my true divine path. Optimize my existence according to my divine right. Please be here with me with every step and guide me towards my utmost potential. Thank you

  32. Greetings, Pahaliah I ask that you please give me a sense of direction and peace. Protect me and my loved ones help me to awakened spiritually and lead others to the truth. I ask that you please fill my heart with everlasting joy and love. Thank you for guiding me! Amen 🙏🏾

    • Thank you for I have found my guardian Angel , I I’m for ever grateful for your guidance and protection for me and my love ones. Keep us safe from harm
      And bring us faith , health , peace and prosperity
      Amen, ANG

  33. Welcome Holy Angel Pahaliah I welcome you in my life guide and protect me from this day on give me strength to overcome the power of my enemies,please guide me into getting my rightful husband Thank my guardian angel

  34. My Guardian Angel Pahaliah,the 20th name of God, I recognize you as a helper of the Lord our Father in the divine heavens above. Please continue to assist me in my strength for forgiving others as well as myself, to keep me growing in strength spiritually with protective guidance and compassion. Guide me in better choices and in doing what is right even if it means sacrifice.Guide me in teaching others that are surrounded around me in my daily life with more compassion and understanding. I am a servant in life for making things better for others. Help me to better serve others in a positive manner with less judgment. Help me to worship the Heavenly Father,and my Lord and Savior with every action and thought I perform in my daily task, in how I am towards others in this life,so as to become a strong leader as well as a strong follower. Help me understand my blessings with grace as well as thankfulness. To learn all there is to know for me to grow with wisdom and strength to keep moving forward with success and enrichment in my life. To understand the signs when they come to me and to know how to use the tools that I am blessed with. Know that I love the Heavenly Father and my Lord Jesus with everything that I am without them I am nothing, with them I am everything. I accept into my heart and soul all there is to believe and have faith in all they set before me. I ask for forgiveness from all sins and frustrated anger in my past and for wrongs made to justify what I incorrectly thought was right. Please help bring me safely to the Heavenly Father thru His Son Jesus with forgiveness and love as you my guardian angel guide me in learning the lessons of my mistakes and the lessons yet to be learned. Thank you for helping to watch over me.

    In the name of Jesus may my Heavenly Father in the divine heavens bless my prayer and words with love, Amen

  35. Holy Pahaliah my Guardian Angel , I recognize you has my helper , please help me to receive favor , mercy and blessings from Jehovah and men and even Angels above . Help me to have financial breakthrough and redeem me and my family . Let me and my family have more than enough blessings to share among people . Conquer my enemies for me and deliver me and my family from the hands and tongues of the wicked amen in Jesus name .

    • Holy Pahaliah , my beloved guardian Angel. I acknowledge your presence in my life as my only true friend and companion. Please go forth and bring favor, blessings, clarity and abundance in my life and protect me from evil. Amen 🙏

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