Aladiah is the guardian angel for people born between May 6 and May 10. He has a feminine energy and represents the 15th and 20th degree of Taurus. In the angel hierarchy he is a Cherub, he is part of the sefirah of Hochmah, and his governing Archangel is Raziel. His planetary energies are Uranus / Saturn and he represents the element of Earth.

His name means: God of Favor.

He symbolizes: Tolerance and Clarity of Mind. He gives you the inspiration to succeed in your endeavors as well as help in restoring your morale. He also brings you healing and forgiveness for your faults. The angel Aladiah's stone is Opal and his colors are Orange / Purple. Of the 7 charisms, he rules over: Interpretation.

The qualities given to you by the angel Aladiah

He offers you divine grace which will allow you to be absolved of any and all transgressions that you may commit. If you feel you have done wrong, turn to Aladiah for help.

He can help you to balance your karmas and to get rid of any negative energies you may have. Aladiah offers you his great strength to help you in matters of healing.

This strength will help you to replenish yourself and will bring you good health. He is therefore an important source of support for people who want an illness cured or for people who just want to be physically or mentally stronger.

He gives you an abundance of material as well as spiritual wealth. Aladiah is the guardian angel who watches over the disadvantaged and the homeless. He helps them to reintegrate into society and offers a second chance to whoever needs one and asks for it with love.

The imbalances regulated by the angel Aladiah

He protects you from anything which has the potential to unbalance your karmic energies, especially false prophets and gurus with ill intentions. He will protect you from all dangerous spiritual activities.

He prevents you from making the same mistakes that you've made in the past and will ensure that you keep your promises regarding your commitments.

Aladiah is a source of pure energy which allows you to fix any lack of productivity or lack of action you may be struggling with. He helps you become a righteous person who doesn’t neglect anything or anyone.

He helps you to channel some of your excessive sexual impulses as well as any potential problems you may have with your diet. He guides you towards respect for the law which will ensure a kind of harmony with regards to the forces of order.

When should I communicate with the angel Aladiah?

Time - Physical:
May 6 - May 10
Time - Intellectual:
03:00 - 03:20
Time - Emotional:
January 18, 00:00 - 23:59
March 30, 00:00 - 23:59
June 12, 00:00 - 23:59
June 13, 00:00 - 12:00
August 27, 00:00 - 23:59
November 8, 00:00 - 23:59

What can I ask the angel Aladiah?

You can ask Aladiah to bring you divine grace so that your faults may be forgiven. He will answer your prayer by sharing his energy with you to help you manage any problems you may have with your karma.

You can call upon him to ask for healing. If you feel as though you are lacking in energy, he can restore it for you. He can bring restoration not only to your body, but to your mind as well.

He can be called upon to help those in financial distress. He will be of support to homeless people wishing to succeed at reintegrating themselves back into society. Pray to Aladiah to find or to be reunited with success in the material world.

He is the guardian angel who provides second chances. You should therefore ask him for his guidance during times of hardship or when you face a great challenge in your life.


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75 responses to “Aladiah”

  1. Dear Aladiah, I am sorry for my unawareness. Thank you so very much for looking after me all these years. Sometimes I wonder how, and why, I’ve made it to the age I’m at now. It makes me so happy to know that you are my guardian angel and that you’re looking after me, as well as all these other lovely souls. Do you have my friend Odom and is he helping you? I believe I felt his presence the other night. I believe I have felt your presence too, but didn’t realize it was you, Angel Aladiah. Does everything happen for a reason? Are the moves we make and the people we meet already known? Would you please help my mother with making choices that’ll benefit her everyday life? If you’d please watch over her too or pass this along to her angel. Please help me as a father and husband. Please help me do what is right and just. Please help me protect my family. Please help me be a better person. Please help all these other flawed humans in here. Please offer me a sign so that I know you are with me, though maybe you have already. I stand with you, angel Aladiah, as a soldier against the devil and evil. May kindness reign supreme. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done and will do. Love and peace to you, all the other angels, and to the Almighty Creator. -Ryan A.M.

  2. Eloi Aladiah Aharita, thank you for watching over me. Thank you for supporting me with you help and bright Light in my darkest hour. Thank you for your guidance. Thank you for for your wisdom in solving and en line and come to peace with my karma and the family karma and generational karma I have to solve. Thank you for your abundance. Thank you for making me feel less homeless. With Love and respect and gratitude Jeannette

  3. O loving guardian Angel aladiah,thank you for your guidance and protections,thank you for giving me a heart of kindness and compassion.Now I understand why my heart is so filled with kindness and compassion.Pls help me in life to have in abundance so I can wipe people’s tears away with my abundance and words of encouragement like I’ve always do.I ask for the grace of God to grant my wish through your help guardian Angel Alasiah🙏🙏🙏

  4. Thanks God I found you my dear Aladiah. I can feel you. You are always there when I need someone to rely on. Thank you for guiding me. I know you are the one who makes me realize all the things. Thank you for being patient..

  5. Dear Angel Aladiah, thank you that you communicated with me, it is our first time meeting and I feel truly blessed that God and his angels are with me and my family. Everything I have read resonates with me. I ask forgiveness for hurting anyone . Touch Steve’s heart to forgive me for getting upset with him. Angel Aladiah please show me who is trying use me romantically only for them to move on with someone else.

    Help me identify them so that I am not trapped again. From the love interests in my life show me who truly wants me for me and wants to spend the rest of their life with me. Angel Aladiah I humbly ask that you help me with my finances restoration, as the bible God says I will restore to you all the years the locusts stole. Help my daughter and her father’s relationship.

    Help me in my businesses so they can flourish, I was recently fired from my job. Angel Aladiah thank you for communicating with me. I trust and believe that you have answered me in all areas of my life in Jesus name amen.

  6. Angel Aladiah I thank God for helping me to discover you. Please assist me in this journey of live and pray for me that my past will not always stand against me.

  7. Please my guardian Angel Aladiah, I request for sufficient grace, heal me all spiritual and physical sickness, help me to fulfill my destiny, grant me peace of mind and lovely home, make me great and powerful, my guardian please make me wealthy and help me to draw myself close to you and pay attention to you all the days of my life. Amen.

  8. Aladiah thank you so much for all the help that you have given me. For all the wisdom, knowledge and understanding and good health. Hope that you will still continue to help me in everything that I need especially financially just to pay all my debts. Thank you so much.

  9. Thank you very much my Angel! I prays you I believe in you I know you’re there for me thank you for everything you have been doing thank you for always being beside me thank you 1 trillion times I appreciate you oh my Angel please heal me and help me come out of this situation thank you oh father I love you

  10. Dear Angel Aladiah,
    Please dissolve all my karmic energies together with my family in past and to my future’s future children. Heal us. I Pray that you help me and my family to resolve complex problems which require great clarity. Protect us all from evils.. Please bring me and my family good fortune and guide us in overcoming the challenges of life.. kindly help me win super jackpot in lottery and help my children Ervin & Erynn to be granted canadian student visa. Bless with abundance all our investments. Help me and my family achive all our goals. Thank you very much.

  11. Beautiful hearted Aladia, my adorable Angel, I just want to thank you for being my gaurdian angel from the day I was born and putting so much work together to watch and guide me till this day. I say a very big thank you to you and show maximum gratitude to Almighty God, God of my Salvation. The Holy One of Israel, The Strong and Mighty in battle, I can he can read this from his holy hills. Thanks for all the good and the bad I’ve experienced in life. All I seek is Wisdom & Knowledge, And grant unto my heart joy and happiness to be able to live this life in Peace and Harmony with all the everyone on this planet and an understanding heart to judge my people right. And ability to serve humanity properly.

  12. My guardian angel Aladiah please help me to overcome all obstacles in my life .Aladiah grant me wisdom, understanding and knowledge.

  13. Angle Aladiah please help me, help me to benefit from the excess grace and mercy , help me, Aladiah please help me with my final exam I commit my exam to ur hands Aladiah and protect me from every evil eye Amen 🙏🙏

  14. Thanks and glory be unto your holy Name angel Aladiah for the the yet Expectation and Support i have been looking forward to receiving from you especially with the healing both physically, emotionally and spiritually…
    please help me deal with each and every situation with strong heart.. Also grant me your Purification Energy Angle Aladiah and
    heal me physically and emotionally

  15. Pls aladiah, make me to benefit from the excess grace in your possession, to be financially, believing in my inner spirit without doubt, and healing power to cure the sick…. For this ,I thank thee in advance

  16. Thankyou angel Aladiah for the support i have been receiving from you lately especially with the healing both physically, emotionally and spiritually…
    please help me deal with each and every situation with strong heart.. Also give me the clarity ,awarenes that I need..
    heal me physically and emotionally

  17. My guardian Angel Aladiah.
    Help me to be aware of my life, give me strength, peace ,long life, happiness, grant me favour, great opportunity and restore my sanity for good health wisdom, knowledge and understanding to achieve my goals, please make all my wishes come true and bless the work of my hands. Amen!

  18. My Saviour angel Aladiah, I pray to you to help me fix my financial crisis…Since my birth, everyone has exploited me….today in this darkest hour ain’t have anyone beside me…nor any hope

  19. My dear guardian angel aladiah..
    I pray that you restore my home with good health and wealth… I struggled for so many years… I sustained an bad car accident which results in me having bad memories
    And uneased ora.. I pray that you give me guidance and security …love and restore my faith in you… Thank you Amen

  20. My Sweet Sweet Angel Aladiah, please watch over me and all those who seek fairness and honesty in these trying times. Protect me from people who would try to hurt me for their own selfish means and who are lead by the misguidance of their hearts and minds. Amen

  21. Angel Aladiah please look into my financial situation and give me positive energies,revive my health and my mind fix my past karmic state in Christ Jesus name Amen

  22. Angel Aladiah. Help me through the problems I’m going through please. Let the light of love, wealth, wisdom and knowledge shine upon my life forever. Let peace reign in my heart till erternity. Let everything I do and say be blessed in your holy name I pray Amen.

  23. Oh Aladiah my Guardian Angel, I Come before thee asking for your Devine intervention and tho help me recover all that I lost. Aladiah My Guardian Angel I humbly request that you remove all blockages and obstacles that’s preventing me from progressing in my life. Aladiah My Guardian Angel I ask for your protection over my family and to open financial doors. I thank you Aladiah 🙏🙏

  24. Oh aladiah….
    Pls protect our family from negative energy…
    Pkz bless us with positivity wealth wealth love and happiness

  25. Oh Aladiah my Guardian Angel,Help me find a well paying job or alternatively attract more clients to my business.Help me attract enough wealth for both my family and neighbours.Help me accomplish financial goals the soonest possible.

  26. Please, Aladiah help me recover everything I have lost in the past, and also help me to remove every obstacle that stand on my way and make fortune to follow me all the rest of my life

  27. ALADIAH, I ask you to restore my health and forgiveness for all my wrong doings. ALADIAH, I pray that you bring fortune and take away all my financial distress and help me to get a house of my dreams. I pray that you give me energy and strength and healing. I pray that you take away all bad luck and bad energies and bad spirits around me and my family. I pray to give luck in everything I do. Reveal yourself to me and guide me.

  28. Aladiah I pray to you to me strength and favor and I prayed that you would reveal yourself to me to know you.

  29. aladiah i pray to u to give me strength remove all the bad energy and doubt surrounding me.i pray you open all doors of good fortune and take aware all my financial problems away not for but for me to help my family

  30. I pray u protect me, n open a good door of luck’s n progress for me.
    Everything I do, let me win most of it.

  31. I pray Aladiah to give strength and healing power to my father in law who’s fighting for his life after a heart attack. Kindly show your grace on him, help him heal and become stronger and healthier. I also pray him and ask for forgiveness about any bad karma that I might have done knowingly or unknowingly, to cleanse me of negativity and guide me to live a pure healthier good life. I also pray Aladiah to guide, protect and bring all happiness in my wife’s life and to also help me choose right decisions and living a grateful happy life.

  32. Please my Angel Aladiah,help me to get back on my feet in this life and grant me wealth once again

  33. dear Aladiah,pour your divine grace on my life make your comfort fill my chest and pick me up from the gutter and lift me and place me on the hills so i could pour out rivers of love out the world and at the end,i will let them know it was God who did it all

  34. Angel Aladiah,
    My dearest Angel, I ask for forgiveness for those actions that may have hurt people, mother earth, animals or any creature of any kind in any way in my past intentionally or unintentionally. I ask for your Healing of my mind, body and soul of all Karmic debt. I ask for your guidance as a Reiki Master. I ask for your healing energies to be with me in all sessions to help all life here on Earth as we continue to journey and prepare for the new world. I ask that you keep all negative thoughts away and keep me on track for healing all life with unconditional love and the purest of the whitest healing light possible. Please hear my prayers Angel Aladiah

  35. dearest Angel Aladiah i am born on MAY 6 just realized that your my guardian
    I call on you now to help me with my financial needs
    aladiah aladiah aladiah
    how many time did i call you come now and turn this my poverty to richness

  36. Garden angel help me with my strength of wisdom knowledge welt finances and to overcome any negative against me that you may be there too protect me from those that have tried to hurt me I also ask that you were start guide me in the right direction that I need to go to work hard give me divine blessing that you bring me and wealth and health and my diet went to return to be a size 6 in a 7 + my angel from above of Can Help Me Guide Me and I need you to clear my karma help me to be strong and wise and good to the people in need protect my children and all those that surround me give me patience and guidance amen

  37. Dear Angel,
    Please help me with my resurfacing memories, and prevent me from being ill or help me financially recover, and flourish; help those around me accept me, love and light from santo daime.

  38. Thanks very much this, may my Angel Aladiah assist to acquire more long life, wisdom, strength, financial sounds, well equipped family and my sins be forgiven. Amen.

  39. please help me to have been employed as a contract on month to month basis since i have a lot of problems of money as taken from other help me to be out of this and my daughters mphatso and chifuniro are looking for employment

  40. Dearly beloved Gaudian Angel Aladiah. I love you so much I want you to please bring me luck, wealth, prosperity, and good health with wisdom and the love of my life to me . I really want to help people, I need your grace to of luck. Help me become a better man. Thanks Angel Aladiah you’re a darling . I love you.

  41. Please my dear guardianAngel Aladiah restore to me all that I have lost bring healing in my body and mind assist me with financial help keep me and my family safe from all evil forces and guide me that I may never ever again stray in wrong path bless me to be a blessing to others and forgive me for all my sins and wrong and help me to achieve my dream to go aboard give me wisdom knowledge and understanding and strengthen me please accept my humble prayer amen

  42. Dear Aladiah, my guardian angel, I pray to you that you help me with my financial distress. Please give me financial success, help me to provide my family and I with all we need. Guide me and help me in helping others and give to people in need. Also please help me to be forgiven for all my past life and actual life sins. Teach me to forgive others. I pray to you as I need mercy, I am weak and poor in knowledge, please give me the strength and wisdom I need to be a winner in life as from now, I humbly ask you to accept my prayer, amen.

  43. Dear Aladiah my kind and loving guidian arc angel,i please help me to attract wealth,financial abundance, healing and power into my life.

  44. Aladiah,

    Please help curtail my negative impulses, so that i can be back on the road to good health & prosperity.

    • Am in love with my angel Aladiah, this is the first time I come across this name , he may be working with me but I don’t no him ,is gud to learn ,am grateful
      And I pray today ,my angel Aladiah pls help me with all ur power in u as giving to u by creater ,and favor me materially and spiritually, guide me always and forgive my sins,and give me the second chance,to fulfill and complete what am hear for , thank u my great angel

  45. Dear Aladiah, help me to never loose my faith. help me to commit acts that are to his satisfactions.

    Help me to always be on the correct path, the path of truth.

    help me to always be able to help other people.

    Never let me fall down, and if i do give me the strenght to always rise up and do better.

  46. My Guidance Angel. Mighty Angel Aladiah. God of favour. Protector of my Life. Please, I ask for divine health, I ask for divine connection in my career, I ask for replenishment for everything I have lose in the past, forgives me all my sins . Angel Aladiah, let this year 2020 be the year the world will celebrate my success and breakthrough with me, and grant me all my heart desires, Protect me and guide me for every forces of darkness against my Life. Amen.

  47. Please aladiah, bless this poor soul who is so confused at everything and can’t make decisions. Make this year a better one. And always stay with me and help me. Amen.

  48. Aladiah please help me find a roof above my head, help with my financial distress, generate energies for healing, and provide me with your Devine grace every day.

  49. Angel Aladiah, help me the burden I am carrying now. The bad karma that I did not deserve because of someone fault. That I have to carry over and over again. Lifting up my soul, my mind, and health to a good karma.So, I will enjoy the beauty of life. The love that I always want for. The happiness, contentment, prosperous yet productive life helping others, too Guide me. Thank you so much for hearing my voice. Amen.

    • My guardian angel Aladiah please help me know my purpose in life, grant me with favor, knowledge, wisdom and understanding over all aspects of my life. Guide my love life and my life as well as my family.give us good health and prosperity with happiness…. Amen

  50. Aladiah, thank you for helping me see the way and healing my thoughts. Sometimes it’s too much to bear. I ask that you continue to help me in this difficult financial hardship lm going thru. I can’t let my emotions get the best of me. I know lm trying. I need help with that also. Love and light Amen

  51. Dear Aladiah, Please give me the strength to overcome any karmic situations..Help me give and receive forgiveness for any and all transgressions,(intentional or unintentional) help me and others to use higher understanding, unconditional love, and empathy when dealing with myself and my earthly bro’s and sis,s,
    and with harm to none, help bring opportunities for financial abundance/ family harmony, joy
    and peace of mind. AMEN

  52. oh my dearest angel aladiah ,help me with any financial strugle and restore my health fully both mind and body,grant me and my husband anthony great love to the very end. also guide our children with love and grant us second chance for all our past mistake in Jesus Name …AMEN

  53. Angel Aladiah, please help me for courage I want happiness for better good new life and I’m sick, I want you to forgive me I make lots of mistake in my life,I thank you protects me everyday from everything I feel safer with you Angel Aladiah.

  54. Angel Aladiah, may you shower me with all that your are endowed with in measures that you deem good. With humility, Grant me Wisdom, Knowledge, Courage and Strength to be able to achieve my mission on this earth.
    My wish but your Will.

  55. Oh loving Aladiah please bless me with wisdom to generate wealth and raise my offspring with love.Keep my family in good health and bless them.Bless my love life with my lover so that we take it to another level.

  56. Dear Aladiah I call upon you for your help to remove the pain from my heart and all the unnecessary things that I no longer have a need for and replace it with your energy so I can find the truth in taking the right path and stay away from the negativity that is around us each day, also help me to get myself to a stable and healthy living financially and healthy bringing me a relationship with love and joy so I can continue my journey in peace Amen

  57. Dear alladiah plz help me in my all worst and weak situations of life concerning all aspects. With all connected to me in good or bad senses.
    Thank u.

  58. Dearest Angel Aladiah, Please help me with the anxiety and fear on stage. Please help me remember my lines on stage.Please help me with energy and stamina.
    Much love always!

  59. Dear Aladiah, Please give me the strength to overcome any karmic situations..Help me give and receive forgiveness for any and all transgressions,(intentional or unintentional) help me and others to use higher understanding, unconditional love, and empathy when dealing with myself and my earthly bro’s and sis,s,
    and with harm to none, help bring opportunities for financial abundance/ family harmony, joy
    and peace of mind.

  60. Dear Merciful Angel Aladiah:
    Please restore my physical and mental energy to do good in the world for myself and others; guide my feet and hands in rightgeousness and love. Help me feel reintegrated into society.

  61. Dearest Angel Aladiah, Know that I love you.
    Please help me discover the purpose of my life. Help me and Melina to complete intimacy and help us establish a good family and a home.

    Also Aladiah, help me getting luck in my struggles, as all money belongs to God, help me have abundant money for my family and the needy. In Jesus Christ I pray. Amen

  62. Angel Aladiah help me attract wealth ,prosperity,happiness and the love of my life the one I’m to spend the rest of my life with

  63. Angel Aladiah help me to attract wealth in my life,Revive my fortunes,give me good energy to work to the good fruits to bear.ooh give me peace of mind in time stagnation….

    • Angel Aladiah help me attract wealth in my life, revive my Fortunes and Glory, give me good energy to the good fruits to bear give me peace of mind in time of stagnation

  64. Please aladiah helpe to make my life better for my children and help me with repairing my relationship with Kathy help us to get off drugs and bring us together and be happy healthy and able to raise our family and be happy with our lives together and so we can help others and are self’s please we need a house and our mental health better amen

    • I really hope all is well, John. It will be well but work extremely hard on it and you will be favored and prosper; It will pay off. You and your family will enjoy and remember to breathe properly; practice breathing;
      When feeling lost, breathe.
      Easier said than done but it will help…

  65. Please Aladiah help me regain the energy and desire to get my housing sorted
    And my mental health better
    Thank you

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