Seheiah is the guardian angel for people born between August 7 and August 12. He has a masculine energy and represents the 15th and 20th degree of Leo. In the angel hierarchy he is a Domination, he is part of the sefirah of Hesed, and his governing Archangel is Zadkiel. His planetary energies are Jupiter / Mars and he represents the element of Fire.

His name means: God Who Heals the Sick

He symbolizes: Longevity. He offers protection against fire and all kinds of disaster. He brings longevity into your life and fills it with harmony. The angel Seheiah's stone is Red Jasper and his colors are Magenta / Purple. Of the 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit, he rules over: Strength.

The qualities given to you by the angel Seheiah

The guardian angel Seheiah is the angel of clairvoyance. He gives you a great capacity for prudence and an ability to predict things before they occur. He will offer you his skills of premonition and his protective guidance.

He is also the angel who can bring you a long and happy life. Seheiah is the angel who can protect you from collapse, lightning, fire, sickness, and accidents. His protection is a gift from providence and a celestial guarantee. He also brings you wisdom through your life experiences.

Furthermore, this patron angel brings miraculous healing, great powers of rehabilitation, and health. He will also bring great calm and much serenity into your life.

The imbalances regulated by the angel Seheiah

The angel Seheiah prevents you from lacking caution and protects you from anxiety, short-sightedness, and deep-rooted fear. He also protects you from misfortune, downfall, ruination, chaos, uproar, and sickness.

He prevents you from having problems with your longevity and from having a fear of change or worries about death or the future. He will help you if you lack confidence in your destiny or in the life plan that the cosmic intelligence has prepared for each of us.

He will help you if you have a tendency to worry or if you are constantly concerned about other people. He will keep you from nervous energy, from having a surly attitude, and from excess ambition.

He will prevent you from setting off catastrophes; from careless, negligent, or absent-minded acts; as well as from an inability to act either inwardly or outwardly.

When should I communicate with the angel Seheiah?

Time - Physical:
August 7 - August 12
Time - Intellectual:
09:00 - 09:20
Time - Emotional:
February 4, 00:00 - 23:59
April 17, 12:00 - 23:59
April 18, 00:00 - 23:59
July 1, 00:00 - 23:59
September 14, 00:00 - 23:59
November 26, 00:00 - 23:59

What can I ask the angel Seheiah?

If you are the victim of an accident which affects your bones, pray to the guardian angel Seheiah and he will help you to get through this terrible ordeal. If you suffer from sciatica or if you feel pain in the region of your hips, this guardian angel can help you. All you have to do is call upon him and he will help to heal you of illness.

If you are suffering from problems to do with your digestion, he is the angel that you should speak to as he has the power to support and guide you in this respect.

If you are often affected by fatigue, ask for the relief of this patron angel to bring more calm into your life.

If you want to live longer and have a calm and healthy life, Seheiah is there to help you live a long life filled with joy and fulfillment. If you pray to him he will also protect you from accidents which could negatively affect your longevity.


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77 responses to “Seheiah”

  1. Dear Holy Seheiah your grace is the epitome of love and positive energy, the very light and sound of God resonating within our earthly realms, we are blessed and grateful for your majesty and provident healing powers.
    Please keep me safe and in the highest of state’s of mind for the transmutation of negative energies to positive energies and the love and clarity I deserve.

  2. Thou are so beautiful my guardian angel Saheia,it’s a great honor to know u at such a time as this when going thru difficult times.Pls heal my daughter from every form of demonic manipulation n mental health,restore her academic excellence,obedience humility,fear of God,sweetness n secure her future.Let me also find great love as she needs a fatherly care n I a companion.Prosper my bussiness n all I do financially.Empower me both spiritually n physically to see u n communicate often by sending a sign of me smelling lavender with a strong feel of the song” Captain of Israel Host” within my spirit.Protect us from evil energies around us n order our steps,may we hear u when u talk,instruct or direct.Comfort us when we need it most with ur soothing arms around us with peace joy in heart.Love u so much my pretty n powerful angel.Grateful for saving me thru many major surgeries including that of my spine,grateful

  3. Thank you so much Angel Seheiah for bestowing your gifts upon me, I am truly grateful and honored.
    Thank you!
    Thank you!
    Thank you!

  4. Angel Seheiah
    Thank you for your presence, wisdom and your power. I am grateful that you guide my feet to safety, security and sweetness on all levels and in all things.

  5. Hello my dear and lovely Guardin Angel Seheiah…am here asking you to please protect me from any form of sickness and provide me with good life and property all the days of my life….Thank you for doing it for me before have even asked…!

  6. Thank you my guardian Angel Seheiah. Please be always here to protect and guide me and my family to do good and to avoid evil. Please give me a sign on how to improve my finances so that I can also help other people, especially my loved ones. All these I pray in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

  7. Thank you Guardian Angel Seheiah for your comforting assistance and protection in healing my physical body and for enabling my clairvoyance and wisdom to forever expand and help me grow as a more positive and well balanced individual that will live a long, serene, wonderful life filled with many happy and loving experiences. With much respect and gratefulness. Amen.

    • Thank God for the guidance and protection from u and my angel Seheiah…. Encamp my Angels around me…. Thank you !

  8. My Guardian Angel Seheiah thank you for appearing to me and for the help protection guidance you are offering to me. I know why you are here and trust in you. It fills me with joy knowing you are by my side.


  9. I pray that you heal me of my diabetes I can Already feel the effect that is having on my body and pray that you bless my finances my marriage my home my driveway protect me from any un- scene danger and threats from abroad or face-to-face

  10. Pls my angel help protec me and give long life prosperity .help me so that my wife we
    Delivery save . have mercy on me my angel thanks

  11. Blessed Guardian of Mine, I pray that you do for me in life what you see fit. For you know my path, and all I trust is in YOU . Thank you Seheiah.
    Amen 💕

  12. Dear Guardian Angel please help me recover my health and deliver me from life hardships: debt, anxiety, failure, and fear. Thank you so w!

  13. My dear guidian angel seheiah I thank you for protecting me even when I wasn’t swear of it.yes you have being guiding me,I.pray pleas keep me safe from the evil people around me keep me safe from sickness,accident that will shorten my life,bless me with good children when I get married and protect them and my husband from evil.and may I be successful in my life,this I ask through Christ my saviour Amen

  14. Dear Angel Seheiah, by asking support to Angel Rehael, Vehuel and Mebahiah toreach you I come to you today to ask to heal, assist, protect and enlighten my father Giuseppe as he was born on August 7. Please bring unconditional peace and love to all as we would like to give it all to others.
    Thank you for listening to my call, I am Vito from Italy on Planet Earth.

  15. I love my guardian angel sheheiah u pls protect me day and night I get no u now I really appreciate u my angel by protecting me I need money show how to make money my angel pls

  16. Great privilege to know my guardian Angel… I humbly pray for Healing of my aching shoulder, stomach and and generally restore my health and peace of mind.

  17. Angel Seheiah,

    All I ask is the strength to live each day being a better person than yesterday. Wealth is immaterial without health and the chance to help others.

  18. My guardian angel Seheiah, please protect me from the enemy and every curse and heal all my diseases. Open my eyes and ears as well.

  19. Seheiah!

    Help me, Sir, be aware of my mistakes so that pain, bearer of wisdom, is no longer necessary.

    A heavy karma engraves on me and I need your help to free myself from it by performing the duties and obligations that apply to my loved ones, the community.

    For the fact of having you as guardian means that I am already a creditor for certain privileges, earned by doing good.

    Guide me, angel Seheiah, so that I may carefully destroy the goods I receive from you.

    Enlighten my soul so that I understand the meaning of difficulty, and then make me one of your partners in the divine work of the world.


  20. Seheiah, Thank you for being my Patron Angel. I love you. Thank you for my gift of clairvoyance and predictions. Thank you fir your protection and healing me in all. I look forward to being of service. 🕉 Thank you thank you thank you ❤❤❤

  21. Seheiah,
    I’m blessed to know your name & that u r there to walk me throughout life🙏🏽Thank you for ur presence. I humbly pray to be healed of diabetes & this mild case of hypertension. I pray for my finances & relief of this bill debt & student loan debt so that I can save to be a blessing to ppl I ask for discernment wen dealing with people & business dealings I ask for my mate that was designed for me to come forth & that I will know him when he appears. Thank you for ur continual protection over me & my family in every area of our lives as I welcome your presence in our life. 🙏🏽 I pray for my business to pick up with the right hours that I won’t be stress & for me to utilize my time well🙏🏽

  22. Seheiah:

    I ask you to guide me and carry me across all limitations. Help me to explore my potential. to be fulfilled and happy.

  23. Dear Guardian Angel

    I just hope you are happy and healthy.

    Look me up if you’re ever floating around Earth. Let’s hook up 😉😘😜

  24. Dear sweet guidance angel seheiah,please heals me from any deadly diseases and give me divine healing and sight . give me financial breakthrough ,absolute health and long life,also let all my wishes and dream come true in Jesus name. Amen.

  25. My guardian angel ‘Holy Seheiah’ protect me and my family against spiritual and physical attach, give me knowledge, wisdom, understanding and higher intelligence. Give me financial breakthrough, absolute health with Long life. I thank you ‘Holy Seheiah’.

  26. Angel seheiah,
    Please grant me the wishes to be a successful doctor and also lead a healthy gay romantic relationship lasting forever with an ideal partner.Let love and kinfness always radiate from my innerself to everybody around me and let me help the needy.Let my healing power work on the disturbe both physically and emotionally

  27. My Guardian angel please open my eye to no you more, your protection I seek, enlighten my ways and deliver me from the evil.

  28. My Guardian angel Seheiah ,please my angel give me a Financial breakthrough and a healing in my back and neck.

  29. My Guardian angel Seheiah, please my angel give me financial breakthrough. I need you to communicate with more than before. Thank you

  30. My guardian angel thank you for coming to me in time of need please heal me back of the ache and I will trust you to be by my side


  31. Seheiah,

    Thank you for always being there for me. I know I can always count on you. My life has never been better since I invoked you about a year ago and began to fully understand how you’ve helped me my entire life. I got an awesome job and haven’t struggled a day since financially. Everyday you’ve continued to improve my mental health for the better.

    We’re re just about done healing and ready to grow and bear many fruits. Thank you so much for not abandoning me and giving me power to do what is right no matter what the struggle. That is what has lead to my success. Hard work and perseverance through your insights have gifted me with a better life than I could ever imagine.

    Right now though the world needs your wisdom and love more than ever. Please show the good to everyone in the world. Open their eyes to a new light in which everyone may have immediate prosperity. Unite the world together as a people under the rule of harmony through the everlasting power of love.


  32. Dear, Angel i want to be seeing, and to be communicating with you everyday. Please what should i do? I need you.

  33. Blessed Angel Seheiah I thank you for everything you’ve done for me and my family. We have had lots of rough times but we managed to get through them all and I now believe that it was you who helped us get through them. I’m sure there will be more rought times but you will help us get through it so I thank you and I accept you as my guardian Angel.

  34. Archangel seheiah plseas may your present always be with me in all my life interprise.

  35. Blessed Angel Seheiah, I am deeply asking you for the light in my life for it is Dark and i cannot see clear…give me strength and help me to be a better person….change my love life and allow me to follow my dreams.

  36. Blessed Angel Seheiah, I thank God for your presence and your purpose in my life. I’m thankful and grateful for your divine love for me. I thank you for immediately fulfilling my needs, my wants and my dreams. I thank you for your love and light that shows up in my improved health overall assuring longevity with my mate and children. I thank you for permanently removing financial misfortune in my life and replacing with monetary abundance as a resource to bring into fruition my businesses, the purchase of my home and vehicle and the legacy fund for my grandchildren. I thank you for the peace you give me.

  37. Angel seheiah iam deeply asking you for the light in my life for it is Dark and i cannot see clear…give me strength and help me to be a better person….change my love life and give me a job for i put my trust to you

  38. Seheiah please I just discovered you and I want you to be my guardian angel. Please let me know you more

  39. My guardian angel seheiah, i praise you and i ask for forgiveness in any of my past way against you and i ask for protection and guidance in anything around and success to fellow me in anything i do and am grateful to have you as my personal guardian angel be with me in all my life amen.

  40. Dear Angel Sheheiah,I hail God for knowing you this day through Padre.I feel relieved and internal joy just knowing the gifts you purchase for me.
    I am Numfor Violet Lum.My life has been full of so many endless struggle and fight for a happy and successful living.Misfortunes and mischieves wants to ruine my life.But call before you today my angel,I’m born on the 12th August 1986,make haiste to be with me.Serve me from karmic debts ,streghten me and bless me with a happy life so that I might put a smile on the faces of those around me through your intercession.i pray and wipe deeply in tears with a painful heart.Heal the worns you find in me and make me whole .Amen.I love You dearly my guidiane angel.

  41. Angel Seheiah!

    Kindly, heal what ever is hurting me in my life , you know better and make love my life and live it with betterment and happiness. Kindly Stay with me always ….. <3<3<3<3<3<3

  42. Seheiah, thank you for protecting me throughout my life when i needed it most. I have gone through trials of my own negative doing and i ask for holy forgiveness.Otherwise i nowknow your name and will give my respects to you daily. I have come along way from the dark but i now walk the path of the rightous and all i ask is to continue to look after those who need it most. Love and Peace for all, Namaste and thank-you. And 1 request if u could help heal my neck, ifnot i will bear it as penance for my past misdeeds,but my love for all will not change. I know your there for us and I say thank you, Amen

  43. blessed guardian. i request for a long life filled with joy and fulfillment.
    Please show me a better way to communicate with you. Thank You. for such a beautiful life.

  44. Seheiah … My guardian , my angel …. I truly want to thank you for getting me this far in life but our work is not done … I pray to thee … Be my safeguard against the wickedness and snares that wait for me daily … Also be a safeguard to my mouth and help me with the words I speak .. strengthen my mind , body , and spirit .. allow me to be victorious in all areas of my life … Walk me through any trails and tribulations to be victorious with you , shield and protect me whenever your great powers are needed , use them in my life . I also pray that you take away all of my financial troubles and short comings and bless me with abundency and overflow where money is needed , wanted , or desired .I pray for your help , intersection , guidance , and protection ………,…………………… Amen

  45. Dominious Seheiah, Seheiah seheiah please help me in my clairvoyance and show me the way to a happy life, of harmonez, take away my money problems. ECT. Thank you in advance

  46. I pray for healing of my bones throughout my body especially my left foot – the big toe. I would love to see my husband Bob speak the truth about everything. time for him to either grow up or move on separately. I do not want to stay with him anymore because of his lies and crazy mental games. I want calm and a happy marriage. not be with someone who is always in inner chaos.

  47. Dear Seheiah, my sciatica has been much better lately after so many bad flare ups. I pray to you that I will remain well and without all the pain and discomfort for good. I thank you in advance.Yours in deep gratitude.

  48. My guardian thank you for knowing that you always there for me, could you please help me to have the shape of my life by directing the man I call my love to fully come into my life, and be one,, ask God to bless me with the needs of my heart, ask God to send your with all my blessings,, thank you for protecting and good guidance u always provide for me,, keep guiding my path to the righteous way!!

  49. Dear Seheiah, I thank you for always protecting me as I never knew I had you as an Angel, please continue to protect me from all evil and any wrong doings that is put in my life, keep my children safe from harm and guide me, give me the wisdom to know what I need to do to get out of the mess I am in, thank you for your love and for always being there even if I didn’t know you were there.Please pray with me for an job I have applied for that is able to open up doors for me and my family financially I claim it in the name of the almighty FATHER.Thank you for your mercy. Amen

  50. Seheiah, Please cure my fatigue and protect my mom and 2 sons from accidents. Please give my mom, 2 sons and me longevity in life. Please manifest the strength of my digestive system to allow me to lose weight. My gratitude.

  51. Seheiah please come to me in spirit and in physical form for I truly need you in my life now,I’m in need of digestion help, bone help, please relieve the pain in my neck head mind ntain lower back stomach solar plexus healing, could you help me to clear my mind body and spirit my aura my energetic field my thoughts my emotions and my surroundings

  52. My Guardian Angel Seheiah, I wish to feel your presence and to seek your advice. I pray to you with my pure heart that all my financial worries will be solved and I will be blessed with good fortune. Please heal my right shoulder and hand and let me live longer to help my only daughter.

  53. Dear Seheiah iam 71 years old,born August 8 and I implore you to ease the pain on my knees,the pain is very bad and makes it impossible for me to walk.I didn’t know about you till now,and feel bless because now my guardian angel has a name.Please keep my children safe and in good health.May your blessings reach everyone that has to live daily with pain.Thank you Seheiah.

    • My guardian angel Seheiah thank you for letting me know your my guardian. Please guide me on my daily endeavor. Please Protect me and my family keep us all away from harm and misfortune. And help me communicate with you and to Almighty GOD in heaven. Amen

  54. My Guardian Angel Seheiah, I completely trust your power to protect me from all life’s hardship. I surrender everything to God and with a pure heart I pray that all my financial worries will be solved and I will be blessed with good fortune and a happy fulfilled life. I pray this to you Seheiah, please let me live longer to support my children and give me a favorable life to share with them.

  55. I pray to guardian angel seheiah, pray that you pray for me and that you bless me and that you protect me and my family members and acquaintances. I pray that you bring your guardian angels to help you and to join you forever for you and the other guardians that I have called upon for me and my family. I pray for my bones and for all the other spirits and people’s bones that I may have hurt. I pray that all of you heal us and repair us and I pray that all of you are repaired and healed. I pray that all if you have the strength and the power that you need. I pray that a hedge of protection is placed upon me and forgiveness and guidance and love and friendship and trust and power. Thank you. Amen.

  56. Thank you my love, for all the pleadings you will fulfill for me.
    I thank you for your love and light, your care and all your protection over me and my family.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  57. My guardian please show me a sign how to get out all my debt and and how to have a long and healthy life help me to communicate with you better. Thank you

  58. Blessed Guardian i ask for healing of my back and left knee, aide in keeping me from evildoers…teach me how too communicate with u better..thank you

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