Nith-Haiah is the guardian angel for people born between July 23 and July 27. He has a feminine energy and represents the 0 and 5th degree of Leo. In the angel hierarchy he is a Domination, he is part of the sefirah of Hesed, and his governing Archangel is Zadkiel. His planetary energies are Jupiter / Uranus and he represents the element of Fire.

His name means: God Who Gives with Wisdom.

He symbolizes: Wisdom and Understanding. He offers wisdom and knowledge of the esoteric world. He shares with you prophetic dreams and allows you to chase away evil through the lifting of spells. He also frees you from occult rituals. The angel Nith-Haiah's stone is Rose Quartz and his colors are Indigo / Pale Blue. Of the 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit, he rules over: The Strength of the Holy Spirit.

The qualities given to you by the angel Nith-Haiah

The guardian angel Nith-Haiah will help you to become a bringer of wisdom and supreme love. With his help, you have the ability to master spiritual powers and are able to hear the melody of the higher realms.

He is the angel for anyone who studies Kabbalah and the metaphysical world. He helps you to understand the concept of time. With his help you will be able to easily uncover the secrets that are hidden away from creation. These secrets will come to you in the form of dreams to help make your visions easier to understand.

Under the protection of this guardian angel, you have the power to obtain anything you want. He brings you a spiritual charism. Furthermore, he will help you to find and to manipulate white forms of magic in order to bring well-being to your peers.

Furthermore, the guardian angel Nith-Haiah is your patron and protector and will make it possible for you to find a peaceful location to engage in meditation. He will help you to appreciate the values of peace, calm, and solitude.

The imbalances regulated by the angel Nith-Haiah

The guardian angel Nith-Haiah will protect you from misleading forms of love or wisdom. He will help you if you have a tendency to do anything to achieve your goals.

He is able to protect you from black magic and unholy alliances. He will also protect you from false spiritual abilities and spiritual manipulators who act with a sense of superiority over others. On top of this, Nith-Haiah will also protect you from hexes and possession.

He will help you if you are incapable of seeing the magic in your life and of noticing its many dimensions. He will also help you if you have renounced God, if you have renounced the concept of a universal creator, if you are an atheist, or if you are working against destiny and the universal laws.

The angel Nith-Haiah will protect you from discouragement and adversity, egocentricity and material interest, curses, conflict, and irritation.

When should I communicate with the angel Nith-Haiah?

Time - Physical:
July 17 - July 22
Time - Intellectual:
08:00 - 08:20
Time - Emotional:
February 1, 00:00 - 23:59
April 14, 00:00 - 23:59
June 28, 00:00 - 23:59
September 11, 00:00 - 23:59
November 23, 00:00 - 23:59

What can I ask the angel Nith-Haiah?

If you are seeking wisdom, call upon your patron and protector, the guardian angel Nith-Haiah to help you in this regard. The light of his wisdom will shine upon you throughout your days to allow you to understand the meaning behind your existence. You can also ask for his help and support in understanding a world in which you feel more and more like an outsider.

Should you be under the influence of black magic and want him to free you from this, pray to Nith-Haiah as he is able to liberate you of any of the demons that are eating away at you.

If you tend to have mistaken perceptions or distorted interpretations of things and you wish to fix these, the angel Nith-Haiah can help you. The shadows and the evil which surround you will fade away thanks to the hidden mysteries that this angel will reveal to you.


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42 responses to “Nith-Haiah”

  1. Nith Haiah, I welcome your wisdom and your bright light in my life
    Please keep an eye on me
    As my life has been a disaster so far even though I tried so hard
    Please help me turn things around
    So I can achieve success and all the money that comes with it
    I have worked hard for it
    I have persevered through everything when it was only despair and sadness
    Nith Haiah, I implore you
    Take away the chains that prevent me to succeed and have the money I need
    I will repay your help in kindness
    with harm to none, blessed be

  2. Nith Haiah, I am honored to know you! Please liberate me of any demons eating at me and my energy.
    I pray for help clearing my mind from my tendency to have mistaken perceptions and distorted interpretations and I pray to fix these and gain mental clarity and higher wisdom.
    Please protect me from discouragement, adversity, egocentricity, material interest, curses, conflicts, and all forms of irritation. Please break the shackles preventing me from from earning money and success in my life! I promise to try my hardest to help others in all that I can and provide love in abundance and kindness to all who come to me. Please provide me with wisdom to know when I should help others and discernment. I love you! God bless this prayer to my body and body to your service-Tina

  3. Guardian Angel Nith-Haiah,

    I call upon you to shield me from negative forces that would do myself, my family, my friends and earthly beings harm. I pray for your appearance and guidance to higher wisdom. Lead me and I shall follow.

    I pray for an open mind and heart.

  4. My Guardian Angel Nith-Haiah,

    Thank you for keeping an eye on me and protecting me from birth thank for all the miracles i have seen since i was a baby and the miracles i am about to experience continue to be my light through this life time and help me to always align my vibrations with the divine gifts of abundance prosperity and love.

  5. Hi Ninth..I thank you for taking your time to watch over me and be used as a vessel for this wild child. I call to you for guidance in matters of starting my business and matters of finding genuine avenues for income and financial gain. You know my heart and my weaknesses so let all my dealings be of divine intervention and progression. Thank you for all your help and I continue you, Nith, to intervene on my behalf. You know what is God’s will for my life.,

  6. Nithaiah please help me to understand your wisdom. Please free me from all evils that hold me back from succeeding in life and help me to protect my family and live out my remaining days in the glory of Gods love.

  7. Please continue to guide me through the light and intelligence I have understood most callings aprouching me I have prophecied many on many times I nhave came to I believe I have a very important role among the children and I’ve began to accept my faith I’ve had a entire life of hardships continuous obstacles everything you’ve mentioned I’ve been physically mentally dealing. I have recently seen the light brighter than any day seeking animal spirits around me also that someone close to me is hiding something that is affecting my life dramatically. I ask that you Nithaiah please give me guidance and continue to bless me with a wide range of knowledge in every shape and form I have paid attention and studied the signs I ask that you protect me against the darkness that seeks my light and not for healing and that you keep my two children blessed in the glory of gods love

  8. My Guardian Angel Nith Haiah, I welcome your wisdom, guidance, blessings and your bright light in my life. Please help me to be successful in this job role am seeking which has been my passion. I know you have already done it in the name of God. I pray for protection over me and my family.

    I pray for prosperity……money has been a problem to me so I ask you to take away this poverty and any chains that is preventing me from succeeding. Nith-Haiah you know my heart and you know my mind so please help me get this job and I will glorify you abundantly.

    Bless me with wide range of knowledge and wisdom in this life. Give me inner peace and happiness. Thank you for listening to my prayer and God bless this prayer to my body and body to your service. AMEN!!

  9. Nithaiaya I ask that you protect me from any evil source that is trying to overtake me and my mind in my body. I ask that you clean my room of all the evil spirits. i ask that you take alll the irritation away! i ask that u protecr me from black magic! i ask that you protect me from any evil sprits and i ask that you bless me with Harmony in be my spirit and i ask that you fight for me inlarge my health and terrifory! i ask that you bless me with a job that’s trailers l tailored just me! I ask. l thank u in advance for all the blessings you have and will bestowed upon me! i ask in Gods name right now! Amen

  10. Nith- haiah I pray you to protect me from sickness and infection s of all kind , and Grant me wisdom to do God work to be able to help other and set them free. Please Break every spares in my life and open financial blessings on me with Lord life. I will pay in kindness and in serving God almighty.

  11. Nith Haiah please support the Peacemala project I am passionate about and The Monastery Manchester. Please open the doors I need to go through and guide my life. Make me a channel of peace for the Love, Light and Power if Source as revealed in the Divine Plan of the Great Invocation. With gratitude
    L’aura 🕊🌈🙏🏻🕊🌈🙏🏻

  12. Beautiful place to visit. Pure love and welcoming. Thank you you all, for allowing me to feel welcome and fortunate. Season Greetings and wonderful fun filled future, for us all. Blissings Arthur green

  13. Dearest Nith Haiha-
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for always watching over me throughout my life, even before I became aware of your loveliness. I am forever grateful to you for all the miracles, great and small, for which you have blessed me with. Please I ask of you to continue to look after me and please show me the righteous path of which I was born to walk. Since sometimes it is hard for me to know which way to go or what to do please light my correct and central path extra bright so I cannot misstep. I am so grateful and happy to have you in my life and forever thank you. God bless you.
    Please protect me from harm, dark magic and the like, and always shine your light bright into my soul so that it may shine out of my body and onto those around me. I love you Nith haiha and may God bless you with love and huappiness.
    Please help me to unblock any obstacles in my body or on my path which lead to happiness and the great success I know I was born to manifest. Please help me help as many of my people, animals, and spirits as I can. I don’t mean to ask for a lot but your incredible power has saved me time and time again and I could use some again at this time. Please help me do the right thing for Ron and please help me find the perfect place for me to live a happy , loving, prosperous life as I do God’s will with all the pleasure in my heart.
    Thank you for listening to me. I love you!

  14. Nith Haiah, I am happy to find out the name of my guardian angel! I call on you Nith Haiah and want you in my life.
    I pray for help clearing my mind from my tendency to have mistaken perceptions and distorted interpretations and I pray to fix these and gain mental clarity and higher wisdom. To gain better insight into my life so I may be able to help others as well as myself.
    Please protect me from discouragement, adversity, jealously, anger, mental cloudiness, physical abilities, karmic debt, any hexes and curses conflict, placed on me from others or from myself and all forms of irritation. Please break the shackles preventing me from from earning money and success in my life! I will help others in all that I can and provide love in abundance and kindness to all who come to me. Please provide me with wisdom to know when I should help others and discernment.
    Nith-Haiah, I pray for your protection love and kindness. God Bless Thank you Jesus and My Guardian Angel for my prayer this prayer Amen ❤️ Diane

  15. Nith Haiah ,thank you for your wisdom, I thank you for your guidance and protection, I welcome you into my life and I pray that you take a every negative forces blocking me from my finances, I call on you to shield me and direct me every day and night.. Amen

  16. The greatest nith -haiah , please I Kenneth come before you to help fight against the evil eye around my future life, for me to see happiness, wealth, luck. I want to know more of wisdom of success.

  17. Nith-Haiah,I am very thankful for all these years and i’ll also be thankful to you throughout my life by repaying you with kindness and love. Please keep me,my family and friends away from all these negative forces. And provide me with some wisdom,love,happiness,health,peace and success and all the positivity for me and my loved ones.
    Thankyou <3

  18. Nith-Haiah please help me understand your wisdom. Help me find peace and give me guidance towards reaching the potential to obtain my goals . Thank you.

  19. its so exciting to learn of you nith haiah and i promise to talk to you as much as i can love your prescence

  20. Nith-Haiah,

    Thank you for your clarity and wisdom in my life. My heart, mind and soul I turn over to you in all your Grace and Glory. I pray for your protection in these times that I have lacked knowledge of the wrongful undue entities that have littered my existence. I pray you remove those spiritually broken forces that haunt my soul and return my thinking into the higher realm of your dimension. I raise my vibrations to not sink into darkness. Keep me in your light, I need your guidance and strength. Keep my heart in the kindness and loving state to remain tolerant of all other humans. Guide me to embrace those in need of love and strength. Use my voice where needed.

    In Your Wisdom and Grace,


  21. It’s a great privilege to know the name of my guardian angel, I beseech you today to erase every negativity, disappointment, marital delay in my life. help me to find light, wisdom and understanding I seek for your direction and make me whole

  22. The great & wise Nith-Haiah ,
    I come before you as a eclectic young soul, please bless me with your wisdom & guidance as i travel in this vessel through life, all it’s challenges, struggles and outcomes i did not manifest. Please keep my soul calm and quiet so i can work on getting to know you better , i look forward to meeting you.

    Kay ♥

  23. Angel Nith Haiah, I worship your holy name, I worship your love, I worship your majesty and in all; I worship your being.
    Come and take charge of this vessel and lead according to your wisdom, plan, clarity and intensity. I welcome your thoughts, shield, deliverance and blessings- and most importantly, I welcome your light force from now and henceforth in my life. Open up all my possibilities and let me be as you please; take me into your bossom and let me be as your see.

  24. I am glad to know the name of my guaidanxe angel. Nithaiah please help me to understand your wisdom. free me from all evils and dark powers that hold me back from succeeding in life and help me to protect me and family to live for the glory of God’s love.

  25. Nith haiah i am very happy to know you are my guardian angel. Nith haiah pls help me to understand your wisdom and understanding ijn. Please help me to remove all the black power and evil that are holding me back from succeeding in life. Nith haiah please help me to recover back that thing that is rightfully mine that they hijack from me that is now making me to face so many trouble and difficulties in me to recover back to me so that i can live a successful life and live for the glory of God. Nith haiah protect me and my family to live long and have a successful and peaceful life.

  26. Nith-haiah,I’m glad to finally be here with you.I’m happy particularly to know that you have been waiting for me to reach out to you.and here I come today. I open myself to your guidance, I want to learn from you the wisdom you have for me and most important I want to start in a way that harms no one and I will be pleased if your guidance impacts people around me and far behind me positively… Please start by directing me to know my puporse and to lead me to go through my journey with courage and boldness

  27. My guardian angel Nith-haiah am so happy since I knw u Nd u ve always been their for me through all my life from crawling till up to dis moment I knw it is nt by my power or my doing it is ur hand work it has nt been easy for me in my life most especially in my studies I want u to grant me my heart desire more wisdom knowledge Nd understanding I want to b head Nd nt d tail I want to go higher every blessed day of my life Nd continue to be protecting me

    Please protect me from the darkness, toxic energies and guide me to my light. Please unveil the darkness and help me see the magic in life and help me achieve my destiny and gain confidence . Please protect and shield my family and loved ones as well. I love you and I am grateful for your healing, divine light .
    Love ,

  29. I am grateful to God Almighty for enabling me to locate my guardian angel Nith haiah,please come and support me to fulfill my purpose in life.Help me to fight all the evil forces that confront me from achieving my goals in life.Help me to utilize all my potentials to the fullest. Let me overcome my life challenges.

  30. now that I know you my angel protector I need help from u my angel you know my situation with my family we been separated for so long I need a miracle from you my angel bring me winsdom bring me peace in to my heart help me to fight to the demons that are around me help me to change my life for good protect me and protect my family don’t let me felt in front of my enemies I believe in you because you send me clues that you exist I love you my angel .

  31. Dear Nith-Haiah,
    THank you for watching over me, all the time. May I kindly ask that you always be with me and guide me in the reminder of my journey on this planet, if you can? I am training to be a specialist in a extremely rare, yet very important speciality in medicine and will require all the support in being a good doctor and a good human being.
    I would be grateful if you did teach me how to communicate with you.
    Warm regards

  32. Dear Nith-Haiah
    Give me and my wife Susan good health and prosperity, most of all give us wellness of body and sound mind; keep us only as witnesses’ to the turmoil’s of life as spoken in the book of psalms 91. “Thank You!

  33. Guardian angel Nith-haiah, good I know your name. I ask you to protect me and guide me into directions. Drive away all evil forces manipulating my my marriage, financial, ministerial life. I also ask that you hault every black magic and demonic incantation that are said against me. And may I feel your presence when you come around.

  34. Nith-Haiah

    Thank you for making yourself known to me. I open my heart and mind to receiving all guidance and protection you are offering. I claim your blessings and am calling you into play as my Patron angel. You have never ceased to show up when I need you and I am ready to walk alongside of you and call upon you in difficult times. Please continue to bring me wisdom, discernment, and aid in my magical, spiritual, and divination practices. We are one. Thank you for continually reaching out to me. I will allow your guidance in my life, so be it.

  35. Dear Angel Nith Haiah ,
    I’m so grateful to know you and I humbly ask you to help me and release me from any curses that I might have, from fear,or negative energy that is around me.Thank you thank you thank you. I love you.Simona

  36. My Guardian Angel Nith-Haiah. I come to with an open heart asking for protection from anyone or anything that is preventing me from a success, love, money, luck. I call upon your spirit Nith-Haiah to release every blessing and stop every curse seen and unseen. Invoke wisdom and understanding in my life. Restore everything i lost 10x more. Bless me with good health and prosperity and abundance. Money cometh to now right now oh angel of my life Nith-Haiah grant my prayers and supplications instantly. And i Will forever be grateful and be a blessings and give wisdom to my love ones and those i may not know. I ask all of these requests in your name Nith-Haiah. Thank you for hearing and answering my prayers.

  37. My beloved Guardian Nith Haiah,

    THANK YOU FOR LOVING ME AND PROTECTING ME! I never knew your name but I knew of your influences in this life time. I am so grateful to have you. I pray for protection and divine understanding that only you can help me gain. I pray that you lift every dark energy from my spirit and take away every malicious act against me.

    I Pray that you continue to give me the strength and the courage to walk in my light to receive your light and love that you shower down on me. I pray that you continue to hep my physic abilities to grow and my visions that you bring to me are clear so that I may move with my divine being and spiritual team.

    I thank you so much for everything that you have done for me during my awakening and I am even more thankful to finally be able to know who you are. I am eternally grateful. I send you my deepest gratitude and love. I am open to receive all that you have for me and all that is to me.

  38. Love yu Nith Haiah Thank yu for your love n care upon us humans.. .loads n loads of love,🧚🧚🧚🧚😇🙏🙏🙏🙏💜💜💜😀💜💜💜💜💜💜💜🎉🎉🎉❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  39. Guardian Angel Nith-Haiah,

    I call upon you to shield me from negative forces that would do myself, my family, my friends and earthly beings harm. I pray for your appearance and guidance to higher wisdom. Lead me and I shall follow.

    I pray for an open mind and heart.

  40. Dear guardian angel bless me with wisdom all the days of my life and always be my protectorate at all times ,clear away all the chain of demons that turn my success back and let Good luck! and success be my companion ,,shower me with true love and tear down all the forces that turn me down

  41. nith-haiah i give you Love and ask for understanding i have been in bad reLationships pLease heLp me understand

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