Mehiel is the guardian angel for people born between February 5 and February 9. He has a masculine energy and represents the 15th and 20th degree of Aquarius. In the angel hierarchy he is an Archangel, he is part of the sefirot of Hod, and his governing Archangel is Raphael. His planetary energies are Mercury / The Moon and he represents the element of Air.

His name means: God Who Brings Life to All Things

He symbolizes: Inspiration and Protection. He provides strong protection against malevolent spirits and the forces of Hell. He fills you with the inspiration of Heaven to help you to write and to share your work with others. The angel Mehiel's stone is Diamond and his colors are Green / Pink. Of the 7 disciplines of medieval scholasticism, he rules over: Grammar.

The qualities given to you by the angel Mehiel

The angel Mehiel is the angel of revitalization and inspiration. He offers you an exciting life as well as a good imagination, a great sensitivity, and a deep understanding of all things.

He helps you to find practical and innovative solutions with ease by developing your mental faculties so that they line up with your imagination. According to him you have the power to create beautiful things thanks to your imagination.

He brings you strength which is highly beneficial in everything you do including intellectual activities, programming, and computing. He helps you to understand the relationship between technology and the science of dreams. He fosters the development of technology.

He is the angel of people who work in publishing, writing, printing, publishing houses, bookshops, as well as television and audio broadcasting. He can help you to reflect upon your personal experiences and to better understand them. He is the antidote against the forces of darkness.

The imbalances regulated by the angel Mehiel

The angel Mehiel can fix your lack of energy and your inability to think or to take things on. He can prevent you from leading a sterile and unproductive existence and can rid you of any difficulty establishing or carrying out your projects.

He will help you if you lack passion or inspiration as well as if you are having problems with your creativity or imagination. He will protect you from any excess or lack of goals, objectives, or aspirations.

He can also help fix your hyperactivity and your tendency to become overexcited. What's more, he is able to change your way of thinking if you have a desire to please everyone and to be loved and well-known. He will also help to bring change into your life if you feel as though you are just playing a part or are lacking authenticity. He will also protect you from personality disorders.

This guardian angel will protect you from all kinds of objection, criticism, controversy, as well as from distortions of reality and an indulgence in the unreal. He also protects you from arrogance, oppression, tyranny, and hypocrisy.

He will keep you from demonstrating destructive behavior including trying to force the hand of fate. An excess of rationalism will have no place in your life if you accept this guardian angel as your protector.

When should I communicate with the angel Mehiel?

Time - Physical:
February 5 - February 9
Time - Intellectual:
21:00 - 21:20
Time - Emotional:
March 12, 00:00 - 23:59
May 25, 00:00 - 23:59
August 8, 00:00 - 23:59
October 21, 00:00 - 23:59
December 31, 00:00 - 23:59

What can I ask the angel Mehiel?

If you are suffering from chronic physical or mental fatigue pray to the guardian angel Mehiel and he will provide quick relief. He is the angel of health and has the ability to restore your body and regenerate your spirit.

If you work in the field of writing and if you lack in inspiration ask this angel for support and he can help you by shining his divine light upon your spirit.

He brings you literary inspiration. He will also be of great help if you are a bookseller or if you work in the world of television.

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  1. My guardian angel Mehiel. I thank you for your presence and guidance in my life, please protect me from any harm or danger that may come my way, please inspire me to create and express myself in positive ways, please help me to learn new things and communicate effectively with others, please heal me from any physical, mental, or emotional wounds that I may have, please bless me with your light and love.

  2. My Guardian Mehiel, in times of confusion you clear my head; in times of danger you shielded me; in times of distress, you help me calm. I may not see you but rest assured I feel your presence and care. I will take care always to lessen your burden 🙂

  3. Guardian Angel Mehiel, please make your presence known to me. Show me with a rare diamond, gem with some green color or to it. Help me to finish my book so that I can reach and help more people. Inspire me, protect me, shine your fine light upon my spirit. Restore my body & my spirit.

  4. Oh Great guardian angel mehiel,
    I believe in your powers and inspiration. Help me to overcome every negativity in my life.
    Connect me to my destiny helper, lead me through the path of knowledge and wisdom, I believe in you.
    Bless me with wealth and Richie’s, to provide for my family, friends and those in needs.
    I asked this with faith and mercy of our lord Jesus Christ!

  5. Angel Mehiel I accept you as my guardian angel please help me focus and give me inspiration to write beautiful lyrics and the courage to quit my addiction help me change the way I think and release me from all the negative forces that’s keeping me in one place help me with fruit of the womb and may this new year bring me health peace and success Amen

  6. My Guardian Angel Mehiel, please protect me from my ways. Give me extra Strength in my daily life. Give me more wisdom to understand all things near me and let my enemies be calm. I hope there is a problem that must be solved.,
    In God’s name
    In Jesus name. Amen

  7. I ask for nothing for myself, I am content even though some may not understand. I have seen many things in my life and the role of Angels has always intrigued me.

  8. My guardian Angel please 🙏 I pray thee to bless the work of my hands, please my Angel increase my earnings, please I pray thee to send my help meet, my wife, my missing rib to my life, please my guardian Angel please protect from the eyes of the enemies and grant supernatural powers and physical strength to go far in life .
    Thank you for having heard and answered 🙏

  9. Archangel Mehiel, I really need your help for finding focus, stability, motivation. Please work your will on life for my good. And protect me from all out to stop my purpose. Bring my babies home and send me help please. Thank you in advance for helping completion of my book.

    • I am grateful for this and I pray for my holy angel mehiel to help me find purpose for my life, let me experience breakthrough in my business . Let me find the key to my treasure

  10. Mehiel, Thanks for being my Protector and guide. I need great help with inspiration and physical energy and physical and emotional pain from my past mistakes that still affect me today. Please continue to send messages to me that I may recognize And act on. You have all my attention as I will keep an eye out for your guidance.

  11. “Oh great Mehiel, Angel among the angels, I humbly beseech you To hear my wishes for a better life. Let me know joy, And wealth, and tranquility So that I might in turn Spread some good around me. I thank you with all of my heart.” Please be my side always. Thank you. amen.

  12. my angel you love me that’s why you are my angel I need happiness in my life no joy ,financial favour good luck and my family will be happy with me all so and my relative

  13. My dear ANGEL Mehiel I want a life with full of Happiness &huge money that everlasting .& I want to become a successful person & make my mother proud of me &with that money that I have I wanna help poor people & a successful love life

  14. Dear angel mehiel, give me the money people will be scared off, I want progress in anything I do, I want to succeed

  15. My Angel Mehiel guide me always be my side, show me success please give confidence take my fears and worry out and my shyness too.. Ameen

  16. Guardian Angel Mehriel, please heal and guide me from sickness(loss of taste and smell). Please come to my aid and help me to make a very decisive decision in my life as in the kind of employment I want to choose now.

  17. My dear protective angel Mehiel, thank you for the care you have always had for me and I want to ask you to continue to treat me as well and help me to see your signs at all times! Big hug and lot of love!

  18. My dear Guardian Angel Mehiel who knows me intimately as well as outwardly… Please bless me with the ability to focus intensely and be able to get done all the things I know I need to get done in order to better my situation & to hopefully move into a better place in my life both financially as well as spiritually. I’ve been dawdling in this horrible no-where zone of existence for far far too long and I desperately need your help. —I will give back generously as I always do when blessed with help of any kind. Thank you!

  19. Angel mehiel I want my love life back, I want the man I love to love me more also I want financial favour I need money

  20. My guardian angel Mehiel help me overcome all negative vibrations surround me and see me through my undertakings and be successful in my finances,luck, health, wealth and all beautiful things i deserve in life. I want my destiny back. A lot of windfalls. My arch angel Mehiel help me and protect me as well.Its good i now know as my guardian angel.HELP ME

  21. Angel Mehiel, I am having quite a difficult time in my life. For a little bit I have felt down, depressed and angry at some things that are hard to explain. Not only that, but I have also become distant from my relationship with God. I was wondering if you could make this sorrow, this torturous pain corrupting my mind go away for good. I need to be uplifted and be watched over as well as protected.

  22. please allow and help me to write beautifully, I am in lack of imagination right now and am tired

  23. Please allow me to win a large amount money so l may build homes for people l know that need help ,also please bless all my family living and passed on

  24. Please Guardian Angel Mehiel, heal my friend Latrisha and make her whole again. I beg you for healing upon her, wrap your arms around her and heal her.

  25. Angel Mehiel I’m in finacial crisis, I need luck in lottery 649 or lotto max. Give me technological knowledge and please release me from financial bondage. Thank you Angel Mehiel for answering me.

  26. My Dear Guardian Angel Mehiel, thank you for guarding me all this time. You know what I am going through, I ask you to rid me off the negative karma which is preventing me from fulfilling God’s work. Give me a breakthrough in my finances, release my daughter from bondage of sin and strengthen me in my Christian life.

  27. Dear Angel Mehiel. I’m grateful for the many times you saved me. I’m grateful for the many times guided my thoughts. I pray that you continue to protect and guide my ways. I pray to you to give me favour, luck and good fortune everywhere I step. Unlock my financial doors and bless me with worth some I can help others through my foundation. This and many more I ask. Amen.

    • Dear my Arch Angel Mehiel I accept you as my guardian Angel, I need your assistance my life is upside down financially, relationship, career, ministry, business, and family, am I emotionally feeling drained without energy and lacking inspiration to archive goals, I lack the clarity of vision and dreams, I want to love, i want to prosper and be a to Archieve my goals,, please guide me to my purpose and dreams

  28. Archangel Mahiel first all I thank you for your divine protection and I accept you as my guardian angelS please give me inspiration and motivation and insight. Please heal my mind and body of any sicknesses or disease. Please heal all my wounds and balance my chakras. Please help me realize and master my spiritual gifts and protect me from all forces of darkness. I thank you in advance I am forever grateful.

  29. Angel Mehiel , i want pray for you
    and thank you for watching over me
    I’m a 51 year old Male , who is on a
    limited income , i have past due bills
    and limited income to pay them please Bless me ., Thank you

  30. Dear Angel Mehiel, my guardian angel, please help me from all of my problems and imperfections. please!, especially to my financial problems, please give me plenty of money so that i can also help my family to their financial problems, please lead me into the right ideas/plan in every steps i take and in every ideas i decided or will decide. Please take me away from all of sickness/illness. Please help me in every second that i was confused and struggling. Please help us together with my partner right now that we can pass all of the trials and challenges that we are going face and need to be solved. Please help me to know my hobby or to find out if where job do am I belong, cause until now i still have no ideas and clues. Angel Mehiel, thank you so much my dear angel for guiding me in every seconds of my life. Please give me more inspirations to persue my dreams that i want, and to achieve my goals. Please always give me some clues so that i can choose the right decision and lease give some motivations. THANK YOU SO MUCH, ANGEL MEHIEL!!!

  31. My Guardian ArchAngel Mehiel, Thank you for always guiding and protecting me. Keep me on the path to my Soul purpose. Please stay by my side and all born on these days. Blessings to all. In Gratitude and Love

  32. Dear Angel Mehiel, you’re my guardian angel and you know I’m going through financial crisis. Kindly give me financial breakthrough in abundance and good luck in every step I take. And I promise to help the needy forever. I thank God for assigning you to me and I thank you for helping.

    • Dear Angel Mehiel your my choosen guardian,you know I go through hardships financially,unstable relationship, no promotion at work with minger payments that can’t support the family as am a bread winner.
      Jealousy,charms from clan members and neighbors that weaken our family now and then.
      Dear Angel Mehiel guide me on my way to another Country for financial needs to be solved.
      Help me to give support to younger ones and my own development.
      I thank for what your to do for me my guardian Angel Mehiel. Amen.

  33. Dear Angel Meheil, please guide me on my way to Hongkong that all my financial problems will be solve. help me to be the good example of being a single mother. Thank you for being my angel

  34. My guardian angel Mehiel please guide me to developing my spiritual gifts and find ways to rid my blockages. Please release me from all my financial restraints and continue inspiring everyone I meet.

  35. My Guardian angel Mehiel Place bring me favour,Happiness, Goodness, Love and Prosperity in every area of my life

  36. My guardian Angel Mehiel I thank you in advance you for everything that you going to do for me and my family.May all my request be processed in a timely manner.

  37. Mehiel, please make me find my true calling and fully embrace my artistic self. Let my fantasies intertwine with my reality and, thus, create a bountiful and abundant existence. Thank you for your support, Mehiel. May I always remember to show you my gratitude. Thank you

  38. My friend and guardian angel Mehiel, please assist my other angels in a karmic cleanse releasing all the negative karma that is currently parading through my life. Replacing it with positive, loving and healthy karma and energy.

  39. Holy Angel Mehiel, you’re my guardian angel and you know I’m going through financial crisis. Kindly give me financial breakthrough in abundance and good luck in every step I take. And I promise to help the needy forever. I thank God for assigning you to me and I thank you for helping.

  40. Angel Mehiel, I have tried everything I can get my hands on to get financial stability but nothing came out of it. I write books that never sold well. small businesses that never took off. Please align my vibrations with prosperity and abundance. Please clear all obstacles to financial abundance

  41. Arch Angel Mehiel, help me with the fatigue i feel daily as a result of my excessive thoughts due to my relationship and strenuous job. I need assistance on how to move the relationship forward or guide to leave the relationship. If it be God’s will protect us from external interference and let love reign truly. Amen. Thank you my Guardian angel for your help.

  42. Angel Mehiel am in finacial crisis, I need luck in sports betting and any step I take in my educational life. Give me technological knowledge and please release me from financial constraints bondage. Thank you Angel Mehiel for answering me.

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