Yeiayel is the guardian angel for people born between July 7 and July 11. He has a masculine energy and represents the 15th and 20th degree of Cancer. In the angel hierarchy he is a Throne, he is part of the sefirah of Binah, and his governing Archangel is Zaphkiel. His planetary energies are Saturn / Venus and he represents the element of Water.

His name means: God’s Right Hand

He symbolizes: Respect and Renown. He offers you the recognition of others as well as good fortune and luck. He is a source of protection against the pitfalls of life and will help you to improve your business. The angel Yeiayel's stone is Pyrite and his colors are Yellow / Pink. Of the 7 virtues, he rules over: Justice.

The qualities given to you by the angel Yeiayel

The angel Yeiayel brings you fame, popularity, and recognition. He is your patron guardian angel if you work in the artistic, political, or scientific world. Under his influence and protection you will become a leader with ease, as he is able to improve your powers of diplomacy, leadership, and command over others.

He brings you great generosity while also fostering the kindness that lies within your heart. With his light you will come to enjoy giving things to others and you will also develop a sense of support, generosity, and altruism.

The guardian angel Yeiayel will also bring you good fortune, generosity, and posterity in business and trade.

Under the influence of this guardian angel you will be able to make tremendous discoveries. If you are traveling, then he will be your guide.

The imbalances regulated by the angel Yeiayel

The guardian angel Yeiayel protects you from megalomaniacs, profiteers, and tyrants. He teaches you to defy those who seek to monopolize the assets of others. Thanks to this angel, rivalry, manipulation, and stubbornness will no longer be a part of your life.

He protects you from slavery and repression. He will help bring you glory if you are feeling unrecognized or if you want to become rich and famous. He will also free you from your pride, your greed, and your inability to become satisfied.

He prevents you from having difficulty seeing yourself through your own eyes. He protects you from an unbalanced or trapped lifestyle. He will help you if you tend to be resistant to change, therefore allowing you to develop and to move forwards. He also protects you from contradicting feelings and from a loss of knowledge.

The patron guardian angel Yeiayel will protect you from difficulties in the realm of business, trade, and commerce,

When should I communicate with the angel Yeiayel?

Time - Physical:
July 7 - July 11
Time - Intellectual:
07:00 - 07:20
Time - Emotional:
January 29, 00:00 - 23:59
April 11, 00:00 - 23:59
June 25, 00:00 - 23:59
September 8, 00:00 - 23:59
November 20, 00:00 - 23:59

What can I ask the angel Yeiayel?

If you are on the quest for fame and recognition, pray to the guardian angel Yeiayel and he will guide you on the path to glory. But first, he will help you to develop the qualities needed to guarantee you of this popularity. You will be able to manage and to spend the wealth that he brings you for the greater good of all people.

Call upon your patron angel Yeiayel and he will also bring you generosity, as it is he who fosters feelings of faithfulness and sociability within us. With the affection he brings you, you will be able to help the people around you to resolve their personal and material problems.

If you are feeling oppressed, your guardian angel and protector Yeiayel can liberate you. You can also call upon him to ask for his support to counteract the dangers of hypocrisy, thereby preventing you from falling victim to any abuse of confidence.

Yeiayel is the angel of journeys. He can therefore protect you if you are often on the move, all you have to do is ask.


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  1. Dear Yeiayel. There are many prayers I should have left over the last year from all the support I have been bestowed from you divine beings. This is my first. Forgive me, and thank you to you and you all. This is as usual exactly on time, synchronicity and Im humbled and grateful. Please help me counteract the hypocrisy I’m facing, now and in future and empower me to spot it quickly and know what to do, please help me to see myself, but in the kindest possible way and not through a hard way, Im listening, please help me convert my talents into wealth and fame for the right reasons to once and for all lift me and my family and friends and guide me to a powerful position of helping so many others I don’t know who need it. Thank you. Im truly humbled and grateful, may you always be with me and may the light continue to brighten others through me in the humblest and beautifulist of ways so it can be seen from your dimensions and beyond and so I can make a real difference and so I can make you proud than you ever realised

  2. Thank you Yeiayel for reminding ne of your presence, also amongst all the angels. Thank you God, spirit for guiding me and alwaybeubg there for me, for your reassurance. For whispering guidance in my ear. I love you alwa

  3. Oh angel yeieyel protect and guide my family against death, scheme , depression, backwards & evil attack and manipulations, uplift my biznes & give me wealth,

  4. Thank you dear guardian angel yeiayel for always protecting me, I ask that you make me famous,recognize generos and wealthy in Jesus mighty name Amen.

    Also help my ministry, give me power to carry out my assignment in Jesus mighty name Amen. Thank you Jesus🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  5. Angel Yeiayel,
    Please I beg of you bring me to true love and happiness and wealth so I may do all good things for all in end that cross my path with true knowledge of their I tensions with one sight of their true hearts desire.
    In Jesus name I pray.

  6. I thank God for giving me the opportunity to identify my guiding angel, I also thank my guiding angel too for the discovery of my life, please everything you have to bestow upon all ur attribute give it on to me this morning, I ask for good job and great business in my name and the popularity to be a great blessing to mankind in Jesus name….. Amen.

  7. Dear heavenly father, Thank you for my life, Thank you the my Gurading Angel Yeiayel I ask that my Gurading Angel to tauch me with all the blessing bestow on him, protect me from danger and any evil. Bless me with Money and a good home. Now that I need a place to stay. Bless me with the heart to help others, bless me with a good Job and a place where I will be happy. Connect me with good people that will motivate me to work in the right path.
    I ask all this in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

  8. Dear Angel Yeiayel…I humbly beseech thy guidance and thy blessings…pls grant me all that is of thee and shield me from all that is not favourable to me…these I pray with Thanksgiving in the Lord …amen

  9. Dearest holiest on high I thank you for giving me your holy angel yeiayal and I pray that you push him to action on my behave as I have truly wanted him to be dormant until now I ask of you this now because I need a home and money to pay for it as I embark on this journey of school and marriage that you have blessed me with I want these two things more then any thing else aside from strength in the job you have already set me forth in partaking thank you Lord for these songs soon you’re blessings your faithful daughter SarahAngel Christine

    • Lord Jesus l thank you for the blessing of life my daughter that you just bless me with, in this trails time, and l am thankful for it’s and the strength of going forward in seeking the truth and the knowledge that will keep and sustain me, father l pray that you bless me with the job that will pay me more than enough to take care of my needs, especially my daughter and son and the rest of my family. I am asking for peace and clarity of my mind and understanding in all the knowledge that you want to grasp holding on to it with my heart, be more loving and kind, generous and calm most of the time and with that house and my business l have been praying asking you about with stability in mind and financial.

  10. Dear Yeiayel, I appreciate your love and gods love for me i ask for better intelligence in the academic field, also ask i become famous and highly recognize for any artistic dream i decide to take. I ask you for guidance at all times, lord thank you❤.

  11. Thank you, Yeiayel, for your love and blessings. I thank God for you and pray for all blessings upon you.

    • Dear Yeiayel, I appreciate your love and gods love for me i ask for better intelligence in the academic field, also ask i become famous and highly recognize for any artistic dream i decide to take. I ask you for guidance at all times❤.

  12. Great guardian Angel Yeiayel i thank you very very much for your care and protection through our Lord Jesus Christ.I thank you in anticipation of great things,fame,recognition,golden voice for worship and money to take care of my families and less privileged you granted me.May the Almighty GOD continue to bless you as you remain in HIS right hand in Jesus name Amen.

  13. yeiayel thank you ……. you are such a great angel . hank yoh for everything that you gives me till today … till my death i know you are with me … i love you …. i kiss you …. i am so happy about my future life that you were shaping … i love you i thank you god bless you …..

    • Dear Heavenly Father I Thank You For My Guardian Angel Yeiayel. Please Bless Him, Guide Him, As I Know The Task Of Watching Over Me Must Be Exhausting. Thank You For All You Do On My Behalf. Don’t Blame Yeiayel For My Failures. I’m On The Road To Loss. Please Let Your Blessings Run Down On My Guardian Angel Yeiayel. Bless Him and I Bless You Name. I Call on Yeiayel and Humble My Self, Asking For Mercy, Grace, Love, And Protection. I Praise And Thank You. In The Powerful Mighty Name Of Jesus Christ Amen.

  14. Great angel Yeiayel thank you in advance for granting me riches and love.May God continue to bless you as you care and love me.Thanks a million times.

  15. Great God of heavens,thank you for giving me this wonderful guardian angel Yeiayel of good will and of heavenly choir.Bless him always that he favors me always o Great God amen.

  16. Dear yeaiyel my angel, thank you for I’m now happy to you as my helper, protect me and my family all the time, let me not be poor but rather be reach, let me not fall into a trouble, always make my life happier, through you let my sins be forgiven, let own a company and be a leader Amen

  17. Dear Yeiayel I’m happy to know about you know , direct my path and my dreams , let my talent pay huge and create impact in the whole world , bless me with wealth and health, heart desires and many years on earth , bless me with fame and happiness , let my music be held by countries , let me get love from the young and the old Yeiayel 🙏🙏 you are my profile on all my social media handles now , manifest in my life

  18. Dear Angel Yeiayel,
    Please bring me and my family good fortune and guide us in overcoming the challenges of life.. kindly help me win super jackpot in lottery and help my children Ervin & Erynn to be granted canadian student visa. Bless with abundance all our investments. Thank you very much.

  19. Thank you Angel Yeiayel for you will bless me and help me with my family to be successful and abundance. So grateful and thankful. Please bless us also with all our investments to prosper abundantly, and to live together with my family in canada with joy, good health & abundance. Love you

  20. Dear Angel Yeiayel,
    thank you from the bottom of my heart for this message of love and blessings. May me and all those who seek for your help find it immediately, may your protection and good fortune be always present in our lives, and ultimately,, may you glorious angel, become our best friend, in this life and next one. May your glory, fortune and generosity duels forever in our hearts,so we become the beacon of light who will illuminate the world, and remember ourselves that in the end of the day, only love matters. Thank you for everything Lord Yeyayel,please stay with us till the end and beyond.

  21. Dear Angel Yeiayel, please guide and help me for always. Bless all my investments to prosper abundantly, and help me win super Jackpot in lottery. Bless to grant my children canadian student visa. Protect my whole family always. Thank you. Amen

  22. Lord JESUS, I thank you for making me to know my guardian angel Yeiayel, I want him to personally take care of me henceforth. I also want to appreciate God for making me to meet with my guardian angel and friend of mine.
    Angel Yeiayel,I love you.

  23. Dear Angel Yeiayel,I am from the Angel of Yeiayel I’m happieswith you,Thank you for all you do. Please lead me to the path of my success, wealth and fame, Amen!

  24. Dear Angel Yeiayel, Thank you for all you do. Please lead me to the path of my success, wealth and fame, Amen!

  25. Thank you for always protecting me please make me that woman that people will look up to for solutions and may I always have what to give out. may the eyes of evil once never come close to me always be with me and make me wealthy in everything that is good amen

  26. You came to me and delivered me during my biggest trials. I just want you to know that I love you so much. Thank you for being in my life.

    • Oh thou, yeiayel. I thank appreciate all you’ve been doing for me since birth. Our Heavenly father will be proud of you, and I. Working together in my alternate reality, making all my accomplishment seem effortless cus you’re always busy protecting and guiding my actions, I’m really grateful. Thanks to my father Jesus christ, our Redeemer. He will continue too bless us with all is riches in glory…Glory be to God Almighty Amen

  27. Father, Creator of all things please assist Yeiayel in helping me through this change in my life. I need help now and I enjoy helping others too. May we be a blessing to others and not a curse

  28. Dear Yeiayel, please standy by me now and forever with your guiding love and light. Protect me always and bless be with infinite abundance of health and wealth, wisdom and prosperity for my family and myself…I wish for you to bless me abaundantly in all ways and in everything I touch or do.

  29. Yelayel Yelayel. Make me know you as you love me, make me see you as you love me guided me, strong me from wickedness, defend me against spiritual enemies, especially against bad fortune in life. Be at my side and make me free from any danger, show me that way I mast take, and make me happy in humility that you teach me in my path of life. In the name of My Lord Jesus Amen.

  30. Be my best friend
    Shower me divine and excellent wisdom to be an achiever always
    Protect me and Bless me.

  31. Most High God, I humbly thank you for blessing me with my Guardian Angel Yeiayel, And Angel Yeiayel, I am eternally thankful to you for watching over me thus far. Right now I’m calling on you to free me from my everlasting financial burdens, my oppressive circumstances, my need for justice, and for relocation to a place of safety, peace, and joy…thanking you in advance.

  32. Yeiayel,
    Thank you for showing me light right from my conception to the time life came into my mortal body and till my present living,please continue to show me the true direction of my life help lift the burdens of my part as I may fulfil purpose create in me the features if my destiny.
    Help me as I surrender all to God through your guidance let posterity shine ita face upon me I may not see you physically but the past weeks of my life has had ne talking and praying to you with utmost faith.speak to me like never before, fight for my course,let destiny take its shape in my life,let every stagnanancy,delay,dissapointments upheaval be casted away so my light will shine forth and never go dim.

    I promise you oh thou my protective guardian Angel “Yeiayel,not to be angry at,nor to blame myself for my current unsatisfactory financial situation..
    Under this condition let wealth,love,divine abundance,unending relationships shower me with blessing…AMEN

  33. Yeiayel

    To finally learn your name, to speak it with thankfulness and with the Love I have for you. The one who walked with me and taught me to see the beauty in all creation, who shared great wisdom and guidance since my birth into this Mortal body. You were a Father to me and always will be. A Fathers love that you knew I would not have in this life. Thank you for your graceful presence throughout my life and for the many blessings that I have received from your wisdom.

    I am excited and great joy flows in waves at the thought of meeting you and joining the heavenly host. I pray I may be acceptable and that I may be able to cast off all the negative aspects and expressions that keep us from our true Unity. I am revived and trying to correct my transgressions. Yeiayel, Angel of God’s right Hand, please teach me the way and guide my path so that I may be become truly pleasing to our Heavenly Father, and to holy Kingdom, that it may be for the Glory of God. I am also thankful for Jesus and the gift he gave to us all here on Earth. We are one in the Holy Spirit, linked in such beautiful design and wisdom.

    Yeiayel my beloved teacher, you know my heart and of potentials that I have not yet become whole. I seek to protect and uphold righteousness, as a soldier of light when called upon, in humble spirit and purity of heart, in benevolent service to all creations, with Love’s energy shared unto us all, flowing as we give and receive in our journeys together. I ask to finally know the feeling of acceptance and to learn of the mysteries that God has awaiting and to take my place in doing the benevolent works in God’s Glory.

    The great I Am! I pray for all the heavenly host, for the fulfilling of their duties, and I pray for every being in all levels to be successful in each of our parts, for the growth of the kingdom of light and truth. Please reach out to me reveal yourself if allowed. May I meet my Brothers and Sisters of all creations and be allowed to enter the gates and know each of your hearts. Thank you and all those who are bringing the message and making the way possible for many to come home. With all my Love and wonderful wishes I share with great respect.

    I Love you and have missed you.
    Your Brother, Jon

  34. My guardian angel……thanks for ur presence in me…….help me to be clever in my studies…… Here after I will call you by name… my best friend……love uuuu….

  35. Yeiayel I have prayed to God to relieve my concerns and to grant me a life worth wanting to live for, I just learned of your existence so forgive me for not knowing what I should have known before today, I believe in my lord and savior so please grant me my hopes and prayers as I get back on my feet from some drastic ailments, you’re in my life now and if God allows it please save me, bless you and bless all who know of you, in Jesus holy name Amen!

  36. I appreciate the offer but I’m not selfish and will not accept any thing that is not ment for me. I do pray to have the strength to bear the weight of the worlds problems if it would make a difference and a better place for future generations to grow and rid themselves of greed.

  37. Thank you my Dearest Angel Yeiayel I love you so much! Please always protect me against all odds especially my health! Protect all the businesses that I have and will have at all times and make it flourish and successful. Bring me luck, prosperity in all my business endeavors and my over-all well being! Always protect me and make me safe and all my family from any natural disasters and emergency!

    Thank you my Angel Yeiayel!

  38. thanks to the almighty God for my gurdian angel,never leave me alone hold and give directions to my life.

  39. Thank you Yeiayel! I have a rich life to be thankful for. I am gifted with the material and the intellectual and I know that these are gifts from the universe and this has nothing to do with me or my ego. I am humbled by your presence. Please help me at this current time of struggling to understand what I am going through.

  40. I look forward to my time getting to know you my angel Yeiayel. Please believe in me as i do you as well. Also watch over my loved ones & I. I love you My guardian angel Yeiayel.

    Love ,

  41. Thank you Jesus for leading me to my guardian angel Yeiayel. Prosper me and my family and protect me . I love Angel Yeiayel

  42. Heavenly Father with all the powers you are known to be GOD. I pray that you dispatch your special angelic hosts to assist my Yeiayel the angel you have created and assigned to guide and guard me to unlock and open my fortunes of lucky, my businesses, my wealth, my talents/potential and clear the pipeline of my break throughs forever. Let’s all these happen within 7 perfect days from to date. In a mighty name of Jesus Christ AMEN

  43. Thank you for all of your help. I am grateful for the love and guidance you send my way.

  44. Thank you. For whatching over me ,please help me get stable and have a home and my kids back .I pray in jesus name Amen

  45. Dear Heavenly Father
    In Jesus name Lord God I come to give You praise and thankyou. For showing me favor despite my flaws faults and sins .Thankyou Lord for sending your right hand My guardian angel Yeiayel .I as You Lord God in the name of Jesus please bless Him may Your light shine on him as He helps me to grow and as You made me to be . YEIALEL Angel please be with me at all time so that I feel your presence constantly. Bring me lock generosity the generous all things that are positively beneficial to me and my family friends help me to prosper I had to be successful in all things that I do please protect me from any all harm I love you Lord God I love you for giving me your right hand I love you son and I pray and his name Jesus name amen

  46. Yeiayel my, patron, my shepherd, I thank God for revealing you to be part of my life, restore the warmth of my home, protect me, my husband, my daughter and my siblings together with their children, protect my work, restore my dignity, please help my husband to be honest and loyal to me, chase out evil and bad spirits in my house, fight for me fights I see and cannot see, protect me against hippocrates, I need you in my life and in my family’s life, I really need you to be on my side

  47. Dear Archangel Yeiayel, I pray to you my guardian angel for protection, prosperity, love, kindness and longevity.

  48. I pray to u my guardian angel.Yelayel and ask u pray for me and lead me to find my Abundance and destiny to help my family and help me to stay on the path that will best lead me there I ask u in Jesus name for protection peace and luck with a new job or helpme create my own .Amen

  49. Dear Heavenly Father Thank you for blessing me with the angel Yeiayel. Dear Angel Yeiayel please guide me in the way I should go. Please watch over me my husband and our children. Please help me to know more about you. Please bless me and my family with the heavenly blessings from our Heavenly Father. Guide me and my family and protect us from evil and harm. I love our Heavenly Father and my Angel Yeiayel very much. I’m forever grateful Amen.

  50. Guardian Angel Yeiayel please help me achieve the righteous desires of my heart to glorify GODS Holy name in all that I do. In Jesus’s name, Amen.

  51. Lord Jesus I thank you bringing me and Guardian Angel Yeiayel together I am indebted to you therefore be always with me, my Children and my grand children. Be my guide and Protector in the mighty Name of Jesus Christ!!! Bless me with the heavenly Blessings and open every door the devil has closed Amen and Amen!!!

  52. Dear Archangel Yeiayel, Im most grateful knowing you today. Please i want you more closer to me , Always be my guide and continue to lead me in the right path of God’s Will, protect me from my enemies and please lift me from the bondage of any curse against my prosperity 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  53. My Angel Yeiayel I’m in desperate situation right now. Stay on my side watch over me physically and financially. Please bring great fortune,love,wealth,health to my family’s and myself. I love you my archangel Yeiayel.

  54. Yeiayel I am Happy to know you are my guardian angel. My life has been one of struggles pain and i have taken a many losses and I ask that you mend every undeserved broken area of my life and my children’s lives.

    Heal everything that is broken or bent within me not so I can forget but so I can fly again. Restore unto me everything God said he had for me. I claim it all now wholeheartedly.

    Bless me in all areas in my life that need restoring so that I can be whole again and live because I know that only you and God truly know what I need and what’s best for me. Father God I thank you for bringing Yeiayel into my life.

  55. Yeiael, my dear guardian, whom you watches me from afar, whom who protected and guide me since my youth, from a distance you called on me, even though I don’t know you yet. You have shown me your mark as a sign of your devotion as my guardian, you have guide me to become the righteous person filled with love and care for others. You know my afflictions and flaws, my mistakes and bad deeds.

    I now plead to you, with all my heart. Help me once again reach out to me and lift upon me the burdens of the past, the pains that I can’t let go. Help me once again for I surrender it all to God and pleaded you to guide me. Help me manifest the righteous glory and abundance that I deserve and by right is mine.

    And, I implore you to protect me once again, please speak to me, guide me and protect me, as a guardian dedicated by God upon me, I put my trust upon you, and I believe that you are indeed my guardian. Thank you for all of the blessings and protection you have given me.To God be the glory and may your service be worthy to put praise on Him, forever and ever , Amen

  56. Yeiayal, please watch over me and my family. Please bring great fortune, love, health, wealth, to my family and myself.
    Much love!,

    Jay F.

  57. I pray that you protect me and my family physically ,emotionally and financially independent
    I love you very much

  58. Dear Angel Yeiayal
    i ask that you protect me from danger, and provide for wealth and favor before the eyes of many. always be with me were ever i go. favor always in Jesus name i pray.

  59. Hi my Angel yeiayal
    I asked that u bless me and my family with alot of money by the end of this month Sec 2019 or the beginning of Jan 2020 and please protect me and my family thanks yeiayal

  60. My beloved Angel Yeiayel: This is my first time evoking your guiding light into my presence. I thank you for adding and assisting into this awesome journey in love and life. May my path with be filled with protection, abundance, prosperity, health, love, peace,?joy, happiness, direction, and guidance for me and my love ones. I thank you for the spirit of creativity, wisdom, knowledge and understanding that allow me to become who God; called me to be and to for-fill my destiny and purpose here on earth. I love you Angel Yeiahyel

  61. My precious angel Yeiayel I thank you for my abundance in wealth and health that Im asking for me and my family. Guide me in the direction that I should go to help myself get out of debt so I could help more.

  62. Dear my angel Yeiayel, thank you for being my guardian angel, glad to know you. Ihope you could help me have a good fortune and able to succeed my plans. Please guide me and protect me as well as my husband and my family. help us able to earn money to finance our future plans. Im reallynstruggling finanacially. Canada 2020 will happen in your help and prayer as younare close with God almighty! Thank you

  63. My guardian angel Yeiayel,I love you dearly, please help me financially for I’m in debt, I also ask for your protection from those who wants to see me fail. Help me my guardian angel Yeiayel

  64. Dear guardian angel Yeiayel

    Please help me get fame and fortune. Guide me towards the right path that will grant me everlasting success, generosity and abundance in popularity.

    Thank you thank you thank you

  65. Dear yeiayal, am particularly great ful for giving me the opportunity to know you,thank you for protecting me and bringing me fame and riches,grory and respect, I love you from my heart button. Yours friend Allen david

  66. I am very happy to discover you My Angel…

    I love you so much my beloved Guardian Angel Yeiayel…
    Please Yeiayel i need your Presence more than ever in my Life.. Please help me to actualize my dreams.. I need Breakthrough, Favour, excess Luck, open doors, miracles… Please my lovely Guardian Angel help me to Fulfill my Destiny…. Overall protection for me and my family..

  67. My beloved guardian angel Yeiayel,please help me as I intend to travel.Let your favor be on me and help me to sail through all difficult storms.In you I trust

  68. Although you are not my guardian angel you are my sons. He is special as you know. I envisioned this when God spoke to me directly. All l ask is you watch over him very carefully as you know the path he will take and the obstacles along the way. Show me a sign to say you are there. You know what it is l ask. You have the power to do so thank you

  69. Dear Archangel Yeiayel, please standy by me now and forever with your guiding love and light. Protect me always and bless be with infinite abundance of health wealth, wisdom and prosperity for my family and myself…

  70. ArchAngel Yeiayel,
    Help me to gain fame fortune and recognition now, alway strengthen my faith in you as day goes by.

    Help me to help others through me.


  71. please help me see hapinness,love,and wealth i have been struggling far too long now i am putting a stop to it i am taking charge.
    please help me my Angel Yeiayel

  72. Plz help me tru my time of grief.I feel lost,empty,heartbroken. Plz guide me as I am truly lost,don’t feel good abt my future. Plz help me my guardian angel Yeiayel.xx

  73. Hello my Guardian Angel, Yeiayel. May you protect me and bring out the best in me every passing day. My prayers and love is infinite as your blessing towards me. Lots of love.

  74. Yeaiyel I am Happy to know you are my guardian angel. My life has been 1 BIG downhill ride. I ask that you mend every undeserved broken area of me, my children and grand children’s lives. Heal my hurting heart mind and soul. Restore unto me Everything God said was mine. Bless me with a financial blessing that will be more than enough not only for me and mine but so that I can help others as well. Lord Jesus I thank you for bringing Yeaiyel into my life.

  75. Be my friend.
    Remain by my side.
    Prosper me in all my ways.
    Bestow upon me the Devine Wisdom to be an achiever always!
    Always grateful!

  76. Oh my beloved Angel, I always thank you for being so kind and helpful towards me. I always pray to you to be by my side, and all around to guide me, to protect me, to bestow me with name, fame, money, happiness, success , health,kindness, mental peace, generosity and eternal bliss

  77. My beloved guardian Angel Yeiayel, I love you so much, thanks alot for always being on my side and protecting me from anything to hurt me, I pray that you continue being on my side and bring me good health and wealth in abundance as well as for people around me, bless me with knowledge and understanding of the things am worthy to know, always humbled to have you by me forever…

    • My great Angel Yeiayel I thank you for your protections and guardians for me and my family , I pray that you help to improve in ministries and business to grow please help me in my finances so that I can stand on my fit well please give me wisdom for in every area of my life , thank you so much for your help .

  78. You are my guide angel be with me and supply me all the good gift of life, support me and bring me wealth in abundance.

  79. Dear Archangel Yeiayel, please standy by me now and forever with your guiding love and light. Protect me always and bless be with infinite abundance of health wealth, wisdom and prosperity for my family and myself…

    In full faith to you 🙏🙏🙏

    • Dear Heavenly Father,
      Thank You for Yeiayel, the Angel You have created and assigned to guard me and guide me throughout my life. Bless him and keep him and make Your face shine upon him as he helps me continually. Thank You, Lord, that Your Favor surrounds me as a shield. And if Yeiayel brings me guidance along the path that leads to wealth and fame, let him help me along my journey as Your Right Hand, keeping me safe from oppression and abuse, liberating me from slavery and influencing me with wisdom to make right decisions. In The Mighty Name of Jesus I ask You to propel me forward towards a life of successful achievements, utilizing my abilities to produce wealth and peace,and my talents to create beauty, music, and literature. I love You, and thank you, God, for Jesus, and for Yeiayel, my guardian angel You have assigned to assist me in this lifetime, along with the entire team of heavenly host that works together for You on my behalf.
      In Jesus Name, AMEN.
      LOVE, Your Princess, Sarah Elizabeth, The Chosen One.

  80. Thank you beloved.
    You are my *Lucky Charm* from now on!
    Please, protect and guide me and my loved ones.
    I love you!

    • Dear yeiayel my guardian angel… I thank you for granting me they knowledge,I thank you for opening my eyes and awakening my spirit body and soul…. I thank you for your love and unending protection,provision and shelter…. I love you so much my El chapron…..
      I ask thee oh guardian angel that you revel to me thy abundant blessings and your loving spirit deposit on me all the goods you have for me both the ones I know and I squired and the ones beyond my sight oh guardian angel…. Let they spirit never depart from me. I pray thee oh my guardian and my El chapron….. I pray thee in Jesus name…. Amen……

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