Lehahiah is the guardian angel for people born between September 8 and September 12. He has a feminine energy and represents the 15th and 20th degree of Virgo. In the angel hierarchy he is a Power, he is part of the sefirah of Geburah, and his governing Archangel is Camael. His planetary energies are Mars / Saturn and he represents the element of Earth.

His name means: Gracious God.

He symbolizes: Calmness and Luck. He offers you an exceptional degree of luck. He is of great help in calming any kind of anger and he will be your guide to understanding the work of the divine and the laws which compose it. The angel Lehahiah's stone is Quartz and his colors are Indigo / Purple. Of the 7 kingly attributes, he rules over: The Coat.

The qualities given to you by the angel Lehahiah

The angel Lehahiah is the angel of obedience, order, and discipline. Under his supreme protection you will become a loyal servant and earn the trust and favor of your superiors. You act under the influence of the divine laws as well as the authority which represents them.

With the help of this guardian angel you live your life following a sense of order and discipline. In your life, the most important things to you are fidelity, honesty, and acts of generosity. Thanks to Lehahiah, you will be a responsible, righteous, and honest person from now on. You will learn to devote your life in service of an established order, in capacities such as that of a minister, director, president, or head of government.

With his help and support, peaceful influences, intelligence, and balance will reign in your life. He will help you even in times of uncertainty. You will learn to obey others without having to understand why. You will also learn to grasp the true justice of the divine. Furthermore, he will help you to accept your fate without standing up against it.

The imbalances regulated by the angel Lehahiah

The guardian angel Lehahiah will help you if you have a tendency to refuse to obey others or if you have problems with authority. He will also help you if you lack powers of judgment. He will keep you from tyranny, unjust laws, and dictatorial behavior.

He has the power to rid you of any inferiority or superiority complexes. He keeps you from a competitive attitude, from objection, and from arguing back just for the sake of fighting with your superiors.

Lehahiah will protect you from unfaithful people who lack trustworthiness and whom you are unable to rely on.

Thanks to the help of this patron guardian angel, you will no longer suffer from rejection, impulsiveness, inflexibility, lack of receptiveness, disagreement, brutality, rebelliousness, conflict, an emotional nature, disloyalty, devastation, a dangerous temper, ruination, as well as many other things as well. He will help you if you have a tendency to want to rebel against the law.

When should I communicate with the angel Lehahiah?

Time - Physical:
September 8 - September 12
Time - Intellectual:
11:00 - 11:20
Time - Emotional:
February 10, 00:00 - 23:59
April 24, 00:00 - 23:59
July 8, 00:00 - 23:59
September 20, 00:00 - September 21, 00:59
September 21, 00:00 - 12:00
December 2, 00:00 - 23:59

What can I ask the angel Lehahiah?

If you are engaged in criminal behavior and want to change your ways, pray to the guardian angel Lehahiah and he will help you get through this situation which is doing you more harm than good.

If you have problems with obedience at work, ask for the help and support of the guardian angel Lehahiah to benefit you and you will find it easy to change your behavior. Do not forget that he is the angel of obedience, collaboration, and natural authority.

The patron and protector, the angel Lehahiah fosters stamina, concentration, and hard work. If you have need of these things in order to progress, do not hesitate to send a prayer to this angel, and he will encourage a love for work, respect, and fidelity.


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72 responses to “Lehahiah”

  1. My dear guardian angel . I know you are watching for me from a far , im sorry for my sins what i have done but please help me to find a job so i can help my family for financial and i need to be grow as i can be.. I know you hear me but please help me you are only hope i love u please guide me always where i go… Help my parents to heal there health god bless us and protect us amen… And i deeply stress to my friends who is always feeling burden me give me a pain in my heart. Amen pray me for them

  2. My dear lehahiah
    Please guide me through this journey of life. Please help me be obedient to thoes who care for me . Please help me love myself . I call upon your presence today for I need your guidance and love!!

  3. My apologies Guardian Angel Lehahiah. It’s an ongoing inside joke that we share, having to do with my trouble at remembering names. Thank you for your continued guidance, encouragement, and protection. I will try my hardest to memorize all of the names of the Angels. Please bless me with infinite calmness, good luck, and knowledge as to how the Divine works. I am grateful to you for steering me toward all honest, intelligent, peaceful, and responsible ways and individuals, and for protecting me from those who are disloyal, unfaithful, dishonest, disrespectful, argumentative, dictatorial, unjust, brutal, evil, untrustworthy, jealous, vindictive, criminal-minded and who have fiery and uncontrollable tempers. I am blessed by your assistance. With deep appreciation. Sending you much Love and Light. Amen.

  4. Dear angel protect me from harm from people who hate my presence and just want me gone and help me be humble and never being rebellious against my enemies or any person who means no harm to me please Gracious God

  5. Our Angel Lahahia, I commit myself to you, trust all my luck and blessings to you, the guidance and protection for my family and I wish all my wishes will come true as well as him Regie Donado I trust his safety and protection to you,, Thank you so much💖

  6. Please angel Lehahiah I commit myself to you, lead me, protect me, and take away every curse out of my life, grant me according to my heart desire fulfill my purpose, and make me to achieve my goals, I put my trust in you angel Lehahiah take my hands and lead me, thank you. ❤️

  7. Thank you my protector and my guidance, am happy to know more you deeply and know that you are my fighter 😭. Please help me and protect me and also guide me and my loved ones. Please provide for me and help me in my financial life . please make me to be very proud of you . I love and cherish you my protector. Help me in hard times and provide my need ..🙏🙏😭

  8. Thank you angel, please I need your help come into my life and need extraordinary luck, and the deeds that will make me a righteous person

    • It feels so nice to meet you my dear angel LEHAHIAH. I’m happy that you are my angel.
      I’m so lucky. Thank you.

  9. I love You, Angel Hehahiah! Thank You for all your work in my life. Please help me wherever I have been unable to help myself. Amen.

  10. Happy to know my guardian angel am in big situation that may end my career lehaiah help me to over come and be happy again

  11. Dear Angel , Please give me the opportunity to channel new ideas and thoughts which will change the world.. thank you for i know you will shower me and my family infinite abundance & prosperity. Please guard and protect our whole family. Bless and grant my children canadian student visa. Surround our family good and helpful people. Help erwin from attacks or doj and ombudsman. Please keep us safe from dangerous people who use dark forces or ideas, dark energies, black magic, Thank you

  12. Archangel Camael and Guardian Angel Lehahiah, please help benevolently to calm down my son JWWH. Guide him to understand and accept his fate while assisting him with peaceful influences, intelligence, good luck, integrity, loyalty, and help him to cease his constant contrariness, competitiveness, and unyielding debates and challenges against his employers as well as the one who loves him the most in this life time. Please help him to quickly find the serenity that will help him attain all that is blessed and is in his best interests si that he may prosper and feel joyous from now on. Please banish all anger from his being and forever protect him from all evil energy. With respectful gratitude. Amen.

  13. Angel Lahahia,thank you for keeping me safe this long in life,pls take away this neuropathy pain from me and every challenge that confront me in life .and bring me good relationship that guarantee peace and successful life , bring me business breakthrough by your power, plenty on money.

  14. Thank you Angel Lehahiah, for always reminding me that I am not alone, you are always with me, in this time of need, I humbly come to you as I am in need of strength because of all the injustices I have received in my life, I trust you wholeheartedly to assist me me luck as I need it most and a financial breakthrough/miracle, thank you.

  15. I pray I get all I have prayed for,in this year 2022,I pray to be very lucky and get anything I want with ease,when I work I want to be successful,I pray for abundance of success and I pray for big improvement in my financial status ,I pray for long life and I pray for protection for my self,my family and friends,I pray for abundance of blessings so that I can be a blessing to others too.🙏

  16. My guardian Lehahiah I thank you for the day I meet you. I need your help for I have lost my entire life with out happiness. Now, give me all I asked and those which I had been stolen in my past life. Give me my deserved position in this world.

  17. Thank you my guardian angel Lehahiah for what you have been doing in my life. Please help me achieve all you have promised.

  18. Angel lehahia help me financially to be able to be financially successful to be able to make Jorge financially successful to be a great team

  19. My name is John Akpekeh I am facing a lot of problem now which is good luck ,love,happeness, money,I am lacking all this things in life now so I need help so please help me 🙏

  20. My angel, my protector. I thank you for being my angel. Please guide me from the misfortune, violence, trails, temptation and toxic. Help me to build up myself and cleanse me from the sin. Help me and led me to love and peace . Help me and restore my heart from evil spirits. I pray for your protection and I trust to be in your guidance and protection from every evil thought and spirit. Let me live with positive and good deed. Thank you for being my guardian angel. I love you, I trust you and thank you my angel

  21. Kept seen the number 11.10 recently and looked it up. Turns out Guardian Angel Lehahiah is associated with it. Turns out she looks after the dates from 8th to 12th September which falls on my birthday, the 11th. Coincidence?, considering there is 72 G Angels what are the changes 1.5%. Got me thinking!

  22. Lehahiah,

    Thank you for giving me the hardest and most telling lessons of my life. I didn’t understand why so many unnaturally unfortunate events and situations, to the point of comedy. Thank you for giving me laughter to deal with it all. Thank you for showing me that it all works, and that worry and fear, are unnecessary, as long as you aim for doing the right next thing. Thank you for giving me the desire to work hard, and be so receptive.

    Thank you for saving me from death 3 times. Thank you for stripping me of everything I thought made me me. I now see that I had to lose everything to actually be able to find me. Thank you for giving me clues along the way to realize my purpose in life, and be able to see the miracles and signs you posted along the way. I’m sorry it took me so long, but I know this was my destiny.

    Thank you for showing me your presence in my life via luck. I know what my lessons were now, I had to know what it felt like to be falsely judged, abandoned, betrayed by those closest to me, and finally, to understand that in order to receive I need to be free of anger, resentment, jealousy, and righteousness.

    I needed to understand that even those that betray me, and just on their path, snd are learning their lessons as well. Please continue to bless me with signs, so I become more and more clear how to be of service to others, and in what capacity. I know that my story needs to be told, and I know, that I have a big job to do. Kindness is the only way and anger and despair are not the way to learn who you are….

    Thank you gor all the visions you’ve given me so far, and letting me know what it feels like to look in the mirror and see a monster looking back, and how hard that is in this human life, so I could have compassion for those who we’re not blessed with the human standard of beauty, like I was.

    How many people I hurt, without even knowing it. They just wanted a smile, and I thought I was so superior, bc of how we differed on the outside. I would have never known what it felt like to look in the mirror and have my outward appearance not be in alignment with my soul, or maybe it was, and I needed to see it, so I could change the inner beauty. Thank you for giving me a verbally abusive husband, because I now know what it feels like to be immobilized by trauma. I was so judging of others that, weren’t strong like me. I was arrogant, and lacked any sense of compassion.

    Thank you for showing me that even people that look the part as I do, get mislabeled and shunned by the medical community, and that this was meant to happen, bc now I have to fight for change, and can use my strength and intelligence to evoke change for all those poor souls out there, who are judged even by the medical community based on their socio economic status and if they hit all the “respectable” traits to be believed and healed.

    Thank you for giving me my creativity and the gift of words, through those mediums I can reach those that need my help most here. I give you unbridled authority over me, and when I am straying, to forcefully and painfully bring me back to the right path, like you have done.

    Now that I have learned so many hard lessons, and am recovering, rrr errrr turning to me, please don’t let me forget how painful and awful these afflictions are, ever… I never want to be that person ever again. Please help me forgive all those that have hurt and betrayed me, I really need your guidance with that! Please help me to live in a peaceful state and appreciate all the beautiful moments, that happen along the wsy… and to keep my priorities straight.

    Please give me some room to enjoy and be happy as well. Please wstch over my children as the circumstances change for us all, snd please bless me in luck like you have for so long, so I might be able to pay to get my masters and provide a good and healthy life for my children. Please guide me, so I might have the funds to do what I need to do here on earth to help others suffering. Please guide my choices and bring your energy to the games I play.

    I know this is where I need to be, and it’s the number you have put in my head for so long now. Help me find the means that lie behind that number that will enable me to do all these things, be of service, but also to show others of your presence and that this is real, you are real, just bc you can’t explain it, doesn’t mean it’s not the most real thing in all eternity, because I have crossed over, I know what lies on the other side, and I know how beautiful it is and that overwhelming sense of complete peace and joy… I no longer fear death, and in fact, look forward to it once I have done my work here… thank you!!

  23. Guardian Angel Lehahiah, you know my heart and what happens around me, I with love, patience and respect ask you to guard me and guide me through this journey and my business projects. This is to fulfill a nation and it resonates with the peace of mind I want and the care, love and support I need to offer.
    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for your help I am happy and grateful in Jesus Christ Mighty Name. Amen.

  24. Angel Lehahiah, I kindly ask help me with my finances, and get me through tough times, Bless my family with health and happiness, love and peace always, Amen.

  25. Lehahiah Ángel misericordioso ayúdame a cambiar mi actitud hacia mis padres hermanos y demás, no permitas que deje de ser quien soy ni mucho menos perder mi humildad ayúdame hacer mejor cada día guiarme de tu mano y concédeme lo que sueño de tu mano lehahiah te suplico con respeto y fe para que me escuches y hagas de mi alguien mucho mejor a como estoy ahora escúchame y no me desampares. Salud vida pa mi y los míos el resto tu lo haces amen.🙏

  26. Lehahiah:

    I ask you humbly, help me with some luck regarding finances, to get through some tight times and rid myself of debts.

  27. Thank you my angel for loving and guiding me through the right path,I love you more,pls come and touch my husband heart to love me more than I do,and let him take my like an angel I am, and do what ever I said

  28. For many years I spend on this earth, not knowing or be aware of you my Guardian and protective Angel LEHAHIAH, but you never gave up from me. I just want to appreciate your excellent job over me, from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much. Continue to protect, guide, give and see for me. AMEN

  29. I don”t have much to say but to Bless me with the life i desire, give me the life that ive always dreamed of and was eager for, please and, Thank you. I love you King.;)

  30. Thanks my angel LEHAHIAH for all that you have provided, please let me be in the next phase of what GOD has assigned , so I can help many many of my brothers and sisters, that are in disperse and angry economical situations.
    I will follow the wills and dictations send to me.

    Please let me follow and serve you.

    Your child

  31. I got to know you today and am going to be 26 coming Sunday.All I pray is let whatever that is being established in my life start to mane fest as in my education, career path, future ,finance etc.Please let me take possession of whatever is lost in my life as I begin to love you and sense you in my life…. Thank you

  32. Am the happiest to know my guardian angel Lehahiah. Please help me to change my husband’s behavior, let him concentrate on his family only and please help me also to have peace in my heart and body and help my child Asiigya start her journey of walking, please i beg. Thank you very much. Love you

  33. Justice great an angel Lehahiah, you may perceived the power of equality and fairness.i am here for your indefinitely help through luck over my daily life! I want your extremely help over becoming struggling from negative energy that holds me back from human favor!! I need money favore and love favor especially lucky!! Great thanks.

  34. Angel Lehahiah, I want to be great, I want to pass all my exams, I want to go places, I want to be a lawyer, I want peace, happiness, luck to locate me and my family. I want to become a successful woman. Angel Lehahiah, I want to become a good girl, I want people to trust me, I want to become honest, obedient to my parent. Thank you Angel Lehahiah.

  35. Archangel Lehahiah, Kindly remember me in my awakening journey and guide me to be at a better place.Protect me physically, mentally,emotionally and strenthen my healing gift.Guide me to achieve my dreams. Lots of love Vuvi

  36. Dear Guardian Angel,
    I’m told you’ve been trying to contact me showing me the signs of 11:17 and 321 everywhere I look. Please help me to achieve financial abundance and career advancement, success and stability. Please instill in me the luck, hard work, determination and intuition to better my financial situation and financial decision making skills. May I make wise, smart and profitable choices to advance myself and my family financially. And may I gain the luck I need to bring forth and attract the miracles to also bring me financial abundance. Thank you for reaching out to me, showing me you are there and guiding me through! Much Love! God Bless!

  37. I give thanks for your protection and guidance so far and continue
    to ask for your assistance with my life journey. May I indeed be gifted with stamina and concentration as I finish my mission in this realm.

    • Pls Gracious God Lehahiah, I want to know if my Girlfriend I want to marry is loyal and honest to me.
      Her name is Nana Ama.
      Pls help me
      I don’t understand her now
      Pls Lehahiah help me

  38. Thank you Lehahiah, for answering my calls and cries for you to show yourself to me. Thank you for the wisdom and knowledge you have given to me.

  39. Thank you for helping me find my Guide Angel Lehahiah May i now find the directions needed to help me on my Path through this Journey!🙏✨

  40. Dear Angel Lehahiah, I have read so much information about you and I want you to know that I have some problems and thank you for watching over me everyday. Thank you Lehahiah for understanding me and helping me through my tough times. I really believe it’s you when I get things done when I don’t know how to to do them, it’s luck. Thank you for watching over me and taking care of me Lehahiah. <3

  41. Hey my angel thank you for all you doing for me already please keep on keeping me in line keep me obedience and humble at all time what I’m saying is juts keep on doing what you doing for me because it really nice and good so thank you my angel

  42. Thank you my guardian angel Lehahiah <3 i never knew you existed until now, but now I understand my change that has been happening for over the past nearly 2 years now, I've settled down so much and never understood why until now, I use to not care, break the law I was a rebellious person, I have PTSD anxiety and depression I have high mood disorders and get very angry (well use to) but now I TRY my hardest to avoid conflict, please guide me into remaining on wanting and doing the right thing and I want to stop the fighting with my partner, physical and mentally, please help me have a loving and happy life with my partner and two babies. Please be rid of the annoyance down the road from me that is trying to push me to go and have to Yous conflict on them, that are trying to make me snap, they hang around my house all night , stalking, playing stupid games. Leaving notes saying stuff that makes me get angry I am trying my hardest to seriously avoid them. So I don't end up back in jail. I want to settle down, achieve my driving school so I can do it legally this time. And gain a licence to be able to take my family places 🙂 thank you so much my guardian angel for the change I have noticed in myself and that others have noticed to, but pleaseeeeee help and guide me with the rest of the bumps in my path of my journey of life. I haven't achieved much at all, did have a big lump some of money, lost it all, due to fake friends, a awful violent relationship , getting stolen, it brang mysiry to my life then, but if I could have a change of luck now I would be alot more wiser than I was then 🙂 xx

  43. Angel Lehahiah, I pray for my little son Donald. Please may you guid him and protect him in all his ways so that he will grow to become who God wants him to be

  44. Angel Lahahiah, I have married for more than a year now but finding it difficult to have babies . Friends are mocking at me and my wife… I prayed that you el help me have babies in the house.

  45. Thank you Lehahiah for being my guardian Angel, protect me on my path of life, I love you so much and I hope that you can send me luck today

  46. Angel Lehahiah, thank you for being by my side. I love you. I have loved and have been betrayed. Please set matters OK. i trust in you and i put my life on your powerful shoulders for help. I want my love back. I want to believe that he is not a bad person and that he willl reconciliate that is my purpose of living to find love in others and a path through love to help them. THANK YOU

  47. I receive you into my heart and spirit Angel Lehahiah and I thank you for your divine protection and guidance to walk in obedience and love with all things.

  48. Thank you Angel Lehahiah, I welcome your guidance in every moment of every day. I trust and love you, thank you for being by my side 😉

  49. Angel Lehahiah, I pray and plea to you too please restore stamina, hard work, and dedication in me. Please restore our trucking company and give us all the knowledge we need to be successful again. Please Angel restore our finances and bring back what we lost 10 times. Help me to be obedient, give me stamina that I need to work the business and be a stay at home mom and wife. Thank you my Angel.

  50. Angel Lehahiah, I was givena message just a little while ago and your name came up. I searched for you and found this site. I was happy to read it and it sure resonated with my life so far. I am everything you guide, obedient, kind, generous. I have been struggling lately with my finances as I am employed part time. This part-time work allows me to help look after my granddaughter on my days off but its not enough money. I had managed to find a pizza delivery job with 3 different companies to suppliment my income and it was great income. I had no worries about paying my bills but unfortunately the owners and I fell into disagreement, so now I am back to square one. Please help me in finding another source of income that will benefit me and my family and ease my worries. Thank you for guiding me thus far. I am grateful for everyone in my life.

  51. My Angel… i beg you plse take away this pain from my chest, i dont want to suffer anymore, i am exhausted of feeling this way, you know i suffer enough…

  52. Many years ago. In my twenties I was told I would be wealthy with money when I was older… well I’m much older and still life is a daily struggle. I think of this telling often and wonder just how real any of it is. Will my ship ever come in will I ever be able to help the ppl I want to help before I leave the planet cause it’s closing in

  53. I need a prayer to find out two man. Love that I call my better half is she cheating on me is this relationship worth being can he find out for me it is man’s been true to me I don’t want to waste another seven years of my life if he keeps cheating on me or if he is please help me please answer my prayer give me the answers two numbers music colors through my eyes please I beg of you is just relationship it’s worth another seven years thank you amen God bless

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