Haiaiel is the guardian angel for people born between March 11 and March 15. He has a masculine energy and represents the 20th and 25th degree of Pisces. In the angel hierarchy he is an Angel, he is part of the sefirah of Yesod, and his governing Archangel is Gabriel. His planetary energies are The Moon / Mercury and he represents the element of Water.

His name means: God Who is Master of the Universe.

He symbolizes: Peace and Courage. He offers you victory and peace. He frees you from oppression and helps you to pull the wool over the eyes of evil-doers. He is a reliable source of protection in your daily life. The angel Haiaiel's stone is Diamond and his colors are Pale Violet / Pale Blue. Of the 7 senses, he rules over: Hearing.

The qualities given to you by the angel Haiaiel

The angel Haiaiel represents the weapons of the divine: judgment, symbolized by the sword; and an aura of light, symbolized by the shield. Under his protection you will be able to build up a great amount of energy and your leadership skills will be improved.

He offers you his divine protection to help you make good decisions as well as decisions which are fair. He fosters your protective spirit, your strategic mind, and your receptive intelligence. He gives you the opportunity to bring forth new thoughts and ideas which have the power to change the world.

He protects you and guides you towards success by giving you courage and bravery. With the help of this angel you will be more receptive to the inspiration of the divine. He will help you to deliver all those who are feeling oppressed.

The imbalances regulated by the angel Haiaiel

The angel Haiaiel protects you from activism and revolution, as well as from vindictiveness, authoritarianism, and tyranny, while also keeping you safe from betrayal and unrest. Under the protection of this guardian angel you will be safe from those who hold contradictions within themselves.

He fixes any lack of inspiration or intelligence you may have, as well as any excess rationality. He also helps bring you change if you are willing to do anything to achieve your goals or if you do not honor your commitments. He rids your mind of any murderous thoughts or extremist ideas.

He keeps you safe from dangerous people who use dark forces or ideas, dark energies, black magic, or who make use of unholy alliances. Furthermore, he protects you from liars and manipulators as well as from people who use their powers to harm those around them.

He keeps you from any kind of rift or breakup be it with a partner, a friend, or even through a breach of contract. He also protects you from ongoing arguments and confrontations.

The angel Haiaiel helps you to fight a corrupt system of government to allow for a happier and more fulfilled life within society.

When should I communicate with the angel Haiaiel?

Time - Physical:
March 11 - March 15
Time - Intellectual:
23:20 - 23:40
Time - Emotional:
January 7, 00:00 - 23:59
March 19, 00:00 - 23:59
June 1, 00:00 - 23:59
August 15, 00:00 - 23:59
October 28, 00:00 - 23:59

What can I ask the angel Haiaiel?

He offers you bravery, boldness, and courage if you just take the time to ask him first. He can give you great force of will which will allow you to become a warrior of the light.

Call upon him and he will give you great powers of judgment as well as great critical thinking skills. By his side you will no longer find it difficult to distinguish good from evil or truth from lies.

When you are feeling depressed or stressed, pray to this guardian angel who is your patron and protector to return to your old self. He will help you to become more positive and optimistic while also giving you the courage to face all the ups and downs of life. He is your sword and shield, your divine protector, who leads you to victory each time you do battle with evil!


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42 responses to “Haiaiel”

  1. Eternal love to Haiaiel
    Eternal care to Haiaiel
    Eternal joy to Haiaiel
    Eternal gratitude to Haiaiel
    May we enjoy each other now
    Our bond is now forever forged
    Let us be beautiful together
    Divinity nourishes us always
    Our friendship is dear to me
    Haiaiel I ask you to help me
    I believe in your beauty
    You bring me deep joy
    Thank you Haiaiel
    Thank you Haiaiel
    Thank you Haiaiel
    Thank you Haiaiel

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you beloved Angel Haiaiel for being here and now by my side.
    Please protect and guide me and my loved ones.
    I love you!

  3. Angel Haiaiel locate me and help me to be focused, happy, peaceful and prosperous. Be with me always.

  4. Thank you Haiaiel, please find me. Please protect from evil and evil doers. Help me find the love I long for. Open her eyes towards me please. Thank you for your protection and guidance.

  5. Please Haiaiel give me the leadership, judgement, intelligence and critical thinking skills along with protect from the evil doers.,

  6. please,i want to feel your presence.please help in my divine life,guide me ,protect me,heal my life,family.

  7. Dear my haiaiel
    My beautiful angel
    Please locate me, communicate with me, protect me from evil spirit and evil doer, show me the right path, be with me now, forever and always and also help me to make the right decision as well as the right choices in life.
    I love you

  8. My Angel HAIAIEL
    My divine protector
    I am praying to you
    Guide me through this period of life
    Keep evil people far away from me
    Give me strength every day
    Give me inner peace and happiness
    Thank you Angel Haiaiel
    Thank you Angel Haiaiel
    Thank you Angel Haiaiel

  9. Thank you Haiaiel for being by my side all my life. Knowing now, today, that it is you I’ve felt and received so much knowledge from, I am eternally grateful.

    You showed me a life of sovereignty before this one. You reminded me of that life’s end and the bond I shared with pure intent.

    I strive now, to return to you and fight alongside you once again.

    You so often come unbidden. Someday, I will be strong enough to come to you in return.

    Thank you for believing in me. For guiding me with discernment and courage which I’ve seen fail so many in their darkest times.

    Your strength is mine and mine is not only yours but those we are connected to. The connectedness of all.

    I pushed aside your ethereal knowledge for far too long. Now I accept and welcome that which you imbue within me when I focus on remembering your training.

    Every snippet you show me is like remembering a long forgotten act and skill.

    Thank you for you guidance and gifts. Now and forever.

  10. Please Haiaiel
    I need you to give me strength to keep going. I really want to give up on living sometimes. Hey i want to die

    • Hey Melissa, stay strong, i have in the past but things get better. Send you blessings and love. Angel Haiaiel is with us.

  11. My Angel Haiaiel, God has sent you to take care of me. I ask that you shelter me under your wings. Lighten my path, direct my steps. Do not leave me, stay quite near me and defend me against the spirit of evil. But above all come to my help in the last struggle of my life. Deliver my soul so that I can praise, love and contemplate the goodness of God forever and ever. Amen.

  12. Haiaiel my angel thank you so much for being there for me. I know that you are concerned about my life. Protect me from people using dark forces. Give me peace and courage to endure all things. I ask you to appear to me either in my dreams or anyway you want. Protect me my dear beautiful angel. I need you right now. I love you

  13. Just want to say THANK YOU and I LOVE YOU!
    Help me be brave and fight this feelings and thoughts.. dont need them anymore.
    Help me be focused and achieve my goals!
    Be by my side and my loved ones. ♥♥♥♥♥♥

  14. Haiaiel;-thank you for everything! On occasion I know I have felt ur presence,thank you for stepping in&helping me so very often.I apologize for not gaining knowledge sooner! I will be better,do better,&make wiser choices. All of my love to my Angels

  15. Eternal love to Haiaiel
    Eternal care to Haiaiel
    Eternal joy to Haiaiel
    Eternal gratitude to Haiaiel
    Eternal Money from Haiaiel
    May we enjoy each other now
    Our bond is now forever forged
    Let us be beautiful together
    Divinity nourishes us always
    Our friendship is dear to me
    Haiaiel I ask you to help me
    I believe in your beauty
    You bring me deep joy
    Thank you Haiaiel
    Thank you Haiaiel
    Thank you Haiaiel
    Thank you Haiaiel

  16. Hello My Brave Angel..My Protector Haiaiel..Please Continue To Protect Me Through Out My Life Time..Happy To Have Found You..Please Keep Me Strong In Mind,,Body And Soul..Hahou..AMEN..💓

  17. Thank you Haiaiel I felt your presence today, Iam thankful for choosing to Guid me Haiaiel!
    Thank you iam truly blessed 🙏

  18. Thank you great guardian Haiaiel, give me strength to lead , love , and prosper. Teach me to be humble yet firm, to lead and teach , give me the strength of 4m3n and guide me in battle. Thank you thank you Haiaiel…. 💯💯💯💯💯♓♓♓✊

  19. Thank you Haiaiel …Love You soo much ..pls help me …Teach me, Guide me,Be with me forever..
    Remove all the obstacles in my life,Give me Success and peace ..
    Love You Haiaiel ..
    Thank you Haiaiel
    Thank you Haiaiel
    Thank you Haiaiel

  20. now that i know your my angel haiaiel, please guide me in my life show the way remove the odd of my life and bring peace to me. haiaiel give open my eyes and clear my mind give me the victory and lead me to a better life full of health and wealth,

  21. Thank you My Angel Haiaiel for your proction and the prtection of my family and loved ones. Im asking you for the luck of money, luck and love. Im asking you for this man i love to marry me. Im asking for what i touch becomes gold.Thank you Angel Haiiaiel. Thank you.

  22. Beloved Haiaiel

    Reassure me of the choices I must make in my path on both my love life and professional life.

    Give me clarity, trust and courage about my next actions.

    Help me be honest, direct and vulnerable when interacting with others while keeping the focus on my dreams with determination and optimist.

    Offer me victory and peace, I am in a major cross road, show me the path, enlighten the path for me so I can confidently walk into it full of confidence, abundance, joy and optimism.

    Eternal love Haiael
    Feeling very grateful for this synchronicity, for having met you

  23. Thank you Angel Haiaiel for your your messages tonight but above all THANK YOU for protecting me and guiding me.
    Please kindly continue to do so and never leave me

  24. Thank you Haiaiel, please locate me and bless me with the luck for money, peace and happiness. Please help me and my partner to sort things out and get back together again.

    Please provide me with the job I need, the house and cars. Please remove any self doubts and obstacles. I trust you and I love YOU. I receive it all with Thanksgiving.

    Thank you!
    Thank you!

  25. Thank you Haiaiel. Please provide me with protection, money and good luck.
    Guide me in all my ways
    I love you Haiaiel
    Thank you for being here

  26. Thank you Haiaiel I pray you protect and guide me with luck and happiness through out my Existence please🙏🏽

  27. Dear guardian Haiaiel please grant me the tools i need to make this world a better place and make a difference in my life and others . Amen . Thank you

  28. 3/12 🙂
    Dear Haiaiel…thank you for being a part of my life and caring for me…I feel you close to me…and I hope I can give you my love in return. <3

  29. Please Haiaiel protect me and my family. Please assist me with my health and financial struggles.
    I believe you have visited me in the past and I pray you will not desert me.
    Thank you for all you have done and anything you may do going forward.
    Thank you
    Thank you
    Thank you

  30. Don’t comment on platforms but had to share my testimony! After 20 years in a career, I lost my career. A year later after going through legal, financial, emotional scares my life has COMPLETELY changed! I noticed it first when I noticed my new luxury high rise has an address of 1515. Also, the digital key pad code is 1**5. My birthday is March 15th. After researching, I found that the Angel number 1 signifies creativity and newness. 5 represents change (a HUGE change in my life!) I am not bragging I just want people to know I made a mistake that cost a twenty year career in the public eye. I was so broken but my spirits were lifted when I got a HR job at Six Flags ($10/hr). This was about a 80% pay cut but I feel this was the lesson I had to learn…money is not everything. This humbled me greatly! With the help of Angel Haiaiel I was brave enough to continue to put my resume out there while loving my job helping people. I was eventually interviewed and was offered a job in NYC where I am able to help others who are oppressed in any way!

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