Nemamiah is the guardian angel for people born between January 1 and January 5. He has a feminine energy and represents the 10th and 15th degree of Capricorn. In the angel hierarchy he is an Archangel, he is part of the sefirot of Hod, and his governing Archangel is Raphael. His planetary energies are Mercury / Uranus and he represents the element of Earth.

His name means: God Worthy of Praise.

He symbolizes: Prosperity. He gives you faster career progression and guarantees prosperity in all of your endeavors. He will also make you a good leader, especially if you work for a righteous cause. The angel Nemamiah’s stone is Sugilite and his colors are Violet / Orange. Of the 7 disciplines of medieval scholasticism, he rules over: Judgment.

The qualities given to you by the angel Nemamiah

The angel Nemamiah brings you good sense. He gives you a great power to understand things through observation alone. He is also able to give you the power of prediction and clairvoyance as well as an advanced intellect.

Under his protection, you will become a strategic mastermind and you will have great decision-making prowess. You are able to reveal the root of a problem so that you know how to tackle it.

He gives you the ability to become dedicated to great causes through your ideas alone. He makes you a generous soul with a great and noble spirit. With him you will be able to give up on material benefits and commit to your life’s mission.

By the angel Nemamiah’s side you have the ability to understand your life plan as well as the plans of others. You are able to bring deliverance to the oppressed and give them a sense of freedom.

The imbalances regulated by the angel Nemamiah

The guardian angel Nemamiah fixes your lack of judgment, your shallow understanding of things, and your inability to see things on a global scale. Under his influence you will no longer get lost in the details. You are able to think and take action through trusting to your good sense.

He will help you if you have a dark mind and lack principles while also preventing you from leading a sad and difficult existence. He will fix your relationship problems including any arguments or quarrels.

He will also fix any problems of communication you may have. With his help you will find it easier to open up to others. You will no longer lack freedom of expression or freedom in general.

If you are a prisoner of your own psyche then he can deliver you from this. He can bring you true freedom while protecting you from your inner demons.

The patron guardian angel Nemamiah is able to protect you from cowardice and disloyalty. With his help there will no longer be a place for naivety in your life and you will no longer put your faith in everyone and everything.

He will help you if you are feeling lost and uncertain, if you are no longer committed to anything, and if you no longer take part in the action. You will no longer sleepwalk your way through your daily routine. He will protect you from chronic fatigue and sickness. Under his influence you will live out the rest of your days in good health.

When should I communicate with the angel Nemamiah?

Time - Physical:
January 1 - January 5
Time - Intellectual:
18:40 - 19:00
Time - Emotional:
March 5 00:00 - 23:59
May 17 00:00 - 23:59
August 1 00:00 - 23:59
October 14 00:00 - 23:59
December 25 00:00 - 23:59

What can I ask the angel Nemamiah?

If you feel like a prisoner without any real freedom to enjoy, pray to Nemamiah and you will be freed of any form of burden you may be carrying.

Ask him and he will give you the power of judgment. You should develop this skill so that you can face all the little ups and downs of life. With the help of the angel Nemamiah you will be able to tell the difference between good and evil.

Call upon the guardian angel Nemamiah and he will improve your health and mental clarity while also improving your powers of prediction and understanding.


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16 responses to “Nemamiah”

  1. my mind troubles me cause my camily feuding and not really knowing whats going on. my son been in prison for a year for a crime im sure he didnt commit. i feel so torn cause all of this. on top of everything i cant seem to move on as far as a relationship with a man goes.

  2. Nemamiah i invited you to my life . i need your help. I dont have a good job .. Married about a couple month, helping more than four orphans at home. I dont know what to do.. I ve been trying to take my chance on pick5 lottery . none of them works. I want you to come in my dreams and give me a clear pick5 newyork lottery so i could make some money to do a good business. My wife planing to stand a babershop and a gym. Give me a clear dream please. I want you to be in life. I need peace, love, protections, prosperity, happiness, healthyness, success in my life.

  3. Nemamiah I pray that you bless me with the power of judgement because you know evil is always around me. I want the wisdom to be a good father and husband. You will always be in my mind.

  4. Nemamiah please help me to became better with the spiritual gifts and understand my real purpose in this world. help to be a good daughter/sister, wife and a mother to my family. help me to be free from financial burden. in Jesus Name Amen!!

  5. I just want to say to my gudian angel namamiah thank you for protecting me i know ts not easy keep on guiding me to right path i know everything will be ok one day

  6. I have graduated for five years now but no job but the one managing are not moving well. Pls come to my life and change to positive karma. I need more love, more money , good job and good connection

  7. Nemamiah I need you in every way to Heal me to help me with abundance. I need you to help me because nothing I treat me anymore. I just go through life watching it like a movie.
    Thank you and Bless You for your help.

  8. I need you Nemamiah🙏🙏🙏I need your guidance and I need you to help me accomplish and fulfill all my wishes and turn them to reality🙏🙏🙏

  9. I pray today that you my guidian angel nemamiah in the name of jesus that you will help me to get the work i apply with nigeria civil security and defence corps

  10. Dear Nemamiah, help me to get rid of the black crows who have sought to destroy me. Help me to defeat all the dark forces who have done the spiritual wickedness in high places against me. Help me to honor The Most High with all my heart, mind and soul forever.

  11. My Guardian angel Nemamiah, thanks for giving me all the strength whenever I’m down. Always be with me. Help me to honor The Most High with all my heart, mind and soul forever. Nemamiah I need you in every way to Heal me to help me with abundance.

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