Cahetel is the guardian angel for people born between April 26 and April 30. He has a masculine energy and represents the 5th and 10th degree of Taurus. In the angel hierarchy he is a Seraph, he is part of the sefirah of Kether, and his governing Archangel is Metatron. His planetary energies are Neptune / The Moon and he represents the element of Earth.

His name means: God of Blessings.

He symbolizes: Blessing and the Harvest. He offers you the blessing of the divine as well as a great lift up to help you understand the work of the Creator. The angel Cahetel's stone is Leopard Skin Jasper and his colors are Orange / Yellow. Of the 7 deadly sins, he rules over: Sloth.

The qualities given to you by the angel Cahetel

He will send you the blessings of the divine all throughout your life. He fills you with gratitude for the work of God but also for the people you come across on your life’s path. He allows you to materialize the will of the divine around you.

The guardian angel Cahetel will be beside you when bringing your child into the world. He watches over all the people present during the birth so that it goes as smoothly as possible.

He offers you the energy to succeed quickly. He helps you to move forwards and, if it turns out to be necessary, he will guide you in changing your habits and your way of life.

Thanks to Cahetel's help you will have a great work ethic at your disposal and an especially active lifestyle brimming with opportunities to attract material wealth towards you.

As a symbol of the harvest he guarantees success in the domain of agriculture. He promises good fruit which will end up feeding your body as well as your soul. He guides you in finding harmony with the laws of the cosmos.

The angel Cahatel is also the patron of the four elements: fire, water, earth, and air. He is also capable of freeing you from the hold or influence of evil spirits.

The imbalances regulated by the angel Cahetel

Cahetel helps you to manage your self-centered side. He helps you to avoid living life purely according to your own interests and from acting ungrateful and feeding off of the resources of others.

If you have a tendency to fight destiny or to rebel against your life plan, he will put an end to your revolt against the cosmic agenda. He will stop you from doing useless things or things from which no good will come.

He helps to control people who are domineering, proud, who have a bad temper, or who blaspheme against the Creator. He will free you from evil spirits which may guide or lead you towards troubled emotions or aggressive or transgressive behavior with regards to the laws of the cosmos.

The angel Cahetel also has power over meteorology, protecting you from climatic catastrophe, heavy rains, rising waters, and fires.

When should I communicate with the angel Cahetel?

Time - Physical:
April 26 - April 30
Time - Intellectual:
02:20 - 02:40
Time - Emotional:
January 16, 00:00 - 23:59
March 28, 00:00 - 23:59
June 10, 00:00 - 23:59
August 25, 00:00 - 23:59
November 6, 00:00 - 23:59

What can I ask the angel Cahetel?

Pray to the angel Cahetel with love and respect so that he may bestow his divine blessing upon you, allowing you to feel overwhelmed with gratitude towards the universe and all the souls and energies which compose it.

Call upon Cahetel to ask for his protection during pregnancy, as well as during the birth itself. He will take care to give the best possible guidance to the people present so that the child can be brought into the world without difficulty.

Ask him to give you the energy you need to easily succeed in whatever you wish to take on, whether it be a difficult job or a change in your behavior.

You can also call upon him so that the fruits of your labor can be made abundant. Here we are talking about not only material wealth but spiritual wealth as well.


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  1. I pray to our Father that His will not mine be done
    For all before and all to come
    We are grateful for our light that leads to experience, opportunities for growth, the divine laws governing our earthly incarnation and the love we receive. Adoration to the cosmic bodies, tree of life and the creation of choirs you elect to send to implement your design. Purify our hearts and minds with spiritual awareness so that we may please you most. Use us as vessels to help in service to others who are in need. Bless our practices with resolution when you are delighted with the intentions. Fill our cups with the miracle healing so that we share freely with those destined to receive. All this in Jesus name

  2. Dear Lord, thank you for letting me know I have a Great and Wonderful Angel Named CAHETEL who is my guardian Angel, please Angel CAHETE bless me with abandons of favors great lucks and my me with fortune and protect me against evil spirits forever, grant me good luck and wisdom and my heart desires as am about joining USA Army, help me serve with dignity and responsibility and make me a great Hero in the army while I serve, and help me to become the next Black President of United State Of America. Help me to the richest man to live healthy forever so I can help several people in Africa and other countries who needs help from poverty, and help me to teach them the good way to worship our Lord Jesus Christ to God Almighty.

  3. Dear Angel Cahetel, I Pray that you help me and my family to resolve complex problems which require great clarity.protect us from all evils. Please bring me and my family good fortune and guide us in overcoming the challenges of life.. kindly help me win super jackpot in lottery and help my children Ervin & Erynn to be granted canadian student visa. Bless with abundance all our investments. Help me and my family achive all our goals. Thank you very much.

  4. Cahetel: It is so comforting to know that my wishes will soon be rewarded. Please guide and protect my son and I and give us the health and energy to outlast these difficult and challenging times. Thank you for your constant support and encouragement in advancing our careers and income and your welcomed protection of us from any evil and harmful people. You are so kind and always in our thoughts and hearts.

  5. I pray to almighty God, Jesus and to cahatel for forgiveness of my sins and understanding of who and what I am. To help me and guide me on the path you have chosen and mapped out for me. I humbly ask for these things and to bring peace and prosperity in my life. Amen.

  6. My guardian angel Cahetel, got to know you today please I need your help in my life. My whole life is in a mess, everything I do is not working please help me. Am begging you please show me the way and help me build a good relationship with you. Amen

    • Holy is he Cahetel I want you to visit and stay with me. And guild my ways and protect me always and bring success into my life

  7. I pray to you my angel cahetel, with love & respect & admiration. Please guide me, show my purpose, show me what it is I’m suppose to be doing with ny life because I don’t know. Help me let go of control & self doubt and fear. Help me recognize when intuition more often!

  8. I thank God for giving me my guardian angel Cahetel . Please my guardian angel Cahetel give me strength and courage to serve the Lord. please protect me from evil spirit

  9. I’m so sorry for not knowing you all this time today 2021 I am 27 years I’m just discovering you with pains in my heart my guardian angel I asked and plead for your forgiveness give me the strength to love you I’ll respect your wheels protect me be with me grant my desires to give birth and be alive make money long life and prosperity and and cherish you all the days of my life bless the other part of me my husband my ANGEL CAHETEL

  10. I thank you LORD ALMIGHTY for give me Angel Cahetel I love you JESUS. thanks to my lovely Angel Cahetel I love you for your strength and your help and blessings over my life. continue being with me.

  11. Thank you Almighty God for giving me Angel Cahetel as my guardian angel am grateful..Angel Cahetel please bless me with your abundant blessings,love,peace and success in all areas of my life..Starting from today dat I met you,let things turn around for good in my life.Thanks for being my angel.. Amen

  12. I pray to Angel Cahetel to help me and guide me in my quest for wealth and bless me with Abundance and bless my loved ones too.

  13. I pray to the angel Cahatel to help and guide me in my quest for wealth to help those I know and myself.

  14. Thank you Cahetel. Guard me to make the right decisions in all of my endeavours. Bless me with good riches even to help mankind

  15. My dear guardian angel Cahetel, Im so happy to finally know your name..thank you so much for being my guardian angel..for guiding and protecting me minute of my life in any way you can. Please be with me always🙏 😇💕

  16. I pray to my angel cahetel for strength to lose this weight and have self love for myself and to be able to love my new job and excell in it to pass my ptcb exam and be able to retain the information to be financially stable for me and my children thank you for putting me on the right path that i am on please protect me forgive me and bless me with abundance amen

  17. I am grateful for the ability to identify my quardian angel.
    I pray for forgiveness, prosperity and protection, amen

  18. Thank you God for giving me a good angel like cahetel, I welcome you into my life, forgive me all my sins,
    I need you always, please my Guadiana angel give me the fruits of the womb, let me have my own children because you an Angel who gives blessings, favour me wherever I go, bring good things into my life always, my angel cahetel please destroy any spiritual marriage that is fighting against me, strikes them from my life and I don’t want to see them again. Amen

  19. Thanks to almighty God for giving my guardian angel cahetal for loving caring and blessing me with full of abundance and great health.

  20. Thank you Heavenly Father God,the Omega. I am grateful to you God for giving me my protective guardian Angel Cahetel. Cahetel I welcome you into my life and I believe in you and that you are with me for my greater good..I will always call on you to show me the correct way.Thank you ♥️

  21. My guardian angel Cahetel, got to know you today please I need your help in my life. My whole life is in a mess, everything I do is not working please help me. Am begging you please show me the way and help me build a good relationship with you. Amen

  22. My guardian angel Cahetel, pray Me to become good Christian, and to excel in life. I want a good job to stand out in life and good health

  23. My request prayer to God and to my guardian angel cahetel..Give us a healthy baby with jy wife..thank you Lord God..for the fruitful and blessings..

  24. Iwant to thank God for Cahetel,to help me become a better christian and to help me with my family ,to grow close again

  25. Dear Angel CAHETEL my protective guardian angel please grant my wishes ,the golden fortune,Money and wealth and good health of my whole family and mine. my sister’s specially my youngest sisters.Protect my children.and please help heal the earth from pandemic and corruptions and all bad influences.

  26. I think you god for all you do through the high and low levels of my journey I’m grateful for all may my life be full of protection wealth and abundance thank you Cahetel truly grateful 🥰

  27. I pray for protection for myself and my family members from bad things. I pray that my business attracts wealth, good fortune and positive fame. God Bless Cahetel!

  28. I thank God Almighty for giving me the gift of angel cahetel to be my guidan angel, my good angel please come to my aid, my life is a mess, depts here and there, no work and money to take good care of my family. They said that someone took my destiny and replace me with a suffering karma. I am tired please come to my rescue . Please return my destiny back to me, please bless me with wealth and riches and cast out all the evil spirit and bad energy around me in Jesus name Amen.

  29. I want to thank the Superior Force for letting Cahetel guiding my life. All comes in place and I see why things happend or is happening. Cahetel, I thank you for the blessings and for all that will be coming just soon. Cahetel, I ask you to let my dreams come true.
    Thank you, Amen

  30. Dear Angel Cahetel;thanking you for helping people who are in needs of your help.I beg you angel cahetel to protect my brother Raj from all evil and bad temper.Help him in attaining his dreams to be financially stable,can built his house as soon as possible.Make him agreed to married soon and has a happy life and also can looks after our parents.Give him strength in times of distress.Please forgive him for all his wrongdoing and make him a better person will full of positive energy thinking.Amen

  31. Im sorry my great guardian angel
    Please for give me
    Thank you
    I love you!
    Thank to help me in every steps of my live im happy to have your power help, please stay with me in every era of my live and support me, much love, respect and thanks to you my dearest!

  32. Just want to thank God for my Guardian angel Cahetel I pray for protection for myself and my families I pray that I will be successful in marriage, business and all my endeavors and that my spiritual life will grow from strength to strength and I will begin to prosper financially Amen .

  33. Im so happy to know the name of my guardian angel CAHETEL thank you for always guiding me…for helping me when im in difficult times…always protect me so I can give a better life for my children…

  34. Thank you Jesus for giving me the opportunity to know CAHETEL as my guardia angel today. I appreciate all the care, protections and blessings so far. I humbly pray that Angel Cahetel will attract to me abundance of divine blessings in every areas of my life: financially, marriage, career, business, spiritually, to mention a few. Angel Cahetel help me to achieve my visions for 2020 and give appropriate judgement to all persons and evil powers against me and family.

  35. Thank you my dearest my guardisn angel Cahetel for always guiding snd blessed me in all areas in my life.
    I will pray to fullfill sll my dedire wish in my life…i love you so much

  36. I call upon my Angel Cahetel for all blessings he can bestow upon me and make me a better person so I can provide for my family. Please help me be successful in work and in life. Please forgive me of my wrongs I hav committed in my life. Amen

  37. I thank God for you guardian angel Cahetel,I thank you for protecting me and giving me divine health,wealth and prosperity.I pray that you continue to bless me and never leave me.I need your presence always.

  38. Thank GOD for appointing you for me..i love you to the most high,,and I thank you for protecting me and all that GOD has giving me in my life.i look up and plead to you, to continue to dwell with me and never leave me for I am at a time in my life were I really need to rely on you for my heart is heavy and slowing down.;

  39. Thanks my arch angel cahetel today i pray health and wealth to serve the less priviledged ones around me,my family and the world at large

  40. I thank you God Almighty for who you are and for who have made me to be. I thank you also for entrusting me to the care of my guardian Angel Cahetel. I ask you Lord to bestow upon me with every spiritual blessings in the heavenly places through my Angel Cahetel. Watch over me my Angel and channel every positive energies in the universe to my exaltation.Amen.

  41. That i may know and experience the one True God and know and experience His only son Jesus in depths as My part and Lot in the Gospel of Jesus Christ is revealed through a confirmation as affirmed in my Spirit

  42. I thank my lord Jesus Christ in blessing me with my guardian angel Cahetel to guide me through my entire life.I humbly ask Cahetel to bless me with the Holy Spirit to always watch over all my lifes activites,plans,education projects and to bless me with the wisdom that comes from our father in heaven.To guide me to success in life and to be a charitable person. I ask you to bless all our families with good health,protection and success in life both here on earth and in heaven.I kindly ask you to guide me always in difficult times and in times of plenty and that i may serve my Almighty God with the musical talent and in all my talents be it physically,mentally,spiritually,emotionally and that i may use all that he bestoys upon me with to the greater Glory of our Lord Jesus Christ and to eventually join Him in His Glory in heaven.Be always with be and always guide me in prayers.Amen

  43. I Thank our lord Jesus Christ blessings me will my angel cahetelI ask him Financially bless me and spiritually and to protect me . Also keep me healthy and strong also To bring me a good spiritual partner in my life and also to help me with my business Prosperity. Also I asked my angel cahetel Bless my children.Also I asked my angel to keep all the evil spirits away from me my home and my kids.. also keep the peace in my heart and in my life and in my home …my angel Cahetel please bring me wealth,good health,success ,Spiritual healer and peace also love and happiness…Thank you my angel Cahetel

  44. Is good i find out about you today, i thank you for the once you have been doing for me, and i want you to guide me true good luck, money, house of my own, please my guardian angel Seraphim-Cahetel, IJN AMEN

  45. I call upon my Guardian Angel Cahetel to shower me with abundant blessings – love, career, money, relationships, etc that I have been deprived of my whole life. Help me pay off all my debts and that I may no longer fear of people who have been calling me up each day. Help me gain strength in times of distress. Please forgive me for all my wrongdoings and make me a better person. Amen!

  46. My dear Arc Angel, I beg you to protect me from all evil and help me in attaining my dreams to be financially stable having my own house as soon as possible. kindly pray for me to Our Lord God and please bless a misguided man like me. Thank you my loving Arc-Angel CAHETEL. Thanks

  47. My Angel Cahetel, I thank God for discovering you today. I believe that I will never remain the same .Mighty JESUS please use my guidan Angel Cahetel to end all sorrows in my life today, divine protection, abundancy,wealth,excellency all round, fortune, and everything wonderful in JESUS NAME, AMEN.

  48. Angel cahetel i ask that you give me the will to get a good job so i can provide for my family i ask that you be bu my side as i look for a new home so that my kids can grow up and be able to go outside with out being afraid of getting shot i ask that fortune comes my way as well and goodluck amen

  49. Lord thank you for the gift of Angel Cahetel into my life. Angel please bring me luck as the day progresses thank you

  50. I call upon my Angel Cahetel for all blessings he can bestow upon me and make me a better person so I can provide for my family. Please help me be successful in work and in life. Please forgive me of my wrongs I hav committed in my life. Amen

  51. Thank you lord for giving me cahetel.thank you lord for sending angel cahetel to me during child delivery. I want to eat the good of the land where I am and any where I set my foot upon

  52. Cahetel my path is #9 im a humanitarian im supposed to be able to inspire n motivate my fellow man. But right now im not cuz i feel like i can’t. Please help me get on my path. Help me see gods well for me. Not for the money. But for the chance to make a witness about u.

    • I call upon My Angel Cahetel to protect me in times of sorrow. I ask for a strength when I feel week so that I can pray for more protection. I call upon u my Angel Cahetel pls increase my lifespan and forgive me for my wrongs. Amen

  53. I thank my Lord God Almighty for giving me Cahatel Angel as my Guardian Angel
    Help me whenever I need help without asking.Thank You

    • I thank the Lord God Almighty that am still breathing and for giving me cahetel as my guardian angel
      I pray you help me actualize my dreams and life path

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