Caliel is the guardian angel for people born between June 16 and June 21. He has a feminine energy and represents the 25th and 30th degree of Gemini. In the angel hierarchy he is a Throne, he is part of the sefirah of Binah, and his governing Archangel is Zaphkiel. His planetary energies are Saturn / Saturn and he represents the element of Air.

His name means: God Who is Quick to Rescue

He symbolizes: Truth and Justice. He offers you great help in times of adversity and allows truth to triumph in the field of justice. He also protects you from slander. The angel Caliel's stone is Amazonite and his colors are Pale Yellow / Pale Green. Of the 7 virtues, he rules over: Prudence.

The qualities given to you by the angel Caliel

Caliel is the angel of absolute truth and brings you divine justice as well as karmic vision. This is because he rules over the court of conscience.

He helps you to recognize what is just and to grasp the interplay between good and evil. Under his protection you will honor the laws of the divine. He allows you to have an honest and impeccable judgment.

The guardian angel Caliel is the angel of judges, magistrates, lawyers, and notaries. He supports you in the pursuit of truth and in a perfect mastery of the laws which govern the way society acts. This is to allow for a greater sense of harmony and well-being between all the living beings here on Earth.

He also helps you to find the means for spiritual ascension. He gives you the ability to predict the intentions of others.

He can rid your mind of any form of doubt and replace it with love, integrity, and justice. He offers huge support in overcoming the unexpected challenges of day-to-day life.

The imbalances regulated by the angel Caliel

The angel Caliel protects you from problems related to truth as well as justice. He is able to protect you from punishment and is by your side if you ever feel separated from absolute truth.

He protects you from people who use justice purely for their own material gain as well as from people who just want to fight and win against others.

He protects you from undue proceedings, false evidence, adversity, and flattery. He also protects you from complex or confusing situations as well as from periods of doubt. By his side you will be protected from arguments, corruption, mistakes, hypocrisy, and hopelessness.

When should I communicate with the angel Caliel?

Time - Physical:
June 16 - June 21
Time - Intellectual:
05:40 - 06:00
Time - Emotional:
January 25, 00:00 - 23:59
April 7, 00:00 - 23:59
June 21, 00:00 - 23:59
September 4, 00:00 - 23:59
November 16, 00:00 - 23:59

What can I ask the angel Caliel?

If you are the subject of accusations, just pray to the angel Caliel and you will have a greater capacity to get through the situation. Know that he is a great source of support when facing adversity.

If you are currently in the pursuit of loyalty or honesty, ask for the support of this patron guardian angel and he will bring you what you seek. Above all, he will help you to respect the rules that come with living in a society.

If you are a judge or a magistrate, Caliel will be of great help to you in your work as he is the angel of real truth and divine justice. He can help you to understand the nature of good and evil. This is also the case if you are called upon to take part in a jury.


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  1. Dear guardian
    Help me by yourpower that god lead you to see truth and divine plane.

    Make my mind and heart in pace to grow into both side of material and spiritual ways.
    Always be by my side .Amen …thank you 💛💚💜

  2. May u help me in my marriage and financially siuations ❤️🙏, I want to be ffree of things that won’t do me any good 👍👍.To help people financially 🙏 an myself 🙏.

  3. O Destiny, conduct me—
    Wherever your decrees has fixed my station, I follow cheerfully.
    Let reason, the gift divine, be my highest guide;
    Thus will I tread on the paths of Heavenly Virtue.
    Let justice be practiced in words as in deeds;
    Yet alienate not our beloved companions for their trifling offenses,
    So too, shall we be forgiven for our own transgressions.
    O Destiny, if it thus pleases you, thus let it be.
    For others may kill my body indeed, but harm my soul they cannot.
    Neither forget that death is appointed to all;
    That possessions gladly gathered, here must be left.

    So be it.

  4. Angel caliel please be there to intervene at my hearing on Tuesday and thank angel for helping me yesterday I know you were by my side..thank you God for allowing my angels to be there amen

  5. I call on you Angel Caliel to please bring back into my life my Becky so we can unite in matrimony and be as loving, loyal and caring for each other as we used to be when we first met.

  6. Dear Guardian angel, Caliel, please bring good fortune into my life, with Luck love and money, please let me know when I meet my soulmate. and protect me, my family, friends and neighbours against those people who wish us harm or ill will,
    Say hello for me to God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and Saint Michael.

  7. My dearest angel Caliel thank you for revealing yourself to me today. A lot of times I wonder where and how I got all this attributes of singing, standing for the truth, justice, and even when something is about to go wrong in a persons attitude towards me or people integrity. Today I am at peace. My dearest angel things have been very unstable since I got married financially a lot of times I and my husband are depressed because of no money to cater for even our basic needs, we are always begging and asking for support from people. We are tired bless me financially, let my destiny helpers locate me so that me too can be a blessing to others. Amen

    • To the most faithful in beauty and in fairness Angel Caliel, please help me get the justice i so very much need to get my baby boy kaidan back in my care. As i know that the truth shall set us free but hasnt always . I pray to you that you get the judge to see the truth that i would never intentionally hurt my son and i havent done and so they will too see that.. he is my life xxxxxx

  8. My dear beautiful angel Caliel, please when should I get married, how can I also get my soul mate and please what will be the of the woman I will marry.Beautiful Caliel please bring me a destine helper
    I also need financial breakthrough now.

  9. Angel Caliel please help me to find the right way and also give me more energy for success. Last few days I can feel that you are following me. I think you want to say something me please give me the message. AMEN

  10. I thank God that I have discovered you today I just beg you to send me a marriage spouse right for me .I usually see number 21 but I believe you are the one thank you for manifesting your self to me

  11. Dear Lord thank you for giving me a sweet guardian angel like angel Caliel who You have assigned to protect me and guide me. Since I have Angel Caliel I know I will never be left alone. As angel Caliel is with me,let all my heart desires be fulfilled, in the name of Jesus. Amen!!

  12. dear my beautiful angel caliel, please protect me and my family and guard over us as long as possible. as of right now i feel hopeless in life, not motivated, scared of what comes next. please help me love myself and help me help others that i deeply care about. i know i am young but please one of these days send me my soulmate. i don’t wanna get hurt anymore. please prepare me for the worst and allow me to hope for the best. thank you for being here. amen

  13. Dear Jehovah Almighty God, kindly assign your Angel Caliel to grant my family and I financial fruitfulness, divine health, Long life and total protection such that we don’t loose a single hair on our heads neither striking our foot against a stone. Amen

  14. Dear Angel Caliel, I call upon thee to protect me in this dark moment. I know you are guarding over me right now. There’s so many answers in questions I have in regards to my life as I came across you. I’m asking you to stand by my side, help me see the light before it’s too dark. I’m ready to come out of it now. I’m asking you to quickly rescue me and the rest of my family. 🧚🏾‍♀️🙏🏾

  15. My beloved and faithful beautiful Caliel, thank you so much because you granted all the wishes of my prayer!

  16. Dear angel Caliel,
    I know I have wisdom but I don’t know how to use it, please pray to God to show me how to use. Thank you for guarding me wherever I go.

  17. i call upon to help me in terms of my love life , my boyfriend is not faithful nor honest to me about his feelings , he keeps going back to the girl who uses him for his money and manipulates his mind and his so weak that he falls for it. he would rather hurt my feelings and not commit to me than to lose her and be loyal to me . i pray and ask that you help me with this problem because i have tried everything in my power to save the relationship but the are no changes instead things get worse , i feel hopeless and spiritually drained. I ask for God and your presence in my relationship , bring back the man i fell inlove with.

  18. Oh thou angel Caliel,I thank you for your patience and love.
    Learning of you has given me some peace. Help me fulfil my purpose on earth. Help me recover all that I had lost out of ignorance. Put me in da position wif all de resource to advocate and lobby for the weak.
    Communicate wif me more and teach me those which I need to know. I really luv u. Thank you for everytin.

  19. Great ★Angel Caliel★
    Thank you for communicating with me, & listening to me & answering to my questions.
    I would like to pay my gratitude towards you for guiding me that my path towards Spiritual Journey is right & I should continue this Journey of Life & helping people & guiding them with my Special Gifted Skill of Reading Future & Intuition services☆
    Kindly be with me always & keep your Blessed hand over me…

  20. Dear guardian angel Caliel, I thank you for always been there for me. I thank you for walking me through the path of truth and righteousness.
    But now I pray for wisdom and understanding, knowledge and good predictions. May I never face difficulties in my cause of discharging my duties as a health professional. Anybody I consult receive total healing and may I grow in prosperity and riches.

  21. Dear Angel Caliel, it’s the first time i call you by name, because i just get to know that you are my angel.
    Thank you for everything, and please show me my way, help me, and make me be able to help others too!!!

  22. Guardian Angel Caliel,
    Protect me and my siblings. Help me to receive breakthrough in every area of my life.l have experienced a lot of sadness and delay and I ask for a total turn around in my life

  23. My guardian Angel Caliel, as i know the name to call you, i thank you for being there for me always and i pray that you should go before me and make things work for good in my life and let all blessing, favors, grace and promises that GOD have for me to be establish upon my life soon.. AMEN!!

  24. Guardian Angel Caliel,
    Now that I have a name to call upon you, I wish to thank you for your many intercessions by God’s grace that have protected me over the years.I appreciate your presence in my life and please help me to honor Our Father in heaven. God bless us!

  25. Angel of HASHEM my guardian dear, to whom his love commits me here, ever this day be at my side to light and guard to rule and guide. Amen

  26. my guardian angel Caliel please inter vain in my relationship its like my partner doesn’t love me anymore he ignores me he doesn’t take my calls and am a little depressed right now because i really love him and i want to have a happy family with him…Uplift my spiritual life amen

  27. My Dear Guardian Angel,
    Please help me to get my financial breakthrough so that I can solve all my and my dear ones problems. and also to help others to solve their financial struggles..
    Please pray for me

  28. Dear caliel angel
    I pray to you to be beside me
    I am in really needy place right now
    My grades,relationship with other people, my life is in really sad phase right now
    Please help me get through everything
    Please bring me to light
    I am tired of everything happening
    I am tired of making happy face just to hide my real emotions
    Please angel caliel help me get good grades, help me be good on my behaviour and please help me be on my best shape possible
    Please angel caliel i pray you😭

  29. Dear Angel Caliel,
    Please help me with my mental trauma of being poor. Please support me with enough money to support my company and myself.Please please please help me out!!
    I am begging you..

  30. I pray to you my guardian angel please protect me and my loved ones from any one that wishes harm or would like to cause harm on me or any of my loved ones. Also can you please help Me and make my boyfriend understand that his way of doing things will not end right. For him to listen to me. Finally I really need a financial breakthrough to be able to start saving for my future plans and start building a future.

  31. Caliel please assist me with letting go of a toxic friend who no longer has a positive purpose in my life. Protect me against any negative actions they are taking to hurt me, others and themselves.


    • My dear angel caliel, I come humbly just to say thank you. I ask you to continue to guide, guard me,protect me and show me the correct path to follow, kindly help in my marriage plan to go successful and help us in financial settlement. I pray, in Jesus name, Amen.

  32. Caliel my dear guardian angel. I come humbly just to say thank you! I ask that you continue to guide me and show me the correct path to take.

  33. Dear Angel Caliel, just 2 days I came to know you as my guardian. You indeed from the time I stepped on earth you were by my side while the life was challenging to know whoever around me and make decisions! I thought I was alone and life was on my shoulder! But, today life showes other side. All my heart thanks God and all the stuff to be with us on earth. Thank you for you all protection

  34. Dear Angel Caliel, I am in doubt over someone I know and I don’t know if I am being lied to. Please give me the clarity to see through the person and the necessary strength to overcome the difficulties I am in. I am taking care of 15 cats and one of them is blind and disabled and I really, really need a financial breakthrough because what I make can’t cover everything for them (food, medical care, even thought vet care is not expensive in my country. Please help, Amen

  35. Thank you Angel Caliel, for leading me to learn more of you. I thank you for eradicating doubt from my path, and bringing clarity. I am thankful that absolute truth will prevail within my experience, and within the collective consciousness. I am thankful for justice in unjust situations. Thank you so much Angel Caliel.

  36. Grace an peace beloved Caliel angle please help me to archive my dreams I need job breakthrough in my life thank you God bless

  37. Angel Caliel, please help me to be a better person, and with that only truth can make a big diffrence. I Want to be a honest And flowering soul. Thank u:)

  38. I pray for financial breakthrough. Am seriously in need of money . I want that connection that will bring me to limelight. Have been out of my career part since almost 4years now struggling for breakthrough. My guiding angel caliel should come and perform wonders

  39. I call on you Angel Caliel and God to bring back my son home sober from drugs and alcohol abuse. I’m also praying for my fiance to be a loyal and God fearing man. Finally I need a financial breakthrough. AMEN

    • i pray for the mind that will love God more than what myself and my fience are experiencing now,i pray for financial breakthrough for the both of us,i pray for a wholesomeness for myself,my fiance mother,my dad and my brother. I want to be more closer to you,i want to see and feel you always.i want myself and my fiance to be a source of happiness,joy and blessing unto others,bless us in all ramifications. Heal my us to please God and not man,make us to be light unto this generations,help us to be always positive minded and happy always no matter what we are facing. Guide us which way to go.i love you angel Caliel. Thank you

  40. I am strong when other doubt. I hear the calling Caliel, his footsteps I want o follow. Ive seen his face smiling at me an know I am not along. As a child Isaw him in my bedroom doorway watching over me as my mind wandered an played in the invisible unknown. He has always been with me. Thank yo Caliel for watching over me. Thank you for I am strong in you presence. I am beautiful to other because you have captured my heart.

    • My beautiful and Great Angle please remove me and my family out of poverty let us be come very Rich good health long life and prosperity, protect and guide me and my family from any evil deeds against us protect us from food poison water poison air poison ,please guide and protect us from cars motto bikes any types of accidents, let us over come our enemies who men and women please destroy every evils plants against me and my family that comes from my external family I’m very grateful for discovering you and I know you will not let me down I’m so grateful thank you

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