Yerathel is the guardian angel for people born between August 2 and August 6. He has a feminine energy and represents the 10th and 15th degree of Leo. In the angel hierarchy he is a Domination, he is part of the sefirah of Hesed, and his governing Archangel is Zadkiel. His planetary energies are Jupiter / Jupiter and he represents the element of Fire.

His name means: God Who Punishes Evil-Doers.

He symbolizes: Purpose. He offers you victory when confronting your adversaries. He protects you from aggressors and encourages you in your mission to spread the light of the divine all around you. The angel Yerathel's stone is Smoky Quartz and his colors are Pink / Magenta. Of the 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit, he rules over: Intelligence.

The qualities given to you by the angel Yerathel

The angel Yerathel is the angel of confidence and will give you a limitless supply of energy. He is able to spread his light through you to make you more optimistic and to allow you to become a creator of good atmospheres.

He gives you the ability to teach others through words, writing, and social interaction. He will help you to integrate into society and to become more civilized. He gives you the ability to dispel chaos and to achieve success.

This guardian angel is your protector and will free you from people who would seek to disparage you and from those with bad intentions. What's more, he will be your savior in case of acts of possession and will deliver you from anyone who stands in the way of your personal development.

With this patron angel you will have an enjoyment for science, literature, and the arts in general, but most of all, you will have a love of justice.

The imbalances regulated by the angel Yerathel

Yerathel will help you if you lack confidence or self-esteem. He will also help you if you have too much confidence in yourself or if you have a problem with your ego. He will help change your attitude if you would go to any lengths to please others or if you would do anything to achieve success or to become famous and well-liked.

He keeps you from taking part in futile endeavors, from acts of possession, deviation, waste, hyperactivity, over-excitement, imprisonment, and from any lack of concentration, focus, or wisdom.

Furthermore, this guardian angel will protect you from perverse behaviors, from dependency and idolization, from provocation, and from the compulsive need to please others. This guardian angel will protect you from the harshest laws, from ignorance, malice, slander, and intransigence.

He will protect you from compulsive gamblers and will also keep you from egotism, adoration, and from an over-emphasis on appearance. What's more, he will not allow you to spend your time on the destructive arts or sciences.

When should I communicate with the angel Yerathel?

Time - Physical:
August 2 - August 6
Time - Intellectual:
08:40 - 09:00
Time - Emotional:
February 3, 00:00 - 23:59
April 16, 00:00 - 23:59
April 17, 00:00 - 12:00
June 30, 00:00 - 23:59
September 13, 00:00 - 23:59
November 25, 00:00 - 23:59

What can I ask the angel Yerathel?

The angel Yerathel will be of great support if you lack confidence in yourself, but in order for him to offer you his support, you first have to invoke him through your prayers. He gives you energy and enthusiasm in everything that you do.

Pray to him and he will bring you his light to guide you along the right path, the one that you are destined to take. This light is the light of understanding. Once his light shines upon you, you will be able to spread it around in order to inspire your peers.

If you ask him, he will also offer you true freedom in order to escape from the clutches of evil. He will be there so that you can bear the responsibilities of freedom and self-reliance, but without feeling alone.

Furthermore, if you are having health problems in the area of your legs or your feet, call upon the angel Yerathel and he will help and support you in treating these health concerns.


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30 responses to “Yerathel”

  1. I’m happy to know my guardian angel. Thank you for watching me from I was born until now. You’re always there to guide and protect me. I’m praying that you always give my family and my good health and happiness 🙏. Hope some of my wishes will come true so I can extend some help to those who are needy. Thank you my Angel Yeratel!

  2. Thank you my angel yerathel. I need your light to shine on me every day of my life amen. Protect me every day of my life. Fight my battles every day of my life.

  3. To my guardian angel… I knew i had 7 but to know one was with me when I was born is even more special. I pray to you to help me gain further confidence to heal my 7 angels and help me gain strength to rebirth a better version of myself. I am humble and thank you for your devine ability to help me through this spiritual awakening.

  4. Querido angel guardián te pido clemencia y sabiduría quítame este mal q me atormenta y da salvación a todos los que lo tengan da salvación y bendice aquellas personal con su corazón destrosado q me hacen mal para que encuentren la luz divina gracias angel mio

    • My beautiful Angel, tanks for always be by my side, thanks for all the confidence that my tomorrow will be fine, that for keeping me away from all evil, as a embark on this journey of life may u continue to always watch over me and make my dreams of relocating abroad come to manifestation. Tank you the Universe for Ur angels that r awake on my behalf

  5. My angel yeratel thank you for always been there for me even in my lowest moments .you know my heart ,and know all that I am experiencing from the lack of trust towards my husband ,the stagnation in my life ,health conditions and inability to reconnect to my spirit in order for me to let go.
    Grant me that light to achieve u that balance in mind body and spirit 🙏

  6. My Beautiful Guardian Angel Yerathel; please help me with my confidence.
    Please allow my Spiritual abilities to fully awaken, me to ascend.
    I’m ready to open like a beautiful butterfly and transform.
    I send unconditional love to you and the Universe.
    Please help me embrace my journey.

  7. Dear my Guardine Angle Yerathel I am really happy to know you today … My prayers are , help me to overcome gambling, have self control, and help me in my financial situation. Amen

  8. Thank you Yatethel my guidany angel,please help me with a home of my own and direct me on a wright career, please protect to those who wish me bad things to happen to me Thank you

  9. My guardian angel Yerathel you know what lies on my heart with the selling of my home to not trusting my husband. He says he has changed but I find out things and you know what that is. My prayer is that you can help me with these things,

  10. I’m shocked to know that Padre knew exactly my guiding angel’s name so l seached for my guiding angel’s name and to my surprise its the same name he told me. Thanks to the Almighty for revealing this to me from now on I will include my guidine Angel in my prayers and l will be talking to him. Angel Yarthel please help me find a better paying job and a God fearing man that can marry me. And please protect me from my enemies who don’t want to see me succeed. Thank you my angel for all that you will do for me. I’m blessed today for knowing you. Amen.

  11. oh yerathel i need your guidance for my application to US and help me to overcome my financial burdens please guide me what should i do to solve my problems i have a lots of debts i need you go be my side so i can move forward what is best for me

  12. Need him to guide me everywhere I go and protect me in every situations.
    Need to have spiritual eye sight and to seek the face of YAHWEH

  13. My angel, I’m striving hard to be successful in life, everything not working my business not going well, please ease my life for me and provide me huge money. Amen

  14. Dear my guardian angel Yerathel, i cannot thank you enough for the positive changes I have begun to experience in my life just five days ago, since I got to know you.

    Here I once again come before you with my heart full of joy, but I cant bear the guilts I accumulated in my lifetime. I am completely off track to the purpose of why my creator put me to exist and I pray to be forgiven. Please pass my prayers to the almighty Jehovah the creator. Cleanse and give me the confidence I deserve.

    Create favourable situations for me to excel, bless the works of my hands abundantly, cleanse my ways and suppress my oppressors permanently. Break the bondages of the devil and set me free. I pray for total peace in my home for I trust through you it all will be sorted fairly.

    Heal my thigh and take away every sickness in my body.
    Take control of my entire life. Thank you for doing it all for me.

  15. Dear my angel Yerathel, I am grateful that I got you. I therefore believe all the troubles,sufferings, shortage, difficulties, childhood bondages i have been glued to are gone. Please fight my war for me. Help me manifest positively in my life. Create for me ways where seams to have no ways. Give me strength, confidence and wisdom to overcome every obstacle on my path. Please take me through to my true soul purpose and be free and happy. Help me create a heritage for my generation. I thank you over and over and believe my request is granted. Thank you.

  16. My guardian angel yarethel.
    I pray for Good health abundance,long life many blessings my family happiness snd knowing and God the more

  17. Angel Yerathel, please I want to be great, I want to be a successful lady in my community/country, I want to go places. Angel Yerathel, I have an exam I am going to write, please I really want to pass my WAEC exams and get a schlorship to study in an American University as a Pharmacy and graduate successfully. Angel Yerathel, please make my dreams come through, I want to be a Pharmacy, Actress, Musician, Artist. I want to make my parent proud, I want to become youngsters role model, I want to be confident in myself, I want to be able to stand in a crowded place and talk to people without being shy. Angel Yerathel, I believe you will answer my prayer. Amen.

  18. Please help me in addition it brings me down destroying my life i pray always. I Need strength thank you

  19. I May Never Have The Opportunity to do great things for you.
    I’ll always find a chance to do, Small Things For You in a GREAT way BY PRAYING.

  20. Angel yerathel am soo glad I discover you. Please heal me from my past and deliver me from all evil. I need your intervention in my physical and spiritual life.let the greatness am destined for come to past.grant me favor,luck,job,love,connection and wealth. I will for ever be great full and appreciative..

  21. Please help me over come my demons that tare me down every day. I want to overcome my addictions, my temptation, I was to be successful. I lack hop in myself…that I cannot reach them without a guy by my side. Please help guide me to the path of success. I was to be great, I want to find out what my will is that God wants me to follow. I want to be an inspiration to others, please I ask you and God to please help me through these years of college. Which theses have been one of the most hardest days in my life. I want to learn to have self confidence and understand I am worth more than what I see myself as. I want to understand my value so I stop following for guys that just use me and tear me down. I want to be smart, maybe even make straight A’s for once in college. I can’t do this all by myself. Please help me Yerathel. Amen.

  22. I want my nursing auxiliary work,but I don’t know what must I do now,because I applied but no answer? Help me,I’m suffering my Angel

    • Angel Yerathel I am so grateful I got the chance to meet you thank you! Please help me manifest positivity in to my life. Help me heal my childhood wounds and give me the strength and confidence to overcome all the obstacles and fear that is preventing me from getting out of my shell. I want to find my true soul purpose and be free and happy. I want to heal myself so I can heal others. Please give me a sign on where I should start with my spiritual awakening. Please help me fight my inner demons, my ego and the constant mind chatter that is bringing me down. I want to be confident and feel worthy. I want to heal the part of me that is constantly looking for approval and validation. Please guide me in my journey to self-love, happiness and health. Thank you.

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