Mebahiah is the guardian angel for people born between December 22 and December 26. He has a feminine energy and represents the 0 and 5th degree of Capricorn. In the angel hierarchy he is a Principality, he is part of the sefirah of Netsah, and his governing Archangel is Haniel. His planetary energies are Venus / Mercury and he represents the element of Earth.

His name means: Everlasting God.

He symbolizes: Inspiration. He offers his support in spreading ideas relating to spirituality and religion. He will guide you so that you are able to live a life in which morality plays an important role. He will also help any couples wishing to conceive a child. The angel Mebahiah's stone is Sodalite and his colors are Blue / Blue. Of the 7 chakras, he rules over: Vishuddha (The Throat Chakra).

The qualities given to you by the angel Mebahiah

The angel Mebahiah brings you intellectual refinement. He will give you a clear idea of how to accept all situations with love and kindness. He has the power to bring great clarity into your heart.

With the help of this guardian angel, mental solace will be the reward for your understanding. He will allow you to understand things through your senses and give you the ability to adapt and to shape your desires through balancing your various attitudes. He gives you the capacity to improve yourself as a whole.

He brings you a great sense of duty and responsibility to allow you to face up to your obligations. With the help of the angel Mebahiah, you will have an exemplary conduct and your great sense of commitment will make you a moral role model for others.

He will bring you a deep and mystical spiritual experience, as profound spiritual experiences have the power to radically alter your life. He allows you to communicate the mysteries of morality to your intellectual mind.

The imbalances regulated by the angel Mebahiah

He will fix your exaggerated sense of rationality and your insensitive analytical mind. He will also make sure that you do not lack good sense and that you are well protected from mental obscurity in terms of either not knowing anything, not hearing anything, or not seeing anything. These are brought about through ignorance and can get in the way of achieving a calmer state of mind.

He will help change your behavior if you are a perfectionist who can never be satisfied and will also fix any inferiority or superiority complex you may have. He will also help you if you have problems expressing your emotions or if you have a tendency to reject your emotional impulses.

The angel Mebahiah will help you if you act against your moral principles, if you are only interested in material objects, or if you seek to undermine matters of spirituality. He will help you if you lack tact when it comes to love due to an overly rational mind or due to false beliefs.

This guardian angel is your patron and protector and will defend you against all kinds of lies. He will also protect you from bad luck and failure. He will keep you from raising too much objection, from doubt, suspicion, and from struggling against positive ways of thinking.

He will help you if you are a demanding or self-centered person or if you are solely focused on beauty, external appearances, and making sure that everything looks fine from the outside.

When should I communicate with the angel Mebahiah?

Time - Physical:
December 22 - December 26
Time - Intellectual:
18:00 - 18:20
Time - Emotional:
March 3, 00:00 - 23:59
May 15, 00:00 - 23:59
July 30, 00:00 - 23:59
October 12, 00:00 - 23:59
December 23, 00:00 - 23:59

What can I ask the angel Mebahiah?

Call upon him if you are in a difficult situation and he will shine his light upon you and bring you comfort. By receiving the comfort and support of this angel you will then in turn be able to comfort any people around you that have been affected by misfortune.

If you find it difficult to tell the difference between good and evil or if you lack good judgment, pray to the angel Mebahiah and he can easily bring you his support. He will bring you his clairvoyance so that you are clear in how you express yourself and how you give your reasons.

If you wish to have a mystical experience, ask for the help and support of this guardian angel, because in his eyes, all human beings are fated to have their own personal experience of spirituality.


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66 responses to “Mebahiah”

  1. Dear Angel Mebahiah, Guide me safely thru life’s adventurious up’s & downs, protect the one’s i love and keep us safe & sound,lovingly restoring the wrongs from rights, you have my overall permission please. Grateful blessings and Infinite Love & Light. Thank You for leading my hand, heart & soul

  2. Angel mebahiah, I have just read about you and your good deeds to mankind.please meet me at the point of my needs, touch my finances, safe me from shame, connect me with my helper,change my situation from worse to the best ever amen.thank you for giving me testimonies my angel

  3. My dear guardian Angel help me through life’s turmoil,deliver me and my loved ones from all evil and danger fight my seen and unforseen battles.Bless my marriage with the fruit of the womb,connect me with my destiny helpers,disconnect me from all unfriendly friends bless me with visions, ideas,bless me spiritually,financially and otherwise.Keep us safe from the snares of the enemies.I love you my dear guardian Angel Mebahiah

  4. Dear beloved, thank you for your presence in my life.
    Please protect me and my loved onws in this life path.
    I love you!

  5. Here again my beloved…
    I thank you for bringing me back to “here and now”…
    Sometimes i look to much into my past mistakes or my ” unclear” future.
    Thank you, i trust in all of you!
    Please, enhace my faith and my courage to move forward with love and confidence.
    Protect us all.
    Bless U

  6. My lovely Angel Mebahiah, i have learn so much about you and have felt your vibe so strong to lead me and provide all my financial and other needs, i look forward to thanking you in advance. Bless and protect me beyond my imagination amen

    I love you

  7. My Angel Mebahiah, Thank you for your help, protection and love. I had testimonies beyond my expectation and I am praying to you again to send help to me. I ask for favour that will surprise me and people around. Dear Angel, pls hear my cry and help me overcome this situation. I want you to bring me joy to my life tonight by making way for me where I was denied help. Thank you my Angel

  8. My dear guardian mebahiah , am thankful for the opportunity to rectifying my past mistake of abandoning my course and now after ten years I have my upcoming exams, and this time am depending on you to cone to my aid so that I can get a chance to show my capabilities and pass with good grades

  9. By the power of the four elements, earth, air, fire and water, I invoke thee dear mebahiah, to make your presence more beautifully portrayed in my existence. By the best of your good qualities, may I and my loved ones benefit eternally.

  10. Hi Mebehiah, thank you for watching over me. Please help me have that mystical experience, i feel blocked from my other senses and i miss the connection i used to feel with you. Help me to speak my words with love and care, to always be grateful, to be a good friend. Send me the soul mate that you deem the best fit for both of our happiness in this world . love you

  11. My dear Guardian Angel Mebahiah, Thank you for your help, protection and love. I ask for favour that will surprise me and people around. Dear Angel, please hear my cry and help me overcome this situation. I want you to bring me joy to my life tonight by making way for me where I was denied promotion. I also pray to you that you lead me to my spouse so that we can start a family. Thank you my guardian and protective Angel.

  12. Angel Mebahiah, please send help to me to fix my finances and give me the ability to affect the people around me positively.

  13. Angel Mebahiah i thank you that i know your name thank you may your present come to me today i call your presence on those that lies against me and judge me wrong

  14. my lovely angel Mebahiah,
    thank you for lightining my path. thank you for bring me a change to see how beautiful life is. thank you to guide me and thank you to show me how to raise up and stand up again.
    i love you

  15. Thank you so much for my guardian Angel.I appreciate the protection and guidance may you stay for long. I Love You.

  16. thank you for your light of wisdom, grace and protection for me and the ones in my life
    keep the evil and wrong doers at bay
    may I always remain vigilant and humble along my journey and continue to be strong in my quest and a blessing to those who have the will to carry the light.
    I love you for always letting me know in some way that you are here with me. my angel Mebahiah

  17. Dear Angel Mebahiah, Thank you for shining a light on me and my family. Please guide me and my family to heal from this tragedy. Provide acceptance, love and forgiveness. I love how you always hear me and let me know you are there.

  18. Dearest Mebahiah, please bring love, happiness and safety to me and everyone I love, please also help guide me on my spiritual journey and help me grow into a pure soul and enable me to have amazing spiritual experiences! Thank you, bless you❤️

    • Dearest my beloved Angel Mebahiah,
      I know you know me very well as you have been always at my side. Thank you. I love you too, my deareat friend.I thank Allah (God) for you. Please stay with me always and never leave me. I ask these through Jesus Christ his Son, Amen.

  19. Thank you my guarding Angel for every things you are doing. I pray that you help me get a job and locates my helpers to come to my aid. Give me positive energy so I can work extra mile

  20. My dearest Guardian Angel , Thank you for watching over me since i was born. now i ask for your help please take my wishes and do with them as you will. shower me with love , prosperity and clear all negative thoughts in my head, i need your protection against evil powers which is directed towards me please stay with me always and never leave me amen

  21. Beloved Angel Mebahiah, It is with profound humility and gratitude that I make your acquaintance. I am deeply grateful for Angela who opened up our path of communication. May this connection be the light unto my path hereafter. Blessing to you in gratitude. Christina

  22. My precious guardian angel thank you for connecting me
    Show me the right channel to change my life for good amen 🙏

  23. My dearest Guardian Angel , Thank you for watching over me and my family. I now seek your help as in my business and ask that you shower me with love , prosperity and clear all negative thoughts in my head. I ask for your protection against evil powers which is directed towards me. please stay with me always.

  24. Thank God .. hail our beloved Angel Mehabahiah.. heartful thanks.. for remembering us.. never leave us alone.. ever… Please see our heart .. heartful of love , devotion, gratitude and prayers.. Amen..

  25. O my beloved Guidian Angel,Thank you for watching over me since when i was born,I’m happy to know about you today. Angel Mebahiah you have a lovely name to call on .
    I will keep calling this name until i feel your presence,i want to know you my Guidian Angel ,you have showed me love and care since i was a baby, come to me accept my love too .Guide and protect me as usual,Pull me up spiritually make me shine in glory honour .

  26. Ifeoma Faith O angel lecable please help me to overcome my problems in life ad please help me to be in a holy spirit dat all time and I want to be a successful person in life, my lecable I want to be brilliant in life,understand and be a happy person help me Amen

  27. I just feel so hopeless sometimes and please help me out. I try to do my best but it’s so hard. Please give me strength to keep going.

  28. Thank you Everlasting God. I welcome you to be a close ally to me as I explore the mysteries of life and of spiritual matters.

  29. My dear guardian angel Mebahiah, I’m so excited I’ve come to know you. Please protect me spiritually and fiscally. Bless my work and financial. Let no Man cut me off from this earth when my time is not due. Anywhere I step let there be joy let me see you through my dreams. Communicate with me through my dreams. I love you my angel Mebahiah.

  30. My dear angel am happy to know you please bless my womb and meet me at the point of my need let me see you in my dream

  31. O my beloved Guardian Angel,Thank you for watching over me since when i was born,I’m happy to know about you today.
    please help me

  32. my beloved guardian Angel Mebahiah .please bless me spiritually,emotionally and financially . please keep my family from pain and suffering. i pray you can rid my daughter of the evil that lives with her. please hear my prayer

  33. Lord mebahiah
    My praise to you.dear mebahiah I call up your might support my root help me to glow let my true color to flourish and glow let my blessing come like a brightness of a day. do this and take all the I mote it.

  34. Dear Angel Mebahiah,
    I come to you openly and vulnerably. I ask that you please guide me away from misfortune, misconduct, and unreasonable ways of thinkings. I ask that you touch my finances and allow me to prosper mentally, physically, emotionally, and materially. I thank you for all that you do and for situations where I can turn to no one but you. Peace and blessings, Mebahiah. I love you.

  35. Mu guardian Angel,
    Thank you for always being there for me. For guarding ang guiding me everyday! Help me Angel Mebahiah esp with my job, to excel, to be able to reach my goals, not to be left behind. Help me that my uncertainty when making desicion with tagging my jobs will be correct. Please help me fulfill my dreams and be able to have a stable business. Thank you so much.. I love you my guardian angel Mebahiah!!!

  36. My guardian angel Mebahiah, pls give me clarity of mind to have a better understanding of the spiritual things of God, help me to be morally upright and take away all unclean thoughts and replace them with positive thoughts and love for others. Help and guide me to prosper in my business, help me to be able to pay the debts I owe effortlessly. Make our communicative channel open and help me to serve God in truth and in spirit. Amen

  37. Dear Guardian Angel Mebahiah, please guide me as we need financial breakthroughs, success on our business and blessings to solve all our problems. Protect us everyday and lead us the way to a joyful, peaceful and contented life serving GOD and helping others in JESUS name Amen.

  38. Dear angel Mebahiah,
    Thank you for watching over me and my child🙏May your guidance towards my inner wisdom be received with ease and gratitude 🙏 May I find the way to support my child in the best way possible and nurture the trust in Oneself 🙏
    I’m wildly open to receiving and I say Yes🙏Thank you 🙏 So it is🙏So it shall be🙏

  39. I was not aware of who is my guardian angel, so I am happy to know my angel. I hope everything is going to change and I will suffer no more. I love mebahiah

  40. My dear Mebahiah, thank you for watching over me since I was born. I a now asking for your help. Take my dearest wishes and do to them as you will. I need love and wealth to make this world better. My gratitude and gratefulness will have no limits

  41. My dearest angel Mebahiah , today is my birthday and l got to know you from yesterday , meaning l am yours completely , my most lovely angel Mebahiah connect me to the most wealthiest people in your chest for them to help me to also help others , boost my spirituality , health and also to know you better in my dream and tell me what to do next . Thank you so much my guardian angel Mebahiah according to your mercies and riches , SHALOM .

  42. Dear angel mebahiah..I have read about your good deeds to mankind.please restore me and give me the joy and love that I deserve.provide me financial breakthrough.Above all restore my son’s ability to hear..a begging you

  43. Continue to watch over me, continue to walk with me..tell my father God I love him for having you watch over me… I pray I stay the apple in my father’s eye…Father God..and my angel…please let me heal for work on Thursday.. continue to keep me healthy and also don’t let them hit me with a no call no show on Sunday we all know that it isn’t fair…in the name of my Father God Amen Amen Amen

  44. Dear Angel Mebahiah
    Please help me to be clear example for the LORD G-D’S way to teach and Learn. Please look after me this week at work while I decide to make next Friday my last day a secret. Please help me find a schedule of work to earn what I need to retire at the LORD G-D’S desired time.

  45. Dear angel mebahiah please continue watching over also keeping me safe and guidance on the right path and help me with express my thoughts and feelings also help with do good things also understand more of the words of our father god and have good relationship with you my guardian angel Mebahiah I promise to be good person and start praying more also focus more on my future goals and thank you very much ps I love you have a wonderful night .

  46. My Darling Guardian Angel Mebahiah “THE EVERLASTING GOD” Thank you for making me to know about you and your awesomeness.
    Pls I wish to have a date with you pls.

  47. Please help me help me help me in every week I miss you spirits of spiritual reality experience that I’ve never experienced please help me do the things I can’t do for myself be there for me hold me tight help tell me help me see things that I can’t see and hear things that I can’t hear I need you I need you in my life back just be there for me if you can stay close to me if you can’t

  48. My everlasting guarding angel.i thank u 4 what u realy put in my mind today,thank u 4 the numeber gifte of luck.and i wil stil cal on u today at midnite to come down i bring ur bags of favour and all the goodthings of life and also wealth.richest.and 2more i want u to help me locate my help that wil turn my life guarding angel i know u wil help me cos u where send by God to keep an eye on i knw u have the power to do this things which i ask 4rm u.and also my lucky number wil be play 2moro by noon.pls help me to work on them and at the end i wil alway be given u praise and worship.and the last thing my protector.pls anybody that is user any forces 4rm anywhere to drew me back and say that i wil not make it in father my everlasting God pls kil that person b4 2moro and take 4rm him what he or she have stolen 4rm me in jesus i pray.Amen.thank u mebahiah.

  49. My dear guardian angel Mebahiah, I’m so excited I’ve come to know you. Please protect me and my family and loves ones spiritually and physically. Bless my work and financially. Let no Man cut me off from this earth when my time is not due. Anywhere I step let there be joy for me and breakthrough. Let me see you through my dreams. Communicate with me through my dreams. Thank you Lord God for sending angel Mebahiah. I love you my angel Mebahiah.

  50. My dear guardian angel Mebahiah,
    watch my steps and have mercy on me…. help me to love and be fruitful in all my endeavors

  51. Dear Mebahiah, I pray for health, luck, fortune and love. I pray for healthy baby to be born. Money and safety. Happiness ahead in my life.

  52. Dear Mebahiah, I pray for your continued guidance, insight and support. I pray for the good health both physical and mental of myself , my beautiful children and my family and friends. I pray for emotional and financial stability that I both can receive it and give it to those within my reach. I pray that you see all my burdens and support me in continued patience and faith to push through the difficult times. Finally I pray that everyone here who have been guided towards you also receive the blessings your offer. Love, Light and continued faith to all 💙💎

  53. Dear Dear Angel Mebahiah, I pray to you to help me and guide me through my struggles with work and school. Protect us and guide us through this life. And Please fill me with love, patience, understanding and compassion. I am listening and await your presence.

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