Habuhiah is the guardian angel for people born between February 25 and February 29. He has a feminine energy and represents the 5th and 10th degree of Pisces. In the angel hierarchy he is an Angel, he is part of the sefirah of Yesod, and his governing Archangel is Gabriel. His planetary energies are The Moon / Mars and he represents the element of Water.

His name means: God Who Gives with Generosity.

He symbolizes: Healing and Fertility. He offers a higher level of fertility for women as well as for the Earth itself. With his help, harvests are made abundant! He heals all types of diseases and offers sound health. The angel Habuhiah's stone is Blue Tiger’s Eye and his colors are Violet / Turquoise. Of the 7 senses, he rules over: Smell.

The qualities given to you by the angel Habuhiah

Habuhiah brings healing. This guardian angel has influence over all jobs within the field of medicine and therapy, including treatment and care using spiritual, metaphysical, and energy healing.

This guardian angel gives you the skill to manage and regulate your desires. He allows you to find balance among any discrepancies or disconnects you have in your life. Under his influence you will be able to find harmony once again whenever you find yourself out of step. He brings you help and support in adapting to meet God's standards.

He fosters your love of nature, of life in the countryside, and of wide open spaces. He is the angel of farmers, harvests, and agricultural expertise. Thanks to him, nature is made fertile and you are given the power to create.

The imbalances regulated by the angel Habuhiah

The guardian angel Habuhiah prevents you from having difficulties understanding disease and healing due to lack of wisdom, knowledge, or due to reasons of a unique or metaphysical nature. He is able to protect you from impostors and false healers.

He will help you if you find yourself lost in a multitude of needs and desires. He protects you from discrepancies and disconnects between what you want to be and what you want to do. He also prevents you from falling out of sync and from difficulty finding the place you should be. He prevents you from leading a double life and protects you from any discord you have between your thoughts and feelings.

For women, the angel Habuhiah fixes any tendency towards domination of others. For men, he fixes the tendency to allow oneself to be forced into doing things by the opposite sex.

This guardian angel protects you from fruitless soil, destitution, pollution, insect attacks, and shortages. He also protects you from contagious diseases and infections.

When should I communicate with the angel Habuhiah?

Time - Physical:
February 25 - February 29
Time - Intellectual:
22:20 - 22:40
Time - Emotional:
January 4, 00:00 - 23:59
March 16, 00:00 - 23:59
May 29, 00:00 - 23:59
August 12, 00:00 - 23:59
October 25, 00:00 - 23:59

What can I ask the angel Habuhiah?

You can ask this angel for his help and support if you are having health problems such as joint diseases, cancer, anorexia, bulimia, cysts, chills, and dyslexia.

Pray to him and he will be beside you if you are having kidney troubles, dental problems, pulmonary problems, problems with parasites, and more. If you often find yourself suffering from migraines, ask for his support to quickly treat this problem.

Furthermore, call upon the angel Habuhiah if you have dermatological problems like burns or acne. He will support you in your struggles to help you get through times of hardship more easily.

Also, do not hesitate to call upon his powers and his light if you are feeling out of sync and if you wish to combine the qualities of your body and mind or if there is a disconnect between your thoughts and emotions.

If you are in a dubious situation, pray to him and you will become enlightened. If you are currently struggling with infertility or impotence, just call upon the angel Habuhiah and he will help you conceive a child.

This guardian angel will also help you to alter or to regulate your desires should you ask him to.


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70 responses to “Habuhiah”

    • Angel Habuhiah i was guided here by seeing the number 22:23. I will call upon you during tomorrow’s full moon. Also I will call sulis. Thankyou God for answering my prayers . Blessings to you xxx

  1. Thank you loved one for treating all my health problems and for bringing light on my thoughts and desires.
    please, keep my family safe and healthy, thank you, thank you, thank you!!

  2. Thank you loved one for treating all my health problems and for bringing light on my thoughts and desires.
    please, keep my family safe and healthy, thank you, thank you, thank you!!

  3. Angel Habuhiah, please provide an abundant harvest of wealth for me to free my family and I from debt and poverty.

  4. My Guardian Angel Habuhiah, please wide for me Josephine, doors of Fortune during this month of September, which promises to favor my projects. for this I sincerely thank thee In advance.

  5. My Guardian Angel Habudiah please rid me of these blocks that have been put on me so i can reap the wealth, Love, Happiness & good fortune that i so righteously deserve in my life please & thank you, thank you, thank you

  6. Angel Habubiah guide me and lead me to the way of my successful life .. gave me more strength and courage me to accomplish my mission in this earth toward the heavenly home that God wants for me.. abundant and fill my heart of love and clean my spiritual living .

  7. Truly I thank you for all you do for so many people..I’m honored to you have you to guide me and nurture me. Protect our health and inspire me to grow bountiful fruits to share with all. Giving me a safe place under your wing. Your truly magical and thank you…I wish I could do something for you..till I figure that out..I will wake every morning to pray for your guided light and thank you every night.

  8. Habuhiar, please heal my body from the aches and soreness of my body and lungs. Guide me and show me my rightful path. Help me be stronger minded through these tough times

  9. Habuhiar, please heal me with my infertility and please help me with having a child. Naturally would just be the most amazing gift in the world and I would be so so so grateful and will show my child the new way of life as I have learnt on my journey 🙏🏻

  10. My guardian angel habuhiah please help me to find regular job.. Bless me ang guide whereever I am. I am a caregiver who find patient to care of.

  11. Dear Guardian Angel Habuhia,

    Please send me positive vibrations and determination on my path. Let me let go of the flash in the pan dynamic and let me keep a positive outlook on the outcomes.

    Last but not least. Help me heal my arthritic hip joint.

    Thank you. Amen.


  12. Help me through my darkest times please help me I have friends who joke about certain things which I dont feel comfortable or sometimes laugh when I shouldnt

  13. Hi Habuhiah,
    I hope all unpleasant issues will be resolved amicably for me in year 2020.
    May this year be a peaceful year for the mankind and the global environment.
    Most Importantly, may family members, relatives and friends stay healthy. Look forward to contribute more to charitable causes during free time too.

  14. Thank you for revealing yourself to me in such a magical way. I invite you into my life to guide me as you need it, to move me as you require it, to bring me and James together. I thank you so much and I am excited to be co creating with you and to being allowed to see you! Amen.

  15. I love my angels dearly. I’m ever so grateful and appreciated for all that they have done and are doing for me. Blessed be

  16. Dear angel Habuhiah please protect my son ervin mitchel ortanez from impostors,help him find his self if he is lost in a multitude of needs and desires, protect him from discrepancies and disconnects between what he want to be and what he want to do and from falling out of sync and from difficulty finding the place ervin should be. Kindly prevent him from leading a double life and protect him from any discord him between his thoughts and feelings. Help him to be find his happiness in life and true partner to have a happy family. Shower him success good health, happiness, protection from diseases & accident.. Thank you Angel Habuhiah🙏

  17. Habuhiah, I send my prayers to you.
    Grants me own what is my anything that is my , which people have taken from me. Let me take it back.
    Anything that belong to me should be brought back to me lives. Habuhiah, Habuhiah I summons them to you. They should bring everything back right now!!!!

  18. Habuhiah my guardiance Angel I thank you and also seek for your good support for adequate protectiom good health long life and more exicting decades aheads in my life . Thank you so much I am very grateful .

  19. Dear my guardian Angel Habuhiah, please fade off scars, marks and pigmentation that is all over my body, help me get a job as financial or legal advisor at one of the well known companies, heal my mother and keep my family healthy and get rid of the demon possessing my love life so I can finally find love I deserve,,, Thank you my Angel Habuhiah

  20. Respected and Dear My Guardian Angel Please Help me as I am in very critical situation in Life.My business is completely ruined please Ge it Back on track and Get RID of febts. Respected Angel Please take care of my family and Heal My father and mother make them healthy.
    Rescted Angel Please help me
    I love you

  21. Creator I pray to you and ask you to send me your Angel Habuhiah.
    I ask for your help in the clearity and connectedness of my mind, body, and spirit. Please clear and cleanse all my chakras within my physical body and without…within my mind and spirit as well. For the further progression of my highest purpose And rememberance of WHO I AM.

  22. I was actually underestimating the powers I feel inside of me.But now I know better about my date of 29th February. My Angel Habuhiah arise now and vindicate me totally now,the time is now.Disgrace who has disgrace free me now

  23. Habuhiah
    Thank you for all the sicknesses and illnesses and diseases you have taken out from my way and my life
    I Thank you for making me who I am today
    All I want is to he in a good health and inner happiness I pray for
    And with faith, I know you have done it for already

  24. I really need a help to help my condition i want to be happy rich and beutiful life great wife and kids or girlfriend

  25. Hi my Guardian Angle Habuhiah I call upon you for help with my health and my current situation in life and protect my family and friends

  26. Habuhiah my guardian angel, I am lost and out of track in my life endeavor,I need your help, I believe you hear, I also believe you are around me now, please set things right in my life again, I beg of you habuhiah my guardian angel.

  27. Thank God.. hail our Angel.. Habuhiah.. wholehearted gratification for remembering us.. kindly save the world from covid.. we are praying…. Kindly pray for us for ever.. leave us not ever.. our loved .. revered Angel Habuhiah.. Amen

  28. Dear Habuhiah, i am so glad i now know who my Guardian Angel is. I pray that you continue to guide me follow the path to my true purpose which has been revealed to me and i also ask that you heal the fibroid on my uterus so i don’t have to have it removed. I believe that you are already healing me from this and just pray that you can continue to do until it is completely gone. In Gods name i pray. Amen

  29. Dear Habuhiah I am having trouble connecting with my loved ones because one of them is mad at me for leaving and has taken revenge by poisoning the community waters with a lie.

  30. My Divine Sovereigns First Source, Universe Center, Paradise Father, Earth Mother it is in Great Humility I call out the name(s) of your abundant Messenger bestowed in loving Generosity through your Angels, My Guardians Gabriel and Habuhiah. If you two Beautiful Loving Spirits of Divine Truth Will please Heal My Broken Spirit, Soul, Physique, Teeth, Being, Heart, Psyche and Liberate me from Self Destructive Indulgence Hindering my Ability to Meditate. Decalcifying My Third Eye, Cleansing of this Dis-ease of Amnesia so I may absorb My Sacred Heart from The Root Chakra to the Crown Chakra obtaining my Thought Adjuster. Bring my True Character, Opening my Divine Truth Connecting in Attachment as One for I AM
    ONE I AM and Gods Will. I now leave this all in your loving consideration and it’s through your only begotten son Jesus the Christ whom you sacrificed for us, so we may now move forward in Peace, Harmony and Unconditional Love so we make them Gods Power.

    So be it.

  31. Please help me heal from tension headache, hormonal imbalances and bring prosperity, abundance and love to me. I would like to release uncertainty about the future with regards to Covid19 and feel more safe and secure emotionally, mentally and financially. Thank you kindly

  32. Dear Guardian angle Habuhiah thank you for guiding me through my life so far and I ask that please sync me back with my soul mission and infertility bless me in my financial life and thank you for being by myside

    Thank you in advance Habuhiah 🙏🙏🙏

  33. Dear Guardian angel Habuhiah please shield my heart from the hurt I feel now. Please lead me to my true love and help me to be happy, bless me with a healthy child or children with my true love when I find him. help me to be settle and married and complete my study and to do well in that career and any other I may venture into. please heal my body and help me to lose weight and be wealthy so that I can bless others in need. be heal my friend and family members who are ill. help me mentally, emotionally and physically. Help me to answer to the calling of God’s will in my life. Thanks in advance.

  34. My guardian angel Habuhia pls help me to get rid of all stickiness in my body and also help us with my partner to have true love n better understand not forgetting my financial situation help me to win Powerball jackpot for today.i hope will you will grant my wishes . Live long my Angel Habuhia and love you Regards J Thwala

  35. Angel habuhiah, I thank you for everything you have done for me. All kinds of diseases were healed and hardship time of the war were solved intelligently, you were with me even though, I was unaware. I wish you all the best and keep being on my side and helping me about showing enough skills for healing diseases of the people.

    I thank you!

  36. Hey there Habuhiah,
    I was just passing by when I read about you.
    I need a favor from you.
    We’ll, I’m studying so hard to become a Registered nurse both in Nigeria and NCLEX and a Registered Midwife too.
    And I just read that you assist those in medical field.
    Please help me through both financial assistance and your guidance. Above all help me to find Favour.

    Your ward,

  37. To my Angel Habuhiah

    I am at a stage in life where I am very vulnerable and very transcendent which makes me emotional overwhelmed easily since I lost the love of my life. Please my angel help me to overcome and be strong and healthy again to find true love again.

  38. Thank you for the revelations. Angel Habuhiah, help me find peace and take me to the next level of my life. Make me unstoppable for greater achievement this period of my life. Help me through financial assistance and guide me always. Favour in all ramifications is what I want now.

  39. oh my guardian Angel Habuhiah thanks so much for guiding me all these years help me find my self and lead me to my destiny

  40. I love you so much, I’m at a stage in my life where everything is clear, I’ve released a lot of resistance, I trust in your guidance, I don’t feel pressured to do anything as I’m waiting to execute any new desire I give birth with great love knowing that you’re there with me assisting me

  41. Thank you so much for the blessings of all healing and higher fertility for me and my wife.
    Praises to Angel Habuhiah

  42. selam aleıkum
    allah ıs angel habuhiah .
    ı am halil .ı want to make bussines.
    can u make pray for me please for open my door .

  43. Thank you Angel Habuhiah,pray for me,I need favor,speak to my destiny to Locate me,heal all my disease,help me I want to conceive twins,that which God has destiny for me on October 19,let it be accomplish,let God’s will be done in my life.praise the lord

  44. Thank you Angel Habuhiah for guiding me thus far! Please guide me through my move out of state smoothly away from turmoil! Blessed be!!

  45. Guardian Angel Habuhinah, thank you for bestowing protection and guidance upon my life. Cleanse me of any negative, dark, or shameful thoughts and grant me healing. I am going on a spiritual awakening journey and I am struggling to remain grounded, please alleviate my symtpoms of dizziness, sinus pressure, vertigo, body aches and pains,and feelings of confusion. Furthermore, guard my heart against my enemies and my own thoughts. Heal my spririt, heal my teeth, heal my heart. Bring in soul mate connections that will help me spiritually elevate my growt. Bestow confidence upon me, and grant me a courageous, loving, and kind spirit. I lift this prayer up to you, Amen.

  46. Angel Habuhiah my prayer to you is for me to find a career that will meet my financial needs and become the successful person I know that I’m supposed to be. I ask for internal healing from all illnesses now and yet to come. I ask for protection over my sons physical and mental. I ask that I get married to a husband that adores me as much as I he.

    These things I aske in good faith. Amen

  47. God, I am asking you to send me your angel Habubiah to help me. Thank you for guiding me thus far, Habuhiah. Thank you for the happiness, confidence and growing spirituality I have. I ask for you to reveal my soulmate to me that treats me as good as I will treat him. I ask for clearness of my skin and I ask for eternal protection and peace. Amen.

  48. Dear Angel Habuhiah, as i kept seeing the sign 22:22 the past few days i know you are guarding me and guiding me towards full healing. With all my health issues ,pains,muscle issues and organ issues and even panic,depression and anxiety of the past few years, i can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. I know i will be healed completely in a very short time frame and i am so grateful and thankful to you and god. I also know you will make sure i make the right decisions on my path to healing. Thank u with all my heart.

  49. I was in pain from my lower abdomen for days but after I discovered my guardian and asked for healing , I when to bed and weak up with no pain any more,
    Great to know and I am building my relationship with the angel now

  50. Habuhia, please help me to communicate with my ex-husband who I am still in love with. I need to know if he wants to leave me for good and start a new life of his own with someone else. I also wish to be blessed with money for my future.

  51. Dear Angel Habuhiah my guardian angel, I’m so happy to know you are my guardian angel and i want to keep researching and knowing more about you. Dear Habuhiah please bring peace into my family band my life too, please heal my friend’s mum she has cancer. Please keep directing me to the right paths of life and please never leave me and keep protecting and providing for me. I Love you ❤️

  52. My dear Habuhiah my guardian angel please help me overcome my financial breakthrough give more money & also favour me by giving me connections to tops presonnel for contracts in the highest reams & also powers to rule the world

  53. Holy angle Habuhiah, please help me to gain my financial freedom and heal me from all sickness in my body and soul…

  54. Habuhiah please help the pains stop in my body and for me to fully heal. Please let me become the best version of me both mentally and physically, help me loose weight for my health and give me the energy to put the effort in to fulfill this 🤍

  55. Dearest guiding angel, Habuhiah, please help to increase the fertility in my fiance. We want a child dearly and are trying very hard to conceive. He has fertility issues from steroid abuse in his past. Thank you.

  56. Thankyou habuhiah for healing my nervous system and aliginng my chakras.
    Streamlining my spiritual work and getting genuine clients each day.

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