Yezalel is the guardian angel for people born between May 21 and May 25. He has a masculine energy and represents the 0 and 5th degree of Gemini. In the angel hierarchy he is a Cherub, he is part of the sefirah of Hochmah, and his governing Archangel is Raziel. His planetary energies are Uranus / The Sun and he represents the element of Air.

His name means: God Who is Praised for All Things

He symbolizes: Reconciliation. He brings reconciliation and fidelity to married couples. He gives you the ability to accomplish any task you wish to take on. The angel Yezalel's stone is Chrysoprase and his colors are Magenta / Orange. Of the 7 charisms, he rules over: Persuasion

The qualities given to you by the angel Yezalel

The energies of Yezalel are exceedingly great. With his help you are able to be a faithful person in both love and friendship. You are a bringer of reconciliation and you have an affinity with a great number of people.

He makes you faithful to the principles of the divine which have control over the universe. He offers you great skills which will bring you certain benefits in environments of learning and development.

Your guardian angel also gives you great organizational skills when it comes to preparing for meetings. You are a person who works towards the unity and togetherness of others.

Yezalel gives you the time and space necessary to lead a life supported by the twin pillars of order and harmony. He helps you to live a life of balance with your romantic partner through a knowledge of how to appraise the balance between men and women.

The imbalances regulated by the angel Yezalel

If you have occasionally had adulterous thoughts, know that Yezalel is taking care to protect you from these. He helps you to avoid becoming absorbed in a passion which will ultimately make you its slave.

Thanks to him you are able to be less selfish. He will calm your need for an over-the-top social life so that you can escape the desire to please everyone at any cost.

He is the first line of defense against people who are violent towards children, against the destruction of a marriage or the home, as well as against separation and divorce. He gives you good protection against bad karmas which can end up having a large impact on your life.

He leads you towards enlightenment and a more complete awareness which will allow you to learn from your past experiences. He allows you to gain an unrestricted mindset which separates you from false ideas and errors of judgment.

Your angel makes sure to keep your loved ones close to you and helps to remove any and all lies and trickery from within your relationships. He quells all those negative influences which you could be tempted to share with others.

When should I communicate with the angel Yezalel?

Time - Physical:
May 21 - May 25
Time - Intellectual:
04:00 - 04:20
Time - Emotional:
January 21, 00:00 - 23:59
April 2, 00:00 - 23:59
June 16, 00:00 - 23:59
August 30, 00:00 - 23:59
November 11, 00:00 - 23:59

What can I ask the angel Yezalel?

You can pray to Yezalel if you encounter problems in your love life. He is of precious help when seeking to reconcile with someone, both in matters of love and friendship.

He offers you powerful guidance which will bring harmony and balance to the forefront of your relationships with others. Yezalel represents a great openness of mind!

If you are having doubts about the fidelity of your partner or about whether or not someone is betraying you, call upon him and he will take action so that either the betrayal doesn’t occur or else it comes to an immediate end.

Ask for his support so that you can have strength and courage in any projects at work. He can also help you in the realm of intellect by giving you a superior memory. This can be of help to you if you are currently undertaking training or are engaged in study.


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  1. Guardian angel, Yezalel I know you are not my Guardian Angel but my husband’s guardian Angel I come to you with an open heart help reconcile my husbandand grant me peace beyond human understanding.

  2. Thank you Angel Yezalel, for contacting me. Thank you for all you have allowed me to know about who you are. In psalms 91 the Lord says he will give us angels to watch over us lest we dash our foot…I believe God has sent you to me and my daughter to watch over us and all that belongs to us. Thank you for everything you are doing for me and my daughter. Thank you for being truth in helping me become a better person on all levels. May I please you and may I always be humble in all that I do in Jesus name. Thank you. I invoke you to move with me in all my projects and endeavors and help me to help my daughter as she undertakes her exams in Jesus name amen. Thank you the the protection and wisdom to leD by example and to help where I am needed. Thank you angel yezalel in Jesus name amen.

  3. My guardian angel Yezalel I don’t have much to pray for because you have always been with me so all I pray for is that my family will be happy and safe my mom will finally get a boyfriend who will be perfect that doesn’t cheat on her thank you so much for being there when I needed you most.

  4. Yezalel i love and adore you for watching over me and protecting me i pray you come to my aid and protect me from all evil things around me and in my heart and soul and family i also pray that you will always be with me Amen 🙏🏾

  5. Thank you Angel I ask to please protect me from my enemies evil desires and traps. Help me have more confidence and strength in myself. Help me receive love and give love. Return all my love ones and friends. Open my doors that are blocked and continue to watch over my home children and family. Thank you so much. Restore all that is lost angel. May I manifest all good to me

  6. Please Ark angel Yezalel please l as for prosperity and success in my love life please bless me and protect me from any negative energy and l also need spiritual enlightenment please help me to be rich and be patient to others, help in my love life let get long relationship that leads to married l also thank you for being listening to me.

  7. Guardian angel, reconcile my family and grant me peace beyond human understanding.

  8. Guardian Angel YEZALEL I come to you with an open heart, I ask that my health improves, I ask for clarity, my memory, give me strength and energy.

  9. Ark Angel Yezalel I’d like to thank you for always standing by my side and protecting me. You know my thought struggles and needs only you and God have seen my struggles and triumphs. I’ve always felt like a fallen angel i pray for forgiveness guidance and help.

    You look after me every day i am 30 years old know i am sorry i waited so long to ask your name and contact you for that i truly feel ashamed. My love life has always felt rocky but i think i found the one however we have been on and off for quite some time i pray for my partner to find it in their heart to make time to bond focus on our love and grow as a couple.

    i pray for them to finally look forward to our plans and to bond with me. i pray for them to learn to commit and keep their word and for them to no longer stand me up forget our plans neglect or disappoint me i pray for love guidance and communication within our relationship and for removal of all obstacles and people that stand in the way of us having a healthy and loving relationship.

    I also pray for spiritual alignment and guidance. i pray for you to enlighten me and place me in my best timeline filled with health love and prosperity once again i thank you!

  10. I pray for clarity. Who is betraying me and who is the one who is truly in love with me. Help me make the right choice for my future. Help me focus on what is real and not what is false. I pray to see the truth. It’s been years of back and forth with the two of them and I need to make a decision. Please help me

  11. hello I pray for love and success in creative business. I have been betrayed by friends and lovers, this has caused me to doubt myself and abilities in all places in my life

  12. Dear my guardian angel always stay beside me so i cannot feel alone.Help me in my memory while preparing for my english exam this oct 2021, so i can overcome the pressure. I want for guidance so i can have my desire result and reach my dreams this year for me and my family.I love you guardian angel and thank you

  13. To My loving magnificent Angel Yezalel. You know me along with god more than anyone. you helped me around the globe and protected me in all my ventures. I am seeking a new venture. Please I need your guidance and help to start a new. Thank you for your protection and for looking out for me.

  14. I have now come to know my guardian angel Yezalel
    I want him to help me in the sales of properties and connect me to a life partner and father to my kids, help financially
    I want him to help me to overcome challenges in my life.

    • Hello my dear guidance angel YEZALEL, it a privilege to have you my Guidance Angel….I pray you help me all aspects of my life ambitions, aspirations and dreams…..pray you me with my current and immediate task….am very grateful for helping me in JESUS NAME.

  15. I have now come to know my guardian angel Yezalel
    I want him to help me to get a job and help financially
    I want him to help me to overcome challenges and promise and fail in my life.

  16. I love my Guardian Angel YEZALEL, I want to have an encounter with him to strengthen me spiritully and help me overcome promise.and fail, disappointment as well as financial hardships in my life.

  17. Hi, Yezalel my dear guardian,
    I have serious financial problems and l wish to win a lot of money in the lottery. I need also a strong memory to learn to speak English very well to be an expert teacher and continue my education, and l want to have a healthy family , please protect my grandson being happy and safe forever.

    • Dear Shiva, I hope you are well. We all soetimes wish to win money/ lottery, how wonderful that would be. But wishing for something does not always brings us what we want. Instead we must look at ourself as what we can do to help our current situation. In regards of struggling for money, it is the uncertainty of times we are all going through. Do not beat yourself up too much about it.

      Try your best to mange with what you got. Prioritise the things you need to make your life easier. In terms of memory just do daily breathing exercises and your memory will sharpen really fast. You will be surprised how much energy and clarity you acquire in a few breaths. There are different techniques you can use. Even just 3 minutes a day will bring prosperity to your life. As for your English.

      Go on you tube there are many videos which can help you improve your English. As your first language is not English I will recommend that you will try to speak in your home and with friends and family only English for few hours each day. That will make a lots of different.

      Also watch British programs and try to read books if you already have not done it. As for your grandson you must not worry, he is fine and happy. He will find his on pathway through life and with that will come happiness. Healthy mind healthy family. Do not forget to smile. Much love 🙏❤️🍀🤗🌸💕😊

  18. yezalel my guardian angel please help me to pass my studies well and to have the best friendship with my bestfriend and also help my true love confess to me soon, thank you my angel

    • Dear Sravani, I hope you are well. You will pass your studies as you are smart individual. If you put work into it you will be just fine. If you need help with some subject you do not understand ask for help. Teachers and friends are always happy to help to those who wants to learn. I feel as you are worried about your friendship.

      Why is that? Isn’t your friend treating you well? You must recognise good friends from friends who could possibly be using you. If you are happy with your best friend behaviour and how they treating and respecting you you then you do not have nothing to worry about. Do not hold on to friendships just because you feel you might be alone. As for your true love, confess to what? Do you suspect he has been unfaithful or else? Love🍀❤️🙏🌸💕😊🤗

  19. Dear Yezalel, thank you always for protecting me, guiding me and always watching over my loved ones. I would pray to you for assistance during g these hard times. Please do not let me fail to provide for my famiy.

    • Dear Kathryn, I hope you are well. You are not going to fail and you are doing amazing job providing for your family. You must not forget to look after yourself too. You matter too. So give yourself a hug, love and be kind to yourself. Do not despair. Take time for you to relax, perhaps do some meditation for few minutes a day and you will know what to do next. Use you intuition. I am here for you always.All will be well. It always is. Much love 💕🙏😘🌸🤗🍀

  20. Dear Angel Yezalel,

    Thank you for introducing yourself to me tonight (or more so this morning, LOL).

    THANK YOU for all your blessings, for your Light & your Love, for your Protection & your Guidance.

    THANK YOU for helping me in being a better person, and to allow me to transform, and give the BEST version of myself to the world, and help transform others so we can reach our highest potential.

    THANK YOU for who you are, and for what you do.

    Amen and Namaste ~

  21. Thank you for reaching out to me, Yezalel. I’m just one person out of many that needs your help. I’ve met angels of Gemini before but never knew their names- you are the first, I think, to introduce yourself.

    Thank you for helping me stay true to my husband. It’s hard to be away from him and I don’t know when I’ll get to go home, but… I’m grateful that you want to help me stay faithful. I need the help. This is a long, long journey.

    This website says that you can help people with their careers. I think I may be one of those people that needs help there, too. I’m miserably lost. I don’t know what to do with myself. I could blame the condition of the world all I like but the truth is I’m just not ambitious. Either I’m not ambitious or there’s no easy way to become successful in my goals so I give up. If you can, any way you can think to help, I am open to the advice.

    Thank you for caring and showing me the way to be a better light worker. This mission, this life, it is not easy but someday I hope to thank you personally. Until then, amen.

    • Absolutely beautiful I wish you well. I ALSO pray that he keep me close and faithful to my husband and that be bring us close again.

  22. My guardian angel YEZALEL,am so grateful for always being there for me.please bring me the loyal and the most pleasing lady to me in my love life and bless me with great children,thank you a lot and always gonna be appreciative for your help.

  23. Angel Yezalel.
    You are my guardian angel due to the time and day I was born.
    I was born 4 at dawn and 23rd May
    Be with me always so I may enjoy all your qualities.

  24. Lord I want you to perfect all that attaches to me and watch over me and my family especially my dad he is a good man. Help him to fulfill all his wishes and missions and let him be prosperous in all he does. Let him come and meet us where we are. This is all I ask for in. God’s name Amen.

  25. My Angel , please I really need your help for financial assistance,love and family guide my son and help him accomplish the good things he was brought to earth for.

  26. Hi Yezalel I came to say ty for all u be for me if u want to talk pls find a way to talk to me but I wish to write and and help to become the person u want me to be.

  27. Dear Sirs…!
    First all, I’d like to thank the team that worked over This matter. By now I am 67 years old but even só I want to know effectively how to be well related with these spiritual beings.
    Would you please send to me the whole work regarded to Guardian angels to human being. I also would like to know how to know or recognize the emocional and the intelectual angels respectively.
    Thank you very much for your dedication on this work.
    Best regards for what ever your team Will be able to do for me.
    May The Almighty Bless You All for
    This particular informacional work to know about how God Works….!

  28. Angel Yezalel please forgive me for i have sinned against one of yours. Let this person forgive me for i truely need him.

    • Dear Agnes, I hope you are well. In time he will forgive you in their own time. You can’t force it. If you had apologised with truthful heart, you already done the right think. Be patient do not expect quick fixed. Let the situation settle. In meant time ,right now you must forgive yourself so you can set yourself free. You must be kind to yourself. We all do mistakes which we regret but that is what makes us humans. Remember God loves you unconditionally. You must learn to love yourself unconditionally too. Everything will be alright. We acquire many lessons through out our lives and does not matter if they are good or bad. What matters Is that we learn from them and do not repeat the same mistakes. Just breath and know that all will be well. 🙏🌸🤗❤️🍀

  29. Thanks for being my help. And being there for me. Please help my husband Chris Achomuba . He is not doing well at all. Thanks

  30. Thank you, Yazalel, for the many saving graces you have bestowed upon me.
    Please help guide my future.
    Help me to access the Akashic records. Be my aid in leading a more spiritual life. Blessings!

  31. Bible never allow to pray to an angel but only to God and savior Jesus Christ. I will give thanks to Yezalel who is my guardian angel. I need yezalel help always with me.

  32. Yezalel Guardian and protector of me!!! I am so grateful to have come to your light, you have bless me in so many different ways and i cannot be more greafeful for this!

    I love you!

    Anyone who reads this i wish you nothing but blessings and belief

    God who is praise by all things!!

  33. Yezalel my Guardian angel
    Please help me to find a good job to take care of myself and kids. I have faced disappointment from a lot of people and really need your help.
    My partner treats me badly and made me loose my self esteem.
    I need to be the woman I use to be before I met him.

  34. Lord God my source and inspiration, in the Gracious name of our Lord Jesus Christ you said that if we ask for anything it shall be granted unto us through the Holy Spirit and for your many wonders and Faithful Word, I request my guardian Angel Yezalel to Grant me Divine Wisdom I need to fullfil all my instructions, tasks, relationships , purpose and call with a Super Memory in all I do. Thank you Lord God Almighty.

  35. Thank you O Lord my God, I am grateful to have found the Angel of Yezalel in my life, Also Thank you for the Angel of Yezalel who has been a part of all positive things and positive energy, I have a plan that I like, please help me to harmonize everything with the universe.

  36. Yezalel my Guardian angel.. Please Protect me my Family and My Son of any harm.Guide Me. Help me for everything Yezalel..Bless the hand of my work bless the business of my Partner..Be with me always..
    iloveyou My Guardian Angel Yezalel

  37. Yezalel I need help for my partner to stop betraying me and remain loyal or leave me alone I love him but I can’t be disrespected like this again and again

  38. My guardian angel yezalel I humbly pray for your kind guidance. Financial prosperity .happy and united family. To keep away my enemies who are spreading falsehood against me.those who have used bad karma bad energies against me

  39. Yezalel thank you for looking after me. I’m unhappy in my job paid very little disrespected by management and work constantly 6 days a week. I was a supervisor and I was attacked by one of my workers. Little was done as far as taking legal action. I need to get out of this place and find an environment that love appreciation and respect is given. Thank you

  40. Dear Iezalel, thank you for revealing yourself to me today. I apologise it took me so long to find you but I am am filled with love that I did. I feel so loved and secure with you on my side to enter all new relationships and heal the ones I have. I have learned from my past and I ask you to fuse me with my suitable partner in any aspect of my life. I know the orange light over the summer was you all along, I know that now and I want to tell you that I know. You surely know I had trouble really opening up to any new relationships especially romantically because of anxiety of loss and infidelity but I am sure not thanks to you that I can do it because I know you will always be at my side guiding me and I pray and ask now that you will enter my spirit at all times and guide me to the unions I need to live a life of the highest good for me and the world. Thank you and in love jsw.

  41. I come to you my guardian angel, asking that you help me reconcile my relationship with the father of my children. To restore all that was lost. For us to be one big family and to raise our children under the same roof, with love and peace surrounding us. Let him not be strayed by other girls. Thank you for bringing me love and light. I pray that you help me grow in my career and get a very fulfilling job.

  42. I thank you so very much for guiding me throughout my life and thank you for protecting me from the other bad side of friendship and love and also I want you to pray for my studies and future career so that I may become someone great to make my parents happy and do protect me from fleeting forgetfulness and please pray for me to have a good memory power in order to grasp the lessons well….Thank you so much my guardian angel for guiding me 😇

  43. My dear Guardian Angel Yezalel,
    Please watch over me and my family and keep the evil away from me keep me in the light and on the right path in this life and help me with my financial burdens so that I may find a nice little home to lay my head down at night and have some sort of peace as I am homeless right now and shifting from one relatives house to another. Please protect me from the wicked evil that surrounds me. Thank you for always surrounding me with love and light and for watching over me. Amen

    • Dear Charmanye, I hope you are well these days. I also hope that you have a place to call home. If you do not as yet It will come. At this moment we are going through challenging times but it is not something we can’t handle. Every story has its beginning and end. And this soon will pass too. After if you are still stuck try to find a job.

      It depends what skills you posses, however if you do not have any experience you could perhaps start with something where your interest lies. What is it that you love to do. What makes you happy and recharge your batteries. If you can give yourself the answer to what is it that you would like to do it will be easier for you to look in the place of your interest.

      Don’t forget to love yourself and never thing you are burden to anyone. Your family loves you and that is why they are helping you and allowing you to stay in their homes. You just must design your life and live the life you want. With all that comes happiness and joy.

      Love yourself unconditionally and be kind to yourself and every decision you make. There is not right or wrong answer. We learn by trial error. So go and grab the life you want with both hands. Don’t doubt yourself. Instead trust yourself. Much love❤️🙏💕🌸🤗🍀

  44. guardian angel Yezalel please guide my love life and help me see if i’m with the right person and i need to know if i should trust him and start a family with him, and please guide me trough a financial breakthrough, Amen.

  45. I pray to my guardian angel yezalel for reconciliation in my love life and bring me a God fearing pattern

    • Dear Trevor, you are the love, you are the happiness and you are the health. Love yourself unconditionally,be kind to yourself, forgive yourself. You are designer of your life in every way. First decided what is it that you want, how do you want your life to be and then go and grab it all. On the way be good to all, smile at strangers, help others and watch how your life will unfold. Love will come when you love yourself, only you can make yourself happy so you decide what level of happiness you want. Your mind and body will thank you for loving yourself and feeling the happiness within. Love 💕🙏🍀🤗

  46. Please enable me to command and enjoy all the aspects within myself that will bring the greatest joy and love and peace friendship and partnership to the more compatible and right person to whom my heart is drawn and connected at this time. Make an unbreakable bond of fulfillment and joy that releases past wounds and issues in my new relationship with this individual. Lmk which man it is without doubt please.

  47. Need your help regarding love and health, tired of bearing my cross i need someone to tell me im not alone.

    • Dear hope. I hope you are well these days. You are not alone! I am always here if you need to talk or ask me anything. Regarding love for yourself should be the first thing you must do. Shower with love as you would wish others love you, be kind to yourself, talk to yourself with compassion. If you seeking love outside it will come, with loving yourself others will love you unconditionally as much as you love them. In terms of health you must shower yourself with relaxing days, breathing, connect with the nature for the nature cures you. God give as this beautiful Earth full of mystery and life, and undoubtedly healing powers. Much love 🍀🤗❤️🙏

  48. My guardian Angel I would like to thank you for protection and giving me strength to overcome my weaknesses even though life has been brought with pain and sorrow you we’re the one who took me out of the dark and showed me the light i love you and I hope that you will be always be with me Amen

  49. Yazelel, Yazelel, Yazelel may u please help me with a strong memory to finish my studies also I asked u to help me not to miss the opportunities that life have given me and help with my soul mate by bringing us closer to each other make my life to be a creative life where I can do anything I want to do thanks

    • Mqiqika, I hope you are well. And in good spirit. Yo most likely finished all your studies by now but if you didn’t do not despair. Just do some daily breathing exercises even just for a few minutes and you will see how your mind sharpens. You do not miss any opportunity in your life, just be present and conscious in everything you do and your life will unfold in front of you. The only way you can lose opportunities is if you shy away once the opportunity presents to you. So go and grasp your life with both hands and make the best out of every opportunity which comes your way. Be open to everything and do not push away anything. Love always ❤️🙏🤗😘🍀

  50. Yezalel, Yezalel, Yezalel; For what I am about to receive may the Lord make me truly thankful. Also thank you for saving my life when I was eight years old, help me forgive he who so easily could have killed me. Amen.

  51. Hello my dear Guardian Angel,
    Thank you for protect and Guardian me all those years, i,am living a lonely life and my heart need someone to love, Someone to love me aswell.
    There are many years passing by with out a love one by my side…Please my Angel sent my lovely soulmate my way so we can bound and give love to eah other and have a happy life together!
    In the name Jesus Christus Help me!
    Love greetz my Angel Yezalel !

    • Dear, Allan, I hope you are well. I hear you. First we all yearn to be loved. But first we need to love ourselves because we are the one who spends everyday with ourselves. The love from others will come. Do good, be good, love others unconditionally and all the love will come to you without even noticing it. I love you, God loves you, your parents, friends loves you. Learn to love yourself….and you will never feel lonely or unloved ❤️🙏🍀🤗

  52. Hello my guardian angel❤ i just want to thank you for everything and for being there for me while im going through my transformation. I love you and ask that u help me with memory, intuition, protection, qnd becoming who i was born to become! Love u lots! And thank you

  53. Hi Yezalel I’m coming to you because I’m in need of prayers over me and my children and family and friends I’ve been dealing with this a person in a relationship with this person for about 3 years but I’m not quite sure if this person still loves me or just want me as a backup planner I need some help with this 1 and I also know that I have people who are going to envy me and judge me for what decisions I make on my own but that doesn’t mean I have to deal and allow the wrong crowd to plot against me and talk down on me right?.

    I also ask that you can pray over my beautiful lovely daughter to keep my daughter safe and to help my daughter maintain a positive attitude and to stay healthy and to know that I as me as her mother the mother of harmony truly loves her abd that she will soon to be home with her mommy in her mommy new apartment by the grace of God as long as I continue to strive for it and have belief in it to achieve in it and know it’s me getting my goals met I can achieve it I also ask that you allow me and my daughter to reunite on a good note my little beautiful 3 year old that I love the most and won’t stop loving and I pray to you that you heal heart from the pain and crying and allow her to remain strong and stay smart I also ask that you pray over my child’s father Davonte R he’s been shot at for being at the wrong place at the wrong time hanging with the wrong crowd now he’s in a wheelchair I just ask to you please allow him to heal from his heart down to his body allow him to e able to gain his strength and power and to have a speedy safe recovery into healing the proper way and to allow him to reamin strong for the sake of our child harmony and to touch him and let him know know he got this and to give his legs both legs any where of the body he could possibly be hurting at the chance to gain feeling and muscles in them again and to knowledge to him that

    I love him and that he’s a child of God and to protect him and to remove all negative and bad spirits from around him and our child harmony allow him to be able to walk again and to be giving the chance to being able to smile please just please I ask that you protect my brothers all three of them including my mommy and to protect me in these streets while I’m living on them allow me to seek help and remain safe and protected and to know not to trust those that may not trust in me and to protect me and my family from evil and death and jealousy help me to change the way people may think of me and to better with my attitude and to gain and restore and find myself again and to know not to allow know one to get to me although they may try to test me and last but not least I pray to you again that brittnee Taylor isn’t doing her while being in jail please I hope not i don’t wanna think that way allow pleae just hlep me to think she is released from jail please I need her my protectector in the skidrow streets and my better half slash my best friend please allow her to be released from jail early before June allow her date to be sometime this month for her to touchdown and be released to see my face and for us to be good please and to protect and restore my identity and any credit cards ,clothes,shoes, paperwork, social security numbers for me and my daughter and medical

    I ask that you secure it and cover it and to help me be able to access and to reach my goals with restoring what was all taken from me help me to restore it all back email accounts and to remove and report hackers for fradulent activities made on my account and to allow me to be blessed and giving my money back to me and my child and any online account to shop on-line and refunds any data being sold out to the atmosphere or etc please secure it and help me to find my correct business I started and to collect all that comes with my name that was taking from my possession and to help cover and to pay off my debt for my child support for my daughter and to help cover my tax returns papers and files and photo images of my pictures and to become a better and more brilliant smarter person to life as of now please and thanks in Jesus name Amen

    • Doriela, I hope you are well. Dorielia, do not dispear, all you need to do is some daily breathing exercises and your memory will strengthen. You are not a failure, everything will come to you in good time. Decide what is it that you want and put all your efforts into it, you will see how your life will change. Just focus on your breath and do not rush to achieve what you want from life. Take your time with clarity and do something little every day towards your goals. Never give up on yourself. Remember on
      Y you can design the life you one else can do that for you and how insane it would be if we wanted someone to tel us how to live. You know what you want go and get it. Much love ❤️🙏🍀

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