Yezalel is the guardian angel for people born between May 21 and May 25. He has a masculine energy and represents the 0 and 5th degree of Gemini. In the angel hierarchy he is a Cherub, he is part of the sefirah of Hochmah, and his governing Archangel is Raziel. His planetary energies are Uranus / The Sun and he represents the element of Air.

His name means: God Who is Praised for All Things

He symbolizes: Reconciliation. He brings reconciliation and fidelity to married couples. He gives you the ability to accomplish any task you wish to take on. The angel Yezalel's stone is Chrysoprase and his colors are Magenta / Orange. Of the 7 charisms, he rules over: Persuasion

The qualities given to you by the angel Yezalel

The energies of Yezalel are exceedingly great. With his help you are able to be a faithful person in both love and friendship. You are a bringer of reconciliation and you have an affinity with a great number of people.

He makes you faithful to the principles of the divine which have control over the universe. He offers you great skills which will bring you certain benefits in environments of learning and development.

Your guardian angel also gives you great organizational skills when it comes to preparing for meetings. You are a person who works towards the unity and togetherness of others.

Yezalel gives you the time and space necessary to lead a life supported by the twin pillars of order and harmony. He helps you to live a life of balance with your romantic partner through a knowledge of how to appraise the balance between men and women.

The imbalances regulated by the angel Yezalel

If you have occasionally had adulterous thoughts, know that Yezalel is taking care to protect you from these. He helps you to avoid becoming absorbed in a passion which will ultimately make you its slave.

Thanks to him you are able to be less selfish. He will calm your need for an over-the-top social life so that you can escape the desire to please everyone at any cost.

He is the first line of defense against people who are violent towards children, against the destruction of a marriage or the home, as well as against separation and divorce. He gives you good protection against bad karmas which can end up having a large impact on your life.

He leads you towards enlightenment and a more complete awareness which will allow you to learn from your past experiences. He allows you to gain an unrestricted mindset which separates you from false ideas and errors of judgment.

Your angel makes sure to keep your loved ones close to you and helps to remove any and all lies and trickery from within your relationships. He quells all those negative influences which you could be tempted to share with others.

When should I communicate with the angel Yezalel?

Time - Physical:
May 21 - May 25
Time - Intellectual:
04:00 - 04:20
Time - Emotional:
January 21, 00:00 - 23:59
April 2, 00:00 - 23:59
June 16, 00:00 - 23:59
August 30, 00:00 - 23:59
November 11, 00:00 - 23:59

What can I ask the angel Yezalel?

You can pray to Yezalel if you encounter problems in your love life. He is of precious help when seeking to reconcile with someone, both in matters of love and friendship.

He offers you powerful guidance which will bring harmony and balance to the forefront of your relationships with others. Yezalel represents a great openness of mind!

If you are having doubts about the fidelity of your partner or about whether or not someone is betraying you, call upon him and he will take action so that either the betrayal doesn’t occur or else it comes to an immediate end.

Ask for his support so that you can have strength and courage in any projects at work. He can also help you in the realm of intellect by giving you a superior memory. This can be of help to you if you are currently undertaking training or are engaged in study.

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  1. Hi Yezalel I’m coming to you because I’m in need of prayers over me and my children and family and friends I’ve been dealing with this a person in a relationship with this person for about 3 years but I’m not quite sure if this person still loves me or just want me as a backup planner I need some help with this 1 and I also know that I have people who are going to envy me and judge me for what decisions I make on my own but that doesn’t mean I have to deal and allow the wrong crowd to plot against me and talk down on me right?..I also ask that you can pray over my beautiful lovely daughter to keep my daughter safe and to help my daughter maintain a positive attitude and to stay healthy and to know that I as me as her mother the mother of harmony truly loves her abd that she will soon to be home with her mommy in her mommy new apartment by the grace of God as long as I continue to strive for it and have belief in it to achieve in it and know it’s me getting my goals met I can achieve it I also ask that you allow me and my daughter to reunite on a good note my little beautiful 3 year old that I love the most and won’t stop loving and I pray to you that you heal heart from the pain and crying and allow her to remain strong and stay smart I also ask that you pray over my child’s father Davonte R he’s been shot at for being at the wrong place at the wrong time hanging with the wrong crowd now he’s in a wheelchair I just ask to you please allow him to heal from his heart down to his body allow him to e able to gain his strength and power and to have a speedy safe recovery into healing the proper way and to allow him to reamin strong for the sake of our child harmony and to touch him and let him know know he got this and to give his legs both legs any where of the body he could possibly be hurting at the chance to gain feeling and muscles in them again and to knowledge to him that I love him and that he’s a child of God and to protect him and to remove all negative and bad spirits from around him and our child harmony allow him to be able to walk again and to be giving the chance to being able to smile please just please I ask that you protect my brothers all three of them including my mommy and to protect me in these streets while I’m living on them allow me to seek help and remain safe and protected and to know not to trust those that may not trust in me and to protect me and my family from evil and death and jealousy help me to change the way people may think of me and to better with my attitude and to gain and restore and find myself again and to know not to allow know one to get to me although they may try to test me and last but not least I pray to you again that brittnee Taylor isn’t doing her while being in jail please I hope not i don’t wanna think that way allow pleae just hlep me to think she is released from jail please I need her my protectector in the skidrow streets and my better half slash my best friend please allow her to be released from jail early before June allow her date to be sometime this month for her to touchdown and be released to see my face and for us to be good please and to protect and restore my identity and any credit cards ,clothes,shoes, paperwork, social security numbers for me and my daughter and medical I ask that you secure it and cover it and to help me be able to access and to reach my goals with restoring what was all taken from me help me to restore it all back email accounts and to remove and report hackers for fradulent activities made on my account and to allow me to be blessed and giving my money back to me and my child and any online account to shop on-line and refunds any data being sold out to the atmosphere or etc please secure it and help me to find my correct business I started and to collect all that comes with my name that was taking from my possession and to help cover and to pay off my debt for my child support for my daughter and to help cover my tax returns papers and files and photo images of my pictures and to become a better and more brilliant smarter person to life as of now please and thanks in Jesus name Amen

  2. Hello my guardian angel❤ i just want to thank you for everything and for being there for me while im going through my transformation. I love you and ask that u help me with memory, intuition, protection, qnd becoming who i was born to become! Love u lots! And thank you

  3. Hello my dear Guardian Angel,
    Thank you for protect and Guardian me all those years, i,am living a lonely life and my heart need someone to love, Someone to love me aswell.
    There are many years passing by with out a love one by my side…Please my Angel sent my lovely soulmate my way so we can bound and give love to eah other and have a happy life together!
    In the name Jesus Christus Help me!
    Love greetz my Angel Yezalel !

  4. Yezalel, Yezalel, Yezalel; For what I am about to receive may the Lord make me truly thankful. Also thank you for saving my life when I was eight years old, help me forgive he who so easily could have killed me. Amen.

  5. Yazelel, Yazelel, Yazelel may u please help me with a strong memory to finish my studies also I asked u to help me not to miss the opportunities that life have given me and help with my soul mate by bringing us closer to each other make my life to be a creative life where I can do anything I want to do thanks

  6. My guardian Angel I would like to thank you for protection and giving me strength to overcome my weaknesses even though life has been brought with pain and sorrow you we’re the one who took me out of the dark and showed me the light i love you and I hope that you will be always be with me Amen

  7. Please enable me to command and enjoy all the aspects within myself that will bring the greatest joy and love and peace friendship and partnership to the more compatible and right person to whom my heart is drawn and connected at this time. Make an unbreakable bond of fulfillment and joy that releases past wounds and issues in my new relationship with this individual. Lmk which man it is without doubt please.

  8. guardian angel Yezalel please guide my love life and help me see if i’m with the right person and i need to know if i should trust him and start a family with him, and please guide me trough a financial breakthrough, Amen.

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