Rochel is the guardian angel for people born between March 1 and March 5. He has a masculine energy and represents the 10th and 15th degree of Pisces. In the angel hierarchy he is an Angel, he is part of the sefirah of Yesod, and his governing Archangel is Gabriel. His planetary energies are The Moon / The Sun and he represents the element of Air.

His name means: God Who Sees All

He symbolizes: Righteousness. He offers notoriety in the realm of justice. He embodies glory and wealth and he is by your side to help you find lost or stolen objects. The angel Rochel's stone is Diamond and his colors are Violet / Pink. Of the 7 senses, he rules over: Sight.

The qualities given to you by the angel Rochel

The guardian angel Rochel who is your patron and protector is the angel of restitution. He allows things to find their way back to you once again. He helps you to find lost or stolen objects, thoughts, or feelings. He allows you to reconnect with your Divine Self and the Universal Androgyne.

He brings you his support in matters of succession and inheritance as he is the angel of magistrates and lawyers. He smiles upon the study of justice and the law but is also the angel of accounting, secretarial duties, and administration.

He offers his light in the study of history. He promotes the creation of archives and a universal library of practical and theoretical sciences.

This angel is able to improve your intuition. He gives you the ability to give and receive things with great comfort and ease. He has the power to get rid of karmic substance and to fix bad karma.

The imbalances regulated by the angel Rochel

The angel Rochel will help change your behavior if you have the tendency to claim things that do not belong to you, He protects you from egotism, possessiveness, and jealousy.

He fixes your megalomania, your lust for power and glory. He rids you of your pragmatic mind which is overly focused on the practical side of things. Furthermore, he protects you from the distortion of historical facts.

This angel also protects you from family problems. He protects you from problems related to inheritance and succession as well as magistrates and lawyers. He also protects you from trickery, theft, and the usurping of assets. This is to stop you from facing ruin. He protects you from concerns related to justice, blatant injustice, and proceedings which seem never-ending. He rids your mind of existential fear and uncertainty.

The guardian angel Rochel keeps you away from romantic relationships which are solely based on pleasures of the flesh and of the material world. He protects you from sexual abuse, affairs with multiple people, and debauchery.

When should I communicate with the angel Rochel?

Time - Physical:
March 1 - March 5
Time - Intellectual:
22:40 - 23:00
Time - Emotional:
January 5, 00:00 - 23:59
March 17, 00:00 - 23:59
May 30, 00:00 - 23:59
August 13, 00:00 - 23:59
October 26, 00:00 - 23:59

What can I ask the angel Rochel?

If you are currently facing problems of inheritance or succession, pray to the angel Rochel and he will give you the clairvoyance and light to alleviate you of this worry.

If you tend to forget or to lose things or if someone is stealing from you on a regular basis, the guardian angel Rochel will give you his help to prevent this from happening any longer. He will help to restore what belongs to you.

If you are abroad and want to reconnect with your country of birth, your patron guardian angel Rochel will be with you to light your way so that you can make the right decision.

This guardian angel also protects you from problems related to the managing of resources, administration, secretarial duties, and accounting.


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51 responses to “Rochel”

  1. Beautiful angel Rochelle help me wth my clairvoyant ‘s an to hear n communicate wth my other guides.
    And help an understanding of my life n its purpose

  2. Thank you to you my angel Rochel who always protect me and my family.I pray that you will always be on our side to help us with our daily lives,To continue protecting us To give us good health and hear our prayers.Allow me to pray and ask your guidance whatever I maybe decide as I am humbly need your help to give guide me and help in everything as I am having difficulty in my own marriage.Help me to clear my mind and help me to focus on what is best.I thank you again for your guidance,In Jesus Name.Amen

  3. Angel Rochel,

    I seek your intervention and restitution following loss of my bank employment 13 years ago.

    May this happen as decreed in God’s promise of restoration through you.Amen.

  4. Dear Rochel…
    Help me to find strength to act on behalf of my current relationship. I feel and know that I need to leave but I’m still struggling with a lot of confusion, fear and guilty. I feel that I lost myself and all the circumstances are so trick for me to leave… Please help me… Thank you…

  5. Please help me to become great in life so that I can affect others positively with my greatness. Also restore my lost glories and fortunes, amen.

  6. I pray and ask for my guardian angels and my archangel to open my opportunity into my placement as a teacher so I can also teach the word of God through my lessons to help my students understand our God so they can be good leaders. I also ask for my guardian angel and my archangel to bless my financial situation so that I can also bless others that are in need where ever I go and those that my Guardian Angel and Archangel think for me help in any way

  7. Loving Angel Rochel
    Please guide me and help me to be more aware of my intuition. Please guide me to my highest good while bringing along those whom I can help. Allow those that are against me to see the light of my being or be set free from my energy and presence.

  8. I wish to own a 501c3 charity foundation that take’s care of kids and disabled people, i wish to save live and empower the poor people for every life matters

  9. I asked spirit to guide me and Lead Me into my natural ancestry she make me the person I truly should be I asked that they restore my wealth health upon me my eyesight give me money to travel and live the life I need to live and to help myself in these latter years that I have I think three or four the money I’ve had in my future that I helped so many others with and I asked that that money be returned a million-fold so I can help myself now

  10. i am suffering from sickness, and dont have much money to help my family
    please help me thru my guardian angel

  11. Nice to meet you Rochel, and thank you for your guidance and confirmation of my connectedness and safety. Continue to shine your light upon me and protect. With Gratitude.

  12. My dear guardian angel Rochel,

    I pray for good health for me and my family. Protect me from injustice and acts of devil. Grant my prayers for abundance in money and true friendship. And for the whole world to recover soon from COVID19. I pray.

  13. Dear My beloved Guardian Rochel, my prayer to you is to let me seek love for the first time and safety from you. To protect me from bad people even the bad part of me. I’m sorry I haven’t been thanking you as of lastly and I wish me be forgiven for my mistake and bad habits. I’m trying to change myself for me. No more will I try and change for some one but, me. hopefully you get my prayer

  14. Dear Rochel please help me to recieve my inheritance , my wish and dream is to build a church and to have m own home. . I also wish to be in a position to provide for my family and the less fortunate .

  15. For my prayer to be asker .for m y right to be healed from unknown pain. Will not have the need to worry about providing for my family. As well as helping other that’s like me. Just being able to learn of you.

  16. Dear guardian angel Rochel I would like you to guide me and direct me to my true destiny.. keep me strong and healthy.. please help me with my fears and provide me with wealth so I’ll be stable and secure so I can provide to my loved ones

  17. thank you for all your guidance, i ask now i am aware of your presence for you to communicate and help me with my gift to accomplish what i came here to do without fear or hesitation and light

  18. Thank you Angel Rochel for protecting me from bad love decisions, thank you for helping me find my silver ring that night I had to face authority. Thank you for helping me being eloquent while dealing with legal situations. Thank you Angel Rochel for helping me reconnect with my place of birth. Thank you for helping me reconnect with my artistic essence and thank you for supporting and guiding my way to make amends and means towards my success.

  19. I wish to get out of my financial problems. I wish to have money to start up my small food business again and to venture into hair and bag business. I wish to rent a shop space for my business and an apartment for myself. I wish to get rid of anxiety I feel. I wish to have peace of mind. I wish to find love that will last forever. I wish to have good health. I wish to have enough money to take care of my mother for she’s been my source of help in my situation. I wish to have enough money to help the need. All this I ask of my Angel Rochel with faith believing that everything will come to me in its time

  20. Thank you for all the blessings I have received over 67 yrs that I’ve been here on earth money would be nice someone to grow old with would also be nice praise the father son and Holy Ghost amen

  21. Great Thanks and appreciation To Our Creator God for guiding me to meet you. I’m looking forward to learning more about myself with you by my side, helping me make wise decisions while I play this game of Life. I look forward to much laughter, joy and happiness

  22. Thank you for your gifts and guidance. I wish for justice in the form of a not guilty verdict, minimal incarceration time, and reunification with my children so as to fulfill my divine purpose.

  23. Amen Rochel for helping me as a sinner, please forgive me for all sins and thank you to help me to the right path.

  24. I wish to know the will of G_d in all my private matters how to respond to the future necessity and grow in acceptance.thank you for all your help Rochel

    • I wish to have peace,joy, grace, divine connection from the four corners of the earth, good health and wealth, love.I wish to have you fight all the seen and unseen battle for me, I wish to have the lady that would love me and I also would love(soul mates)and I wish that you’re going to be by my side always, let me feel your presence,give me sign,I also wish that I have that sweet voice to sing(like mj)thank you my guardian angel rochel

  25. I wish what ever my Aunt left me in her will be granted to me from my step brother.
    I wish to receive a raise in my salary and grant me the ability to find the right man to come into my life.
    My wish is to become debt free

  26. I want to authority over prosperities to be successful in life and be wealthy forever take care of my family and be a better person to my self my music too I want to be famous I want to be rich before the year ends grant my heart desires please I beg you Angel Rochel

  27. I wish for my disability benefits to be granted or reinstated and cash to flow to my family we are in great need and for our health to be good again amen thank you

  28. oh my arch-angel Rochel i have suffered a lot please bless me financial, wealth, love, happiness and above all long life so i will help the less privileges. thank you my angel for i believe you will grant my request.

  29. I wish to be in good health and prosperity I wish to have more then enough so that I may help those in need of help.. I wish to be protected from all those coming to steal what I have been blessed. I wish for my voice to be heard

  30. Angel Rochel,
    I wish to find love, joy and happiness in life – I wish to find my life partner as soon as possible.
    I wish to be known all over the world, to travel places and be an important personalty in life.

  31. Angel Rochel,

    I want to be successful and with that I want to earn 40 cr INR after tax deduction. Please help me get healthy, wealthy and wise.

  32. i need to live my purpose and create generational wealth going forth. protect my marriage and liove happily ever after

  33. I want my name to be among the names of world richest. That I may fulfill my charitable ambition. I want to be a worldwide superstar in my music career and long life in hood health to eat the fruit of my labour.

  34. I would like to open a ranch for abused, or abandoned adolescents that they can reconnect with nature, animals, and realize they do matter. I would need a large amount of money to do this but I do believe anything is possible.

  35. i wish to excel in music and be wealthy enough to be comfortably and to be able to help others less fort unit

  36. I wish to have enough money to support myself and others. I pray that one day name will be mentioned on the international football platform.

  37. I wish to find love, happiness and wish to protect the health of all that I love dearly. I wish to receive enough monies to help my family as they have supported me so much. I wish to now return this. I wish to find contentment in work, love and family

  38. I wish to receive enough money to support my self so that I may help others anonymously. I wish to help others to find GOD and his plan for them through prayer and spiritual direction. I wish that the monies would allow us to travel to places and help othets.

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