Mahasiah is the guardian angel for people born between April 10 and April 14. He has a feminine energy and represents the 20th and 25th degree of Aries. In the angel hierarchy he is a Seraph, he is part of the sefirah of Kether, and his governing Archangel is Metatron. His planetary energies are Neptune / The Sun and he represents the element of Fire.

His name means: Savior God

He symbolizes: Peace and Harmony. He brings you success in your professional life, protects you during travel, and helps you to avoid accidents. The angel Mahasiah's stone is Jade and his colors are Indigo / Turquoise. Of the 7 deadly sins, he rules over: Pride.

The qualities given to you by the angel Mahasiah

Mahasiah represents correction and adjustment. He corrects things which have gone askew before they materialize on the physical plane. He gives you the ability to learn things with ease, especially foreign languages. This will lead you to success in exams in general.

He reestablishes the order of the divine in your life. This makes it possible for you to live in total peace and to enjoy the simple things in life.

He can help you enter into a school of learning in which you are able to pursue a higher form of initiation. He does this by offering you skills in the realm of dream interpretation and the study of the symbolic and mystical nature of language.

These skills are part of the realm of initiatic science and will allow you to unlock the signs and synchronicities which appear to you on a day-to-day basis.

He helps you to improve your character throughout your life and guides you towards a more pleasant, fulfilling, and harmonious existence.

The imbalances regulated by the angel Mahasiah

Mahasiah helps you if you are having problems improving a situation and allows you to better understand your mistakes as well as the mistakes of others so that you can forgive them.

He helps you to avoid being taken over by energies like those of revenge, resentment, poor judgment, and arrogance. The angel Mahasiah also supports you when facing acts of a malicious or insidious nature.

The angel Mahasiah protects you from debauchery and from all forms of sexual abuse in general. He helps you to recognize your mistakes and to avoid your bad temper which may sometimes make you difficult to live with.

The guardian angel Mahasiah will be a valuable source of support for you when it comes to making decisions. He frequently helps you avoid making the wrong choice, especially if this choice is being pushed upon you with great authority. Such is the case that you will also avoid joining up with a spiritual group for the purposes of escaping reality. Be aware that he can also help you if you have unstable health.

When should I communicate with the angel Mahasiah?

Time - Physical:
April 10 - April 14
Time - Intellectual:
01:20 - 01:40
Time - Emotional:
January 13, 00:00 - 23:59
March 25, 00:00 - 23:59
June 7, 00:00 - 23:59
August 22, 00:00 - 23:59
November 3, 00:00 - 23:59

What can I ask the angel Mahasiah?

You can call upon Mahasiah to ask him to help you live in peace and harmony with the universe. He is at your side to help you change what needs changing in order to find the benefits.

You can pray to him so that he will bring you success in the field of learning whether this be of languages or spirituality. He will help you to succeed in your studies especially if you need to pass an exam.

The angel Mahasiah is your guide so do not hesitate to ask him for the ability to better recognize the signs which exist in your daily life. These will give you access to the vibrations of the angels which will help you in your quest for a more harmonious existence.


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65 responses to “Mahasiah”

  1. My guardian Angle Mahasiah
    I am grateful for the help given me .
    I am blessed to have you as my guardian Angle. Let this coming year 2024 brings me good health, wisdom, peace, joy, laughter, blessings, success, prosperities and long life. My dear guardian Angle Mahasiah, remove all bad energy around me and every evil eyes watching me. Amen.

  2. My dear guardian Angle Mahasiah
    I am grateful to have u as my guardian Angle. I come to u with humility, help me to overcome every bad energy around me. I need your peace,love and success. Amen

  3. Beloved saviour God (mahashiah)
    I come before you in humility to thank you for all your help unto my life so far , I bless your holy name.
    Again I seek for your peace love and harmony unto my coast. Train me to be responsible and valuable not only to myself but to everyone around .let me be a blessing to humanity in your name I plead ,Amen

  4. God thank you for giving me mahasiah angel . Thanks for all the things that you were given me. I am so thankful for that. Now I am preparing for my entrance exam I really want to pass the exam.I am working hard . And please alow me to go on the right path

  5. God I thank you for making angel mahasiah to be my guardian sweet and lovely angel mahasiah I welcome you in my life.i know with your help I not fall help me to do the right thing give me power wisdom and understanding , thanks my dear mahasiah

  6. Beloved saviour God (mahashiah)
    I come before you in humility to thank you for all your help unto my life so far , I bless your holy name.
    Again I seek for your peace love and harmony unto my coast. Train me to be responsible and valuable not only to myself but to everyone around .let me be a blessing to humanity in your name I plead ,Amen

  7. Angel mahasiah please I really need your help, I donโ€™t want this blessing that is coming my way pass me by
    I want you to put me in the right part so that I will receive my blessing with full force
    And I want my angel mahasiah to remove every evil eye of the enemy against my favour and prosperity on that day
    Angel mahasiah I want you to please return those blockages that is blocking me to that person that make me past through suffering of something that I know nothing about
    Angel mahasiah I have miss understanding with someone yesterday she said look at me am not married am still in my parent house but she,she is married but me am not
    That word really pained me because nobody has ever used that words to insult me but that woman did because she is married and she has a shop
    She insulted me because I have nothing but I believe in Elohim and my guiding angel mahasiah that things will turn to good for me
    Angel mahasiah that thing that is cause disappointment for me please help me to recover all my lost glory
    I really want to be happy and be great and leave good life
    This suffering is too much
    Please help me angel mahasiah on that day that I will receive my blessing pls help me make a right choice and remove every evil eye from me
    I donโ€™t want to loose this opportunity pls angel mahasiah please please please

    • Dear Divine Angel Mahasiah the Holy angel of God almighty my guardian angel, I need your spiritual assistance to clear away every spiritual and physical evil plot and plans against me Odirachukwuma by men and woman who hate me for no reason but have made up their evil mind to be witches and wizards to my life and we’ll being. Clear and cut them off and put them to everlasting bottomless pit of failure. Crown me victory, financial freedom and abundance. Feel my life with inner peace and harmony so that I Odirachukwuma may live in good health, wealth and happiness in this life now and for ever๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

  8. I want to see my guiding angel,and I want Mahasiah to favour me and my future husband
    To provide money that I will use for my wedding,renting of house and opening of my shop
    When I get married I want to conceive and give birth with blessing childrenโ€™s and give us money that we will use to take care of my children
    And I want to travel out with my husband and give birth to my child at abroad and I want to be great and want my children to be great also
    I want long life for my mom and dad also to me and my childrenโ€™s and my husband
    Whosever that is planning evil or down fall for us should use he/her head to carry it

  9. I need angel mahasiah to bless me this year with uncommon favour because I have suffered and struggle too much and let him protect me from the hands of the evil ones

  10. Dear guardian angel mahasiah today I acknowledge your presence in my life .please help me find my soul partner. Help me in every aspect of my life ๐Ÿ™

    • To my guardian Angel Mahasiah,
      Did I meet you the other night at the gas station in physical form? If not,I would like a in person meeting if possible or allowed. I regularly call upon my angels amd know of your name but I don’t know if its okay to pray to you as I don’t want to insult God,holy spirit or you. May you protect me,teach me,guide me,and improve my life in any way possible. I love you and appreciate you so much and thank you for helping me this past year bc without your connection idk how it’d work out. I’m so spiritually hungry for wisdom,knowledge and guidance as you know. I pray so much more now amd you’ve done so much already thank you God bless and praise Jehovah(God) Amen

  11. Dear guardian angel Mahasiah today I acknowledge your presence in my world. I always had a feeling someone was watching me this whole time and helping place my path right and most times I get a sign from you I really never understand but it repeats itself in my day life,I just want to say thank you for making me a connection today to reach you this deep. And thank you for keeping me at peace with the universe this far. I thank mother nature and all its blessings. And most of all,I thank the heavenly host of angels and the most high God. Yours faithfully Christopher L. B.

  12. Dear Angel, I Pray You Get Close To Me, And show Me Your Mercy, Give Me Peace And Also Bless Me Financially. That At The End I will Give Glory Of Your Wonderful Name, Amen๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

  13. Heavenly Angel I humbly request you to change my life emotionally, mentally and financially. Since I’m in the field of teaching I need to be well trained, equipped to advance in this field. Guide me my guardian angel so that I may prosper n serve others too. Amen.

  14. I’m grown as a good loving person but now um completely changed I’ve lost happiness and life in my heart I pray Mahasiah to protect me physically

  15. Mahasiah, I pray with all my heart that you can help me forgive all those i hurt and that i am sorry for all id done. As a symbol of your forgivness i only ask that you send me something in return of my forgivnes and also that you please heal my father. Thank you for all you done for me and please tell my grandpa i love him.
    Thank you, Amen

  16. Dear Mahasiah,

    I want to thank you for your help and support throughout my life, please help me find the best job for me and help me to buy the best house I can in which my family and I could live a prosper and happy life together, thank you so much!

  17. Beloved Mahasiah, Grant that I may know you better and understand your counsel in times of need. I pray for your help in finding true love, peace, stability and prosperity. Show me the ways to a better life and an understanding of all things seen and unseen. Enlighten my soul and guide me to become a better person. Bless you for all you have done for me and forgive me for past transgressions to my family, friends and fellow man.
    Comfort those who have departed us here on earth and watchful for those still here. In you name, with our God, hear my prayer!

  18. Mahasiah I thank you for your guidance and protection in this life. I only ask that you send a blessing my way to alleviate all of my financial difficulties I am having at this time and that you restore me to food health so I may continue to care for my family and loved ones. Thank you

  19. To my guardian angel mahasiah please tell to god to protect me and my family to guide always even i have more mistake this world me to my problem now to make me stronger and to guide me to my fight for those people always pushing me down ..and give me strange .i know your always here by my side for not giving up to me..and i hope this pray to my hero god i hope that you recieve this even this a typing message for ..god please guide always my fight now and i need your help

  20. I Solomon osei, i was born in April 11 and my angel is Mahasiah and i want him to help me to get good job and i need protection from him. Thank him for his protection since my birth and I want him to come into my life everyday, thank you my guardian angel Mahasiah

  21. My Angel Mahasiah, please help me align the universe to favor me, I want my husband to locate me in this April, 2020 and favor my business and finances.

    • Thank you My guardian angel Mahasiah for always been there for me since birth. Pls my darling angel help tell God to have mercy on me,bless me with a good husband this year 2020,and make the universe favour me in all aspect. help tell my parent in heaven that I love them and miss them so much.., my Angel mahasiah….keep watching and directing me…, .thank you so much,I love u.

  22. I am so glad to know that mahasiah is my guardian angel, I thank you for being there with me since the day I came into this world, and I wish I see you physically or in my dreams or even a sign from you, I wish you help me to know and fear god. Thank you I love you

  23. Mahasiah I am seeking you. I need guidance and help with my anger and forgiveness. I feel there is a huge blessing around the corner but I canโ€™t get to it because of this anger. There is a negative presence or force lurking around me please reveal this to me clearly, and instruct me on how to do away with it.

  24. Thank you for showing yourself to me and supporting me on my journey on Earth. Thank you for the validation and encouragement of my current path. I am grateful to you. I ask you to please support my passion for writing, acting, dance and performance. May I have a strong will, may I be open to flow, may I commit to my goals and follow through with them, may I have confidence in my abilities and may I feel inspiration and passion everyday of my life. Thank you ๐Ÿ™

  25. Mahasiah,
    It is an honor to meet you and finally learn who has been guiding and inspiring my favorite aspects of my character and my life.
    Mahasiah, thank you for your care and protection. Thank you for the peace that I enjoy. Thank you for the light I bring to the world.
    Please guide me to how I can learn to develop my healing and spiritual direction skills. Pleaser guide me directly to what is best for my next life’s lesson for spiritual development in loving service to all.

  26. I really want to see my guiding Engel Mahasiah in person to have an effective communication with. I want her to open my spiritual eyes.

  27. MY GUARDIAN ANGEL MAHASIAH protect me from all bad and evil people give me the strength to succeed in life also protect my children from all bad and evil bless
    me with the ability to be kind and to succeed in life

  28. My Dear Guardian Angel Mahasiah i just found out that I even have one Guardian Angel which is you, I really need your help in my health right now, please go to the Most High (Yahawashi) and ask for mercy for me so I can be healthy, free of pain, free of Breast cystic, low energy, fatigue all the time, worries, negative thoughts.
    Please ask for protection for me and my family so my enemies can become blind when it comes to me, and when I go to the doctor so they don’t find no more cyst, or anything in my body specially my breasts. Please show me a sign and help me understand my dreams.

    Please help me pass my nclex exam which is really important for me so I can help others.

    I really need help right now with my health.
    Thank you in advance and I love you Mehasiah

  29. Please let me see you even if it’s in my dream. And please free me to all the bad luck bad energy bad things to happen to me and my family and to other persons that is important to me. Please give me positive energy. Please let know my Lolo and lola’s in the heaven that I miss them and forgive me for not visiting them. Please help me make come true all the things I wanna do in this life of mine. And please help me to help my self to be in the right path of my life. Please help me gain my self to the true me. Guide me every day of my life. Angel mahasiah please give me a sign that your with me all the time. Please give me the strength to do so what I want to do for so long. Please!

  30. Dear Mahasiah, please help me with guidance to success and being healthy please cleanse anything that is negative and holding me back I believe and trust in you please help me reach successfulness and positive vibes I believe in you help mahasiah

  31. Dear Mahasiah, Can you please show me the way to improve myself – to be a better person. To give me ever increasing knowledge of life

  32. Dear Mahasiah,
    Please help me find peace and harmony in my life. Everything I do in life seem falling apart. Help me build up my spiritual life and connection with you . I need you to guide and direct me with the right path of my life. Cleanse and protect from from all negative energies attacking me. I believe and trust in you. Help me Mahasiah.

  33. Dear Mahasiah,
    Please bring Jake home quickly and safely from war. Help me succeed in my part of this journey. Please watch over my mom, dad and brother. Tell my sister in heaven that I love her and miss her presence everyday.
    Not that I need to see you physically, but a visit from time to time in my dreams or a whisper in my subconscious will suffice. Some words of encouragement and love, guidance and humility, grace and peace. Watch over me. Keep my focused and on the right path. Thank you for blessing my life. Thank you God for giving me this wonderful Guardian Angel Mahasiah. Amen

  34. Please let me meet my guardian angel so that i may learn how to overcome my set backs in everything like health, money n love

  35. Let me meet my guardian angel physically…i need him to help me with my problems.i ask to this angel to help protect me for the dengers and understand my own mistakes and back my lose hope and peace and have all the happiness and more i am now being reborn through the help of my guardian angel mahasiah i have just discovered your name and your power.i believe a blessedfull life is now

  36. Please alleviate my anxiety and depression let me succeed in my career and let me live a happy life with the person I hope to love and have a happy life. Keep me safe healthy and through my hard work let me get the physical self back that I had before all of this inflicted me.

  37. Please alleviate my anxiety and depression let me succeed in my career and let me live a happy life with the person I hope to love and have a happy life. Keep me safe healthy and through my hard work let me get the physical self back that I had before all of this inflicted me.

  38. Let me meet my guardian angel physically… I need him to help me with my studies n to do well n pass all my exams n to end all the misery in my life


  39. let me meet my guardian angel in physical form ND may he help me throughout my life actions in order to be successful in life quickly
    may I always remember my spiritual dream messages

  40. I pray my guardian angel bring to pass all the promises shown to me through my dreams. I believe a blissful life is now

  41. Yesterday, I have meet my guardian angel in physical form. I ask to this angel to help understand my own mistakes and the mistakes of the one and only person I am in love with. Let this person I love be in peace and have all the happiness and more. I love the truth, and I am now being reborn through the help of my guardian angel Mahasiah. I have just discovered your name and your power. Thank you for all the love.

  42. Please alleviate my anxiety and depression let me succeed in my career and let me live a happy life with the person I hope to love and have a happy life with Roman. Keep me safe healthy and through my hard work let me get the physical self back that I had before all of this inflicted me.

  43. Let people l know that have passed away that I loved dearly know that I am always thinking of them and to let them send me a sign please and thank you

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