Menadel is the guardian angel for people born between September 18 and September 23. He has a masculine energy and represents the 25th and 30th degree of Virgo. In the angel hierarchy he is a Power, he is part of the sefirah of Geburah, and his governing Archangel is Camael. His planetary energies are Mars / Mars and he represents the element of Earth.

His name means: Lovable God.

He symbolizes: Liberation. He offers protection from gossip and frees you from the bad habits which are weighing you down. He also has influence over your professional life in which he will help you to keep your job and/or get a raise. The angel Menadel's stone is Carnelian and his colors are Coral / Pink. Of the 7 kingly attributes, he rules over: The Hand of Justice.

The qualities given to you by the angel Menadel

The angel Menadel is the angel who will help you in your professional life. To the person he is protecting he offers a calling as well as helpfulness, cooperativeness, and above all, generosity. In every individual he brings forth the liberty and truth that can be found in the world of work. He is the foreman at the factory of the divine.

He helps people to find a job so that everyone has a means to sustain themselves. If you are going through a period in which you lack motivation, this angel will bring you the will power you need to get back into your work. He can help you to understand the meaning of work in order to recapture your lost potential.

He brings you complete devotion to what you do. His protection allows you to do work on your self and gives you the ability to adapt to things more easily. The angel Menadel is also there to liberate prisoners and those who are exiled.

The imbalances regulated by the angel Menadel

By calling upon the angel Menadel you will be able to easily resolve any problems related to your work and to your different professional pursuits. During your day to day life, he will help you to finish your work while also avoiding a workload that is either too heavy or too light. He can be called upon in case of loss of employment or any difficulty finding a good job. Use him as your light and he will help you to avoid any lack of ideas or objectivity. He can help you to understand the deep significance of work.

However, this angel does not smile upon those people who only live for their work and whose main identity is their role in their professional life or their status in society. He also dislikes people who do their job just so that they can be liked and appreciated by their superiors and colleagues, the kind of people who are only interested in personal glory and success at any cost.

He is opposed to slavery and the philosophy of materialism. This guardian angel hates people who try to force, foil, or defy destiny. Nor does he look kindly upon running away, self-exile, laziness, or a lack of responsibility.

When should I communicate with the angel Menadel?

Time - Physical:
September 18 - September 23
Time - Intellectual:
11:40 - 12:00
Time - Emotional:
February 12, 00:00 - 23:59
April 26, 00:00 - 23:59
July 10, 00:00 - 23:59
September 23, 00:00 - 23:59
December 4, 00:00 - 23:59

What can I ask the angel Menadel?

If you ask him, the angel Menadel can free you from any kind of slavery within the professional world. If you feel like a prisoner, then he will free you from this grip. He offers a lot of help to people who have left their home country and who are treated like prisoners or slaves.

If you are currently unemployed, pray to the guardian angel Menadel and you will find the path to success. He will show you your calling if you don’t know what to do or if you find it difficult to choose between some of the options which present themselves to you, professionally speaking.

Just call upon the angel Menadel and you will find the profession that is right for you. You will be freed from any kind of slavery, you will find greater fulfillment in your work, and you will be rid of any professional concerns. He is the guardian angel that supports you at all times throughout the harsh reality that is the working world. He does so no matter what problems you may face and in order for you to continue to live your life at the present moment. According to Menadel, work has a meaning and is an important aspect of a person’s life.


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37 responses to “Menadel”

  1. Please help me find my way I am unemployed having a hard time finding success in life and career. I dont know my purpose. I want to be happy and not worry about finances.

  2. Please watch all of her mode my pets and myself. Please let me get a job. But all my hard work also get me into the university of sciences and let me become a pharmacist I want to be. An added prayer by my mother is please let me meet someone that I can spend time with and make me a little less lonely if I am lonely. Put me in a good relationship something that is totally out of my element

  3. My guardian Angle Menadel help me to fulfill my professions. I want you to help get more opportunities open doors, set me free from poverty, bless me with opportunities and bring me financial abundance. Change my story to the joy that comes from working, help with energy to get work done, make me happy and grant my heart desires. I want to be happy and not living life of poverty, Help stop worrying about my finances. Help me my angel Menadel.

  4. To my Guardian Angel Menadel, thank you for all your love and protection. I prayer to find my path to success and free myself from my current circumstance. My heart and mind are open to your guidance. Love Melissa

  5. Oh beloved of the ome true God/Goddess you were there when the one became 2 and the many henceforth spawned. The light of justice be with you and your protections at dawn.I ask that you once again show me the way as I once did show to you. Id ask that you train me and guide my sight. That my foot not stumble and no serpent doth strike my heel. Remove my enemies and guide me to whats right. That i may someday soon return to grace and work beside thee . In eternal light as was and shall be again when we joyously celebrate the return of the forever king.You have my thanx manadel forever king. Forevermore in grace Auran hyperborian king

  6. Guardian Angel Menandel I want to lnow more about help and guide me of what i need to do. I am just confused and distracted. Thank You Amen Please communicate xlearly with me

  7. Please Angel Menadel pls help me to pass my Ielts exam, band 9 is all I ask for in Jesus Mighty name I pray Amen

  8. Angel Menadel, I am being weighed down by negative Karma which does not belong to me. Please turn this karma around and let me enjoy my karmic bonus, and live a fulfilled life, like I did in my past life. Amen

  9. Please my guardian Angel Menadel, I am so confused and don’t know what to do right now. I am facing a whole lot of ups and downs in life, please help me to free myself from this Karmic reaction in order to achieve my highest purpose in life. Help me to secure a job at my field and leave a happy life. Amen

  10. Dear Guardian Angel Menadel, please help achieve great things through life for now on. I am ready for you to help me live a better life. Take whatever Karmic reaction is go on take it away from me. Help me be a better person. for my kids. Set whatever negativity there is take it away. Help me become successful. And live a very content and happy life. In Jesus I pray amen.

  11. My Guardian Angel Menadel. please help me find a job that is in harmony with my purpose. I am having a hard time with my finance, provibe me with a great job where i can take care of my bills and to have to live without worry and failure of being in poverty and in need. In the name of the Father The Son and Holy Spirit

  12. My guardian angel Menadel I want u to free me out of karmic debt and conflict that am for all this while and return be to positive karmic so that I can receive all this ulge money coming my way in less than 11 days

  13. My guiden angle menadel please help me with financial. break through so I may look after my kids and also remove all the negative energy in me and my families and help me spread the truth of word of God to those in needy so they too may follow the God path that I work. I asking for you love and guidens and knowledge. standing in jesus name I pray amen..

  14. please help me I need a guide I need god on my side.I cant trust anyone in my life after I survive in the miserable life I become.I”m afraid to trust anyone.I know I am saved by god grace and I have faith in christ who saved me.

  15. Menadel, thank you for answering all of these prayers from my fellow siblings in Christ! You have been faithful to your work by never failing us. You are the one who hears our cry to be our best selves and you have always come through for your flock. You are a wise and understanding Shepard and I am truly grateful to be a part of your calling. I want to thank you also for the miraculous outpouring of abundance that has been entrusted to me to support my calling as YOUR WORKER here in the physical. I am honored to be even considered. I understand the responsibility that comes with such a task and I know the importance of trusting you to see me through to the very end. Please keep my heart pure and my mind focused. Protect me from those that would try to distract me from the path that is set before me. Dress me in the full Armor of God so that no evil should harm me or entangle me. I give you the reigns to guide me all the days before me until our work here together is complete. With all Glory and Honor to the Great I AM through the Power of His Blood I humbly ask all these things in Yeshua’s Mighty name! Thank you, Abba!

  16. Menadel my guidian I thank you for your love torwads me I thank you for keeping me in this job for so long, I pray for confirmation in where I am working I want to be a full staff .

  17. Fabulous to finally meet you!!
    Highly honored…thank you for always having my back. I have really never been in want. I am praying currently about my life path and what to do next to continue enhancing my journey and find my ultimate calling! Be safe up there!

  18. Please help me redirect into the correct department wherr i can grow, assist n help others in wateva way , cause im so unhappy in my current job help menadel my angel i seek ur assitance and guidance asap

  19. Menadel, please give me the strength and direction to move onto a better job. I have been in the same place too long and I need your strength and motivation to move on, please guide me on a more fruitful and fulfilling role. Amen.

  20. My Lovable Guardian Angel MENABEL, I pray you with honesty and humility this morning that I just found you to help me find a suitable carrier and business that will profit me and make me very wealthy and rich.

    Also preserve my health and life and that of my family and children that I may live long in good health to enjoy the wealth you have given me.

    Oh MENADEL my most lovable Guardian Angel, I thank and praise you for I know that my prayers and wish has been answered and granted.
    Thank you so much.

  21. My Guardian Angel Menadel I thank you for keeping me on this job these 15 years.I kindly ask you to break the chain’s of slaverly on job.Help me earn the worth in my profession,help me realise my financial dreams.

  22. My guardian angel Menadel, please help me with the director of the building I live in. I live in a senior citizens building and he treats us disrespectfully. Please do not let him do the apt. inspections while the Covid-19 virus is going around.And please give me the strength and energy to clean and clear my apt. And please keep my cat in good health.I thank you in Jesus name.

  23. Dear Angel and Sweet Menadel
    Please take the hand of my dear friend Eva M. and take her where her new job should be ASAP. Please keep her away from need and sorrow while being unemployed. Please protect her

  24. Dear angel,

    Free me from gossip, help me find a career I enjoy and that I am motivated to participate in.

  25. My dear angel Menadel please free me from every spiritual prison. Let me find true love. guide and help me as I am about to start my nursings school. Amen

  26. Angel Menadel, I wonder if with your guidance I can fulfill my dream to 100% sustain abundance and to care for my self and family by working in the field of spiritual healing, the physical and emotional. I thank you and invite you into my world.

  27. My guardian angel Menadel be the foreman of my life. Always be part of my work and professional decisions. There is a position at my work place align people to favor and assist me to get it.

  28. Pls i call upon u Menadel help me to find a job cos i have none to start wit …divine protection favour all d delivery to my wife

  29. Pls I call on u Menadel for help come out of depts and to find satisfaction to my God given work on earth because it seems to me like I’m doing something that is not my choice of work and is not helping me and the people around me so pls help I pray my lovable angel

  30. Archangel Menadel intervene in my life right now. I call upon you to free me from any/everything that is holding me back or stands in my way of receiving all that the Universe as in-store for me. Let your supernatural powers flow freely within me, activating my highest good. Release all fear base and blockages, as well as negativity out my life. As I welcome in love and light, happiness, blissfulness, joy, abundance, prosperity, total well being, total health and wealth to flow freely and effortlessly throughout my life, mind, body , soul and spirit. Gratitude Gratitude Gratitude. So be it.

    Martelis Graves

  31. Menadel, I am so full of gratitude for how you always manage to keep me afloat and rescue me from financial woes. I hope you can sense my gratefulness, and my passion for the line of work in which I’m striving towards. If it is in my will and destiny, please help me get my writing out there in the world. I know it is my soul purpose. Please let me be a conduit for God and your message, and continue to keep me on a path that though satisfying, will also be one of service.

  32. Archangel Menadel Thank you fr protecting me and my family. And thank you for all the grace. Help me in my dreams and thoughts that i may be of use to others in helping them live a good life and also bless my life and my family

  33. Dear Angel Menadel, set free from bondages, keep my children under your protection. Clean all my bad habits and guide me all the way until death. Keep my job safe and my health fit to my job. Clear my path to success and i beg for financial stability. Keep me away from gossips and mental agonies.

  34. My guardian angel Menadel
    I want to invoke you now
    My guardian angel Menadel
    I know you been their for me
    You tell me what to do
    I know you love me and you played the very important role in my life ,
    I don’t want to be financial disturb
    Free me from my fears
    Uplift me above my enemies

    My guardian Angel Menadel in Jesus name Amen

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