Hahasiah is the guardian angel for people born between December 3 and December 7. He has a feminine energy and represents the 10th and 15th degree of Sagittarius. In the angel hierarchy he is a Principality, he is part of the sefirah of Netsah, and his governing Archangel is Haniel. His planetary energies are Venus / Jupiter and he represents the element of Fire.

His name means: Hidden God.

He symbolizes: Wisdom. He provides you with a great spirit and allows your soul to move towards spirituality. He will help you in the study and practice of medicine and will support you in making major discoveries. The angel Hahasiah's stone is Magnesite and his colors are Violet / Violet. Of the 7 chakras, he rules over: Sahasrara (The Crown Chakra).

The qualities given to you by the angel Hahasiah

Patron of the occult sciences, the guardian angel Hahasiah will bring you a knowledge of universal medicine, the medicine which connects all medical professions including neurology, therapy, neurotechnology, nursing care, and more.

He will give you the ability to understand things from a global and multidimensional perspective and allow you to learn how to recognize and determine the reasons for different illnesses. This patron angel will allow you to become a great healer, a bearer of universal remedies which have the power to heal all illnesses.

The guardian angel Hahasiah will also bring into your heart everlasting goodness and the desire to help others unconditionally. He will grant you the philosopher's stone and help you to become a true magician while also helping to uplift your soul.

This patron guardian angel will give you total access to the truth which will allow you to understand the power of the universe. Under his influence, you will become a specialist in the field of the esoteric arts (kabbalah, metaphysics, alchemy, etc.)

The imbalances regulated by the angel Hahasiah

With the help and support of the guardian angel Hahasiah you will not just treat the symptoms of diseases and physical pains, you will also seek to learn and to understand the deep-rooted causes of such ailments. Because of this, he will not allow you to become a crook or pseudotherapist who merely profits from the naivety and ignorance of others.

This angel will help change your behavior if you only use medicine for your own material enrichment or if you are in the pursuit of power. He will protect you from any lack of spiritual knowledge within the field of medicine.

He will guard you against manipulators, two-faced people, and tricksters who only seek to profit from the good faith of others. Delusion will have no place within your life if you are under the protection of the angel Hahasiah. He will protect you if you are the victim of fraud or any kind of abuse of trust.

When should I communicate with the angel Hahasiah?

Time - Physical:
December 3 - December 7
Time - Intellectual:
16:40 - 17:00
Time - Emotional:
February 27, 00:00 - 23:59
May 11, 00:00 - 23:59
July 25, 00:00 - 23:59
July 26. 00:00 - 12:00
October 8, 00:00 - 23:59
December 19, 00:00 - 23:59

What can I ask the angel Hahasiah?

If you work in the field of medicine, pray to the guardian angel Hahasiah and you will be able to bring true healing to the people around you. This angel fosters your gift for healing, as well as your intuition and your knowledge of the occult.

If you have any kind of illness such as ulcers, pains in your lower back or vertebrae, or if you are about to undergo a surgical operation, he will bring you healing thanks to his unconditional love. Once healed, he will also teach you to then go on to heal others as well.

You can ask the angel Hahasiah for a more understanding mind. This will be useful in helping you to progress more easily in your life and to understand things and the people around you.


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  1. Divine angel Hahasiah _/_

    Please help me accomplish what I yearn to do for the community and helpless beings – at large and also to be able to guide ,help and take care of all my dependents with full understanding and abundant loe ,and wisdom ,always _/_

    My heartfelt gratitude for Eer ARCHANAGEL hAHASIAH FOR WATCHING OER ME AND HELPING ME …Amen _/_

  2. Hahasiahprotect me from those that ties to put obstacles before my path. Give me the knowledge and stregnth to fight past those that try.

  3. My angel Hahasiah. I beg you to open doors.of favor for me. In my financial. Home and career aspect. I want to be a blessing to my generation. To help the needed n defend the defensless both financially and spiritually. Open my spirit mind wide

  4. My angel Hahasiah please grant unto men unconditional love. A soul mate who loves and cherish me. Grant me uncommon favor in my career, my personal life my and with strangers. Bless my finances that my pocket and my bank aunt never run dry. Bless my Project and my programs that I am able to help others that come in my path. Grant me with wisdom knowledge and understanding. Open my spiritual eyes to see deeper. Protect me from every evil spirites that seeks to destroy me. Thank you my Angel Hahasiah

  5. Angel Hahsiah,

    I would like you to bestow on me in the near future these:
    Love being offered more
    Understanding of my place in the universe
    More opportunities to help my community.

    I thank you for watching over me.

  6. Hahasiah, I ask that you remove any and all blocks placed in my life that have hindered my progress. I want healing in my mind, body, and spirit.

  7. Hahasiah I ask that you remove all the think that block me from luck money and love I want healing in my mind and my body

  8. I call upon my angel hahasiah. Come forth and enter my whole being. Teach me your wisdom and your understandings of the cosmos. Help me to nurture my healing abilities and enable me to heal and help all that come into my life. Angel hahasiah, I accept you, I love you, I permit you to enter my spirit and walk with me in this life and the next. Thank you

  9. My dear guardian Hahasiah, please help me financially. Help me to get me approve to my case. Pls. help my Mother, my sister and my husband. Give them the healing in their mind and in thier body. And please help my mother to get approve for her visa to go to U.S.
    Please protect my family and my love once. And protect me from every bad spirit and take away all my worries and anciety. Thank you. I love you my guardian angel Hahasiah
    Thank you for watching over me.

  10. Guardian Angel Hahasiah i only ask that you might help me to help others and to better understand others and my purpose in a life that Almighty God has given me.

  11. My guardian angel hahasiah
    I come to you for guidance and healing for i am lost in this meaningless world show me my purpose and i shall proceed with this gift

  12. Pray and protect my mother Betty. She is also a good and very wise angelic being. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for you and God blesses you too.

  13. Hahasiah please help me to overcome any obstacle that has made it difficult for me to succeed in life and help me grow in spiritual, physical and emotional.

  14. My quardian Angel Hahasiah,in all my life I have been trying to do anything to help my family and other people but the more I try the worse things go for me.. I need you in my life now Angel Hahasiah

  15. Hahasiah, I ask that you remove any and all blocks placed in my life that have hindered my progress. I want healing in my mind, body, and spirit.
    May you bless me with patience, knowledge, and the ability to bring peace and love into this world.

  16. Hahasiah! I am praising you and every gift you give to protect me as I make it a point to align with you. I praise you Hahasiah! I pray that I continue on my path of love and I pray that we grow closer! Thank you my Angel Hanasiah!


  17. Dear Hahasiah, I humbling ask you for your healing power heal me, and my Mom. Come to my rescue and I pray that I continue in the new path that you put me and we grow closer! Thank you my Angel Hanasiah!

  18. Dear hahasiah I’m needing help to handle my soon be husband that my go over seas and handle my mother passed away

  19. Hahasiah I ask of you to please fill my heart with ever lasting love, so that I can escape the hate within my heart. Please help guide me in the right ways so I can become the person I know I should be.

    I want to help those who truly seek to change their life’s and want to put the work in but like myself don’t know where to start. Please heal my back pains n clear my heart and mind of the evil actions I do quickly take part in.

    Please help me so I can do unto others in this physical world as you do to me. For my mind is at times week and my morals are at times lost. I beg of your guidance. Keep me humble, keep me aware, give me abundance so I can help the mass’s in which I do desire to care for and help. For you and God know that I mean this with all my heart.

    Use me too bring light back into this world and please give clear my mind of the chaos my selfish flesh has brought upon it. For at times when I am weak remind me of my strength. For to you and all angels and God I give my thanks.

    I’m trapped in this place and it is no longer anybody’s paradise. Please I beg of this. Please. For I have gotten so lost in this world. Please help me….❤️

  20. Angel Hahasiah, I pray to be a Nurse, provide solution and help to others that need it. Impact me with wisdom and understanding, financial breakthrough and love.

  21. Angel hahasaih please I need understanding, wisdom , unconditionally love , I need money . Please use me to help everyone who is related to me , move mountains for me , you are guardian , don’t allow me to cry in pain . Help me my guardian angel .

  22. Angel hahasaih please I need understanding of wisdom I need money lots of money healing from my body head to toe and give me healing powers to help others out help me my guardian angel

  23. 51st Kabbalah Angel, please guide me with my job search and reunion with my soulmate. Please end coronavirus soon!

  24. Angel Hahasiah,
    End my fight for wartime service claims at the VA and SSDI. It’s been 9 year struggle, your reading was EXACT and confirmation needed . Help my family understand who I really am and my true intent. Help me use money to get what I need asap, to service of others.

  25. Guardian angel Hahasiah, please with your Devine light protect my children, partner and I from any negativity and guide me through this emotional roller coaster, I pray to you with all my faith I will have my dreams, desires answered and an abundance of money come my way. I thank you for your guidance and you’re Devine light protection.

  26. Dear Hahasiah
    I give praise to you for been with me.I call upon your might fill me with your divine power. I want you to help me in my struggle to overcome obstacles. free me from long time sufring. shower me with your blessing from above. so be it Lord.

  27. Thank you Angel Hahasiah.
    Help to become a nurse and a medical doctor.
    Please Open financial doors excessively for me,my parents and my siblings.Please Release my brother from prison immediately.
    Please bring me my Husband and take me Abroad .
    Extend your healing powers to my mother and father immediately everyday.Remove every Obstacle that is blocking me from achieving my Goals in Life.
    Destroy all witches and wizards who doesn’t want us to prosper in the family.
    Thank you my Angel.

  28. Angel HAHASIAH, I’m grateful to you, you are with me and by side always.
    I want your help in improving my financial and emotional problem in my life.

  29. My guardian Angel Hahasiah, please i besche you come and wip my tears and consol my spirit. Please bless me financially and release all my blessings stolen fromme by all the enemies of my life and destiny. Guard and protect me all evil. Show me mercy in every eara of my life. Fight all my secrets battles and open ones.

  30. My guardian Angel, please come right now and bless me financially, spiritually and materially. I need you to direct my pats. Release all my stolen blessings. Destroy every witchcraft plans and powers fighting against me from my father’s compand,fight all the enemies of my destiny. Deliver me from poverty, hadluck, evil manipulation of witchcraft. Bless the work of my hands. Release and connect me to my destiny helpers all over the world. Help me to win sports bet and settle all my debts. Amen.

  31. My Guardian Angel Hahasiah, my request to is for you to give me understanding mind, so that I can live a better life to help those in needy and my family as well..

  32. Please look over William & let him be safe , help him understand the meaning of love & trust please & thank you, I love him but I dont think he really believes or understands how much

  33. Help me to connect with you in a more personal way, to feel your divine presence and power at all time physically and spiritually. Help me to be more spiritual connected to everything around me.

  34. To my blessed guardian angel Hahasiah, thank you for coming into my life. I am needing your help more than ever right now. I have lost almost everything and been a victim of a con artist and narcissistic relationship where my son no longer lives with me. Please guide and support me through these dark times and move forward with health wealth and happiness again. My soul and spirit need to recover too. I would be ever so grateful for your assistance and protection. Life was meant to be enjoyed, not struggle and not trusting people. Many blessings to you and all the angels 🙏😇🌈🌻💚💛❤️

  35. My Guardian angel Hahasiah bring back my happiness and my love life that has left me back to normal, I ask for peace, wealth, long life, love and more happiness. These all a asked in the name of my guardian angel Hahasiah 🙏🙏🙏

  36. Angel hahasiah I need my life to change with miracle, making me to know my purpose on Earth, opening my ways to exile in life, my peace, happiness, wealth, long life to restore to me in the name of my guardian angel hahasiah amen

  37. I want to know more about by guardian angel hahasiah, and i want to be in contact with him

  38. Angel hahahsiah please help me to protect my family for all my financial problem bring my two daughter here in uae with me give us a good bussiness and house and help me to comback jonathan to my life and be my husband

  39. Hahasiah, I ask that you remove any and all blocks placed in my life that have hindered my progress. I want to heal in my mind, body, and spirit. My angel Hahasiah. I beg you to open doors of favor for me. In my financial. Home and career aspect. I want to be a blessing to my generation. To help the needy and defend the defenseless both financially and spiritually. Open my spirit mind wide

  40. Angel Hahashia please pray for me to have a good health ..protect me from all kinds of harm and sickness… please pray for me to have a comfortable life to include economically …Pray for
    Me that our Lord our God will bless me indeed and be successful in all
    My transactions amen amen please help
    Me sell the property in Cebu and all
    The properties I am
    Handling amen

  41. My guardian angel hahasiah,please show me the way in whatever I do and please guide me and bless me that in this month my admission process into a nursing school moves on well and I also be successful in my medical profession. I also pray that I find money to further my education. And also move in the right path away from distractions. Through u I pray .Amen

  42. Please grant me the ability to foresee financial pitfalls, and identify thoughts that push my abundance away. Heal me from any karmic negativity over my life. Let me harness my full potential and use my powers for the highest good. Thank you for everything you do and have done in my life!

  43. angel hahasiah I want extraordinary wisdom genius in accounting and a very big job in government and above all being profound

  44. Thank you my guardian Angel.

    Please I am jobless and someone is trying to get me one. Grant me this opportunity please so that I can further to become medical doctor. Please pray and open way for traveling mercies.
    Please pray for my love life that Bridget Agyekum is the lady of my dream that spiritual marriage returns to where it came from and who ever is responsible dies. As a twin sister any other thing blocking her chances or stand in as a pillar to separate/ prevent us from marrying goes far from us immediately please. Open ways for spiritual blessings in every endeavor of our life through our entire life. Thank you for everything you do and yet to do in my life

  45. Angel Hahasiah, what I’ve desired and what I am best suited for have proven to be 2 different paths. I trust you to make me your student serving the world with my gifts rather than as domestic working family man. I know this was my past. I am ready to rejoin it and ask humbly that you assist me. Thank you.

  46. My dear Guildian Angel Hahasiah Help me to deepen my understanding of my chosen field and help me succeed in my chosen field and bring to me financial prosperity

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