Find your guardian angel quickly and easily using your date of birth. Get immediate access to all the information you need on your spiritual guide or the guide of someone close to you. You will then be able to find out who is protecting you and what they can bring to you on your life's path.

Your birth month is the first step towards working out your guardian angel. When you have chosen yours, you will then be able to select the time period which your birthday falls under.

The angel calendar is very accurate and identifies the characteristics of each angel. You should know that there is a connection between the 72 guardian angels and the 12 signs of the zodiac. Just like how your sign influences your destiny or your personality, your guardian angel is beside you on the various planes of your existence.

We have also provided you with a place to leave your prayers where you can communicate with your angel. You can then formulate your question in the area of your choice. You can also click on the other months to practice with the angels. They each have different types of energy which you can call upon depending on the situation you are facing.