Manakel is the guardian angel for people born between February 15 and February 19. He has a masculine energy and represents the 25th and 30th degree of Aquarius. In the angel hierarchy he is an Angel, he is part of the sefirah of Yesod, and his governing Archangel is Gabriel. His planetary energies are The Moon / Saturn and he represents the element of Air.

His name means: God Who Supports and Upholds All Things

He symbolizes: Liberation. He provides relief when you are feeling guilty by calming the anger of the divine. He also allows you to have a good quality of sleep without any disturbances. The angel Manakel's stone is Blue Topaz and his colors are Green / Blue. Of the 7 senses, he rules over: Memory.

The qualities given to you by the angel Manakel

The angel Manakel helps you gain an awareness of good and evil. He can transform your fears and give you confidence and stability.

He helps you to build a happy and fulfilled life for yourself and gives you a high moral character. He brings altruism, goodness, and kindness to your heart and mind.

He helps you interpret your dreams to allow you to gain a higher initiation as well as to combine the qualities of your mind and body. He unlocks the potential that lies dormant deep inside you. He is able to calm the soul.

The imbalances regulated by the angel Manakel

The angel Manakel protects you from people who mess around with bad energies and who don’t understand the fact that evil begets evil. Under his supreme protection the forces of darkness will no longer reach you.

He also protects you from sinister and malevolent con artists who would do anything to achieve their goals. These are people who lack any altruistic values or principles as well as old souls who are too lazy to change their ways.

He protects you from instability, lack of confidence and faith, as well as self-destructive thoughts. He can help if you ever get stuck in a negative way of thinking.

He rids you of any inferiority or superiority complexes as well as of any excess ambition. He protects you from moral dilemmas and mental disorders as well as a destructive or stubborn mindset.

This guardian angel will help you if you ever find yourself only in the pursuit of material pleasures and social prestige or if you are failing to keep your promises.

He prevents women from developing late onset personality disorders and men from having late-night encounters with the opposite sex. He can also protect you from toxic friendships.

He can help you if you are feeling anger towards God or if you are going through a rebellion. He can also help you if you have a tendency to use technology in excess or in a bad or malicious way.

When should I communicate with the angel Manakel?

Time - Physical:
February 15 - February 19
Time - Intellectual:
21:40 - 22:00
Time - Emotional:
January 2, 00:00 - 23:59
March 14, 00:00 - 23:59
May 27, 00:00 - 23:59
August 10, 00:00 - 23:59
October 23, 00:00 - 23:59

What can I ask the angel Manakel?

If you have problems with acne, pray to the guardian angel Manakel and he will help treat this particular dermatological concern. This angel is your patron and protector and is able to support you if you have any dental problems or problems related to your gums.

He is the angel to pray to if you ever develop a cold or the chills. He will also support you by bringing you healing for arthritis, rheumatism, and osteoarthritis, as well as if you are suffering from kidney stones or incurable diseases.

If you wish to be kinder, just ask this guardian angel and he will bring kindness into your heart.

Do you want to rid yourself of temptations which risk bringing disruption into your life? Call upon the angel Manakel and he will protect you from anything which may bring you harm. If you ask him he will bring stability into your life.

If you desire dream interpretation the guardian angel Manakel will give you clairvoyance, so give him your prayers.


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15 responses to “Manakel”

  1. Bless me with great,healthy, brilliant, kind, God fearing and respectful children from my own body.
    Bless me with a good, kind hearted and rich man that will support me.
    Make me rich and grant me political appointment that will turn my life around for good.
    Bless me with wisdom and understanding.
    Heal me of all diseases in my body. Grant me all round favour . Grant all my requests in this year 2019.

  2. Dearest angel Manakel.. thank you for your protection and grace. I am grateful for your beautiful frequency in my life. Please continue to protect my energy by curing the scars that were left behind from acne.. please cure my skin from any acne related issues and restore my beautiful skin to the way it was before. With all my love. ♥️

    • My dear Guardian Angel Manakel thank you for being there for me.
      Bless me with great, healthy, brilliant, kind, God fearing and respectful children from my own body.
      Bless me with a good, kind hearted, caring and respectful wife that will support me.
      Make me rich and grant me political appointment that will turn my life around for good.
      Bless me with wisdom, knowledge and understanding to make money and make my family Happy.
      Heal me of all diseases in my body. Grant me all round favour . Grant all my requests in this year 2020.
      Sincerely yours:
      Manyindo Eli

  3. Hello Angel Manakel
    I would like to pray and ask for forgiveness and strength right now in my life. I have had a very hard life but I continue to fight I won’t give up but I could use some extra strength to continue to deal with the challenges of life and forgiveness for being weak at times in my life I don’t want to let my family down we are small only 4 of us no extended family members we are alone my husband and I have to take every challenge that comes our way and fight it alone please give me strength to continue to fight lately I cry in secret because I’m becoming very tired of fighting I have had to fight ever since I was a young child now I am in my 40’s and I’m growing tired of fighting and being strong but just as I say I cannot go on I look at my family my heart aches and I continue to fight but strength and happiness for myself and for my family I don’t know what ask to say I am thankful for any help or guidance from you god bless you Manakel

  4. My Guardian Angel Manakel Please rebuke all negativity & evil force which is effecting me & every member of my family – physically,emotionally,mentally,& financially – in name of Jesus. Help us to concentrate in prayer & increase our faith. Protect & guard us from all danger, Amen

  5. Hi my blessed guardian Angel Manakel, you know my heart desires. I pray in the name of Jesus, that your protection will stay with me and remove any negative thought I may have. Bless me with my true love and divine wisdom. Amen.

  6. Dear my guardian angel Manakel, I pray to you for a blessing of strength. I have another year of school and I expect it to be dark and miserable just like the last time. Please renew my skin as well, I experience such pain from acne. Blessings to you as well. Amen.

  7. Manakel, please bless me and my family financially. We are in great need. I put my faith in God and ask you to petition God to help in all ways possible now. Amen

  8. Dear MY Guardian Angel MANAKEL , U know me well since my birth.. u know my Ambitions towards life .. u know my desires that i hungry for to get fulllfilled .. i need peace, wealth , and power in life.. i need my family to get unite and understand everything and everyone s choices.. dear manakel.. please guide me in every path of my life i know u have saved me from all the dangers i was about to face.. which u have taken on u and safegaurded me..

    kindly help me to fullfill my dreams.. interms of my desires…
    thanking you inthe name of JESUS..

  9. hey Manakel
    i ask for kindness in my heart, and a happy soul. i ask for any skin disorder to be cleared. and most importantly genuine love in my heart towards everyone

  10. My dearest Manakel,
    I just want to thank You for always being here for me and let You know i love You. I ask that You will continue to be apart of me and bless me long life. I ask of You to please heal me of all skin sickness. I ask you to please remove all malevolent inflience from my life and home. I ask for Your divine protection always. I ask you to bring healing into my life. Help me stop repeating the same mistakes. Please come back to me and be mines once again. I need you. Thank You listening to me always.

  11. Dearest my angel manakel thank you for being there for me all the time please my lovely angel manakel please give my life stability and make me a very rich person in the world so that i can be an helper to those who needs me and also grant me long life and prosperity in my life also guide all my children in Jesus name ,that’s my wish

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