Sitael is the guardian angel for people born between March 31 and April 4. He has a masculine energy and represents the 11th and 15th degree of Aries. In the angel hierarchy he is a Seraph, he is part of the sefirah of Kether, and his governing Archangel is Metatron. His planetary energies are Neptune / Jupiter and he represents the element of Fire.

His name means: God, Hope to All Creatures

He symbolizes: Responsibility. He makes it easier to take on positions of big responsibility and provides the courage necessary to face adversity. The angel Sitael's stone is Sapphire and his colors are Violet / Purple. Of the 7 deadly sins, he rules over: Gluttony.

The qualities given to you by the angel Sitael

He watches over construction. He is the master builder who builds you up on both the inside and the outside. The angel Sitael helps you to master the sciences to a high level, he bestows upon you the power of growth, and he helps you to reap the fruits of your labor.

Sitael gives you the strength to manage men and women in any given situation. Thanks to him you have a good mind for planning. You are a skilled strategist and you take on life in a practical way.

The angel Sitael hones your administrative abilities and guides you on the path to honesty and integrity. These attitudes will help you to present yourself as a strong source of support for others who can overcome all kinds of difficulties and defeat all kinds of adversaries. These things will be indispensable for leading people into battle, for example.

He also helps you in matters of conception, be this the conception of a project or the conception off a child. He helps you to recognize your mistakes and supports you along the path towards transforming your karma.

He fills you with the energies of nobility, charity, and forgiveness. He turns you into a righteous person and makes sure that you honor your word, especially in matters concerning peace.

The guardian angel Sitael is the architect and engineer of the divine. He will give you the skills necessary to negotiate with others and will help you to acquire a certain political or social notoriety.

The imbalances regulated by the angel Sitael

Sitael helps you to avoid destruction and protects you from ruin and times of hardship. He also helps you to fight the weapons and forces of evil.

He protects you from lack of preparation or judgment and acts upon problems related to conceiving a child or implementing a project.

By working with the angel Sitael you will be able to calm your aggressive, ungrateful, or boastful side which shows itself following the negative energy which overcomes you the most frequently.

If you are facing problems in your relationships with others he will help you in matters related to lies or a lack of honesty. He also helps you to keep your promises if you have a tendency not to honor them.

When should I communicate with the angel Sitael?

Time - Physical:
March 31 - April 4
Time - Intellectual:
00:40 - 1:00
Time - Emotional:
January 11, 00:00 - 23:59
March 23, 00:00 - 23:59
June 5, 00:00 - 23:59
August 19, 12:00 - 23:59
August 20, 00:00 - 23:59
November 1, 00:00 - 23:59

What can I ask the angel Sitael?

You can pray to the angel Sitael to help you build up your family or develop on your projects. He is able to help you prepare all the things necessary to establish and carry out your life’s purpose.

Ask him for the energy to lead others with righteousness and to make fair and honest decisions on the behalf of the people you are leading.

He will be useful to you if you wish to be given a position of high responsibility with regards to others, such as in the army, or which requires a high level of training in the field of science.

You can also call upon the angel Sitael for help concerning your relationships with others. He can help you to uncover what other people are hiding from you and bring to light any potential plotting or jealousy aimed in your direction.


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52 responses to “Sitael”

  1. Holy Sitael am writing to you for the sake of Christ to liberate me from the Cobwebs spirit, Backwardness, Disappointment, hatred, From hand to mouth spirit, protect me always from Marine powers that I have involved myself with. In Jesus name I pray Amen

  2. Sitael, my guardian angel, please be beside me and my family all the time. Protect us. Help uncover all the plots, lies and hidden agendas against me. Expose these people. Help me to end the chain of unhappy, unfulfilling relationships. Help me find real and meaningful love again. Help my son to be healed of diabetes. Help me with my finances.

  3. My dear Guardian Angel Sitael. You are my angel by my date of birth. I am new to this but I believe. I am requesting from you knowledge of the heavenlies. Peace of mind. Health Financial freedom. Love in the family. And the removal of all negative energy in my house. In Jesus name i pray

  4. Dear Sitael please forgive me and don’t be far form me I need you with me all the time as my best friend talk to me and tell me were to go and we’re not to go, I really need to know you.

  5. I pray to holy Sitael to rebuild my spiritual life and protect me from the hands of the fierce lion from hell
    I pray for a turn around

  6. I plead on Angel of God Angel Sitael to please kindly come to my rescue in my life struggles, peace of mind, financial breakthrough,protection ,wisdom and understanding to keep my life on the right positive Path in Jesus Name Amen 🙏🏽

  7. Angel siteal forgive me all my wrong things that are have committed,and please come back to me and help me to recover all my lost in Jesus mighty name

  8. Oh dear Angel Siteal, forgive all my wrongdoings and pray to God to have mercy on me. Come back to me and help me to be a better person and to reclaim my lost glories and do great things.protect my family especially Leonard my son.

  9. Sitael forgiveth me of the lust. Bringth about my lords desire. May peace an happiness come around my family. May health surround us an our works multiply amonst mother earth. I ask that all evil perish within mine sight an evil tremble from the words my lord giveth me. Open my sight to the plant kingdom that i may provide abundance to whomever need it. I ask that my path unfold before me an support from our brethren be available. Abundance , wealth, an prosperity to share with those in need . I only ask for so much to help others. Thank you an so be it

  10. Dear Angel Sitael, I pray for forgiveness for the bad things I have done. I regret for my sins that has kept you far away from me.
    I invite you into my life now and again. Guide me in all decision making, direct my path and keep all negative energy away from my life. Give me the power to triumph over the works of the devil against my life.
    Dear Angel Sitael, grant me financial freedom and make me succeed in all that I do. Thank you so much.

  11. Im plessed i have you around me we have been through a lot i know i was going through problems and you help me a lot thank you always i need faith love luck wisdom protection strength and find money easily. thank you for being there for me.

  12. Surely am just hearing about u for first time, tank u f coming my way with griviours heart &,tears I ask you to help me build bakery company, empower my biz to 3illon profit a month, I will never forget this gesture, please help me Ur my last hope

  13. I’ll start with Thank you for all your strength and protection this far. I have a few projects in the works and need inspiration to finish them up. It’s like I’ve had writers block for far too long! Please guide me in the direction the Holy Father would have me go?

  14. I pray sitael to open every closed doors against my business, finances,favour, my building project and release to me divine spiritual empowerment dat will equip my psychick. Direct me to de right things, places and right people at all time. Grant me spirit of decentment to be able to understand myself in any were i find myself. Grant my intentions pls my lovely guidian angel sitael. Amen

  15. I pray for protection from sitael , breakthrough,wealth ,divine connection,talent, protection for my parents,sisters an relative and long life and the grace of God always speak for me in all circumstances

  16. I pray for wisdom to acquire wealth and maintain it. Remove all negative thoughts and behaviors all me or I might have. Let the spirit of God always be on me.

  17. Sitael I just wanna THANK YOU for EVERYTHING that you’ve done for ME… Your protection, guidance, blessings, peace and financial breakthrough PLEASE continue to shower me with all these Blessings especially financially breakthrough I’m desperately in need of Money so that I will be able to pay all my debts… I Trust and Believe In You My Guidan ANGEL that you can and will make things happen for me….

  18. To fix all my problems; financially, works, thought (plans), strength, love, emotions, age(long life)
    and to lead me to the right path.
    Success in my life (way)…and as many as he knows.

  19. Dear Angel Sitael, I pray for forgiveness for the bad things I have done. I regret for my sins that has kept you far away from me.
    I invite you into my life now and again. Guide me from bad energies, witches and wizards that seek my soul and spirit in the realms of the spirit. Give me the power to triumph over the works of the devil against my life.
    Fight for me in my dreams and in physical. Let your light and showers of blessings be upon my work. Please help me to be established and get married to the woman I have loved to marry.
    Help me in every situation of my life to be successful and help others

  20. I am totally stressed out of my life.This was the second time when I got rejection in my marriage.
    My boyfriend just stayed with me for four years and now does not agree to get married to me
    I am disappointed with my life
    Angel please show him the way

  21. I have recently been put on a rocky path, tempted by Lucifer. I don’t know if I should stay in His arms. Will He hurt me? Please, Sitael. If you hear me. Show me a sign. Anything.

  22. My guidian angel sitael I pray for you to remove every negative energy around my household, and Grant me peace of mind and feel me with your positive energy, financial breakthrough, and peace I’m my life and family, lastly I just need money to start up a business and become that man I have ever dreamed of , please help me my guidian angel

  23. My trusted Angel Sitael,am humbled before your presences. I humbly pray for peace,serenity and tranquillity within my Loved ones and myself, I know I have failed you multiple times but we are gradually getting there.I also pray for a financial breakthrough to cope with my current situations in Jesus name,guide me and I will obey your humble requests.may the Will of the Almighty be done,Amen

  24. Angel Sitael, I come to you on behave of my son Ke’-Neil. He is 7 and a brilliant boy. I pray you will protect him and make him prosperous. Give him the desire for the word of God and to study his books. I pray he will have scholarship for school and get a good woman of God for his wife some day and children that will fear God. He may not know how to call on you but if you would allow me I would like to petition you on his behalf.

    Thank you.

  25. I pray to Sitael, My Agel of Hope for business breakthrough, financial breakthrough, marital breakthrough, divine health, wisdom and understanding, release me from stagnation to abundance of Grace, to connect me to my destiny helper, success, divine favor, miracle job and a peaceful. Amen

  26. I pray to Sitael, to make my life peaceful and happy. And also fulfill my wish what I want in my life and remove obstacles.

  27. Angel Sitael, i ask you for wisdom and understanding to worked and moved in a truthful and righteousness way of the Lord most high.
    Cleans me from my iniquities and wash me away from my sins and let me whiter than snow, so that i can dwell and abide in the house of the Lord for ever and ever. AMEN

  28. I pray that Sitael reveal the truth of all that are hateful towards me, to uncover all the lies, jealousy and plots against me. I also pray that he help me in guiding my children in making the best decision pertaining to their financial goals and love relationship.

  29. I pray to Sitael , to under cover all the lies and plots thet others around and near may have against me. Reveal all !! I pray that my financial and wealth which I have been manifesting .. Follows suit.. I pray for my love life to blossom with my true love. My business successful.. I pray for my Angel Sitael divine Love Wealth and Accomplishments Over my life and my family !!! Thank you for always protecting me. Guiding me thru life , lol boy I no it’s been a ride 🙈

  30. I’m speechless it matches up with everything that’s happening to me he’s like my creator that matches up perfectly no wonder why every time when I think I lose something rather Easy I think I’m the master of planning sitael 🙏🙏🙏

  31. My warring guardian angel sitael thank you for your protection and for always helping me I pray the Lord bless me indeed and expand my kingdom lead me to the right one for me and guide me on the right path

  32. Sitael I thank you for all you have done for me.Please bring my daughter back to me and help me gain financial success.I want and need many things all positive.I want to be a regular donor to st judes hospital for cancer children.I wanna help make a difference.Thank you

  33. My Great Angel sitael, Help me to find money easily, I want to feel you in my spirit, grant me with your protection,wisdom and fight against my enemies

  34. Sitael, I ask of you for financial support through this period of unemployment. I ask of you for support in building and repairing relationships with others. I know you’re helping me on my path through life, and I cannot express enough my gratitude for you. I’m always aware you’re watching, and I love that you are.

  35. My wonderful angel Sitael, kindly liberate me from all financial challenges and set back. Grant me the position, respect, dignity and the the success i deserve. Give me also wisdom to lead people and peace in my family. Cause me to succeed in every step i take.

  36. i will pray to sitael but obviously i must pray to my heavenly father Jesus. Jesus is the king over all. this is very ironic because sitaels personality matches mine

  37. Dear SITAEL, I’m grateful for all the protection and help you have given to me and my family, I just learnt about you and I am so happy to have you by my side. On this day I ask for breakthrough, protection, wealth and abundance. I also pray for my family to come together and live together as one. Thank you do much once again for all the good things you have done for me I ask you to continue walk with me and open more doors for me.

  38. I pray to sitael for good health, and peace of mind. I want happiness in my life again, I want a stable home for myself and kids, promotion at work and the project am embarking on I need tour help. And I thank sitael for all his help in my life. Pls protect me and my kids from harm. I don’t won’t to be lonely anymore pls help find the best soul mate for me. And improve my life all this I ask from you.

    • Angel sitael pls I need every moment of my my path,teach me to be focused and to live a life of no regret, especially in my relationship with people.i just want to be close to you.

  39. Angel sitael. With our God Almighty and all the angels and saints. I entrust to you my life my dreams my HOPE …. Thank you for all things that you have done me. Forgive me of deficience and i love you. Never allow your love to be seperated from me …

  40. My Guardian Angel Sitael, Thank you for guiding me always I ask for your protection over my family. Please help me that all my financial problems and debts will be solved. Thank you.

  41. Dearest Angel Sitael,

    Thank you for your protection over me and the strength and courage you give me to face everything going on in my life. I ask you for your help on my finance who has taken such a negative tole over my emotions and life. I have faith that you are helping me and that this is just a phase of learning. Thank you for granting me prosperity, great health and assertiveness and courage to pass that phase very soon.
    Thank you Thank You MY Guardian Angel Sitael

  42. My Guardian angel Sitael, please help me and protect me in my current situation. Please get me out of these troubles and cases I’m in to at this moment and grant me victory. Please bring peace and understanding between me and my wife. Encourage her towards the resolution with peace and love. Heal her narcissism and let her see what she did to me is wrong. I’m keeping my promise to not fight with her ever again and save me from evil and help me keeping my promise. Please touch her soul, heart and mind and take out the evil out from her. Save her soul a d save me in the name of holi father, son and spirits.


  43. To my dear guardian angel Sitael. Thank you for protecting me always and giving me the strength and courage to overcome adversities. Please remove all the negative energies trying to intimidate and destroy me and my firm away from me. Please grant me prosperity, success and positive energy and reward for my labour. I thank you graciously.

  44. Hello my guardian Angel Sitael, i thank you for all you have done and i love you. please give me wisdom to deal with men, work, and my family. let me be favored in every area of my life. always pray for me and don’t ever leave me. thank you my Guardian angel Sitael.

  45. My guiadian angel sitael I pray for your protection against the evil force trying to stop my blessing,I asked you cover me with your bright light,give me the courage to lead and make the right decisions in my life,give me ur signs that you are always with me

  46. Sitael, I pray for wisdom & guidance. I pray for my health and my family and dogs’ health. I love them so much. I pray for huge financial break thru’s somewhere, somehow so that me and my husband can quit our jobs and travel and be missionaries to help others with their needs and struggles. I pray for justice. I pray for supernatural gifts that can be used in such a way to see that justice is served. No one should escape justice. I pray for gentle correction always in my character. I pray for help with my weight. I am struggling and feel like I’m dying. I pray for my daughter and husband’s struggle with weight. I pray for age/health reversal. For my struggle with pain. I pray for identity and understanding to show me all of who I am. I pray for courage and strength in my future endeavors. I pray for guidance in my role in the Kingdom of God and pray that it start tomorrow. Love always.

  47. I am praying for financial break through, also success at work and promotion to the rank of Major, i also pray my Avocado project to grow well and be fruitful, lastly I pray for good health of my daughters and son as they start school.

  48. I’m praying to Siteal for protection, serenity, and guidance for my family. I give thanks for everything he’s already done in my life. I ask Siteal to bring peace and harmony back to my family, after a fight. Unkind words were said and tempers rose. I’d like my children to be more helpful, honest and calmer.

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