Damabiah is the guardian angel for people born between February 10 and February 14. He has a feminine energy and represents the 20th and 25th degree of Aquarius. In the angel hierarchy he is an Angel, he is part of the sefirah of Yesod, and his governing Archangel is Gabriel. His planetary energies are The Moon / Uranus and he represents the element of Air.

His name means: God Who is Source of Wisdom

He symbolizes: The Source of Life. He offers success in your projects if they will be of use to others. He frees you of curses and rituals and helps you to find your own source of energy within you. The angel Damabiah's stone is Labradorite and his colors are Colorless / Green. Of the 7 senses, he rules over: Sensoriality.

The qualities given to you by the angel Damabiah

The angel Damabiah is the angel of eternal wisdom. He brings you kindness, subtlety, and beauty. Under his influence you are given great spiritual values such as benevolence, generosity, humility, selfless love, and detachment. He supports your success in humanitarian pursuits.

On a day to day basis this patron guardian angel helps you to progress along the right path, the one without any pitfalls thanks to his divine light. With him you will become a lucky person who gets through times of hardship with ease.

The angel Damabiah symbolizes water: springs, oceans, rivers, etc., as well as the water signs which represent the emotional world. He therefore has influence over your feelings and emotions. Thanks to him you will learn to manage your emotions so that they have no influence over your thoughts and actions.

The imbalances regulated by the angel Damabiah

The guardian angel Damabiah can fix any lack of purity, good sense, altruism, spirituality, kindness, or generosity that you may have.

He protects you from bad luck in business due to lack of love and respect for your peers. Under his protection you will not choose the difficult way of doing things and you are able to fix your troubles with ease.

This guardian angel keeps you from excessive and compulsive attitudes as well as tempestuous feelings, changing emotions, and stringency. He protects you from hate, violence, and irritation. He also protects you from egocentric people who are only focused on themselves. Damabiah keeps you from giving up and protects you from shipwrecks and storms.

When should I communicate with the angel Damabiah?

Time - Physical:
February 10 - February 14
Time - Intellectual:
21:20 - 22:40
Time - Emotional:
January 1, 00:00 - 23:59
March 13, 00:00 - 23:59
May 26, 00:00 - 23:59
August 9, 00:00 - 23:59
October 22, 00:00 - 23:59

What can I ask the angel Damabiah?

To help your peers, you can ask the angel Damabiah for the altruism and devotion to experience unconditional love so that you can be the promoter of a new world. He spreads a fountain of wisdom within you and helps you to combat destiny as well as any evil which surrounds you.

And if you are in search of purity, pray to this guardian angel and he will help you to make good out of evil by helping you to control and manage your doubts, fears, and tempers.

If you have to travel by sea, pray to the guardian angel Damabiah and he will protect you from shipwrecks, as well as from any dangers of the sea. This is because the sea is a hostile environment in which many dangers have the potential to occur.

Call upon this guardian angel who is your patron and protector if you suffer from hemorrhages, painful menstruation, bleeding, or other things. You can also ask for his help if you are going to get a lymphatic drainage. Ask for his help in curing mental disorders or just to calm your nerves, your hypersensitivity, or your stress.


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  1. My Angel Damabiah,i need u to help me with my so many problems. Pls help me to knw how to pray , to open my understanding with everything i read ,to gain my wisdom back,to help me to gain luck from everything .
    I’m struggling financially, am in lots of debts,pls help me my Angel

  2. My Angel Damabiah i need your help in my life right now am in a lot of debt and am struggling financially please help me to gain luck to overcome all my problem and worries

  3. My Angel Damabiah liberate me financially and let great opportunities comes my way within 21days from now.

  4. Dear angel
    Help me in my work
    Protect and guide me in profession
    Move away all the negative things which will destroy my career
    Help me financially as I am in bad debts
    Thank you

  5. Lieve Engel Damabiah,

    Geef me de kracht, sterkte maar vooral rust in mijn emoties.. Een oprechte liefde, zielsverwant.. Een pure reis naar een mooie toekomst dat ik kan genieten van reizen, met mijn kinderen.. Doen en laten wat ik wil zonder schroom en jaloezie.. Puur genieten, geven en ontvangen.. Ik dank je oprecht en puur,


  6. Angel Damabiah, thank you for protecting, guiding, and loving me. Help me to love the unloved and help the helpless. Let me be a blessing to children and show me how to help them.

  7. Angel Damabiah, thank for being with me all this while. See me thru difficult time. I only ask for financial help to return to people I owe. I want to settle all my debts and never owe anyone anymore. Thank you.

  8. I thank my damabiah greatly from the botom of my heart, i’ll pray that my protective guardian angel damabiah bring in a lot of good luck and financial up liftment in my life and destiny, so as i can help the poor and also the needy, amen settle.

  9. My angel Damabiah, help me find good lucks to succeed in my career life and my business.take away every stress and negative vibes away from me mentally, physically and otherwise. Help me to meet satisfaction financially so i can freely help the helpless, less privileged and needy. Help me my angel Damabiah.

  10. My guardian angel damabiah i thank u for what u have help me to achieve so far, i pray that u help me to find true love, finacial breakthrough, goodluck and success in everything i do, ur protection in my life and that of my loved ones, wisdom and understanding so i can knw how to follow the earthly things, and a good job amen.

  11. Angel Damabiah,

    Please protect me from bad influences and bad energies. Help me to be less egocentric and more motivated to help others. Help me to be my best self. Help me to make my life ,a fulfilling life. Help me to think positive and to be content. Help me to be proud of myself , help me to express myself. Help me to help others. Thank you


  12. My guardian angel I need u to help me with many problems I have. Protect me from all evil spirits around the world,guide me and give me all the wisdom that I need. Help me to find peace physically,spiritually and emotionally. Help me so that I can help others. Thank you

  13. Dear Damabiah, show me how to overcome fear (fear to fale, fear to lose, fear of letting go) and walk faithfully Gods Path, so I can be of service for my fellow human beings. Humble thanks, Yves

  14. My Dear Angel Damabiah,
    Kindly liberate me from financial difficulties; open great opportunities for me; Grant success in all my businesses and investments; give me victory in my challenges regarding my relationship with Blessing; let my marriage come to a successful end as it is causing me restlessness, difficulties and lack of peace; protect Blessing from physical and spiritual harm from those envious of her; let me get my accommodation.

  15. my Angel u know my problems and u dont need me to repeat them pls i am bagging u to be with me bcs i need u more than never thank u and i love u and all the angels

  16. The Land is Blessed and bearing fruit. Gods people are rejoicing in the name of Jesus Christ! I am angel Damabiah, and the work you are yet to do is laid before me. Gods superabundance has blessed every part of your lives to the point that money is no longer an issue and the gifts keep giving. Freedom is offered to my guided loved ones, and hardship is the pathway to peace! Adoringly presenting you with Light especially when home bound. Faithfully yours! Angel Damabiah

    • Dear damabiah please help me with my physical body my family and my wealth and teach me how to love again thank u so much damabiah

  17. Please Damabiah intervene for me and my family whom are being attacked by evil people We need hour help You also know my worries my problems and my wishes šŸ™šŸ» Namaste

  18. Dear angel Damabiah please I want you to open my heart to be able to care for the needy I want to be a wealthy person so who ever is not making it in life or who cannot taker for their needs…I will be there for them I want to do more charitable works my great angel Amen.

  19. Dear Angel Damabiah, I thank you for hearing and answering my prayers through the Most High God. Cleanse me from all sorts of spiritual curses and ritual that are hindering my progress in life. Bless me with your divine gifts of wisdom and sensority and help me attain a desired standard of Divine Grace to achieve greater things in life. But most above all lead me to my Destiny. Amen

  20. Dear Angel Pls help me out from my financial breakthrough I have suffered a lot in the hands of people I have many debt while I don’t have any money in my account to clear the debt around me

  21. I thank my guardian angel from the bottom of my heart and I believe that he will help me out of this problem so that I can help my community, Pls my guardian angel help out so that I can clear out all my debit and be happy again in my life

  22. My angel Damabiah, I thank you for your protection. I ask that you help me with my depression due to a very bad relationship that I am now out of. I also ask for your help with my very very painful menstruation each month that effects me negatively. Please remove all sources of evil from my life and give me prosperity to flourish and help others. Thank you my angel….also I ask that you reveal yourself to me through whatever means you choose… Thank you

  23. My dear angel Damabiah i like to thank you fro being there for me and your messages i really like getting them . YOU ARE AMAZING PLEASE continue sending them to me . Thank you !

  24. My Angel Damabiah,i need u to help me with my so many problems. Pls help me to knw how to pray , to open my understanding with everything i read ,to gain my wisdom back,to help me to gain luck from everything .
    Iā€™m struggling financially, am in lots of debts,pls help me my Angel to open my eyes in the supper natural and my ears to be open in the supper natural, please my lovely and gadian angel help me to kill every bit of flesh in me and let the holy spirit be alive in me, make selfless, I believe in you my angel damabia I believe you exist.

  25. My Guardian, my angel Damabiah I ask that have God hear my prayers and look in favor at my pains, I am in financial ruins, I am a sick person, may your wisdom heal me from this dreaded desease. My love life has gone to ruins because she fails to undersand that I was a creature of War. Help me to be more open. help her understand my pains.I am not a selfish person, and humble. I believe in you My Angel Damabiah. I believe you exist and will help me through this life!

  26. Thank God.. hail my Angel Damabiah.. wholehearted gratitude for remembering us.. please pray for us… Amem

  27. My guardian Angel Damabiah I have come to know how powerful you are to me today, I need your help in my life mostly in my finances, I owe a lot of dept and am struggling financially please help me to gain luck take away negative energies and help to overcome all my problem and worries

  28. Hail to my guardian angel damabiah.angle of wisdom how powerful you and generously you are .your protection is marvelous please help me in my daily life ,I my future ahead of me.i need a financial breakthrough. wisdom to guared my life . eradicate all fear n Trimble from my way .I want to connect with you full let me hear if you speak and open my ears to her and understand everything you say to me .show me signs when you want to talk to me .show how I can speak to you let me no your colours well.I love you and admiral you .hail to your name and your governor angle Gabriel lhelp me to get all information for the most high God my father. Damabiah my friend forever

  29. I love my Guardian Angel who God has placed to guard, direct ,inspire me in virtues and to help me combat my Vices and fight unseen battles for me.
    You already have great influence in my life and activities. Kindly get closer to me ,do not abandon me in moments of wrong doing but help me to overcome my Vices and draw me closer to God and Heaven .Amen.
    please,I need your assistance in my family problems. I trust that you grant me wisdom and courage to handle them. Send inspiration and solution across my way Amen.

  30. Hail to my guardian angel Damabiah.angle of wisdom how powerful you and generously you are .your protection is marvelous please help me in my daily life and my future ahead of me.I need a financial breakthrough and wisdom to guard my life . eradicate all fear and Tremble from my way .I want to connect with you full, let me hear if you speak and open my ears to her and understand everything you say to me .show me signs when you want to talk to me .
    O my good Angel, whom God, by His Divine mercy, hath appointed to be my guardian, enlighten and protect me, direct and govern me this day. Amen.

  31. Truth is I have newer bean afraid ofcthe sea in any form. I do know it will not harm me in any way, ever… For the rest of my living… Damabiah! Wake up, please!

  32. Hi my Angel please pray for me to have all dark clouds surrounding me to disappear so l will get people to help me financially and get the love of my dreams these days.

  33. My Angel Damabiah liberate me financially and let great opportunities comes my way within 21days from now. Also raise helpers for me and let me receive good luck everyday of my life. Help me fight my spiritual battles. Help those that are willing to help me and save them from any troubles they are facing.

  34. Dear Angel
    Help me with myself
    Help me to be brave
    Shower your light of faith e on me
    Silence My mind
    I can feel what I really want
    Guide me To see what is real..what is essential..what do i need to do right now

  35. I thank you Holy Angel for hearing me and looking into this uncertain situation for me. Remove these Vicious and Toxic Adversaries for I have done them…. No Harm. Protect my interest there and my income. Also, Favourfor the people here, who’s ideas for prayer I was guided by, because I just couldn’t even say what I wanted. Amen

  36. My guardian angel Damabiah. Wow a pleasure meeting you.. give me wisdom. Give me a pure heart, give me the desires of my heart. I need a 4 bedroom 3bths house with a pool by August. Bless me financially! Give me directions on how to start my own business! Thank you in advance my guardian angel

  37. He is not there and does not help when it’s really needed even when praying. My life has been shit for the past 20 years and has not helped yet so why pray to a guardian angel that won’t help you might as well pray to God at least we know he dead.

  38. Damabiah thank you for guiding me since I was a kid, all want now is success, breaktrough, wealth, good luck, and the power to over come all enemies. Thanks for doing this for me

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