Haamiah is the guardian angel for people born between September 29 and October 3. He has a feminine energy and represents the 5th and 10th degree of Libra. In the angel hierarchy he is a Power, he is part of the sefirah of Geburah, and his governing Archangel is Camael. His planetary energies are Mars / Venus and he represents the element of Air.

His name means: God Who is Hope to All the Creatures of the Earth.

He symbolizes: Truth and the Voice. He offers you treasures both here on Earth and in Heaven as well. He provides you with a natural understanding of the rituals of all religions. He encourages you to seek truth and to share it with others. The angel Haamiah's stone is Peridot and his colors are Orange / Indigo. Of the 7 kingly attributes, he rules over: The Ring.

The qualities given to you by the angel Haamiah

This guardian angel will lead you towards the greatest of human achievements. To the person he rules over he brings a strong sense of strategy and planning. This angel helps in the preparation of rituals, ceremonies, and initiations.

He gives you a love of doing things: making meals, taking care of others, and more. He helps you to bring rituals into your daily life. He will also help you to understand the science of behavior and good conduct. He brings you manners, friendliness, and politeness.

This angel also helps to liberate people from internal and external violence. He will help you to find the ideal partner for a perfect fairytale life while also allowing you to experience a divine sex life with a sacred form of consciousness.

The imbalances regulated by the angel Haamiah

The angel Haamiah is there for you in case you lack involvement in rituals or are having difficulties relating to their preparation. He will help to develop your strategic abilities while also bringing you support in case of limited or insufficient organizational skills. He does not appreciate people who are overly perfectionist, or people who do things out of insecurity or a fear of lacking resources. This angel asks that you do not follow the rules or submit to them just for the purposes of pleasing others and feeling loved and accepted.

The presence of this guardian angel helps those who dislike doing things like taking care of others, preparing meals, etc. He flushes out any selfishness, impatience, or lack of consideration for others. He is a guardian angel who detests all forms of possessiveness, violence, and hate. He curses those who lack politeness, kindness, and manners.

This angel dislikes mistakes and lies and believes that it is important to follow the rules. He also does not appreciate manipulative behavior or people who are guided by their own material interests. He does not accept any rejection or fear of marriage, or any lack of true love.

He helps you in fighting against demons and evil spirits. He dislikes evil rituals, cults, and weddings. He also dislikes those who worship monuments or idols. This patron angel does not tolerate a lack of spirituality or any false and untruthful spiritual concepts.

When should I communicate with the angel Haamiah?

Time - Physical:
September 29 - October 3
Time - Intellectual:
12:20 - 12:40
Time - Emotional:
February 14, 00:00 - 23:59
April 28, 00:00 - 23:59
July 12, 00:00 - 23:59
September 25, 00:00 - 23:59
December 6, 00:00 - 23:59

What can I ask the angel Haamiah?

You can ask the angel Haamiah many things. He is a patron guardian angel who is able to bring kindness into your life.

If you wish to be rid of black magics or any people who rely on occult rituals or practices, the help of this angel will be very valuable. He will free you from all that is evil and deliver you from dark spirits.

If you are organizing a ceremony or something similar and are scared of failure, call upon the angel Haamiah and he will renew your organizational skills and your abilities to prepare with a total respect for the rituals involved.


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73 responses to “Haamiah”

  1. Haamiah:

    You always call to me. Help me in the ways you can and help alleviate what needs I have, within your power and authority.


  2. Haamiah-:thank you for everything you’ve done in my life without me knowing… And I thank God for making you mine, I pray you help me find my part in life protect me and my family from evil eyes and bless I and my family financially,and take away thank you for always being there for me I love you so much ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•

  3. My dearest Angel Haamiah, Thank you for all your guidance and support with great abundance of material and spiritual wealth you have given to me. I thank the Almighty that he made you my angel with so much generosity and love.

  4. Dear Haamiah. I am blessed to habr you as my guardian angel. I ask you to protect my family and children from all evil spell and black magic. I kindly ask you to open all closed doors for me as the year goes by. I love you and glad I have u as my guardian ๐Ÿ˜‡ angel.

  5. Dear Haamiah,

    Thank you for being my Guardian Angel, and all the blessings you have put in my life, and the lessons you have taught me, so that I can grow. Hope I am not too much trouble to watch over and appreciate all that you do. Love and Blessings to you, from me.


  6. I pray that my guardian angel Haamiah, guard my heart. Accept my prayers I need financially liberation for myself and husband Kingsley , starting from today 18th January 2022 may I and my husband be favoured in your eyes. We’re tried of borrowing and eat from hand to mouth.we need to be stable financially. And also help people around us too please clean my family poverty. I also want to find my balance and be a giver not received only, pray for sustenance of life for my family, guard me my guardian angel haamiah, am happy to be your daughter protect me against fear and evil against.
    Guardian angel Haamiah..Amemm

  7. Dear guardian angel Hamish, I thank you for protecting me all the time. I ask that you end this year with me in joy and peace of mind. Protect me any form of evil manipulation against my happiness. Before this year ends guard and guide me to find a new accommodation and a where to start in life. I need true love and reliable friends who can help me stand up in life. AMEN ANGEL HAAMIAH

  8. Haamiah my guardian angel dear protect me from black magic and evil people that want to stop me from shining with the beauty full talent i have i thank you Haamiah for guiding me and teach me kindness and love for my felow bieng

  9. Oh my guardian angel Haamiah, i come to you today asking for your help by making it easy for me to win the award i have contested for. I again, seek your assistance in finding true love, money for my education, direct the marking of my examination scripts and my friends as well, good health and above all grant me success in everything I’ll do now, always and forever. Amen
    Haamiah my guardian angel ๐Ÿ˜‡, pray for me always ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

  10. Dear Haamiah, thank you for being there for me right from birth to date. I have read a lot about you and have come to know you well. Please help get me out of any negative energy and protect me, guide me towards my purpose on this earth, open all the good doors that have been locked by the enemy, fight all my battles for me and bring me wealth, luck and love. I trust you and that’s why I have asked you all these. Thank you

    • This is a beautiful prayer and this is a prayer I offer up to The Great Haamiah I thank you for watching over me and my daughter it’s no coincidence that my daughter’s name is Amaya and we both are under your protection by birth you know this of course but I want to thank you for all your support and guidance through all of my tribulations thank you for warring for me In the spiritual realm fighting on my behalf for matters I cant even imagine thank you for fighting and releasing me from karmic debts that weren’t rightfully mine thank you for protecting me from all forms of evil thank you for guiding me to become the best version of myself thank you and I bless you thank you Father for my keeper Haamiah

  11. Thank u so much angel haamiah for understanding your efficacy in my life, I appreciate u so much, give me insight and reveal more of me in my dream world..I love you so much

  12. Oooh Haamiah my Guardian Angel I’m very pleased I’ve discovered you in time.
    Please there’s a project I’m participating in which requires funding So as my Guardian Angel who’s to Ensure that I have all the Good Things in Life,I wish I’m Selected in the Final Stage so that I will receive funding for my business.
    Great Haamiah Grant My Wish.

  13. Haamiah angel of Geburah, overseer of of the angelic choir respectfully called the thrones- take my right hand and guide me on the path truth, love, and bravery as interpret divine truths and relay it before an evil world in hopes that these messages will strip away false beliefs and irrelevant and enticing idols filled with false power. On the hand that u guide i will always remember your ring and use it in mental rituals to enclose me in a protective circle amd to unite me purposely and intentionally to the circle of life inbwhich i pledge to heal and make beneficial for all
    Blessed be

  14. My guardian angel Haamiah, please protect myself and family from all evil and grant me with any rewards whether financial or of the heart. Please bless all those dear to me who have passed to Heaven. I trust and believe in you.

  15. My guardian angel Haamiah, take me out from karmic debt and grant my karmic reward. Help me to share in prosperity with God’s chosen people. Protect me from Satan’s snare and showers me with God’s blessings of abundance and prosperity.

  16. December 28, 2020 at 2:45pm
    Thank you my Guardian Angel Haamiah for bringing me here. Please bless me with truelove, good health, money and deliver me and my family from evil.

  17. Wonderful Guardian Angel Haamiah, I am so grateful to Elohim for creating you. I love you and I accept your guidance and direction. With thanks, I ask that you guide my path, keep me safe, teach me, be with me, and guide my physically, financially, emotionally, knowledge wise and continue to make me a vessel of Blessing to people both home and abroad.. Thank you for your presence. Never leave me!

  18. My Guardian Angel Haamiah, please help me. I have faith in you, just I do in Almigthy God Father. Release me from all kind of evil forces within me and wholely. I believe in your Divine Mighty Power. Please rescue me. I know my time is yet to come. Save me My Guardian Angel Haamiah. Amen.

    • Thank you my Guardian Angel, Haamiah for bringing me here. Please erase all negativity in my life. Shower my family with love, good health, wealth, money, and more blessings. Protect me and my family from evil, those people planning to harm us and their evil plans will be cast into hell.
      With Love๐Ÿ˜˜

  19. Haamiah~
    Iโ€™m grateful to have the good fortune to get to know you. Please guide me thru all things/ situations & help me find my purpose, help others & guide me to overcome challenges in my life & my familyโ€™s life. Forever grateful for your guidance & support. With love from, Joy โค๏ธ

  20. Dear Haamiah, I am happy to have you as my guardian angel. Protect me and my family from evil and jealous people who harm me. Remove them from my life. All evil plans of these people should be thwarted and cast into hell.

  21. Dear Haamiah, I’m impressed for having you as my guardian angel and I seek your guidance against all evil plans of people and improve my spiritual, physical, financial, mental, social and psychological life. That, I will be fulfilled in all my endeavours now and forever.

  22. Guardian angel Haamiah. im Grateful to know you. Please guide me through all things and help me to find truth about me and my purpose for living. What am i for in this world? Help me to fullfil my purpose on this earth. Cleanse and protect me from all the evil spirits. Help me to connect with my Spiritual life.Amen

  23. Guardian Angel Haamiah I’m Grateful Knowing About You.
    Guild Me Through All Things And Let’s Your Kindness Be With Me Forever…

  24. Angel guardian haamiah Iโ€™m very glad to read alot about you Iโ€™m 29th September born and Iโ€™m your daughter take me to do your work Iโ€™m ever ready for you โ€ฆ. make me shine.

  25. I have just learned about you and am glad to have you as a guardian angel, all I seek for is peace of mind, please help me to discover love and a good life partner, all darkness in my life , please keep protecting my family from harm Amen .Thank you.

  26. My dear Haamiah, am very glad to know you more and I thank you for being with me all this difficult times, I pray you continue to guide my steps and help me to see and hear you whenever I call you. Continue to protect and deliver me from my family course and help me to be fruitful again and overcome every challenge in my life and my family.thank you. HAAMIAH, HAAMIAH, HAAMIAH you are my angel. I love you

  27. I am grateful for knowing that my guidance angel is Haamiah. Lord thank you and Grant me peace, love and wealth beyond imagination of dark forces. Amen

    • I just learned today that you Haamiah are my guardian angel. I’m very excited to learn of you. My current situation is a war within me. Please Haamiah keep me on track to being obedient to you. Help me lift the darkness from my heart my home and my family. I ask that you help my sister Maria Vazquez and my brother Hector Vazquez. I also ask for help in restoring love and a caring faithful partner to be by my side. Help me continue to be a better person mother grandmother friend neighbor companion. I love and I will continue to pray to you daily. I ask also that help end this Covid 19 pandemic

  28. My Angel , I and my daughter are 30th September born I just read about you and what you can do.Please, turn our lives around from worse to the best. Settle us in our comfortable home, Establish us in every realm of our lives. Please things are too difficult for us. Guardian Angel Haamiah come to our aid, rescue us from our wicked close relatives who torture us every now and then. We need you. Manifest your presence and make I and my daughter live to fulfill our destinies, marriage, peace, money, spirituality and everything to give us sound mind

  29. My Dear guardian angel Haamiah, am very glad to to know you more and thank you for being with me all the difficult time. I pray u guide my steps and help me to see and hear you whenever I call you. Protect and deliver me from family curses and help me overcome every challenges in my life especially my job

  30. Angel Haamiah, am happy so far you have guided me through all my hard time in life. The courage you planted in me even when I was passing through the good, bad and ugly part of life.
    I beseech thee oh guidian angel for unmerited favour and financial breakthrough in all my hurstles.

  31. HAAMIAH I ask that you bring love and prosperity into my life I ask that you keep any negative and evil familer spirits away from me and my loved ones always may you guard my home and keep it protected may Love always be my gift to others including myself may my lord Jesus christ lead thouch and guide me with his devine presence may my Lords will for my life be accomplished HAAMIAH I call upon you to lead a path that may follow a path of love forgiveness fairness prosperity and well-being my Lord if this is your will I ask may you hear my prayers and give permission that all these things I ask come to pass in Jesus mighty Name i pray AMEN

  32. My dear angel Haamiah. Thank you for being my Guardian angel. Thank you for all that you have done and guided me in this life . I am 63 and only came to know your my angel. Pls do forgive me. All I ask is to help me in my spiritual journey and watch over me. Remove any unwanted cells of evil in me and keep the holy sprit burning in my soul . Thank you amen ๐Ÿ™

  33. Thank you, Haamiah. Please deliver me from any dark forces and place me firmly within your safety. Please remove all laziness and disorganization from my life, and help me to find the clarity of my purpose. Amen

  34. Am happy to know you Haamiah my guiding Angel.plesase help me fight all the evill men & woman over my llife destroy their powers against me.please give me financial breakthrough.upliftment and ever lasting blessings that will uphold me for the rest of my life.and i promise to amend my ways.

  35. My guardian Angel Haamiah. I’ve just known you from Celeste today. Thanks for showing yourself to me today. I need your love, guidance and prorection from now henceforth. Amen

  36. Good day my Guardian Angel Haamiah. Please help me in recovering my wallet and ID cards which was lost on 16 March 2020. I need all those things very badly.

  37. please angel haamiah take away every thing holding me not to succeed spiritually deliver me from my foundation spiritually

  38. I am really grateful for your intervention in my spiritual growth and understanding of life I foresee greatness.

  39. Dear Haamiah,

    I am in big difficulty please guide me there are many Eveils who is giving me trouble I need your help, need your guidance.

  40. Dear haamiah my guidance angel I am very happy to know u and accept u into my life please help me fight the evils ones fighting over my life and destiny renew my life with happiness and peace,

    Bring success and break through into my life so that i can used it to help the poor ones around me, make me to know u more give me all my secret heart desire pls answer my prayer clear my tears and pain inside my heart give me that which ask from u.

    And always protect me and my family from the evils ones bless my relationship and friends to, bless my family and in blessings to me i never inspected make me great and blind my enemies all from my blessings this i ask through u Amen.

  41. Angel haamiah, i am most delighted to know how powerful you are its quite unfortunate i never knew i had a powerful angel like you watch over me all this while. I am grateful for your service, thank you for being their for me and taking away every dark, evil, occult and ritual spirit fighting against the prosperity of my life. As you see deeper and spiritual things than i do i ask you fight for me and purge me of all that has made me fail my whole life, help me achieve what i ought yo achieve at my age now that has been stolen away from me

    I want you to know i love you for all you have done and will do for me i am born 29th of september.

    Thanks you angel haamial for helping my life amd career.

  42. O Haamiah
    Hear my Plea
    It is your faithful servant Janie
    I need guidance and your force
    Help me remain with the true source
    Cleanse my Aura, my vibe-
    So when the bowls are emptied I stay with the Tribe
    Forgive my SINS, my woes
    Give Strength to my father to defeat my foes
    Help me complete my Holy purpose
    So the others can follow and the Kingdom shall surface.

  43. Angel Haamaih, am 29th born and will like to know much more about my life and also to become successful in life interns of money.

  44. Dear Guardian Angel Haamiah,

    Please help me protect my father George that he will always be safe with me. Give me the strength and the power to protect my family and help our financial situation. With prosperity and abundance

  45. Hello Haamiah, the time near and I’m feeling the change. Please help me realize what The LORD GOD ALMIGHTY has said. I know you understand exactly what I’m talking about.๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ˜‡

  46. Oh! My Great Guardian Angle Haamiah thankyou for coming in my life and guiding me. Now as your other childs I’m also your child, you’r son. Help me to fight all evil in my life and on this Earth and bless me with your kindness and wisdom. And stay with me and help me whenever I need help or I call you.

  47. Haamiah, Please let me find the True Purpose of my life, The Love of my life and guide me on how I should continue on this life without having to question myself of who i am and what I have to go through! Thank you

  48. My Angel Haamiah. You know my pain and miseries. I need your guidance throughout my life. I thank Elissa for
    Letting me know that you are my guardian. Help me and show me a way. My hub and myself are jobless.
    Pls protect my children and give us a peaceful life. Thank you Haamiah.

  49. Haamiah, please protect me from all evil intent and gossips from my coworkers. Intercede for my prayers to God the Father Almighty.

  50. Haamiah, i thank you for protecting me troughout my ordeals and for walking beside me everyday.
    I am now in your hands, knowing you will see me through new challenges. AMEN.

  51. Haamiah my guiding angel am so please to know about you.I pray for healings in my life and me in getting access and clarity on my career,love life, financial life.

  52. My angel haamiah, thank you for knowing you as my angel. I am now at peace and feel secure, please hear my prayer that you lead me and my loved ones( family) to be safe from evil and dangers.Please always guide me to be choose being rightful and pleasing to God. Please hear my prayer, to seek and find what is searhing of my heart. Iloveyou my angel. Thank you Jesus for letting me know you.

  53. I’m so proud to acknowledge you my Angel. I know my heart was pure for a reason and I’m More happy than ever to know of you. I know what some may ever know now in time and im sorry if done anything wrong without know what I was doing. I accept my number and order I love you for creating it’s so beautiful and full of living things.

    Father I am your child I need you now in this battle of time please fight the dark energy and demons and all evil conjured in this day lord I know you feel my pain and I dont have the power to do this alone. Oh my angel I love for can you accept my love please I’m a mother and our babies never had the chance to true beauty and life. We need you my soul needs you.

    I can’t rest know the dangers ahead i cry every day for earth and all Beautiful things. I cry for the wind to blow so fresh threw my body i cry now because the smell of fresh green grass i love so much i cry because the animals need my love and light i cry now because the colors we need i am who i am please protect and shield and restore hope in my brothers and sisters I’m reaching out every way i can for E Now. Oh Beautiful Angel of mine please oh pretty please Hear my cry

  54. i am thankful in knowing you are there for me, i need all darkness to be lifted from my life. i need your protection from all dark spirits here in my life. do lead me to my purpose in this life. please protect my partner who needs your protection as well.

  55. Haamiah my guiding angel thanks for been my good guiding angel. Pls as from now on anything i laid my hand on of good let me prosper in all my endeavours. Amen.Thanks

  56. Haamiah, my guardian. Take away the negative surrounding me. Help me to be the person you know I can be. Stand beside me always guiding me in all areas of my life. Help me to be strong and decisive in my daily actions. I accept you in all that I do in work, love, relationships, wealth. Financially, I am a mess guide me in this portion of my life.

  57. Hi my guardian angel Haamiah.. I’m glad that i have more knowing to you, it just like to meet you. Thank you for guiding me and loving me, i love you so much, i feel you sometimes, sorry for sometimes i have not doing your want, but you still there for guide me, teach me, guide me, how to be a good person, and dauther of our God, thank you for giving me an a intelegent understanding to everything ang bring me easily to make a organization or praying. Pls. Help me to all my trials, mostly to finish my theory in zennya company to finish this, and pls. Give me help to have a strong faith, good body and to my career and goal to my life, also avoid me to bad spirit and guide our family and i, and pls. Help me to knowing who is real and right partner or love one’s and guide us my family. Especially my both parent paz and felicisimo, also my father pls help them to get back his senses and heal his sic in trauma in yolanda typhoon. Pls. And also heal me in my sick. Pls. Pray for me to our God. Blessed me a work for my family i support their financial, Im born in september 29, i love you angel haamiah!

  58. I have just learned about you today my guardian angel Haamiah..!! I am forever grateful on you keeping and guiding me on my path of my true destiny and greatness..!! Glad that I can pray and call on you in my time of need to comfort me if i shall have heartache ,hardships, or even just to express my gratitude of your sweet blessings and tell you im real thankful..!! I will always be happy to say of who is my guardian angel and be able to express your wisdom of what is intended upon us all..!! May u bless and watch over my family , protect my loved ones and freinds of evil and harm.. Most of all bless the ones who need you most with your pure faith and guidance..!! Your such a joy i can feel your presence already and its power positivity its starting to have on my life..!! Love you!!!!

    • I’m forever grateful for knowing you are my guardian angel… I will love you to help me financially spiritually and mentally

  59. I love Angel Haamiah please come to my aid and assist me to over come my present difficulties.Thank u

  60. Archangel Haamiah sorry for not recognizing your presence guide me on the right path help me in this difficult times and protect me and my family against evil

  61. Angel guardian haamiah I’m very glad to read alot about you I’m 30th September born and I’m your son take me to do your work I’m ever ready for you …. make me shine

  62. Thank you Haamiah for the guidance and amazing support always given. I love you. Gratitude. Namastรช

  63. My Angel Maamiah
    I have just been introduced to you and i am grateful to learn about you and to have you in my life.

  64. Haamiah, please help me find the balance within me – of fire and of water. Help me to find the truth of who I am and what i was born to do/be. Please cleanse my family of the evil that has visited us – AMEN.

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