Eyael is the guardian angel for people born between February 20 and February 24. He has a masculine energy and represents the 0 and 5th degree of Pisces. In the angel hierarchy he is an Angel, he is part of the sefirah of Yesod, and his governing Archangel is Gabriel. His planetary energies are The Moon / Jupiter and he represents the element of Water.

His name means: God Who is the Delight of Both Children and Men

He symbolizes: Understanding and Comfort. He offers deep understandings in esotericism and astrology. He fills you with the power and enlightenment of the universe to help you in your fight against adversity. The angel Eyael's stone is Nacre and his colors are Coral / Coral. Of the 7 senses, he rules over: Imagination.

The qualities given to you by the angel Eyael

The guardian angel Eyael is the angel of sublimation. He offers you his help in the science behind trading and mixing. He therefore supports you in transubstantiation, change, conversion, transfiguration, metamorphosis, and transference, as well as in transforming the spirit into a new form entirely.

He gives you the ability to understand the history of the universe and the skill to ascertain the beginning and origin of things. He is therefore the angel of archaeologists. He also allows you to gain a deeper understanding of biotechnology, biology, physics, and chemistry.

Under his protection you will be able to thrive in the study of DNA, cells, atoms, the basic structures of the universe and in the study of the occult sciences.

He gives you the ability to see, recognize, and understand the affinities between people and things. He also allows you to grasp the law of resonance, you attract things to you and create new things based on how you present yourself.

This guardian angel improves your passion for painting, music, and cooking. He is able to help you transform abstract truth into absolute truth. He allows you to appreciate time by yourself and the joy of living.

The imbalances regulated by the angel Eyael

The guardian angel Eyael protects you from change as well as from harmful and negative transformations by keeping you from any influences which will lead to bad experiences.

He fixes any problems caused by a lack of understanding in alchemy, chemistry, biotechnology, biology, and more. He also protects you from any abusive use of science. He protects you from people who propagate false institutions as well as from fraudulent teachers.

This guardian angel will also help you if you have a fear of change, prejudice, or mistakes. With his help you will not go from one experience to another without understanding why.

He is able to protect you from artificial foods as well as from music and painting which holds negative influences. Furthermore, he restores your zest for life and rids you of your doubts and any moroseness you may feel.

The angel Eyael protects you from the burden attributed to you by the material and helps bring you change if you do not practice meditation.

When should I communicate with the angel Eyael?

Time - Physical:
February 20 - February 24
Time - Intellectual:
22:00 - 22:20
Time - Emotional:
January 3, 00:00 - 23:59
March 15, 00:00 - 23:59
May 28, 00:00 - 23:59
August 11, 00:00 - 23:59
October 24, 00:00 - 23:59

What can I ask the angel Eyael?

If you are having sleeping problems like insomnia, pray to the angel Eyael and you will find it easy to return to having peaceful nights once again.

If you are worried about any kind of change in your life, call upon this guardian angel and he will light your path and continue to help you towards a better life.

What’s more, the guardian angel Eyael will also allow you to accept solitude at opportune moments so that you can meditate, but only if you ask him first.

He keeps you from lack or excess in trading. He also protects you from any tendency you may have to mix things up and create chaos. Your patron angel also prevents you from lacking in ethics, clairvoyance, and principles.

Angel of lightheartedness and a zest for life, Eyael helps you to see the positive side of all the events in your life.

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13 responses to “Eyael”

  1. Help me connect with my spiritual self. Help me find sleep at night. Help me find myself and strength. Help me get enough of trading

  2. dear n respected Eyael- please help me to be prosperous in every inch of my existence with respect ,ease,satisfaction,happiness,and true love,abundance,blessings, guidance,understanding,getting trustworthy honest lovabe people in life, ,health and nurturedness,wealth, enchantingness,self esteem,confidence,luckyness, smartness,understandingness, self dependence, acceptance of as i am to me and others happily respectfully,enjoyment to the wholeness, support,help,happiness connections,prosperousness to travel the whole world in happiness respect with abundance of wealth,fearless,stressless, anxietyless, wisegorgeous flowess,breathtakingness, forgiveness,mesmerizingness, sunshineness,loveliness, sexyness,secureness,universal connectedness,youthfull lookingness,fitness,living life in terms that makes me truly happy from inside out

  3. Dear Angel Eyael!

    My prayer is for financial freedom which would enhance all other aspects of my life.
    I would like to be able to provide for my family and I without worrying about price-tags.
    I would like to travel and have a beautiful home and I would like to enjoy this life with a man who would love me truly, madly, deeply.
    I would like to enhance and improve lives of others because of my financial freedom and most importantly I pray for excellent health.

    Warmest regards

  4. I ask you to help me thru these most difficult times in my life and help me Gain Custody of my children again! There is only one way and that is Up!!

  5. Eyael please help with negative thoughts help me to make right choices in life help me to know myself and be me help me by guideing me though life and please protect my daughter kora through her life .

  6. My guardian angel Eyael please help me grasp at opportunities when they come my way and please lead and guide me in the right path of prosperity. Help me to find strength in the time of weakness and also help me to make the right decisions in challenging time. Thank you

  7. Dearest Eyael,
    Thank you for the countless Blessings you have already bestowed upon me.

    It is so evident that you are my Guardian Angel.
    Thank You for saving my life, more times than I can count.

    Dear Eyael, please help my Heart very clearly listen to and follow you Divine Guidance. You know my Heart, as does God. Please work with ArchAngel Gabriel to help me listen to both of you and follow your instructions moment by moment. I am paying special attention to you.

    Help me know my Value and draw in, allow and receive the vast resources and abundance you shower upon me eternally.
    Please and Thank You.
    Blessed Be.

  8. My Guardian Angel Eyael, please help me find peace, happiness and love. Am going through alot and sometimes pushes me to do the worse. I need u please.

  9. Eyael , please help me be financially abundant to the point I no longer worry about money but will then be able to give 100% focus on my spiritual growth, please manifest in my physical life and help me win the lotto jockpot

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