Sehaliah is the guardian angel for people born between November 3 and November 7. He has a feminine energy and represents the 10th and 15th degree of Scorpio. In the angel hierarchy he is a Virtue, he is part of the sefirah of Tiphereth, and his governing Archangel is Michael. His planetary energies are The Sun / The Sun and he represents the element of Water.

His name means: God Who is the Lifeblood of All Things

He symbolizes: Success. He offers support to modest people and helps them to grow and succeed. He helps to unmask bad people who are filled with vanity. He also brings health to both humans and animals. The angel Sehaliah's stone is Black Tourmaline and his colors are Magenta / Violet. Of the 7 Weapons of the Knight, he rules over: The Lance.

The qualities given to you by the angel Sehaliah

If you are under the guardian angel Sehaliah’s influence, know that he will bring motivation and purity of intentions into your life. You will regain your lost concentration and will. The angel Sehaliah also brings you enthusiasm, hope, and strength.

He also gives you vigilance, energy, and one of the driving forces of the universe which has the power to rouse the unawakened. This is possible thanks to his ability to extol the virtues of consciousness.

Sehaliah can restore hope to deprived or demeaned people and get something going again which has become stuck in a rut. This guardian angel is your patron and protector and is able to see through the pretentiousness and arrogance of others.

The guardian angel Sehaliah is a bringer of healing and good health and will allow your life force to regain its balance by increasing your vital energies. This will allow you to guard yourself against external attacks. He is the patron of the 4 elements: air, fire, water, and earth.

The imbalances regulated by the angel Sehaliah

The angel Sehaliah fixes any lack or excess of enthusiasm or motivation. He can fix your lack of activity, lack of energy, and your hyperactivity. He will also fix any lack or excess of self-control and self-confidence, and any lack of control in general.

Sehaliah will protect you from lofty, arrogant, or abusive people. He will also keep you from people that are difficult to get along with, as well as bullies and people who are overly proud. He distances you from people who have a tendency to make exaggerations and to want to force the hand of fate.

He will protect you from any natural imbalances or outbursts like droughts, floods, volcanic eruptions, tornadoes, earthquakes, etc., as well as their corresponding energies within yourself. He will guard you against a life of difficulty and from all kinds of challenges.

When should I communicate with the angel Sehaliah?

Time - Physical:
November 3 - November 7
Time - Intellectual:
14:40 - 15:00
Time - Emotional:
February 21, 00:00 - 23:59
May 5, 00:00 - 23:59
July 19, 00:00 - 23:59
October 2, 00:00 - 23:59
December 13, 00:00 - 23:59

What can I ask the angel Sehaliah?

Pray to the angel Sehaliah and he will bring you an awakening. If you lack confidence in yourself then he will restore the confidence and optimism you need to easily make it through all of life's little challenges.

You can also call upon this guardian angel if you lack enthusiasm or are feeling lazy. He will bring you force of will, motivation, and energy. You should also know that he has the power to spur you on if you are currently lacking in morale or physical strength. This will become necessary if you want to jumpstart a situation or venture that has become stagnant.

The guardian angel Sehaliah can also relieve you of certain ailments. If you are suffering from illness related to your heart, your muscles, or your back, ask for his help and support to gain a quick recovery.

Furthermore, do not hesitate to call upon this patron angel to change any selfish or egocentric behaviors or characteristics whether they concern you directly or not.

In case of natural disasters, for example a hurricane, do not wait before calling upon this patron guardian angel so that he can give you his protection.


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73 responses to “Sehaliah”

  1. Thank you Archangel Sehalia, God mover of all things and the Life blood of all things. Thank you for always having been watching over me, for soothing my fears and guiding my heart, I am counting on you, Sehalia, my guardian angel and I am sending you my prayer for a better life. Let my path unfold under better auspices and my legacy be made of Love and generosity. I put my humble desires in your hands. And wait for the manifestation of your kindness and wisdom.

  2. Hello, my guardian angel Sehaliah…how will.i know you are always beside me? Pls.give me some signs. I want to say thank you for guiding and helping me always. Yet,i still need your help. Kindly give me more strenght and will to do much effort in order to have more clients and close transactions in our business.kindly motivate me..not to be lazy. I need this to sustain our everyday living and to settle payables and expenses. Please be by my side always.
    Thank you so much my guardian angel Sehaliah.

  3. When I said my foot is slipping, your mercy, O Lord, upheld me!
    Dear Sehalia, protect and guard me from anything that would prevent me from reaching my full potential.
    Open wide for me, Cezanne, the doors of Good Fortune this month, which promises to favour my projects.
    Sehaliah, Lord, I feel ready like a sunflower that needs to spread its seeds over the world, and you must help me to carefully bring out my attributes.
    May only that which is useful to others and to the development of the Divine Work come from me. Angel Sehaliah, through me, allow all those who are encouraged by a burning desire to serve and make themselves useful to find their fulfilment.
    Guard me however, from all that is excessive; may my summers not be too hot, nor my winters too cold.
    Allow me to always remain balanced. For this, I sincerely thank you in advance!
    Cezanne Poetess 🌻

  4. I thank you with all my heart dear lord god, creator of all that is seen and unseen, and all the gods and angels of the universe, for sending, blessing and protecting me with all that you are and represent, I love you and thank you with every atom of my being🙏🏻

  5. My date of birth is 6th November, 1965. Plss my guardian angel Sehaliah, reveal yourself to me and restore my marriage.

  6. Sehaliah my dear guardian angel protect me everyday going forwards with your presence and powerful guidance. Please heal my scars and wounds from the past and help me find a way of getting rid of all the dark patches of negative energies within me and in my home. Please bring happiness, joy and laughter into my life and surround me with people that bring out the best in me. I know you are there and I am very grateful to know you have been watching over me. Please don’t leave me Sehaliah and don’t leave me in the dark forces, my life has been in turmoil for a long time now as you know and I am ready for new beginnings in love, health and wealth. Please help me. Thank you so much Sehaliah

  7. Dear Angel Sehaliah,

    I pray that you watch over me today, to protect me everyday going forwards with your presence and powerful guidance. Please heal my scars and wounds from the past and help me find a way of getting rid of all the dark patches of negative energies within me and in my home. Please bring happiness, joy and laughter into my life and surround me with people that bring out the best in me. I know you are there and I am very grateful to know you have been watching over me. Please don’t leave my side Sehaliah and leave me in the dark forces, my life has been in turmoil for a long time now as you know and I am ready for new beginnings in love, health and wealth. Please help me. Thank you so much Sehaliah.

  8. Dear sehaliah I pray you watch over me from any negative energy. Sehaliah please open my spiritual eyes to see more than my physical eyes can

  9. Dear Angel Sehaliah I pray you watch over me from my enemies reverse every attack and put them to shame . My dear Angel Sehaliah bless me abundantly with finance and to my entire family and protect me in every place I go . Angel Sehaliah please open my spiritual eyes to see more than the physical eyes and most importantly bless me with good health and long life and abundant happiness. Thank you my guidance Angel Sehaliah. My names are Adih Divine Vushunge . Born 3rd November 1986. Amen

  10. To Sealiah,
    My guardian angel, I didn’t know of you until today…I was looking for a way to help my brain with this lack of motivation with my deck of angel tarot deck beside me somehow I was guided here…looking into guardian angels through my deck I didn’t know we had one pertaining to our birth…which in my case is you…My birthday is Nov.4th, I always questioned my disparity.

    Feeling alone but somehow always been resilient and persevered with unjustly traumatic polarities and events. Still having faith and substance from within not knowing how with the things I have experienced since childhood as well as while raising my children protecting them as best to my knowledge I want to thank you for this force you have instilled in me, whether my life was cursed or not from child birth–you have been here subconsciously guiding me.

    And so now I want to thank you. Now that I can acknowledge who you are, thank you for bestowing me with my gifts and talents and helping me not give up on myself, helping me when I’ve been at my lowest and at my worst. Aside from praying Jesus Christ name…you have stood by me in my downfall guiding me to learn how to stand back up ten times after falling nine; the epitome of ‘no weapon formed against me shall prosper..’ I respect you and I love you. I feel anew.

      • Many Happy Returns of your day Judith! All virtue and justice is yours to obtain. Trust your judgment and have faith in yourself. Let’s share readings some time.

  11. Angel Sehaliah Thank you very much and I met you. Thank you so much for all the time you have been by my side protecting me. By now I know that you are the angel that God gave me I hope you can help me with my problems especially financial and I hope we have our own house and have money so we can pay all our debts. Thanks dear Angel Sehaliah…

  12. Angel sehaliah cleanse me from every negative karma working against my luck and blessings. Grant me and my children great health, long life and prosperity. Grant me all it takes to succeed.

  13. Hi dear angel Sehalia thanks for your protection,but I have a big problem but I believe you will guide and help me!i need money please I’m very broke make me rich,as I’m talking my house rent has expired!I don’t have where to stay with my family please help me please,before this week runs out,surprises me with much money please!anything I do with my hand may it bring me money!help me please don’t put me to shame,but rather shame my enemies please!I will always call on you if you do give me money before this weeks end!take away course and blockages from my way!any money that comes my way should get to me not to stop in the way please help my way and give me long life and protect all of my families..thanks I will remain grateful if you do this for me thanks!God blessed

  14. Angel Shahalia…I humbly ask you to guide me to rebuild my self confidence, open communication with my partner so that we will move on to the next level of our relationship where trust is given and not an issue. Please give me guidance as to what I should be doing with myself in this last quarter of my life to be productive and contributary.
    Thank you

  15. Thank you God, for the guardian Angel I have. One day Sehaliah has visited , I believe you God.
    Currently i want to be a solutionist for my community problem, there are lot of conflict at house level. I am thinking how i will bring hope, peace in the heart of people on the earth. I know you are able to guide for achieving this dream.
    I am really thankful for the new Job I have started. help me to be the peace and hope maker wherever I am.
    Be and help My brother and my Mother who are sick.

  16. Thank you, so much that I know the name of my angle am much greatful and my angle to visit me and communicate with me.

    I want to thank you for making recognise you in my life. I ask that your protection and guidance will never elude me. Please help me to remain humble. provide for me to always help mankind and any other kind. I need your wisdom and understanding to forge ahead. thank youu the things you’ve done in my life so far both seen and unseen. I love you plenty. SEHALIAH

  18. My lovely Angel Sehaliah thank you for watching over me and my family love you very much ❤️❤️❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻and thank you for everything what you done for me for song 🎵 in my car and for protection ❤️🙏🏻❤️😇 am very lucky to have you 🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻Love peace and light MY friend 🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻

  19. Thank you sealiah for protecting this far and allowing me to know you today. My lovely guardian angel I ask that you take control in all my endeavours even in my upcoming plans. Be my stenght, get me back my health completely help me to my best. Save me and my family from all evil people and from bad energy
    Thnak you..

  20. Thank you Sealiah for protecting and helping me! Guiding me to find you today! All i ask is protection for my current situation i am in and on going. To stop the guilt and sadness and to be powerful for my ownself to never doubt! Thank you so much.

  21. After i dreamt last night about me watching my own dead body trying by someone to recover… I dont know that feeling is it bothers me, coz if that something new am afraid frightened of the feeling seeing my own body dead… I post from facebook about what happen and my cousin told me to pray for Guardian Angel i search who is my Guardian Angel according to my Birthday and this Appear “Sehaliah” my Guardian dear i pray to you that you protect me from all my evil enemies who try to destroy me or have bad motives.

  22. Sehaliah Thanks For Being My Guardian Angel I Need Your Help To Protect And Heal The Earth Animals And Myself

  23. Angel Sehaliah, please protect my loved ones from danger in all the forms it may come in. Please protect the animals and children from harm. Please heal them. I need your help in riding my mind and body of depression and pain. I need you to motivate and give me the energy I need to complete the tasks in front of me.
    Thank you

  24. Angel Sehaliah , Thank you for being my guardian angel.Please help me with studies and i pray unto you for my exam success.

  25. I pray to my angel sehaliah to give me all want I need in my life money,houses,weathy,riches,and famous in all over the world so that I can make my family proud of me… And then I also pray for my angel sehaliah to protect me in every path of my life so that I will not fall to the devil… And I also pray for my lovely angel sehaliah to send me my destiny helper very soon to fulfill my glory so shall he be in Jesus name Amen

  26. Prayers for Help through my guardian angel Sehaliah for all the financial problems I am going on now adays

  27. Thank you sahallah, I should have read about you a long time ago, please my prayer is to be strong and patient to finish the training I just started so I can be able to take care of my mum and siblings. I invoke your spirit to help fight against every marital delay in my life so I’ll be happy and thankful for life.

  28. Thank you sehallah my prayer is to find a good job to help my family and I so that I can achieve my goals and dreams I will always thank God for life

  29. I invoke the powers of my guardian angel Sehaliah so that his strength guides my steps and my actions so that I can fulfill the mission for which I believe I was born to do. In the name of the power and strength of the Universe.

  30. I pray that my guardian angel Sehaliah helps me to get a new job because I am jobless at the moment.

  31. My beloved guardian angel Sehaliah, I pray to you to help me prosper in life,bless me financially and make victorious in all challenges I am facing in life. These I pray you grant ma!

  32. Thanks for protecting my life from day one.. What i need is financial breakthrough in all aspects, win contracts since am a freight forwader, help me build a Montessori on land that i have acquired and yet to finish payment, build and office complex, first class upper in my university education.. So help me my sweet angel sehaliah

  33. Sahaliah my dearest guardian angel . I thank you for keeping me safe and whole . For listening and holding me without me knowing and never giving up . I ask that if u can please get rid of the anger and selfishness in my heart . To guide me to see the purity and positivity in every situation and person . I thank u from the bottom of my heart . And I believe in you with everything in me . God bless you and your beautiful soul . Amen

  34. Thank you Sahaliah for watching over me. May you please grant me goodluck, happiness, love and financial stability to care for those who need help. Amen

  35. Dearest guardian angel sehaliah. Help me read to pass my exams that are ahead of me.Bless my family,my children’s Education especially open Charles mind to read and understand.Help me win a big lottery in order to meet my needs.

  36. Dear My Sehaliah Angel, I pray to you for good health, mind, body and soul, good fortune for the whole year 2020 so that i can help my family and friends more, faith, love and unity within me, my family and friends.May my prayers to you be fulfilled.

  37. I pray to you my angel sehaliah, that I get a well paid, permanent job and a dependable financial income and I grow more and more financial prosperous now.

  38. Please my guardian angel 🙏🙏😥🙏😇🙏 sehaliah I don’t have any money to pay bills, I’m in need please my guardian angel I love you help me ,

  39. Please protect me and my family and watch over us. I need to be debt free because all this debt is a burden on me. I need to understand how to manage my money better. I pray for healing in my mind body and soul. Bless my relationship with my boyfriend wrap your arm around everyone I love keep us safe from harm.

  40. I want to no what happened between me n Anthony we were getting along good n he walked out on me in January without no cause I’m hurting from t bout to lose my place with no where to go

  41. I need spiritual uplifting to find a job or help me win a lottery to start my own business. Please help me, so I can help my son.

  42. I am asking Sehaliah to please save my relationship. We promised each other we cared but have trouble with communication and sometimes selfishness on both sides. It has broken down but I’m still willing to try. I need Some help with this. Is it over? I need to get over how I feel, even if it’s not with my ex. Please help.

  43. Now that i know your are my guardian angel SEHALIAH im so happy and and feel so bless.
    thank you from the bottom of my heart because you have been taking care of me all this time. even though I only knew you today. and presumably from this day on I can always communicate with you, O my guardian angel.

  44. Now that I know you are my guardian Angel I am so happy pls my guardian Angel I want to be communicating with you at all time.

  45. dear my angel sehaliah, I’m very sorry i just know that you are my guardian angel. now that i know that you are the one. i can talk to you any time i want. thank you! but today i will ask you to help me. to be financially comfortable.cause to help my family, especially my mom.

  46. Dearest Angel of God, my guardian dear, I Angel Sehaliah. I thank you very much for all the guidance and blessings you have been given to me, my family friends and whole humanity. This is my desire to honor you together with the whole collective of angelic Council. I bow deeply with gratitude eternally. Thank You! I love you! Blessings overload all throughout the entire existence of all there is. So mote it be. Amen Awomen. 🙏 ❤️ 🙏

  47. I want angel sehaliah to restore my inspiration and place me in my purpose on heart and perfect me in every area, also mend whatever need to be mended in me…

  48. All I want from angel Sehaliah is peace of mind to forget about my past relationship and move on with my life,give me strength and job so that I can takecare of my kids and my family

  49. Please help me sehaliah form my present financial condition as soon as possible please help me out of this situation.

    • Thank you Angel Sehaliah for your support always and thank for coming to my life with love and Joy.
      And secondly Angel Sehaliah please forgive me for any sin have towards you.
      Lastly. Angel Sehaliah please grant me all my good heart desire, good dreams and also my good plan. Thank you for accepting my request. Amen

  50. I need physical strength from you my guardian angel.
    Money to take care of my family and fruits of the womb

  51. I pray to my angel Sehaliah for healing, for willpower and strength so I may appreciate the life God has given me, amen

  52. Thank you Sehaliah for your guidance and protection to and thru a wonderful life. Thru my prayer I ask you to guide my family and I thru any difficult times we encounter, en route to happiness, love and abundance. May your wisdom spread thru our actions and words. May your light clean my and our bodies from any disease and let us regain strength and health. Sehaliah, I pray to you, heal, protect, guide and enlighten me, to make a difference.

  53. Protect me and my family. My son is in grade 12 please make him to understand when he studied. Make him to be an A student.Thank you.

  54. I need from is help with find job and how get what I always want . . Hopefully it knows all I need to make life not stressful.

  55. Thank you with giving me protection, animals & people on our planet protection. Also giving me motivation &strength to change my selfish behaviours. Plus giving me positive thoughts with new feelings of self assurance. God bless amen

  56. Thank you Sehaliah for protecting me against malevolent forces that would try to hinder my success. Thank you for giving me the force of will, motivation and energy to complete my projects in a short space of time. Thank you for breaking the dam to release my finances, so that I can live off the fruit of my labour, and so my work can bring good fortune to me. My name will be known because of my work, and I will always remember to give GOD the praise, THANK YOU for hearing and answering my prayer 🙌🏾

  57. All that i need from my Angel Sehaliah is money to start business, take care of my parent,my family and to build house and if possible help me to win lottery. thank you for hearing me.

    • I’m Nov 6th 1968 I would like a prayer in with shaliaha my guardian angel storer of things. I am in need of your help to sort out life’s tragedies and move forward to what more was intentions as a Christian if possible my prayer be heard to you to the choir I would like some helpful support with finances,money needs,and health I have witnessed you once in my fishing post I fish at you flew over with later words from a man called padre whom had told me your name. I believe in my heart you showed yourself to me from a sky view level . I ask for a plan of success with love luck health purposes I am craig I do believe your a greater helper of god’s and of the sun the star and light..

      • I’m Nov 7th 1987. I would like a prayer with ANGEL SEHALIAH my guardian angel storer of things. I need to be debt free because all this debt is a burden on me. To protect me against malevolent forces that would try to hinder my success both physical and spiritual. I would like some helpful support with birth, money needs, secure my job finances and good health.

        Locate me to good and wealthy people. I need your guidance and protection everyday and everywhere.

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