Nithael is the guardian angel for people born between December 17 and December 21. He has a masculine energy and represents the 25th and 30th degree of Sagittarius. In the angel hierarchy he is a Principality, he is part of the sefirah of Netsah, and his governing Archangel is Haniel. His planetary energies are Venus / Venus and he represents the element of Fire.

His name means: God King of the Heavens

He symbolizes: Listening and Balance. He offers you divine mercy which will guarantee you a long and happy life. Thanks to his support, people in the possession of power will answer your requests favorably. He will send people running who seek to rob you of your assets. The angel Nithael's stone is Ruby and his colors are Yellow / Yellow. Of the 7 chakras, he rules over: Manipura (The Solar Plexus Chakra).

The qualities given to you by the angel Nithael

Pray to the angel Nithael and he will bring you youngness of both body and mind. He is also the angel of elegance, magnificence, and refinement and can bring fame and notoriety into your life. Nithael can also awaken your artistic and aesthetic abilities.

The angel Nithael will bring you inner stability. This will allow you to face conflict, challenges, failures, ambitions, and power balances. What’s more, he will bring you synchronicity and harmony which will play an important part in guiding you in the process of change.

This guardian angel will also allow you to have a greater kindness towards yourself and to others. He can bring you spiritual healing and physical healing as well, allowing your body and soul to unite. This will allow you to find harmony with your true self in order to reach a state of well-being and fulfillment.

He offers legitimacy concerning matters of succession and brings his help and support in anything related to inheritance.

The imbalances regulated by the angel Nithael

The guardian angel Nithael will soothe your mind of the fear of getting older. He will also keep you from using seduction to achieve your life goals and to satisfy your need for luxury.

He can help to change your mindset if you are of the belief that everything in the world depends on looks and matters of appearance. According to him, a happy life does not mean a desire to please everyone at any cost. Blind admiration, longing, ambition, and idol-worshiping will no longer have a place in your life thanks to this angel's protection.

Nithael will also resolve any problems you have with anorexia or bulimia. He will protect you from disease, as well as from accidents and disasters which have the potential to disrupt your life. Furthermore, he will protect you from all kinds of instability.

He will rid you of any possessive feelings and will help you to learn that here on this Earth, nothing can be taken for granted. He will also keep you from emotional dependence and prostitution.

This guardian angel will help to resolve any inferiority or superiority complexes and will keep you from illegitimate acts, any kind of disruption of circumstances, and from insidious plotting. He will also prevent any mismatch between your words and your behavior.

When should I communicate with the angel Nithael?

Time - Physical:
December 17 - December 21
Time - Intellectual:
17:40 - 18:00
Time - Emotional:
March 2, 00:00 - 23:59
May 14, 00:00 - 23:59
July 29, 00:00 - 23:59
October 11, 00:00 - 23:59
December 22, 00:00 - 23:59

What can I ask the angel Nithael?

If you feel uncomfortable in your own skin or if you don’t think that you are beautiful, call upon the guardian angel Nithael who is the angel of feminine beauty. He will help you to find your inner beauty in order to stay forever young.

In order to have good health and a long life, he can reveal the secret to where youth springs from. You can also call upon him to improve your powers of seduction. Furthermore, you should ask this guardian angel for his support if you are about to undergo cosmetic surgery.

If you seek fame and popularity or if you want to be well known and to attract the attention of the public or the media, pray to the angel Nithael and he can light the way forwards in order to lead you towards your goal.

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  1. I ve got money troubles I dont want to be rich just comfortable and I’m finding it hard to motivate myself to get bk to the gym help

  2. Thank you my wonderful guardian angel nithael for being by my side threw my struggles. continue to lead me to a healthy happy life. i love you with all my heart and soul.

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