Mumiah is the guardian angel for people born between March 16 and March 20. He has a feminine energy and represents the 25th and 30th degree of Pisces. In the angel hierarchy he is an Angel, he is part of the sefirah of Yesod, and his governing Archangel is Gabriel. His planetary energies are The Moon / The Moon and he represents the element of Water.

His name means: God Who is the End of Everything

He symbolizes: Revelation. He offers great notoriety in the field of medicine and shares with you the wonders of creation to help fill your life with happiness. The angel Mumiah's stone is Turquoise and his colors are Turquoise / Pale Blue. Of the 7 senses, he rules over: Touch.

The qualities given to you by the angel Mumiah

Mumiah is the angel of resurrection. He breathes new beginnings into your life by planting the seeds of a new form of existence within you. He accompanies you from the beginning of a change or angelic transformation and heralds the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new one.

Under his influence you are made to be a bearer of conclusion. He helps you to finish what you have started. He is beside you in the final stage of something within which you can find the seed of renewal to create something concrete and materialize something new.

He offers you higher initiations which can then create great transformations and lead to new knowledge. The guardian angel Mumiah helps you to support people nearing the end of their life.

The imbalances regulated by the angel Mumiah

The angel Mumiah offers protection from any difficulty finishing a cycle and starting fresh. He shelters you from the fear of initiations and evolution of consciousness which may cause you to continue living life with an ordinary level of consciousness instead.

He keeps you from ignorance or poor understanding of the principal of reincarnation and eternal life, or indeed the refusal to believe in it. He protects you from difficulties you may have opening yourself up to spirituality and the divine and the difficulties of living in accordance with them. Under his protection, you are guarded against atheism.

He helps you if you are scared of mystical experiences due to a lack of knowledge or a lack of metaphysical and spiritual understanding.

Mumiah keeps you from dead-ends, desolation, narrow perspectives, and a lack of encouragement. He helps you if you have a tendency to give up or to feed off of negative atmospheres and old patterns.

He puts you on the right path if you have neglected your own life, if you are always looking to persuade others, or if you are under negative influences.

This guardian angel is your patron and protector and keeps you from unknown fatalities or self-destruction. He keeps you from poor health and disability. He keeps you safe from homelessness, ruin, collapse, a falling out between you and a partner or a friend, and more.

He protects you from science and knowledge which is used with a lack of awareness and also fixes your lack of sensitivity. He doesn’t want you to go against the natural order of things.

When should I communicate with the angel Mumiah?

Time - Physical:
March 16 - March 20
Time - Intellectual:
23:40 - 00:00
Time - Emotional:
January 8, 00:00 - 23:59
March 20, 00:00 - 23:59
June 2, 00:00 - 23:59
August 16, 00:00 - 23:59
October 29, 00:00 - 23:59

What can I ask the angel Mumiah?

Pray to the guardian angel Mumiah so that you can be reborn and reincarnated. He smiles upon an open mind and an open consciousness.

If you often find yourself fatigued, exhausted, or depressed, the angel Mamiah will support you so that you can get through times of difficulty with ease.

This guardian angel can also be called upon to help you support people who are dying. You will help them to pass on to the next world.

This guardian angel brings you great sensitivity, skills of mediumship, and mystical experiences. He helps you to understand the law of reincarnation and the way in which affinities manifest on the different planes of existence. He is able to open up your awareness to have greater experience in your life.


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36 responses to “Mumiah”

  1. Please help me
    I need to find a good job as soon as possible. I have a lot of financial issues
    Thank you 🙏🏽

  2. Please guide me and protect me in all areas of my life here and after in order to leave a fulfilled life full of health,wealth and happiness plus my family. Thank you

  3. MUMIAH you breathed life back in to me after my coma, 3 blasts so strong yet so gentle opening my throat opening my spiritual beginning for which I will be eternally great full, yet sadness fills my soal, I’m so tired of my trial by error existence & coping with all my illnesses, Please make me wealthy so I no longer waist what’s left of my life on earth, Take my suffering from me mumaih allow me to be a good friend and I will turn up to worship with you in the knowledge that you have been greater than I, and I will do good deeds for the rest of my days.

  4. Dear Mumiah – please protect my family and I – especially my mother who is struggling in hospital right now….thank you, god bless

  5. Dear Mumiah,
    I thank you for being my guardian angel and from now feel your presence in my life. I try to be a good man to the best of my ability and hope that you can see that I never deliberately try to hurt anyone. Please guide me towards a life with no self hatred and depression. Please allow me the chance to live my life with the dreams I have so deeply inbedded in my mind. Thank you from my heart for being with me on this journey through life. Thank you for your guidance, love and support.

  6. Oh dear mumiah in assistant with angel Gabriel pls help me live a fulfilled life and be God fearing….help me not to serve people but to lead and lift others

  7. Dear Mumiah,
    please, help me to reincarnate into a new person, full of health, wealth and kindness. I would like to devote my life to helping other people and my own spiritual development. Please, ask our God to give me my health back and not leave me alone in this world. I would love to have you, Mumiah, coming along with me, providing me guidance and protection. And I promise to be a good listener,

  8. Dear Mumiah,

    Please accept my invocation. I am praying to you to ask for an abundance of wealth to change the way our new sport officials learn and develop. I promise to enhance the social awareness of parents, coaches, and administrators. ThaNK YOU FOR ALL THAT YOU DO! I have prayed to Gabriel as well.

  9. Dear Angel Mumiah
    please help me in my preaching calling ,I need more revelation from you. I need to start my business so that I concentrate fully in GOD S CALLING,HELP ME GUADIAN ANGEL

  10. Please Angel mumiah l want you to bring me help from the All MIGHTY CREATOR of All things so I will be able to love HIM with all my heart, soul and spirit. Then live a holy life

  11. I call upon the archangel mumiah to please protect myself,partner and family. I kindly ask if you could restore peace and harmony to our chaotic lives and guide us on the right path. I wait for your enlightenment

  12. Thankyou Mumiah for everything i have, had and will.. be with me always as a friend, parent and all.
    Lots of Love for Mumiah❤️

  13. My guardian angel Mumiah,please help me am financially down and please continue to shower your love and blessings over me.

  14. In God name I seek for love , peace , protection and wealth upon me and my family. In difficult with challenges in my life I ask you to lead my way. May you protect me please.

  15. My guardian angel Mumiah, I pray that all my burdened from money with fade away. I hope that I will find my love to be my companion. I don’t want to be alone and feel lonely. I want to receive happiness and love. In Jesus name. AMEN.

  16. My Guardian angel Mumiah, please bless me with a new job, and I pray for your divine intervention to alleviate the difficult times I am experiencing,and take away all negative energy around me and my house.

  17. My guardian angel, have mercy on me. I am glad to find out today you are my guardian angel. Please give me the grace to be able to do what is right. May you intervene in my life right now and lead me out of indebtedness. I am tired of my life right now. I need a new one. Please help me. Thanks for hearing my cry and for coming to my rescue.

  18. Dear my guardian angel Mumiah. Please help me to get a new live, with love, happyness and money. I hate my life. Please come in to my love and renew it please my Mumiah. I really need your help. I’m glad that I find u today so that u guide me in the right way. I believe u can and will help me. U know how is my life when I was born till now. Love u so much. Francois

    • Dear my angel Mumiah,
      Please help me to look beautiful as nobody like the way I look. Help me to reincarnate into a new person with health, wealth and a kind heart. Please guide and protect me and my family from sickness and danger. Please give me a life that I can enjoy and be free from depression and sadness. Help me to serve people in need. I know you can understand my needs and help me. Thank you for always being with me.

  19. Dear Angel Mumiah.
    Pls guide me to find strength to help others being strong in these troubled times we see all over the world, with all the disease spreading. Pls protect the people around me. Help me to keep faith in a bright future.

  20. Dear ange: Please gelp me with my operation, let is be successful, help me find a job in the u.s., help my fiance with his problems,help us with our financial income. Give me a man who will support me in all areas of life especially financial. Thank you.

  21. Good morin my dear mumiah!! Thanks for been my guardian angel. Pls keep me safe protect me from evil and danger!! Show yourself to so i no u in person and know ur always with me! Give me good dream so i can luck to win!! Love u roxanna.

  22. Become One with the earth then free the flowers, hold the sand between your toes and reach into the sky with eyes wide and a deeper breath than before. Helping others is your calling left for you by your father. I will continue to pray with you that your strength into motion and sight into light of being still a valued whole of the 1 creations in voice and name. amen 🙏

  23. Dear Mumiah, Thanks for being my Guardian Angel…. Please help me to heal my reproductive system and hormones and assist me getting pregnant and having a very healthy baby… Thank you and full of gratitude for your help.

  24. Dear Mumiah,

    Please help me find a job that will give me great salary but also fills my heart. Help me with my wishes to become financially independent and cherish my lovely family. Thank you my Angel Mumiah and grateful to have found you.

  25. Dear mum I ah
    My Guardian angel
    Please help me win a contract and job that will make me rich …and also protect me from the wicked ones .amen

  26. Dear Guardian Angel Mumiah,
    Please help me with obtaining financial abundance so I can relocate to a stable home with all basic functions of a household and be financial able to be self reliant. Please look over and bless my children and my grandchildren.
    Thank you my Guardian Angel Mumiah for your gracious mercies for being in my life and know I am so grateful for your presence.

  27. My Guardian angel,
    I wish I always move forward with loose ends. Especially I would like to finish today’s situation where I am too lazy to step out. Thank you

  28. Thank u angel mumiah for always been there i would like you to help me reincarnate into a better GOD fearing and serving man with wealth and good health with kindness to change peoples life as well,help me beg GOD to always have mercy on me amen

  29. Dear Mumiah

    My Guardian Angel

    Please help me with my true self and my situation where I am in right now and also my love life.

  30. Mumiah, dont know about you until now. Hard to believe. You know what I want, I have talked to you. You know my struggles, and my life. I asked for your supernatural help to being what I need into my life. To protect me, and the ones I love, to being the super abundant life and the infinite protection and love. Again, miracles happening, love, health, and wealth coming towards me by your immense grace that is coming from the great Creator.

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