Lauviah is the guardian angel for people born between June 11 and June 15. He has a masculine energy and represents the 20th and 25th degree of Gemini. In the angel hierarchy he is a Throne, he is part of the sefirah of Binah, and his governing Archangel is Zaphkiel. His planetary energies are Saturn / Uranus and he represents the element of Air.

His name means: Admirable God.

He symbolizes: Premonition and Reciprocation. He allows your feelings of love and friendship to be reciprocated and supports you in getting a good night's sleep and in fighting insomnia. He also acts upon your dreams in order to give you revelations or premonitions. The angel Lauviah's stone is Aquamarine and his colors are Pale Violet / Indigo. Of the 7 virtues, he rules over: The Power of Virtue.

The qualities given to you by the angel Lauviah

The angel Lauviah brings revelations. He gives you the power to understand things intuitively without the need for lengthy study or analysis and gives you telepathic abilities so that you can gain an awareness of the mechanics of the psyche. He helps you to understand worlds higher than our own through intuition, dreams, and premonitions.

Under his protection you will feel tranquil and calm as this guardian angel helps fight feelings of moroseness and torment. He allows you to feel constant joy by fostering your spiritual development.

He gives you a gift for poetry, music, transcendental and transcendent philosophy, and literature. He will help you to discover the sciences of the occult.

Through his light Lauviah allows you to glimpse the greatest mysteries of the universe and the laws of the cosmos during the night. This is because revelations can only be gained through dreams or meditation. With this guardian angel and protector, you are able to explore your subconscious mind.

The imbalances regulated by the angel Lauviah

The angel Lauviah protects you from a life cradled by illusion and an existence which isn’t grounded enough in reality as it is. He also helps you with your stubbornness, your lack of perception, and your material concerns.

He fixes your false perceptions, your ignorance, your atheistic thoughts, and your inappropriate behaviors. Furthermore, he keeps you from broken promises. He will bring you change if you have an arrogant or lofty attitude.

He protects you from various ordeals, and from desolation and moroseness. Furthermore, he is able to protect you from anxiety, existential angst, from becoming unhinged, and from choosing or being forced into adopting an unorthodox position. This guardian angel protects you from hyperactivity and sleeping troubles.

Through his powers Lauviah can protect you from twisted or malevolent spirits, as well as from the harbingers of misery which overwhelm you. What’s more, he protects you from an absence of faith, from a lack of enthusiasm, and from a lack of confidence in yourself and others.

He prevents you from having difficulty expressing your knowledge as well as from having any disconnect between your body and mind which would cause you to lose yourself in the abstract.

When should I communicate with the angel Lauviah?

Time - Physical:
June 11 - June 15
Time - Intellectual:
05:20 - 05:40
Time - Emotional:
January 24, 18:00 - 23:59
April 6, 00:00 - 23:59
June 20, 00:00 - 23:59
September 3, 00:00 - 23:59
November 15, 00:00 - 00:59

What can I ask the angel Lauviah?

Should you be having worries or apprehensions which are preventing you from sleeping, pray to the guardian angel Lauviah and he will give you the inner peace you need so that each night you can enjoy a rejuvenating rest. In the same vein, if you want to find the meaning behind your dreams, he will bring you his clairvoyance if you ask for it.

If you often find yourself feeling sad or pessimistic, the angel Lauviah will support you in restoring your zest for life, as these feelings are the main obstacles which stand in the way of your spiritual fulfillment.

If you suffer from hallucinations, this guardian angel who is your patron and protector will be there to help and support you in understanding what is really going on in your mind.

Should you have any problems socializing, do not hesitate to call upon the clairvoyance and light of this patron guardian angel to keep you from being overwhelmed by anxiety.


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  1. Dear Angel Lauviah pls help me i’m confused, everything is not going the way i planned. i need financial Blessings. tnx

  2. Dear Angel lauviah,
    I am trusting and thanking God for giving you to me, confidently I ask you to help me from whatever ancestral curses in my life be gone all the possible blockage in fortune be lose from me, allow me to have my financial blessings and the immeasurable joy & happiness in life that I deserve to have for my beloved family and for me to be useful and a blessing to others that God wanted me to be!, let me recieve the blessing of abundant life, healthy & happy, filled with joy in my whole life with my family, allow me to experience the nurturing love & care of our God almighty through your guidance & protection, help me in some areas of my life that I don’t understand, protect me from the harm of enemies occult activities, sorcery and witchcraft that hinders me to have my success, enable me to be successful in manifesting good , positive, optimistic and blissful life, guide me on how to use righteously & wisely all the special gifts,(celestial power, psyche ability, spiritual strength and energy, divine gift of natural healing wit your help & guidance and all the special gifts & potentials I have within me ) that I had received from God on the day that I was born til the last day of my existence on earth, let me have your full protection to be able to overcome all the struggles of my life, let me see , hear , feel & understand the signs that I have to know to prevent bad things or any wicked work of evil be away from me & from my life, and not to be affected of any possible harm that may come to me or to my family, give me your divine power & strength to fight, stand strong and still against my enemies, envious , greed and jealousy of others cannot ruin nor move me.

    I accept the blessed gift of karmic bonus of a beautiful , great life, spiritually , physically , psychologically, emotionally, holistically, receptive , guide me to the right path for better life, send me a discerning spirit so that the enemy & their evil deeds be known to me, wicked plans, secrets be revealed to me, dishonesties & deception has no chance to me, because you are with me, Lord Jesus Christ had promised to mankind for those who believe & trust him will be saved and I trust the Lord for giving you to me my guardian angel lauviah to protect me from any harm & danger & help succeed in the certain problems and situation I am into at the present, help me to have abundant financial aid for all debts and family needs, grant my prayer to have great job that fits my ability and skills , allow me to have the Job that I always pray in my mind & heart, my focus to work on things to succeed for the goal that I want to achieve for my children, to have our own comfortable safety home where will be the nest of our family’s pure love, care, giving and understanding to each other, harmonious and Godly life, my life be change from poverty to Great abundance that not only us will benefit but be of good help to share to others who’s also needy & less fortunate, keep me & my family away from people who only knows how to harm others, make other people understand me in my good intention, let my family , my children and my elder sister understand me, see the goodness in me and not my weakness , mistakes and flaws.

    I accept and admit my shortcomings, weaknesses and know that I had committed sin from the past, grant me to correct myself , bless me of very good understanding and bring back the good composition of me to my higher goodness, I am humbling myself in front of you and below your feet to receive my forgiveness , let me receive Lord Jesus Christ mercy to Change my life renew, sanctified & purified that deserves to have all the goodness of life from God & not to carry others negative karma that they should be working to carry for their repentance, reverse to them who do all the bad things away from me the curses, rituals, bad lucks, sickness, Or any pestilence, financial blockage, hindrance to success, sorcery , witchcraft , all the bad elements, entities or anything from the darkness go back to where they come from & be banished forever. Thank you my dear angel lauviah, please be always with me, do not be separated from me, in the loving name of the Lord Jesus Christ… Amen!!!

  3. Thank you my guardian Angel I asked you at this time to protect myself, I ask you for financial help to buy a home and car, to protect me from all evil to have my friend love me as I love him, to lust for me! Thank you in the name of Jesus

  4. I am so grateful Angel Lauviah, that you are my guide n guardian, I ask you in love to bring me the good fortunes, my mansion n Land Rover, successful bukka and estate busineses, give me wisdom to raise my children in the way of the Lord to grow n not depart from that way, make my husband’s heart beat in love only for me as his lover n wife.

    I thank you immersely that you are so ready to lead me through to actualise my heart desire. I know you care for me n I love you too. Reply

  5. Dear guardian angel Lauviah, please guide me and uplift my spirits during a very confusing time in my life both spiritually, mentally and emotionally. Please give me strength and clairvoyance to be able to see and read the signs and premonitions that may are may not be always present

  6. my guardian angel Lauviah.. thank you for always saving me from accidents and bad people.. I pray and wish for the big opportunity🙏🙏🙏💙

  7. Lauviah, it is wonderful to meet you and I am grateful for your protection and guidance. I feel you and hear you nearby. Please guide my actions so that I may accomplish many necessary things at this time: school, family, moving, work, and love. Please remove my fear that I cannot do it, and bring me the help I need so I can. I trust you and trust in your help.

    Yours, with love.

  8. Hi!
    The Golding Angel and the Angel of light. Thank you for always being there for me whenever I need your help. I love you so much!

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