Omael is the guardian angel for people born between August 18 and August 22. He has a masculine energy and represents the 25th and 30th degree of Leo. In the angel hierarchy he is a Domination, he is part of the sefirah of Hesed, and his governing Archangel is Zadkiel. His planetary energies are Jupiter / Venus and he represents the element of Fire.

His name means: Patient God.

He symbolizes: Patience and Fertility. He provides you with the divine patience to face all of life's challenges. He makes pregnancy easier and offers you the gift of bringing a noble being in to the world. The angel Omael's stone is Garnet and his colors are Colorless / Gold. Of the 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit, he rules over: Piety.

The qualities given to you by the angel Omael

The angel Omael offers you the ability to grow and propagate what you set your hand to. He is the angel of development, expansion, and materialization. Through his protection he will therefore allow you to achieve, produce, plan, and to implement things. He gives you perseverance and a sense of responsibility.

Thanks to his power and light, this patron guardian angel can help to restore your health. He brings you healing and his actions influence those who work in a medical profession. He makes birth easier and helps to improve fertility. He can also help pregnant women to enjoy their pregnancy calmly and fully.

The guardian angel Omael brings joy and fulfillment into your life. You are like a living form of antidepressant and provide strength and comfort to others. He will help you to rediscover your inner child.

Under the protection of this patron angel you will become the master of both the animal and plant kingdoms. You have the power to offer support during planting and harvests.

The imbalances regulated by the angel Omael

The guardian angel Omael will lead you away from shallow victories and from a materialistic philosophy. He will help you if you are overly pretentious, rushed, insatiable, greedy, or if you are prepared to do anything in order to succeed. He will also help you if you have an overly socialite mentality.

Omael can protect you from repeated failure, from lack of success, and from destitution. He can also protect you from infertility and bad harvests. He will help you if you live your life with a twisted sense of materialism or if you don’t know how to plan and organize.

Furthermore, the guardian angel Omael will protect you from self-destruction, euthanasia, death-bringers, massacre, genocide, and destructive fury. He will also keep you from vivisection and other harrowing experiences. The guardian angel Omael will also protect you from depression, sadness, and discouragement.

When should I communicate with the angel Omael?

Time - Physical:
August 18 - August 22
Time - Intellectual:
09:40 - 10:00
Time - Emotional:
February 6, 00:00 - 23:59
April 20, 00:00 - 23:59
July 3, 00:00 - 23:59
September 16, 00:00 - 23:59
November 28, 00:00 - 23:59

What can I ask the angel Omael?

If you have skin problems like acne, if you suffer from herpes, if you are seeking treatment for cysts, if you are struggling with cancer, or if you have depression, etc., do not hesitate to call upon the guardian angel Omael so that he can bring you his help and support.

If you wish to have children, if you want to be more fertile, if you are having problems with your uterus, or if you want to have a calm and easy pregnancy, the angel Omael is able to bring you his support. This is because he is the angel of female fertility and motherhood.

If you seek wealth, achievement, or to grow or to propagate something, etc., the patron angel Omael can come to your aid. He will show you the path to success and will give you the energy you need to allow everything you do to prosper and grow, be it in your social, family, or professional life. Pray to him, and he will give you access to a great supply of wealth and afford you his protection.

The angel Omael is by your side if you want to learn gardening or farming skills. Pray to him, and he will bring you his light to give you plentiful harvests of the things you have grown. Indeed, Omael is the angel of both plants and agriculture.


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  1. Dear Angel Omael,

    Thank you for your protection and blessings with my health and life. Help sell my house

  2. Dear guardian angel Omael, thank you for the protections and blessings from conception to date. Now I pray that you protect me from repeated financial failure, rising and falling , delay and limitations . There is this New business on my hands, develop it, expand it, fertilize and
    prosper it

  3. dear omael please fix my health destroyed by evil wife putting heroin in my food it caused a lot of damage kidneys liver I lost my beautiful teeth my happiness job girlfriend whom I truly loved with no conditions,I also ask for a miracle helper to get my van on the road get my true love back and we work together and get out of the hell pits I was dragged into.amen.

  4. I want my hustling to prosper and gain wealth beyound anyone in my family ,protect me , guide me and let true love locate me and let millions and billions client locate me so I can get wealth and let my health be okay and please transform me to a better man

  5. Dear angel, god of patience, please bless all these people that commented here so that can be happy. Healthy and wealthy. I’m excited to have you by my side 😍

  6. Angel omael bless me and help me with my finances health relationship protect me and give wisdom and knowledge it my tomorrow nights wish

    • Angel Omael I ask for your blessing over me as I am suffocated with my husbands mental health is over crowding me and my space. I ask to remove this force over me and may you ask his angel to assist over him. I need strength in my work, finances, and at the RANCH. I have many responsibiities and I ask to remove the confusion and anxiety that is set within me and to be REMOVED and Bliss Me with My Lucky Powers of Wisdom, Freedom, Joy, Success, Health, Abundance to share with me and I share with the World to make a difference in my Family Heritage at the Canales Ranch grant me the power to win the battle I am facing with the family whom stold the Land Grant and I will be the HONOR ONE to be the VOICE to set the Principal and the Wishes of my Ancestors and Grandfathers. Ask TO MAKE ME A WARRIOR OF HARVEST to show an example and Bring Water the People. In You I Call To Set Me To RISE!!! and I to be example to RISE OTHERS… Amen

  7. My Angel Omael
    I ask nothing for myself but your protection of my beloved Daughter and her babies. Help them where ever you can please my dear one.
    That is all I ask of you

  8. Guardian Angel Omael, thank you for your gifts and for helping all of us in our journey on this earth. I pray you can heal all my skin issues and cure any lingering depression i have lingering around from past healed child traumas. I pray you can help me find abundance in my financials and help me heal my relationship with money. I pray you will give me the limitless energy i need to make the life i am creating come to fruition. Guide me all aspects pertaining to my nursing career. help me get the job at the hospital and find time to do everything that fulfills me in your divine purpose. heal my soulmates mother i feel there is some sort of cancer there not sure but help heal her Angel Omael. thank you thank you thank you. and so it is…AMEN

  9. Guardian angel Omael please help my sister to give birth successfully without pain and stress.protect her from her enemies and their evil plans AMEN

  10. my guardian angel Omael please restore my fertility and my Marriage please give me the instructions on how to began to grow my own garden and to be more great in what the most high has for me

  11. Dearest Omael
    Thank you for been at our side.
    I asked you to provide my wife Jan with all the help and healing for her various issue.
    Please help us with directions for our business ventures and closures.
    Thank you Omael

  12. Thanks for revealing yourself to me my Guardian Angel Omael
    Please walk with me for the rest of my life , and give me all the good directions in life to start my new family 🙏
    Thank you My Guardian Angel Omael

  13. Come to my aid my guardian angel Omael .grant me deliverance from unluckiness, grant me health ,wealth ,happiness and a successful future and help me always to avoid falls along my path.Amen

  14. Angel Omael, angel of God! Though you’re not my guardian angel I call upon you to be by my side and help me with my health, my finances, help me to find a good life partner, helpers sponsors and clients, help me with great family, loved ones and friends. Help me achieve wealth, help me with my social life, help me set goals and the strength to carry out that goals, help me with my gardening and farming skills and give me a very green hands so that all I touch will grow and be fruitful and successful. Angel Omael I need u because every duties that are your responsibilities are where I am lacking in my life, help me not to lack anymore, please help my angels and all my spirit forces ,the universe and always be around me all year round so that I do not like your gardians so that I can benefit from you always.and that which u will like me to do for u show me so that I can do for u as well. Make me fertile so that at the right time I will have my children in great health, so that I will have safe pregnancy, safe and painless childbirth and I will be wealthy and rich enough to care for my children myself and my family and give me a wonderful partner all this I pray in jesus mighty name. Amen.

  15. Omael, please bless, protect, and forgive Cynthia on her journey with the Lord to rebirth. May Caliel assist and strengthen this Amen

  16. Omael Angel I summon you to assist me financially, expand and magnify me abundantly in all I set my heart,mind and soul to do and achieve, it is done.

  17. I pray to angel Omael to not stop trying my luck and acceptance of changes and success to always be positive about my ideas and making plans for my personal development and people around me Amen

  18. My guardian Angel Omael clear all that is blocking my way of happiness, financially, health, peace and joy and grant me power and strength to overcome every stages of life, help me so I could be stronger enough to carry out responsibility in the life of other and always protect me from all evil and lead me on from today

  19. My guardian Angel Omael clear all that is blocking my way of happiness, financially, health, peace and joy.

  20. Guardian Angel Omael, help me retrace my footsteps. Clear all my debts, let my divine helpers locate me. Give me peace joy wealth and happiness as I journey this earth. Renew my spirit everyday to face all the life challenges. Help me financially and intellectually. And protect me and my children from evil eyes. In Jesus mighty name. Amen!

  21. My Dearest Omael,
    Please bless me with abundance beyond measure to help my children and family and friends and to establish my charity so that I may help others to find their way to their own abundance. Bless you Omael and Thank you so much!!

  22. My Gaurdian angel omael help me from my depression what is facing about my health I need a good sleep at night proctect me and my family
    Due to my health I am feeling very sick thinking of that I am deppress d help me

  23. My beloved Omael Guardian Anlele, today I am celebrating my 50th birthday. I am asking you for health, for joy in my heart, I am asking you for guidance and mental support in fulfilling my dream of living in the countryside in a small house on my beloved land, support me in the production of food Forest garden permaculture, where all trees and plants live in symbiosis and harmony with animals, birds, insects and creatures of positive energy with me and with people who will visit my home and garden to learn to live in harmony with nature.

    My dear Guardian Angel Omael, I am asking you for help in making people aware of respect for Gaia, all nature and space, for innocence and unconditional love flowing from the heart. I allow your help and support and humbly accept your help and support according to my free will. Green-hearted Anna Thankfully Amen

    P. S. I wrote my pracy to You dear Angel am 22 August in polish language, but I not finde him there.

  24. My Guardian Angel Omael, I need your guidance and help to find a suitable path of life in order to get success for a good career, wealth, happy family & friends and make relationships stronger. I want to be happy and make everyone happy around me. I want peace of mind and keep my life partner happy always. Amen!

  25. My guardian angel Omael, please bless me and my family with love and light, helping us through these tough times. Heal me from the mental and physical scars in my life.


  26. My Guardian Angel I had been through some much all my life. I sure you know. There are so many things that I would to ask help with.. But first I want ask, Why me.I not a hard person to please or get along with. And I sorry if I have done wrong. And I welcome you back into my life. And thank you for care for me this long. So know I ask for healing, and wish to have children, twins girls. I want to be more fertile, if there are having problems with your uterus please fix.Spread good vibes and positivity around me, money the most. i pray for you to help me with every aspect of my life. Create more laughter and fun, comfort. Love and wealth and safety for my husband, kids grandkids, mother, aunts, cousin uncle, grandmother, father and everyone else I’ve missed, sibling, and parents. Peace’ of mind and strength and wealth . Keep my business thriving, Please grant me all the wishes and dreams my heart desire. Will I let you go know. How about I keep talk to you I write you or this way is fine too. OH Hey Happy Birthday to me. August t22nd. Thanks for listening

  27. My Guardian Angel Omael, Please protect and lead me in all aspect of life. Please grant me with adundant wealth so I can help the needy and poor. Guardian Angel Omael, please bless me with long life with good health, Take away the eyes of the evil ones in my path and let your doors of success and favour locate me. Please come to my aid in no time for am suffering in life too much, Please help me my Guardian Angel Omael , i need money -aditya

  28. My Guardian Angel Omael. I need you with me always i pray to you t3i help me in my finances i pray for you to help me with every aspect of my life i want to help others. Help me with my depression i want to have enough wealth to help others who have suffered thank you for hearing me and being my Guardian Angel

  29. My angel omael, please make me more kind and Spread good vibes and positivity around me.. create laughter and comfort…Love and wealth and safety for my sibling and parents.. peace’ of mind and strength to solve all the problems

  30. my guardian angel,I come to you.let mercies,favors, wealth,prosperity, love,good name be my portion,.protect me from the wicked. you are welcome once again..

  31. My guardian angel Omael, I had not counted on you recently in my struggles, I am sorry. I welcome you back in my life at this time of anxiety as i am waiting for this particular job. I will do what I have written down in my book to show my faith in The Trinity God. Please be on my side to guide me and calm me down during this stretch of doubt. Amen

  32. Angel Omael please be by my side in every step l take. Please help me to overcome very temptation that may come my way. And help me to feel your presence around me. Please give me a sign that you are near me. Thank you very much.Amen!

  33. My dear guardian angel Omael, thank you for taking me this far. Please take away sorrow, poverty, hardship, shame and demotion from me. Fight every spiritual battles for me. Don’t allow me to be defeated in my dreams again. Protect me, my father and siblings in the name of God the father, Son and the Holy Ghost, Amen

  34. Praise be Angel Omeal,
    I am open to all the glory your holy presence will bring. I pray for my pregnancy and the health of unborn children, my heath and family, financial freedom, and longevity. I pray in your name I will be and stay blessed and highly favored! Blessed be the glory I pray AMEN

  35. Please my guardian angel omeal i need u to protect me and my family from evil of anykind. I need you to help me and guide me to have good health, long life and prosperity also financial breakthrough. Please connect me with my destiny helpers omael

  36. my guardian Angel Omael thank you for all guidance through out my life. you have been there by my side protecting me without me knowing you. god is truly a good God send me protection even when i did not knew i needed you you have been there. thank you for protecting through my times of trouble. May the God of heavens be glorified in all his love for us. Angel Omael i have a request that you help me prosper in all my heart desies by the power of our lord Jesus Chirst how is your master. thank you once again for your protection o my life.

  37. Please dear Guardian Angel Omael, I need help with my health, physical and mentally. I have not been feeling so well lately. I just want some guidance. Thank you.

  38. My Guardian Angel Omael please Bless me with long healthy life, open Financial Doors for me, I need your help ,I am out of work.

  39. The guardian angel of omael, please bless me with children, wealth, love and marriage to my current boyfriend. I know you can change my situation, I believe in u.

  40. dear Omael, were you the one i have been talking to when i feel as if i am alone? i feel whenever i talk allowed in an empty room some one is listening to me, calmly and loving. are you the one i feel when i am in my bed thinking? the one that holds me dearly? if so, than thank you, it is so nice to know that someone loves me for myself and will stay with me until my time ends. i crave to be in your arms and love to feel your presence. thank you for helping me from now and into the future and in the past. thank you.

  41. Omael, my Sweet Guardian Angel, come to my aid against infertility, poverty and sickness. Amen

  42. My guardian angel Omael please guide me throughout my life show me the right path, open financial doors for me, connect me to my destiny helper. I need a new job which pays well so that i can take care of my family bless me with success and restore my life, bless me with a husband and children in the year 2020. AMEN

  43. Guardian Angel Omael please dismiss all these nasty investigations free me clear my name vindicate me in the name of Jesus intervine and bless me to get my agreed termination and extra money bless me with financial wealth protect my family and look after my friend and free her from this nasty allegation put in front of her.

  44. My angel Omael, I need your help. I am out of work, and could you please give me the patience to wait for that phone call. And I would love for you to bless my husband and I. Our wedding Anniversary is tomorrow. Thank you and bless you.

  45. My dear angel OMEAL I ask you to please help me with any problems I’m having in my life. I ask you to protect me from any harm or anything that is not good for me. I beg you to please bless my family and watch over them the way you watch me. I had an abortion about three to four years ago and I’m so sorry I’m asking for forgiveness and it won’t ever happen again. I ask you to cure me from any diseases or sicknesses I have now. Thank you for always watching over me even at my worst times. I see you and believe in you amen.

  46. my guardian angel OMAEL pls give my financial freedom..let my newly started businesses run with it’s full potential…give me enough money to live a normal life…so i can concentrate on my spiritual growth… j dont have much materialistic ambitions…but still let me bless with financial abundance to fulfill my material liabilities in the form of my childrens wife & parents…also bless us ( me my wife & children & my parents) in terms of good health good relationships among recognition for us & spiritual uplifting of us…

  47. Pls my guardian angel omael pls release me from my past fielure and sorrow,pls bless me with money,happiness good relationship and love for the poor and needy

  48. My guardian angel omael, i ask you protect me and keep watch over me and i proceed on my spiritual journey with you and archangel Raphael. 👁✨👌🏾

  49. Oh my dearest spiritual glorious Guardian Angel Omael, You who watch over me every day and every night. I ask for your help in everything I do, because you alone know my secret, my sorrows and my story. You who help the weakest, I ask for your help and love, please come to my aid because I know you alone can fight for just causes, I pray oh thee please grant me success in everything, and forever glorify your name for the rest of my life through the father, the son and the holy spirit.AMEN

  50. dear guardian angel Omael,my bestie that knws all my secret,thank u 4 ur guardian and protection,please my guardian angel Omael u hv seen my present situation that the going is tough with me,i pray thee please grant me success to fulfill the plan of the CREATOR, and grant me success in my endevour,multi billion business,hapiness,good health condition and lead me away from evil to the right path,IJN Amen

  51. My dearest Guardian Angel Omael, thank you for guiding and guarding me everyday and night. Wish you more power to guide, guard and protecting me and my family from any harm and deceitfulness of the evil. In Jesus Christ name I wish and pray that God may bless you more power to guard me and my family.

  52. My Guardian Angel Omael, thank you for interceeding on my behalf so far….

    May your name be praised.

    Please my angel, bless me with my heart desires. I need wealth in order to bless people around me, I need your wisdom, I need good health and lasting life, bless my mother and my country Nigeria 🇳🇬.

    Take away the eyes of the evil ones in my path and let your doors of success and favour locate me.

    Thank you for all you have done for me so far. I know you will not stop until you bless me in abundance.


  53. My guardian angel omael please bless me with good health,financial open doors stability,relationship,a good wife,connect me to my destiny helpers,protect me from evil lead me to my true path and love surrounding me.

  54. Omeal bless me I pray with great health and bring my fiance and her daughter back to the states to me and bless me with abundant wealth so I can continue to help others and protect me and rid me from evil in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ thank you

  55. To My Guardian Angel Omael, Please listen to my prayers and show your presence in my life. please please give me some hint or indication of your presence.

  56. My guardian angel omael please bless me with good health,financial open doors stability,relationship,a good wife,connect me to my desting helpers,protect me from evil lead me to my true path and love surrounding me. AMEN and AMEN

  57. My Guardian Angel Omael please Open Financial Doors for me, grant me wisdom to govern my life and Relationship,

  58. my guardian angel omael, please enlighten me. bless me with inner peace, financial stability and love surrounding me.

  59. MY guardian angel Omael. Please all I ask from you is to help me to be wealthy, sensible and a caring person. I promise to use the wealth and the ideas to help people.

  60. Gratitude to you Angel Omael … I need you besides me to guide me towards the right path and become better version of myself. Bless me with abundance in perfect health, love, peace , happiness & wealth !
    Ameen 🙂

    Thank You !

  61. My guardian angel Omael
    I thank thee for protecting me, inspiring me, enlightening me, taking me on the right path you chose for me, providing me with opportunities and inspiration to choose wisely and everything else the small & big you did for me and keeps doing for me. I am ever indebted & shall remain.

  62. Beautiful Angel Omael,
    Please help me and give me the energy and strength to achieve success in career and life.

  63. Angel Omael, I pray you protect and lead me in all aspect of life. Let me be fruitful in wealth to be beneficial to the needy. Restore all my misfortunes and bring good health to me. Let me have all these beneficiaries before my birthday 20/08/2019. Amen!

  64. Omael, I pray grant me with adundant wealth so that give out to the needy and protect me from evil n bad health. Restore in me the clean spirit of God through Christ Jesus. Amen

  65. Angel Omael, I need a restoration recovery and total renewal in my life before 21st of my birthda in this month of August .bless me so I can be a blessing to my family and my loved ones.(lead me home).

  66. Omael bless me with long healthy life,open doors closed for me,wealth,happiness,luck,peace prosperity and growth

  67. My Guardian Angel Omael please Open Financial Doors for me, grant me wisdom to govern my life and Relationship, connect me to my Destiny Helper in my Singing Ministry and the sweetest voice to Praise God..bless me always Amen

    • My Guardian Angel Omael, Please protect and lead me in all aspect of life. Please grant me with adundant wealth so I can help the needy and poor. Guardian Angel Omael, please bless me with long life with good health, Take away the eyes of the evil ones in my path and let your doors of success and favour locate me. Please come to my aid in no time for am suffering in life too much, Please help me my Guardian Angel Omael. Ameen

      • Guardian angel, Oamel, I welcome you into my life I Need You Now and Forever, I need you for my health I need you for my peace of mind I need you financially to help me as you know that I’m a victim but you have made me into a Victor because you will get the Glory at the end. I welcome you to help me financially physically, mentally, emotionally and my love life, I ask you for strength, and it keep the wicked people away from me, I welcome you to protect me at all times when I need protection , I asked you to protect my home and my life thank you guardian angel I love you so much thank you for all that you have already done

    • Dear guardian angel Omael, thank you for the protections and blessings from conception to date. Now I pray that you protect me from repeated financial failure, rising and falling , delay and limitations . There is this New business on my hands, develop it, expand it, fertilize and
      prosper it

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