Omael is the guardian angel for people born between August 18 and August 22. He has a masculine energy and represents the 25th and 30th degree of Leo. In the angel hierarchy he is a Domination, he is part of the sefirah of Hesed, and his governing Archangel is Zadkiel. His planetary energies are Jupiter / Venus and he represents the element of Fire.

His name means: Patient God.

He symbolizes: Patience and Fertility. He provides you with the divine patience to face all of life's challenges. He makes pregnancy easier and offers you the gift of bringing a noble being in to the world. The angel Omael's stone is Garnet and his colors are Colorless / Gold. Of the 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit, he rules over: Piety.

The qualities given to you by the angel Omael

The angel Omael offers you the ability to grow and propagate what you set your hand to. He is the angel of development, expansion, and materialization. Through his protection he will therefore allow you to achieve, produce, plan, and to implement things. He gives you perseverance and a sense of responsibility.

Thanks to his power and light, this patron guardian angel can help to restore your health. He brings you healing and his actions influence those who work in a medical profession. He makes birth easier and helps to improve fertility. He can also help pregnant women to enjoy their pregnancy calmly and fully.

The guardian angel Omael brings joy and fulfillment into your life. You are like a living form of antidepressant and provide strength and comfort to others. He will help you to rediscover your inner child.

Under the protection of this patron angel you will become the master of both the animal and plant kingdoms. You have the power to offer support during planting and harvests.

The imbalances regulated by the angel Omael

The guardian angel Omael will lead you away from shallow victories and from a materialistic philosophy. He will help you if you are overly pretentious, rushed, insatiable, greedy, or if you are prepared to do anything in order to succeed. He will also help you if you have an overly socialite mentality.

Omael can protect you from repeated failure, from lack of success, and from destitution. He can also protect you from infertility and bad harvests. He will help you if you live your life with a twisted sense of materialism or if you don’t know how to plan and organize.

Furthermore, the guardian angel Omael will protect you from self-destruction, euthanasia, death-bringers, massacre, genocide, and destructive fury. He will also keep you from vivisection and other harrowing experiences. The guardian angel Omael will also protect you from depression, sadness, and discouragement.

When should I communicate with the angel Omael?

Time - Physical:
August 18 - August 22
Time - Intellectual:
09:40 - 10:00
Time - Emotional:
February 6, 00:00 - 23:59
April 20, 00:00 - 23:59
July 3, 00:00 - 23:59
September 16, 00:00 - 23:59
November 28, 00:00 - 23:59

What can I ask the angel Omael?

If you have skin problems like acne, if you suffer from herpes, if you are seeking treatment for cysts, if you are struggling with cancer, or if you have depression, etc., do not hesitate to call upon the guardian angel Omael so that he can bring you his help and support.

If you wish to have children, if you want to be more fertile, if you are having problems with your uterus, or if you want to have a calm and easy pregnancy, the angel Omael is able to bring you his support. This is because he is the angel of female fertility and motherhood.

If you seek wealth, achievement, or to grow or to propagate something, etc., the patron angel Omael can come to your aid. He will show you the path to success and will give you the energy you need to allow everything you do to prosper and grow, be it in your social, family, or professional life. Pray to him, and he will give you access to a great supply of wealth and afford you his protection.

The angel Omael is by your side if you want to learn gardening or farming skills. Pray to him, and he will bring you his light to give you plentiful harvests of the things you have grown. Indeed, Omael is the angel of both plants and agriculture.

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14 responses to “Omael”

  1. My Guardian Angel Omael please Open Financial Doors for me, grant me wisdom to govern my life and Relationship, connect me to my Destiny Helper in my Singing Ministry and the sweetest voice to Praise God..bless me always Amen

  2. Omael bless me with long healthy life,open doors closed for me,wealth,happiness,luck,peace prosperity and growth

  3. Angel Omael, I need a restoration recovery and total renewal in my life before 21st of my birthda in this month of August .bless me so I can be a blessing to my family and my loved ones.(lead me home).

  4. Omael, I pray grant me with adundant wealth so that give out to the needy and protect me from evil n bad health. Restore in me the clean spirit of God through Christ Jesus. Amen

  5. Angel Omael, I pray you protect and lead me in all aspect of life. Let me be fruitful in wealth to be beneficial to the needy. Restore all my misfortunes and bring good health to me. Let me have all these beneficiaries before my birthday 20/08/2019. Amen!

  6. My guardian angel Omael
    I thank thee for protecting me, inspiring me, enlightening me, taking me on the right path you chose for me, providing me with opportunities and inspiration to choose wisely and everything else the small & big you did for me and keeps doing for me. I am ever indebted & shall remain.

  7. Gratitude to you Angel Omael … I need you besides me to guide me towards the right path and become better version of myself. Bless me with abundance in perfect health, love, peace , happiness & wealth !
    Ameen 🙂

    Thank You !

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