Yeiazel is the guardian angel for people born between October 9 and October 13. He has a masculine energy and represents the 15th and 20th degree of Libra. In the angel hierarchy he is a Power, he is part of the sefirah of Geburah, and his governing Archangel is Camael. His planetary energies are Mars / The Moon and he represents the element of Air.

His name means: God Who Rejoices.

He symbolizes: Help and Inspiration. He provides consolation in times of sadness and grief. He inspires creative people and assures prisoners of their freedom. The angel Yeiazel's stone is Pearl and his colors are Blue / Pale Gold. Of the 7 kingly attributes, he rules over: Purple Breeches.

The qualities given to you by the angel Yeiazel

Yeiazel is the angel who brings you solace and relief following any kind of strain. He offers you a period of renewal after times involving difficult challenges or after difficult situations. In this way he is able to lead you towards a new phase of your life which is more favorable for starting to create something new.

The guardian angel Yeiazel restores and rejuvenates your body and helps you to return to full health. He also brings harmony, peace, and joy into your life.

The guardian angel Yeiazel is able to free you of toxic emotional states by preventing emotional outbursts and all kinds of dependency like addiction to drugs, tobacco, alcohol, and much more. He is the angel who delivers the oppressed by helping them to channel their intense amounts of energy and passion.

People under this patron angel's influence love all things related to writing, reading, music, painting, and the arts in general.

The imbalances regulated by the angel Yeiazel

The angel Yeiazel will keep you from emotional outpourings and outbursts and will help you to comfort your peers. He also keeps people from social reclusion and from missing out on intimacy and new experiences.

He keeps you from lacking confidence and encouragement and will help to eliminate any negative thoughts which are bringing nothing but sadness and melancholy into your life. This guardian angel also helps to manage extreme emotions. Yeiazel will keep your problems from building up and will protect you from periods of hardship as well as all of life’s little surprises.

Yeiazel will protect you from dependency in all its forms: tobacco, alcohol, drugs, and more. He will also be of valuable support in case of life-threatening illnesses.

Yeiazel will keep you from sad, miserable, or defeatist works of writing. He will also keep you from any destructive forms of art which have the potential to be dangerous either to your own fulfillment or to the fulfillment of others.

When should I communicate with the angel Yeiazel?

Time - Physical:
October 9 - October 13
Time - Intellectual:
13:00 - 13:20
Time - Emotional:
February 16, 00:00 - 23:59
April 30, 00:00 - 23:59
July 14, 00:00 - 23:59
September 27, 00:00 - 23:59
December 8, 00:00 - 23:59

What can I ask the angel Yeiazel?

If you ask him, the angel Yeiazel can free you from forms of addiction which are harmful in your life. More specifically, he can free you from addiction relating to alcohol, drugs, and tobacco. Pray to the angel Yeiazel and he will give you an opportunity for redemption, allowing you to live your life in peace and serenity.

If you are involved in the world of art or writing, you can ask the guardian angel Yeiazel for his support and to help you find fulfillment in these areas, as he is the angel of writers, singers, painters, and more. He offers his help and support to all people without exception, all you have to do is make him a fair and honest request.

The guardian angel Yeiazel is also the one to call if you are going through times of difficulty as he can help you by bringing you his divine light. Furthermore, if it is the people close to you who are finding themselves in a difficult situation, ask this angel for help and you will learn how to bring comfort to all those you hold dear.


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121 responses to “Yeiazel”

  1. Yeiazel,

    Love your name by the way.

    You’ve been with me throughout my life and you know my loss of faith. And the reasons why. But you also know that I’ve been feeling a call recently. That inkling feeling in the back of my mind to return.

    I may have only found you through sheer curiosity, but it’s too much of a coincidence that out of all the angels out there, I was born in the days that you are assigned too. And that you are a patron of the arts of all form, including writing.

    I thank you for watching over me, because I’m sure it hasn’t been easy. I will try to do better not only for myself, but for those around me. Whose lives are intertwined with mine.

    It may sound selfish, but I ask that you watch over my book. You know that I’ve been writing this story for well over seven years (and even more if you count the stick-figure comics) because every time I stopped, it just wouldn’t leave my thoughts and dreams. It would always come back no matter how hard I tried to bury it.

    Now I know why it didn’t. I was meant to write it.

    I hope my story entertains people and hope that they have a unique experience.

    Thank you and I’ll make sure to get you a signed copy.

  2. Archangel Yeiazel am l glad to request and plead with you to provide me and the entire family divine protections, with mercies and healthy Household, financial breakthroughs, open doors of opportunities, freedom to develop and grow spiritually and deliver and set us free from any family curses and give us to strength to do business and work to deliberate and help the weak in our communities and the world at large. Thank you!

  3. Dear Powerful and Mercyful Yeiazel, I’m coming to you in time of hardship that I’m going through not just for me but for my ex finacee for whom is very active in my life for we broken up over a month ago but we still spend time together we got a strong bond and a connection that is very spiritual in all ways but the situation is right now challenging for she had went through a very heart breaking event where she was married and going through a divorce at the time her and I started dating and her husband was incarcerated and had gotten out and that was the time we broke up

    I had moved out and he moved back in and my ex fiancee was still highly involved in my life as he was the one sleeping next to her at night for about 4 days until she told him she didn’t want him nor him to be there anymore. So he left with very negative emotions she reached out to me for protection I provided that for her but that night of the day she told him to leave she felt scared like he was going to do something to her and she wanted me to come protect her that night and nobody seen or heard from him since that night.

    That’s when I was telling her i will come help her search around her property. Well her and our daughter went out shopping and came home my 11yr old daughter had went in the garage at our home and came back out with a look on her face her mom then went and looked that’s when she realized why our daughter had that look on her face that’s where they found him he committed suicide by hanging himself. So my ex fiancee and our kiddos are going through a very traumatic time it’s been a little over a month now since his passing. I have been there for her since day one and will continue to still be.

    But while this is going on her and I have been spending alot of time together and I know there is till strong feelings for each other I wanna work things out and get back together get married and have another child with her but she don’t wanna be in a relationship right now and she don’t know if she will be with me or someone else but our kiddos are telling g her for us to get back together so I’m praying for healing of her and our kiddos for what happened but also for my and her relationship to heal us and bring us back together and for our relationship to be very healthy and strong for we are religious and believe God gifted us to be together and truly want us back together and to bring that spark back rekindle the flame and block out all other men or woman out he picture for it to be just her and I plus the kiddos.

    I also had lost my job during this time as well so I’m asking for healing and grace to get an nice wealthy job so I can provide for them cause my family is my priority mean alot to me I’m asking for faith hope love family and all those very powerful things to turn this around for the better. For we truly need it. I know God has been there strongly and im asking for you to be as well please help m be that man she truly needs in her life for I don’t want another man stepping in this picture cause I been there and will continue for there is gonna be long road for her and our kiddos and they said when I’m home there they all feel safe and loved but once I leave that’s when bad things happen please my guardian me get her back and for us to have a future together soon..

    Please I need her as much she needs me. I really wanna get a very great job and also a truck cause it’s been a dream of mine to always have one for her and I wanna start up truck club and put on events for suicide awareness prevention and do this in his memory but for others as well its in my heart to do this. She has a truck now after it been broken down for 5 months finally got it fixed so she wants to start making it look sharp for this truck club now I need on as well please please save me and my family from horrific traumatic situation that put a damper on us and help us get through this and rekindle our love and relationship for us to get married and start up this club. For me to get career that pays amazing so we don’t struggle anymore and eventually a place out in the country of our own as well touch lives of others and spread God’s word as well asking for faith hope love a miracle thank you so much I love you

  4. Dear Angel Yeiazel, thank you for finally revealing yourself to me and for blessing me in all the ways that you have blessed me throughout my life. Let me be your vessel to further spread the messages of love, positivity, hope, inspiration, and light to the world so that everyone can thrive to then reach ascension. Thank you for saving me so many times and for giving me more chances to do good in this world.

  5. Please my guardian Angel I need your help to be strong and fighting the forces of evil. Help me find my true love and move closer to my daughter bless me with enough money to move. I’m helpless without our love and strength in the name of Jesus Christ I ask you for help keep me strong and help me walk better without a cane from my knee su

  6. Please my lovely guardian angel Yeiazel Leiazel please give me an opportunity of redemption and deliver me from curses and poverty. Thanks Angel of God

  7. My dear Yeiazel, I appeal to you, I pray help me to restore honor and dignity.
    Help me rise after being crushed in the back
    Please give me and my friends your blessing and resources to restore my business and bring my friends to me.

  8. Dear Yeiazel, thank you for making your presence known in my life and holding me during my deepest healing. Thank you for your support with my loved ones, who do not always feel in the light and are lost in how to navigate their shadow. Help me to know they have divine support and my prayers will assist, so I do not fall into co-dependent ways and become triggered. I feel truly blessed to have you near and towards my life’s purpose.

  9. Dear Angel Yeiazel, please free me of my own toxic thoughts to allow me to finally reach my highest expression & live out my fullest potential, receiving abundance in all aspects of my life, leading others to reach the same point in their life too.
    Please free me of my own chains.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!πŸ™πŸΌ

  10. Angel Yeiazel, please help free me from negative energy and fill me will serenity and positive energy, send me a sign, thank you.

  11. Yeiazel, I need help freeing myself from an addiction. I am making an effort to quit and I’m actually doing pretty well but I think just knowing that you are with me will give me the additional strength that I need to get through the many moments of weakness I experience. When I have quit, I want to help others to overcome the same addiction. Thank you.

    • Angel Yeiazel, i sincerely seek your advice on life principles, help me to become a better man and positive energy. Send me a sign. Thank you

  12. My guiding Angel YEAIZEL help me out of poverty,bring blessings,favors,mercy,materials gains,luxurious life,long life and prosperity,help me to stop gambling,help me to stop masturbation,help me to be wealthy and famous,help me in all angle of my entire life,forgives all my sins and make way for me.

  13. My beloved angel Yeiazel give me an opportunity for redemption, allowing me to live my life in peace and serenity. Thank you

  14. Dear Angel Yeiazil
    I want to ask for forgiveness before I pray and thank you for all your guidance through my addiction. I kindly ask for your help to quit tobacco completely. More so I ask you for financial assistance and help to pay for my May month rent. I beg you to help me out and please help people, family and friends who could help me out financially for shelter, food, medication and transportation. I beg you for magical assistance and guidance from above. In Jesus name I pray amen amen amen πŸ™

  15. Angel YEIAZEL, Because you showed your self to me today and for all that I have been through, I believe you were sent for a reason. YEIAZEL, I ask that you heal me from every lack and wants in my life. I ask you to heal me from every affliction or addiction that has hindered my progress in life. Help me to locate everything or some one who is in charge of my working in (E S H) and let me be called to come and work with them. Help me to show love to myself and to the world. Help me to undo every korts in my life and my family

    • Angle YEIAZEl you showed yourself to me today after so much suffering me and my daughter in Germany ,protect us give us shelter peace and happiness. Ptroctect us from my husband who has physically mentally, emotionally abused us and Germany police, show yourself on on hide us from all the evil eyes and spirit! Give me peace despite everything bad that is happening to us. Heal the world give peace and love to the world.
      Thank you for guiding me and protecting my daughter and I.In Jesus name we shall over come .Amen and amen πŸ™

  16. Angel YEIAZEL
    I humble acknowledge thee in my life today..
    Please i need more of you in my life everyday..
    I need to know more of you…
    Guide my in parts to follow never to depart from your ways…
    I feel so empty please refil me with thy flourishing energy back….
    Heal the world for my sake and bring us peace…
    Show me the meaning of white flashing lights I see by the sides of my two eyes I can’t understand why it keeps flashing
    Teach me how to love and love more
    Put it in my hands what it takes for the growth of kingdom of God
    Restore my family for me and give me peace and harmony amen!!! πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  17. Dearest Yeiazel, It is my sincerest honour to have this moment to thank you for coming through and catching my attention today on that 13th hour, 13th minute, and 13th day of October 2021.
    I accept you as my Angelic being and forefront of my journey thus day forward. I allow your positive and refreshing influences to enter into toxic areas of my life and also others suffering and please replenish them also so that we are one and all purified and cleansed from the very inner core of our souls to the outer beauty that bears also outside, amongst nature.

    Bless you now and please help bring balance to my once heavy burdened purposes.


  18. Thank you, Yeiazel, for all the help, support in life’s all areas, for inspiring me to be a great artist, writer and singer; and for protecting my family, my tribe, our community and myself.

  19. Dearest Angel
    Thank you for your help and protect thus far in my life.
    Please now will you help me sell my home and find another one perfect for me
    THANK you

  20. My angel , please help me to overcome my present situation.Get my Glory back for me and deal with all that are tormenting me.I receive my glory back in Jesus mighty name.Help me financially.

  21. My guardian angel Yeiazel, please help me through my difficult times and guide me so that I may make the correct decisions. Thank you.

  22. Please free me of my addictions, set my mind and body free of the things that I do to myself to not feel. To not care. To not be.
    Yeiazel, please show me better times so that I can find my light. My light to illuminate my path. My purpose. Please hear me Yeiazel… I need something to remind me that I once believed. I once belonged. Show me something unmistakably for me. Show me the way.i fear I have lost it . Protect my family especially my daughters….

  23. My Guardian Angel Yeiazel I really need your help in many ways, help me heal from all my surgeries, help me stop smoking, and help me lose weight, I’m borderline diabetic help me reverse this please. And please have all my kids talk to me again, and Godbless my brother in Heaven, thank you show me signs please πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  24. Angel Yeiazel I am broken . Can you ask my Father to restore me immediately and accomplish what I’m supposed to accomplish and love on my kids.

  25. My Dear angel Yeiazel, thank you for being with me and guiding me.Please take care of me and show me the right way.I love you. please give me a sign

  26. Guardian angel Yeiazel, please i want to be good writer,and reading understanding it and in life, and want you to review ur self to me when am sleeping,alway show me sign and proacting me from any evil thing,

  27. Glad to have known you my guardian angel Yeiazel. Please change my son for me, and help my wife with the fruit of the womb, and me, give me better life to live. Thank you Yeiazel.

  28. Angel of mine I please ask you to bring that special person in my life JECM. I ask you for a sign for JECM please. also would like to ask you to please protect me from envy and negative vibes. Also help me peruse my dreams and everything I want to achieve in this world. I love you. Thankyou.

  29. Dear Angel Yeiazel, kindly help in all my family’s problem from attacks of jealous and malicious enemies. Bless us to live in canada. Help our investments to prosper. Thank you. Amen

  30. Please I want you to protect me from any bad spiritual atttack and I want you to help me listen things from you and make me a success person with a good heart to other please ! Come in my dreams and show me good ways

  31. Thank you for knowing and meeting you my guardian angel, Yeiazel.i only ask one thing: help me in my most challenging and difficult periods of suffering, pain, fear, sadness, and broken marriage and family.pls direct us in the right direction, help us forgive and accept one another, and find peace in our lives..amen

    • You’re welcome to my life my guardian angel Yeiazel, Thank you for letting me know how and I ask that you give me the power to make my beautiful dreams of music,Art, writing and discovery come into a reality

  32. Dear Guardian Angle Yeuazel, I have some trouble with writing my report and the writing, if you can hear me, please give me a signal to guide me the way.

    Bless you,
    little human

  33. Hello everyone, with everyone’s permission, I will increase the frequency of all those who have written on the site to five thousand, and in the next one or two days, you will surely see your angel either in a dream or in meditation.

  34. My guardian angel free my soul from evil yes and help me achieve my goals with good health and family.

  35. You are my sister’s guardian angel. Please help her in her time of grief and loss. You have helped her before to overcome addictions. Please be with her now.

  36. Dear Yeiazel my guardian Angel

    I love Yeiazel

    Please come to me in my Life I want you……
    please show me a sign and help me pursue my dreams. I want to see you in my Real life . I want to be a good God’s Child.

  37. Dear Yeiazel my guardian Angel

    Please Help me for my burden Shoulder for my financial Problems. Please Guide and Protect me to negative Luck and Change to a Positive Opportunity of my Life. My Life is very Crucial Please Guide me to cross the bridge of big trials. Thank You so Help me God in Heaven

  38. πŸ™πŸΌ
    Yeiazel, I pray that surround me always with all of your guidance and help me learn to how to love & live life AGAIN! Going on 2 years sober, but MANY OTHER FAMILY, LEGAL ISSUES I HAVE NEVER THOUGHT I WOULD HAVE TO FACE IN MY ENTIRE LIFETIME. I found out today you were My Angel, I am blessed to be under your security & blessings Yeiazel. I am forever changed today. πŸ™πŸΌ Thank You.

  39. Oh, Thou my protective guardian angel Yeiazel. I thank thee for the protection you have given me my whole life. I wish i would have know you much earlier in my life and perhaps my life would have taken a different turn.

    My angel, i ask Thee that from this day may i be blessed with regard to my marriage life. Restore and renew my marriage. Soften my spouse’s heart and fill her with the spirit of forgiveness, emphathy and love. Heal her hurting from the wrong things i have done. Make her long for me again as it was in the begining.

    Oh, Thou Angel, bring my spouse back to me and help us find peace and harmony between us. Reunite my family my Angel. I know Thou will do so because my intentions are positive. For this, i thank Thee in sdvance, oh thou, Yeiazel my protective guardian angel..

  40. Good evening my Guardian angel please I’m begging you for help at work a woman work where I work is giving me hell and I’m afraid of her please let her get a different job and come out of my life and my way please my angel

  41. Dear Yeaizel,

    Please give me a sign that the choice I had to make was/will be ultimately the right one. A distinct and prolonged (not too long) middle C, perhaps? All love and light.

  42. My dear Angel Yeiazel, please I want You to help me to be successful and meet my helpers real soon and help me restore my marriage. Help me with my cigarettes smoking addiction I really want to stop it. Thank you. Hope You pay me a visit one day.

  43. Dear Guardian Angel Yeiazel, please i ask for great ideas in my new job and a financial breakthrough

  44. Dear Holy Angel Yeiazel, please help me acquire great wealth and success in all my days in this life and after life. Please my guardian angel make me the happiest man ever, bless me with a beautiful lovely wife and family. Bring ideas, plans and strategies in my mind and thoughts. Disconnect me from all the negative, might be family and friends, please disconnect me.

    Thank you Angel Yeiazel!

  45. Thank you so much my loving guardian angel. I love you. Be ever close to me and guide my steps towards my divine destiny. Thank you for loving me and my family.

  46. My benovelent and loving patron angel Yeiazel thank you for your divine guidance. I invite you with your power to provide me with your divine support and light. At this moment I am at an end of a cycle and I am feeling too drained. Please help me as I tackle this period of transformation. I open myself to receive your help. God bless

  47. My benovelent and loving patron angel Yeiazel thank you for your divine guidance. I invite you with your power to provide me with your divine support and light. At this moment I am at an end of a cycle and I am feeling too drained. Please help me as I tackle this period of transformation. I open myself to receive your help. God bless

  48. My angel thank you for your guidance,I need to money to fulfill my desires to serve God and humanity I am owing rent help me with addiction of tobacco and alcohol

  49. Angel Yeiazel, please show me a sign..
    Help me with my meditation and with my self-esteem..
    Protect me from bad energies and bad spirits
    I’ve been anxious and with some moments of sadness..
    Thank u :’)

  50. My guardian angel Yeiazel please wipe malicious entities, and evil spirits that cause stagnation, poverty ,pain, sufferings, illness and premature death in me, my children and my wife life forever, to enhance
    strength, health, peace, prosperity, love, favor, in our life. And also open my 3rd eye in spirit.

  51. Most Yeiazel please give me a sign and please help me to calm my mind and help me bannnish negitive emotions and negitive entities please help me with my creative side come to the service

  52. Beloved Yeiazel,
    Please help and support my lovely and kind Uncle Steve Kinsella who is in a coma with pnuemonia and this horrible corona virus, Please watch over him and provide your Love and Strength to help him fight this and to get fully well again.

    Bless You,

    Kinny x

  53. Greetings Angel Yeiazel, Thank you for being the angel chosen to watch over me and guide me. I ask that you give me a sign and direction to help loves one that are struggling with transition of their love ones. Help me to continue to have peace in me and show love even when i don’t feel it near. Help me to help guide my children in healing. Protect my family and send their Angels to them that they may know it is their angels as well.

  54. my dear angel yeiazel I am please to know u I thank u for making me know true who I am. pls help me fight those who are holding on over my blessings and destiny bless me with wealth and bless the work of my hand bring success into my life and take me to places where i have never think of going to protect my relationship and destiny, protect my family, friends, love, handwork, help me stop the difficult challenge am facing right now and make my dream come to pass this i ask through u my angel so that i can help others to Amen.

  55. Greetings my guardian angel Yeiazel. I come before you with a pure heart and mind and I ask for your strength. I pray for guidance in my life with my kids, family. Please show me your light so it can so for ever shine on me and my family.

  56. Greetings my guardian angel Yeiazel. I come before you with a pure heart and mind and i ask for your strength. I pray you provide clarity towards my mind and give me strength to become strong and powerful in all that i do. I pray you provide abundance and prosperity to flow into my life with ease. As i walk this road on my new journey hover me and protect me from all evil workings that are directed towards. As of now i believe your light will now flow threw me and give me extraordinary power and gifts that will benefit in this life to be able to prosper.

  57. I pray to Yeiazel that my writing is successful and that you cleanse my soul and spirit of any negative toxicity in my life, so that I may lead a more pure and productive life.


  58. Please show me a sign and reveal yourself to me. Also help me to overcome obstacles, failures, disappointment, delay, near success syndrome etc in my life.

  59. My guardian angel Yeiazel please remove malicious entities, and evil spirits that cause stagnation, poverty ,pain, sufferings, divorce and premature death in my life forever so that I can have peace and enjoy life,wipe away my tears,

  60. Angel Yeiazel.. Please grant me thee my wish to fulfill my desire in sort of all your art teach me how to create my own business,grant me the art of wisedom to become wise.. Give me healthiness mentally and physically.. So mote it be.

  61. I pray to you to give me calm and clear thoughts and mind. I have suffered much and pray for peace so that I can move forward on a new and better life, career, and love of family. Good health and happiness ahead for me and my family. Amen

  62. my loved angel yeiazel, it Good i know you are always besides me all time,i request for a good job and permanent job, that could help me to improve my misery life…am tired calling for help from people help me………

  63. I pray to you to overcome my situation I am living in misery
    Please help me recover back my life and my love please…

  64. Please help me my guardian angel Yeiazel. I need your help with what to do with my neighbor who accuses me of stealing her money . I did not do it and my life is in danger. I don’t know what to do I’m at a lost right now and I don’t want to pay for something I didn’t do. I please need your guidance

  65. I love you my guardian Angel Yeiazel, I trust you to guide me to my destiny and life purpose. Heal me in totality, release material abundance to me, and prosper me in all ramifications. Flush out hate, revenge and bitterness from my heart and replace with love, happiness, and forgiveness. Help me to be stronger and courageous. Help me with the recovery of every single thing I have ever lost in my life, finance, career, family, health, and physical. Heal my father’s illness and restore his memories. In the mighty name of Jesus christ Amen.

  66. I pray to you my guardian angel yeiazel, that you look down and see how much spiritual work I have done this year, yet my life is still stuck, I still have health problems, probably due to me being an empath, and the damage done when I was a child. But I have a good heart. Me and my son want to live positively and happy, yet there are always obstacles. And my new partner I can’t decide if he truly loves me, or is stringing me along, as a year engaged, I have not moved in. He never supports me. I see him in good times. Yet he is doing courses to be mindful. Yet I feel he doesn’t get it. He can be so negative. Bring my mood down in seconds. When in a good mood he can be lovely. Please help when I meditate. I am so grateful. Thank you with love.

  67. Its wonderful to know youre my guardian angel now. And you represent so much that my tumultuous life is going through at the moment. Please come in my dresms and show me how to fix it all. Take away the hurt. Put back love. Take me back home, help my relationship recover and help my life go in the right direction finally please!? Thank you.

  68. Yeiazel, I am asking for your guidance through this difficult and scary time in my life. Please help me to get that dream job and to open the floodgates of supply, abundance and happiness, so that I can finally live my life to its true potential.

  69. My Guardian Angel let me live a life of service to others through the healing ministry.
    Let me also have spiritual eyes and ears.

  70. My guardian Angel I recognize u today today. From this day onward, assist me in making the right decisions as I journey through life. Correct every distortions in my life that has caused me pains. Fill my life with happiness from this moment.

  71. If you could help me recover my qualities, my oneness and brightness.take off the sins tattooed on my skin for the sake of those who believe and have trust in me.
    When you receive my prayer and accept to support me, I ll hear a melody we enjoy

  72. Yeiazel I ask your guidance and light to come in my life,protect me from bad people like co workers,please give me wealth and my family to survive in this life.

  73. Yeiazel is ask for your guidance and light to come into my life, to guide me to achieve the success for my book. Yeiazel please help me keep my home in this troubled times, my heart has been shattered and deceived by lies. I thank you for being in my life and ask for your blessings in jesus namen amen

  74. Yeiazel, As I seem guide-less in my times of deep sadness for light has not shine upon me. For I am an addict, my business and personal financial life are seeing times of true hopelessness. Please, help me know. for all my prayers have have fallen on def ears. pray for me as your help is needed true and love, please.

  75. My guardian
    to you that govern my life ” i sincerely thank you for your guardiance and protection and henceforth ” i will always call upon you for help, please help me to reset my life and bring the happiness i truly deserved back in life, remove this pain and sadness that gripped me far away from me, my Dear yeiazel, i call upon you and invoke you to heal my broken heart and connect me back to my lost glory.

  76. My guardian angel Yeiazel keep me away from harm and my love ones as well.. Help me fulfill my goals and dreams for my family. Praying for my safety always… Amen!

  77. My Dear angel Yeiazel, thank you for being with me and guiding me. I ask that you reveal yourself to me. I need your help in finding my true soulmate, my partner for life.

    • My guardian angel Yeiazel, I am very glad to have you as my protector & very happy to realise who you are & your potential in my life, I am very sorry if I have been doing things without you, please reveal yourself to me any day any time you want, now I have come to know who you are to me please come and help me I can not do this on my own, please help me with all my struggles, difficulties & challenges, I am given you the go ahead to come into my life & take control please help me as God Almighty has permitted you to, fix all that concerns me, help me to become a better person, I am weeling to quit all the toxic attitude in my life through your help & help me to fine true love & let my true soul mate locate me. All this I ask you my guardian angel yeiazel through Jesus Christ our Lord Amen

  78. My dear guardian angel Yeiazel..Please keep on watching me.. guide and bless me..Please bless my Licensure exam for Teacher this coming September 29, 2019. Give me strength and confidence so I CAN PASSED IT…Through Jesus Christ our Lord Amen…

  79. To yeiazel my dear angel you’ve looked over me and gave me so many signs I’m so grateful to you Thankyou please help for the shackles on my feet to be gone help me to be free so I can fulfill my calling and my soul purpose. Let all to be revealed to me through you my guardian angel πŸ™πŸΌ Love and light and abundance to all hallelujah! πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

  80. guardian angel yeiazel I now know you
    I am ready to meet my wonderful guardian who’s been protecting me from the day I was born
    Please reveal yourself to me as I need your help.

  81. My guardian angel yeiazel.
    Please help me get this sadness and sorrow and despair away from me. Please help me with the man I want to marry and also with getting my son back. Thank you thank you.

  82. Please my guardian angel yeiazel, my life is terrible, need an overhaul of my life. Filled with love, success & prosperity

    Deliver me from the captivity where am held, captivity of darkness, omens

  83. my guardian angle i have now know who you are i would love if you can reveal yourself to me as i sleep and i want you to help me live my happiness i want to be a good writer and performer and A best Rapper and music producer please help me to find myself a girlfriend a girl that am going to marry. I love you my Angel

  84. I love you my Angel, thanks for the support and guide.
    I just need my money back, i acted out of honesty and good will, please Bless this people to find the way and give my money back.
    My kids and i need it to find another place to live and this is not fair i pray to you to bring light, justice and harmony in this situation, please.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  85. Angel Yeiazel, My darling guardian. He drinks too much alcohol, please help him reduce alcohol and cigarettes. I worry about him!!!

  86. My guardian Angel Yeiazel please help me to find love and happiness in my life allow me to experience the goodness of being loved because I’m always sad and lost in my thoughts I have never been happy in my entire life everyone around me hates me and blames for almost everything that goes wrong i hate my life please please… help me.Thank you.

  87. My guardian angel yeiazel.
    Thanks for the protection you’ve giving me all my lifetime..and thanks for the great talent I had through you please help me to fulfill my dreams through my talent. Am very happy notifying you as my guardian angle . and help me find my inner peace and not to be angry and afraid anymore.

  88. Guardian angel Yeiazel please show me the way to help my child find her healing spot and help her move forward with her life. Can you also help heal my ailments and for the fun of it fill my bank account xx

  89. My Guardian Angel Yeiazel please help me find my way. Give me strength in all I must endure take away this fear that has come over me. And please help me so I can help the ones I love. Thank you My Guardian Angel

  90. Please my lovely angel, take away all this pain, sorrow and obsession that is in my mind and heart… Can t live like this anymore… Show me the way to find and love myself. I just want to be at peace…
    Thank you, i love you

    • Hi Sara, I hope your ok, life has plenty of curve balls, however is a truely remarkable gift as well! I hope you find a way to see that xx

  91. my guardian angle i have now know who you are i would love if you can reveal yourself to me as i sleep and i want you to help me live my happiness i want to be a good writer and performer and also stop my small alcohol life please i love you soo much i hope you understand me more

  92. Dear Angel yeiazel help me achieve true success in my business and relationship with the world around me

    • My dear guardian angel Yeiazel, please restore my business, restore my life, return my love back to me, let my tomorrow be better than my best days, Give me Victory over any being tormenting me physically and spiritually, bless my son all round, let it be well with his life, make him wealthy and old in age and bless his health and marriage.

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