Hahahel is the guardian angel for people born between October 14 and October 18. He has a masculine energy and represents the 20th and 25th degree of Libra. In the angel hierarchy he is a Virtue, he is part of the sefirah of Tiphereth, and his governing Archangel is Michael. His planetary energies are The Sun / Uranus and he represents the element of Air.

His name means: God in Three Persons.

He symbolizes: Faith. He gives people their calling and the strong faith needed to live a life oriented towards religion and the spirit. He allows for great vocations within a religious field to take form and gives people the inspiration needed to talk about spirituality. The angel Hahahel's stone is Rutilated Quartz and his colors are Blue / Pink. Of the 7 Weapons of the Knight, he rules over: Courage.

The qualities given to you by the angel Hahahel

The guardian angel Hahahel provides spiritual wealth and is able to perfectly combine physical matter with that of the spirit. He is a spiritual guide for wayward souls and keeps enemies of spirituality at bay. He is the shepherd of souls, a faithful servant and a great sage who works towards restoring the majesty of a person’s soul through revealing to them the universal creator and helping them to devote their life to the divine.

Hahahel stirs up faith inside you, and with his support, you will be able to make sacrifices. This angel is your patron and protector and affects change in a detached and impersonal way, doing so in complete secrecy. He gives to you unconditionally. He also helps you to understand the meaning of life and the reason for existing.

This patron angel helps with active meditation, giving you the capacity to meditate while still being active. Through Hahahel's influence you will gain the qualities of a visionary, someone who knows exactly what has to be done and when to do it. He helps you to avoid falling into frivolous behaviors.

People under the protection of the angel Hahahel have a great capacity for leadership. They are highly courageous and are able to go to great lengths to come to the aid of others.

The imbalances regulated by the angel Hahahel

The angel Hahahel protects you against egotism and materialistic thoughts. He helps you with any false virtue you have that is based solely on looks. He also comes to the aid of people feeling isolated, shunned, or alone.

He protects people from all kinds of failures of accomplishment as well as from any disgraceful behaviors. He protects you from anyone who would use their authority in an abusive way and who would seek to convince others of their opinion through any means necessary.

He offers you his help if you are having difficulty finding and understanding your mission here on Earth through allowing you to understand your life’s goal and meaning.

He also protects you from interrogations, inflexibility, religious extremism, and all enemies of spirituality. This angel will protect you from the contempt and hatred of others, as well as from all kinds of ridicule. He helps people who feel like victims and who have clashed with others. He also helps those who deny his divinity.

When should I communicate with the angel Hahahel?

Time - Physical:
October 14 - October 18
Time - Intellectual:
13:20 - 13:40
Time - Emotional:
February 17, 00:00 - 23:59
May 1, 00:00 - 23:59
July 15, 00:00 - 23:59
September 28, 00:00 - 23:59
December 9, 00:00 - 23:59

What can I ask the angel Hahahel?

The angel Hahahel is a patron angel who brings you supreme and universal love to give you a more fulfilled and peaceful existence. This love is the closest to the love of the divine which has the power to love unconditionally. Thanks to the influence of this guardian angel, you will learn to give without expecting anything in return.

Ask him and he will deliver you and free you from misery, suffering, torture, pain, and torment of any kind. He brings you salvation, purification, and redemption as testament to your faith.

If you lack direction for a specific goal you have, no matter what kind of goal it is, just pray to the patron angel Hahahel and he will be able to light your path. His divine light will guide you on your way.


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55 responses to “Hahahel”

  1. My guardian angel HAHAHEL, please I want to see you in my dreams. Reveal yourself to me. I want to communicate with you.l Let me hear your voice.

  2. Hahahel my guardian angel I never knew I had a specific angle what a awesome finding. I have always prayed to my guardian angel but now I know your NAME ❤️🙏🏼 Hahahel be at my side to light and and guard to rule and guide.


  4. Thank you, Hahahel for delivering me, free me from misery, suffering, torture, pain, and torment of any kind, for bringing me salvation, purification!!!
    Forever grateful to you!!!

  5. My Guardian Angel Hahahel.
    I come to you Humble, To ask for Forgiveness with All my Heart & Soul. Didn’t Know what are the Negative things I didn’t Know that it will Bring this Bad Energies Between us. PLEASE MY GUARDIAN For give me Such shall never happen, I’m leaning so I can never repeat or do anything as such. YOU HAVE ALWAYS BEEN A GREAT FRIEND DIDN’T MEAN TO LET YOU DOWN LIKE THAT. I’M DEEPLY SORRY.

  6. Dear Hahahel forgive me I have committed a lot of sin, and because of that I feel guilty please help me to recover my strength in the Lord once again and also help me to see deep things prophetically in the spirit realm.

  7. Dear hahahel I am just learning if you. I apologize I have been searching for faith for a long time, was not sure what to believe in. I am asking of your help to make the changes needed to fix my path. I am lost, and I am almost completely hopeless. I am not sure what my purpose is. Life has been hard. Please hear me.

  8. My dearest guardian angel Hahahel,
    Please intercede on behalf of me, my finances, and help me heal the mistakes I have made due to being prideful. Please guide me through my suffering and misery. I pray to grow closer to God the father and our Lord Jesus Christ. This I pray.

  9. Dear Hahahel,I really appreciate God for giving me an in-depth knowledge of Your energies & abilities. Henceforth I pray thee to ever remain with me with the fullest of your energies for better understanding of my vocation,Financial breakthroughs , grant that whatever be the previous ,seasonal & present plots/influences/attacks of my foes & adversaries will be in futility & totally ruined 🙏🙏🙏 Amen
    Visit me today with all-round Favors in my endeavors as a sign that I have found favor with thee. Amen!!
    Thank you God for this special favor🙏🙏🙏

  10. Dear my guidian angel,I sincerely apologize for not seeing earlier I know you can’t leave me behind, I kindly needed your presence every area of my life,I need your directions in my life ,open to a financial doors, a good husband and more of it favour in wherever I find myself thanks my angel.

  11. My Guardian Angel Hahahel l discovered you only today but l believe even without praying to you earlier l identified my life experiences in you. Hahaha I have been offered a leadership position but it being contended by the incumbent officer . Kindly reveal to me my position whether l should fight or not. Angel also my financial life is disarray help me. Thank you my Angel.

  12. I pray to you hahahel for guidance and direction in my life. For more clarity within myself and a greater understanding of who I am and my life’s path. I pray for help with my financial situation also in my relationship with all members of my family. I ask you to help and guide me to all the abundance of opportunities my life has to offer

  13. God bless you and keep you. You are loved infinitely, and I thank Dhion-Isos for creating you and all your aspects. Together we will heal this fallen Ninth Heaven.
    all my love through Christ,

  14. Angal hahale stay around me and bless me financial and forgive me of my son’s and let me fine my help mate to last to the end of life and protect us from all enemies agent us and family and chrildren eber ber nard Collins october 18

  15. My angel please help me with the problems I face in my life .. always guide me in every path I take. keep me away from temptation and disaster. I know you are always there for me, may I be successful in the challenges I face, and most of all, my family’s life will be fine. Thank you very much.

  16. My angel help me overcome all my fears in ministry, protect me and guide me throughout my life and set me on course to attain self sufficiency. Grow my financial situation so that my course will be bless with all that I have. Grant me a steady growth in all aspects of my life

  17. Thank You Lord GOD Of The Trinity for being with me and granting me salvation, courage, freedom from the penalty of sin through your faithfulness to the UNIVERSAL God whose Son blood shed on Calvery. Everything is being revealed to me as you are true, real and like no other. Please continue to guide me to achieve all God has appointed you to succeed in my life. Thank Father, Son and Holy Spirit of Mission. Hollowed Be The Name! They Kingdom Come! ✊🏽❤🙏🏽

  18. Angel Hahahel, so you are the voice that speaks to me when I was a child. Pls don’t go far from me, I am sorry, forgive me for my sins has made you stop communicating with me. Pls I need financial freedom and free me from late mariage. Thanks. Missed you.

  19. I thank you much for the protection and support in all the trying times of my life. I pray for good health, happiness and prosperity for myself and my family. I also pray for guidance in getting a life partner. I pray for more money to solve all my problems and to help the need. May you not expose me to my enemies and may you not give up with me

  20. I have seen you before Hahahel when I was 8 its a sign that you dont leave me whenever I am at trouble and in dispair. I pray that until I’m alive you wont give up in guiding my soul to the holiness of our Almighty God.

  21. As I have gotten awareness of you my adorable and powerful guardian angel HAHAHEL, please oblige me with your reputable services especially in my business,jobs, contract, marriage, family & otherwise. Make me succeed without stress to the Glory of the Holy Trinity as I vow to hold on to your patronage. Amen

  22. I know i have sinned please forgive me and help me because my enemies are stronger than I am and I need to be spiritually strong please Angel Hahahel I don’t even know you and I need to talk to you one on one thanks

  23. Today is my happiest day, for coming across something I never dreamed of in my entire life. I pray to my guardian Angel Hahahel to forgive my sins revive and redeem me.

  24. Hahahel, beloved angel, please protect me and my mother from all of the hatred and confusion from my life and clashing with others. Protect us and lead us.

  25. My dear guardian Angel Hahahel, I want thank you specially for guiding me since the day I was born up until this moment, I say thank you. I want you to grant all my heart desires according to God’s will and protect all my loved ones. I want to obtain God’s grace, favour and mercy in all my undertakings. I should be successful in all my way. Speedily connect me with people that will help my career and change my life for good. Amen.

  26. My dear guardian Angel Hahahel.
    Thank you for being here for me and I also want to say I’m sorry that I have pushed you away for so long.
    I completely accept you to my life. Angel Hahahel please help me to find my real purpose in life. Help to to heal my mind, body and soul.
    Help me to achieve my goals. Be with me each time I’m in meditation.
    Thank you .Thank you. Thank you My dear Angel Hahahel.

  27. Dear Hahahel, i am so happy to know that you are here with me, guiding me and supporting me. Now that I know you are here, i am delighted to deepen my consciousness of you presence. I have often thought I must have a huge team of angels, for all that you have brought me through.
    I send you my love and gratitude. Thank You for all you are and all you do.
    Love, De Luna.

  28. Please my Angel Hahahel, give me peace in knowing that everything happening in my life right now is because of you and God. You spoken to me before and shared important things about my future. I know I am on the right path you have created for me. Please take the people who have no purpose in my life out and I pray they find their own place and they find you. Please allow those who you have brought into my life to remain here if you want. I see my new friend as a blessing from you and that it is you and no false God. He brings me closer to my path and to you than ever before. I love you and thank you for never giving up on me. I am not perfect and still have my weaknesses that will be resolved in your name. I have faith in you.

  29. Need your help Angel Hahahel to pay up a debt on a certain account by tomorrow need your urgent help

  30. My guardian Angel Hahahel, please bless me, protect me, guide me and open my doors for me. May i be a light and achieve all my goals in life. Angel Hahahel, please any way i have disappoint you or hurt you, am so sorry and promising to be a good girl to you. May everything i need in this life to come to me. Thanks soo much Angel Hahahel for guiding me and protecting me. Amen. May all my heart desires come through.

  31. Hello angel hahahel, please guide me and protect me from harm, help me to achieve my dreams and goals and success in life. Give me a better man who can love me unconditionally. Hug my families and love ones save us and give me a peace of mind and more loves and understanding 😘😘

  32. Thank you hahahel for believing in me and making me believe in you I put my faith in you and trust that you protect wherever i go and bless me with the financial abundance i so desperately need amen

  33. Event hough i just met you, i have always loved you and knew you were there. Thank you for giving me wisdom and a just mind. I ask you please deliver me from all struggles and give me the strength to get on my feet and truly embark on my life path

  34. Dear angel hahahel, please protect erynn marxchellen ortanez from all kinds of failures of accomplishment as well as from any disgraceful behaviors. help her and protect her everyday and guide to her success, good health and happiness and the right partner in the future. Please enlighten her to show her love to his brother ervin and to her parents erwin and michelle. Thank you very much.

  35. Thank you Angel Hahahel I just found out tonight that your my Angel now I have somebody to talk to I wish you would change my attitude this year I would like to have good additude and please let me get over the past Hahahel please help me

  36. My guardian angel Hahahel I never knew I had you to call upon for help . You know my issues my pain my problems intercede on my behalf and thank you for being here by my side thank you for answers to many of my questions amen

  37. Take away my fears Make me brave and strong again let me believe in myself so I can get my wealth and love that I deserve let me see who really love me for me let me be happy with out drama Keep people and spirits away that says they are my enemy because all I did on this Earth is love hahahel protect me

  38. My dear guardian Angel Hahahel. I must say I am very pleased to have you in my life. I thank you for your guidance. I pray that you intercede in my family. Bring unity and love among my siblings and resture all we have lost. Restore my wasted years, my finance, my health and all that have been stolen from me in life. Let me know my purpose in life and how to pursue and realise my God’s given destiny. Give me live and affection in my marriage and give us the fruit of the womb Jesus name. Amen

  39. Thank you for always being there, my Guardian Angel Hahahel.

    You have helped me through some pretty tough times and I thank you.

    I turn to you now for all assistance possible to meet my destiny task. Thank you for opening the doors to my heart, my faith, my future with God.

  40. my Guardian Angel Hahahel Thank you for everything,for everything that u guide me when i also thanks to God father that he gave you to me as my Guardian Angel i pray to u Guardian Hahahel to protect my family and loves one’s to the calamitites also from behaiviors things!!and help me to pray for what i’ve done before my sin’s in this world!!!and thank u for always there for me hope u hear me Angel Hahahel I Love You

  41. Oh my dear Hahahel,

    Thank you for all of the wisdom, protection, guidance and blessings that you have bestowed upon me throughout my souls journey. I may have only learned of your actual identity as of late, but your presence has always been felt. You were, you are and you always will be appreciated. With love and great gratitude, I THANK YOU. I most humbly ask for your continued guidance, protection, support and your love in my life, as well as your blessings, during my transcendence and healing from the darkness of stagnation and the negative and outdated vibrations of the past chapters of my existence, as well as my journey to live my fullest, most successful, prosperous, peaceful, enlightened…and very BEST life. Thank you and I love you with all of my everything . Amen ~ So Mote It Be. <3

  42. Dear Angel Hahahel, please hear my prayers. Please help me keep my Faith my love for living for my family. Please protect me and my family at all times keep our hearts humble and full of love for one another. And please help me with our finances so we may find a home and keep up. also want to make better changes for the family. Thank you.

  43. Thank you angel Hahahel for protecting me and guiding me i pray for more love and stability i pray for forgiveness and most of all i pray for health and wellbeing of myself my friends and my family i pray that i get my soulmate and live happily for the rest of eternity x

  44. Thank you Angel Hahahel for all guidance that you gave me frm my date of birth up until today. Please let the sun shine light my ways for me to reach my desired goals. I am financially poor as a result please guide me with the creative projects that can make me better person in life who will also contribute financially to the needy people. Please make me know God and respect him with all my heart for my whole life in this world. Please keep on saving me from my enemies. I love you Angel Hahahel.

  45. Thank you hahahel for everything you have done for me. I wouldn’t have found Jesus if it wasn’t you, thank you.

  46. I have been struggling with financial burden and have been trying to find a way out of that missery.Please I ask you my guardian Angel hahahel to rescue me from that financial situation.l pray and hope for your divine help.

  47. Take away my fears Make me brave and strong again let me believe in myself so I can get my wealth and love that I deserve let me see who really love me for me let me be happy with out drama Keep people and spirits away that says they are my enemy because all I did on this Earth is love hahahel protect me

  48. Grant me the wisdom to know better and be better in all that i do or is thrown at me. Make me spiritually strong to accept and to have a happy loving and livable life

  49. We’re all human, we all sin, don’t let the power of greed control your wants and needs, and everything will come your way.

    • I have been struggling financially and always try to come out of it by no luck. I ask you my guardian angel Hahahel to help me to be my help financially and for your guidance to my future

  50. Please forgive me for I have made you go further away from me. I miss you so much. Is there anyway to use the moons again to get what I want. Or no because it is in the past. I love you.


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