Nanael is the guardian angel for people born between December 13 and December 16. He has a masculine energy and represents the 20th and 25th degree of Sagittarius. In the angel hierarchy he is a Principality, he is part of the sefirah of Netsah, and his governing Archangel is Haniel. His planetary energies are Venus / The Sun and he represents the element of Fire.

His name means: God Who Humbles the Proud

He symbolizes: Knowledge and Inspiration. He provides you with a great knowledge of the esoteric world, primarily through the use of meditation. He is a source of inspiration for magistrates and encourages the study of science. The angel Nanael's stone is Jade and his colors are Green / Green. Of the 7 chakras, he rules over: Anahata (The Heart Chakra).

The qualities given to you by the angel Nanael

The guardian angel Nanael is an angel who protects and supports you. If you are under his influence, he will bring you great powers of spiritual communication.

He makes it easier to communicate with the divine and helps you to form an interest in a life of spirituality and in the act of teaching others. He also puts you in contact with the spirit within you as he wants you to be connected with a higher part of yourself.

He will give you access to higher realms but moreso to other beings. This angel will inspire you to take part in meditation by giving you an appreciation for solitude and meditative states. Meditation is an excellent tool for strengthening and revealing the best parts of you.

This angel can help you to learn and to understand the abstract sciences, those which abide by the laws of phenomena but do not apply to any one body in particular. He can also help you to understand philosophy.

The imbalances regulated by the angel Nanael

The angel Nanael keeps you from any negative spiritual communication as well as from any spiritual excess. He will help you if you reject forms of spiritual knowledge or communication and will fix your behavior if you have a tendency to teach spirituality without having obtained the proper knowledge first. This angel protects you from the ignorance within yourself in order to give you the ability to learn things more easily.

Nanael will bring you change if you tend to try to convince or to force your beliefs upon others. He is the guardian angel who prevents you from lacking respect in the rate of other people’s progress.

He facilitates introspection and meditation. He will shine his light upon you to allow you to follow the right path and to expand your knowledge.

He will protect you from abstract people who seek to escape from reality as well as from people who have self-centered attitudes. He will free you from the fear of failure as well as the fear of facing the trials of everyday life. He will support you if you are scared to face life head on. He is the angel who will help you to achieve your life goals and who will teach you to communicate better with others.

The guardian angel Nanael will teach you how to live life as a couple. On the emotional side of things, he will protect you from selfish single people who risk bringing you heartache. He will protect you against loneliness and a moody temperament.

When should I communicate with the angel Nanael?

Time - Physical:
December 13 - December 16
Time - Intellectual:
17:20 - 17:40
Time - Emotional:
March 1, 00:00 - 23:59
May 13, 00:00 - 23:59
July 28, 00:00 - 23:59
October 10, 00:00 - 23:59
December 21, 00:00 - 23:59

What can I ask the angel Nanael?

The patron guardian angel Nanael can be called upon if you have difficulty communicating with others whether this be in your professional or your personal life. He will help you to pass on your ideas easily and to become a better speaker.

If you like to sing, pray to the angel Nanael and he will help and support you on this path to allow you to pass on and to teach others about everything you have learned. The goal is for you yourself to become a messenger of these things in turn.


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47 responses to “Nanael”

  1. Dear Nanael,

    Please bless me with Peters love, i have waited so long for someone like this to enter my life. I am already beginning to love him. Let this be the one i grow with, i love unconditionally and build a life with. I have pined for these things and i choose this man.

    Love daniel

  2. Dear Guardian Angel Nanael, I am lovingly asking you for a miracle in my career. Please bless me with a job offer which I have been waiting for a while. Make me very successful in my career. Help me achieve my desired career goals. Thank you

  3. I want you my angel Nanael ,to be with me always and to also help me through all my endervers , or in all areas of my life… I need him so much..

  4. I don’t think it’s by coincidence that I’m drawn to learn more about this angel on the day of my consecration to Mary, Queen of Angels. May Nanael bring me closer to Her and her blessed Son, my Lord.

  5. My guardian angel nanael please I want you to be communicating to me every time please help me in any area I need your help.

    • To my guardian angel I would like to think for all you’ve done for me since then. Thank you for guiding me every ups and down moment of my life, that you and our almighty only knows, I’ve been grateful for all the blessings that I receive, even my thoughts and emotion doesn’t sometimes.

      My guardian angel as every mistake I make and my sin committed you know, how feel sorry on it. I hope you never fail to give me more chances.

      And I also ask your protection Ang graces that could be helpful to me And to the people I love and around me. Love you 🙏

  6. Nanael my friend I’m am in grave need of a financial recovery and need guidance in my walk back to consciousness

  7. My dear Guardian Angel Nanael!
    Please help me follow God’s Will.
    Guide and protect me especially when I go astray. Please bring me back to Jesus always.
    I love you.

  8. Dear angel I found you today I am so thrilled. Please help me to have no negativity in my life only see the positive. Help me find my path to financial stability so I can help others too more than now. Help me stay healthy and vibrant. Help me be more knowledgeable and make the right decisions. Help me keep my family and loved ones save and help me find ways to make them more financially stable. Keep me from arrogance. Help me become my spiritual and closers to you and our heavenly father. I love to help children and animals the most help me find the path to make this happen over and over to bring them happiness and secure. I love you my guardian angel it a blessing I know you now.

  9. My dear beloved angel Nanael plz help me in this life to discover myself,no more about myself and empower me more with your supernatural gifts and spirituality

  10. Dear Nanael…..i have been trying to reach out to you as i need help to restore my home and my wellbeing….i want to work and help others like me… I want other to know how real help and love feels.please help me be more financially stable

  11. I pray today for health wisdom knowledge and understanding, Devine protection wealth above my pairs happiness favour from all part of life my own family success in all I do security in all aspects of life joy and peace all around me and my entire family guardians and protection amen

  12. Dear guardian angel Nanael,
    It feels great to know that you are always there for me and I really appreciate that fact. Right now I really could use some help from you concerning career path please be my guide and lead to my place and portion in life. I need to also attain financial freedom and be successful in life make a way for me and keep me safe in this trying times. Fill me with love and joy increase me a thousand times over and over again. Thanks for I know you will do it.

  13. My guardian angel Nenael please help me to be a great forex trader give me the knowledge and i can help other who needs ends meets play help my Guardian angel I need your blessing

  14. Angel Nanael. You are encouraging us to be humble and be a blessing to others. It makes sense to me because I always want to help and serve others. Now my focus is on helping these children captured by drugs. Politicians and evil spells are making this path very difficult for me. Please come and help me. Lime you promise, please remove all those with selfish intents from this endeavour. Enlighten all my efforts and be part of them. Amen

  15. Thank God I have found my guardian Angel Nanael today,please I want to be a woman of God please guard me and direct my steps, I want to be a singer of the gospel

  16. Dear nanael
    Save me from negativity. I call upon your might Lord fill me with your energy. I give thanks to you for you will bring your light to my darkness for so I mote it.

  17. Dear Guardian nanael, please help me to overcome my fears, enlighten my mind that I can really do this, help me to pass this presentation of my life, give me the courage, the knowledge and skills in order to become successful in my career thank for always by my side Guardian angel nanael.To God be the glory!

  18. Dear Nanael I ask for support & strength to be successful and to achieve outcome for people less fortunate than myself. I was born to help others, you have known this from my conception. Being successful means I can help others in need. Thankyou for everything you have supported me in life so far. Amen 🙏🏻 Joda

  19. Dearest Spiritual Guardian Angel Nanael,
    Please answer my hearts plee for a lasting, real love/ relationship…Guide me to my true vocation in life, whatever it may be and also let me preach the word of God and others will always be in tune and listen. Let me sing like a beautiful bird… Bless and watch over my family always. Thank you.

  20. My prayer is to help people become what the lord purpose of their lives. I want to you to bless me with Richies so I can move out of my comfort zone to help others in need
    My success in educating people, my career and for God.

  21. Nanael,my angel, I would like for bless me with my financial problems and guide me the right pass.I love to sing but my voice is flat.I love for you fix my voice so I can sing

  22. Oh blessed angel Nanael, please help me to achieve that which has been prophesied about me for good, and to attain my spiritual connection, spirit of discerning and finally to hear and speak with you always to avoid been mislead, amen.

  23. Thanks to to the Blessed Virgin Mary, I prayed my Holy Rosary this morning and I am thankful to
    Angela for her persistent message to me, today I knew my guardian angel”s name – Nanael. Nanael, my guardian angel thank you for your care. Today is my mom birthday, she cannot walk, please restore her good health. Thank you. To God Be the Glory, Amen.

  24. I want to heal from my past an become my gratest version so I can keep spreading love an more knowledge an communication with the spirit realm

    • Nanael , I have so many bigger then life offers to follow . Help me separate Fantasy from reality . Help me understand my surroundings and business dealings . Am I chasing dreams that can never materialize . Lead my spirit to success . Thank you

  25. Angel Nanael, help me to learn how to speak better so I can share what I know to people that I want to share it. Help me to speak my mind without emotions because I hurt easily when people reject me or say negative things about me. Nanael, teach me how not to fear failure so I can go forth with my plans head on and without delay. Nanael, teach me how to be more spiritual so I can better connect with the Divine spirits in this world so it may protect me and my family from harm.

  26. My dearest love Nanael,

    Please help me fulfill my dearest wishes and please stay with me at the end of my life, after that, I will be sitting on a white bench next to you in Haeven , holding a red rose from you!

  27. Help me fulfill Gods will for my life and prepare me to go to Heaven Where Jesus Christ me in my daily decision making processes ,market my products,find costumers.
    Learn and relate right with my Angel.

  28. Help me communicate better and increase my knowledge by not forgetting the things I read, hear and see. I also need to have a life with direction that bears fruits of my labor.

  29. Nanael, I am sending this communication to thank you so very much for guiding and keeping me safe for this beautiful lifetime. Your guidance has been so important to me and I will continue to thank you for all of the wonders to come. Blessings and so very much love to you

  30. Kindly my sweet Angel help to solve all my spiritual, emotional, projects, my family to do Gods work and help on my village to do the project for the community, financial support where to get the finance and people to support me. to help my children and grand children any family whom I love the dear. Please help me.

  31. Dear Nanael my guardian angel. I pray for a financial blessing. My family has been going through a lot lately. I ask and pray for Financial Blessing. Thank you, Amen Tammy Carbajal

  32. Nanael I humbly request that you perfect me in all ramifications and let me enjoy eternal peace in all areas of my life… spiritual, mental, academics, physical, finance, relationships, marriage and all that is yet to be manifested

  33. My angel nanael I want you to lead my path help me to achieve my goal specially when start a project school to be able to finish help me financially I’m Putting the business I have on mind in your hands help me to achieve and my friends

  34. My dear guardian angel Nanael help my wishes come through to be financially independent and live a happy life

  35. Nanael help me realize my true potential and spiritual gifts that God gave me and help bring me closer to God and our Heavenly Savior Jesus Christ thanks for always protecting me even though I’m difficult most of the time in Jesus name amen praise God for his Mercy and Forgiveness

  36. My angel nanael me to face all the trials in my daily life send me your wisdom to overcome all of this .show me my luck and whisper it in my dreams. Help me for you know whats best for me ..o i believe in you my angel nanael by youre great power and grace i will success. I will claim it

  37. My angel Nanael please bring happiness to my family and me.Take out my sorrows away.please help me to succeed in my studies and archive my goals

  38. My dear gurdian angel Nanael help my wishes come through to be financially independent and live a happy life.

  39. My Guardian Angel nanael Please help me,and please give me more idea how to overcome financial problem, help me pleasee

  40. Naneal, I would like a blessing for my relationship with my fiance please bring us closer and open his heart and make me a better fiance’ to him. give me more understanding and help me to be a better spiritual teacher for the people!!

  41. My pray to u is to help me create my ideal home with family and friends add a creative flair and provide me with the communication is need to survive eggs obtain money to live.
    Love and joy to all around me amen
    Welcoming you to helping me from now on amen

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