Mihael is the guardian angel for people born between November 18 and November 22. He has a masculine energy and represents the 25th and 30th degree of Scorpio. In the angel hierarchy he is a Virtue, he is part of the sefirah of Tiphereth, and his governing Archangel is Michael. His planetary energies are The Sun / The Moon and he represents the element of Water.

His name means: God Our Helpful Father.

He symbolizes: Love and Premonition. He offers you the gift of sense, which explains why you may sometimes feel as though you are having premonitions. He brings love and fidelity into a relationship and also makes sexual relations more fertile. The angel Mihael's stone is Green Jasper and his colors are Magenta / Turquoise. Of the 7 Weapons of the Knight, he rules over: The Spurs.

The qualities given to you by the angel Mihael

The guardian angel Mihael is the angel of fruitfulness and fertility. He has the power to encourage pregnancy and reproduction and will help you to create a great soul here on Earth. He brings divine sexuality to the heart of a relationship.

He is also the angel of fidelity and marriage and can bring love and peace into your relationship with your partner. On top of this, he also brings to the heart of a couple both serenity and harmony. This guardian angel also brings reconciliation and the merging of opposing feminine and masculine energies. Partners under his influence and protection will find they have a clear destiny together.

The angel Mihael also gives you the gift of clairvoyance and helps to improve your skills of perception. He brings you both inner and outer peace.

He will help you to manifest the projects of the divine and will apply wisdom to both your receptiveness and your ability to listen to others.

The imbalances regulated by the angel Mihael

The angel Mihael will protect you from infertility and any difficulty bearing or conceiving a child.

He will fix any conflicts, discord, infidelity, jealousy, or instability at the heart of a couple. He will rid you of your fear of losing the other person, as well as any possessiveness, machismo, or dependence. He will keep you from engaging in multiple affairs and protect you from prostitution and debauchery.

He will protect you from problems to do with sexuality such as lust, desire, and the pursuit of sensual pleasures to make up for things you are lacking in your spiritual life.

Mihael will keep you from taking another person’s role for yourself, as well as from rivalry with others and unproductive pursuits. He also guards you against feelings of inappropriate attraction or disgust.

When should I communicate with the angel Mihael?

Time - Physical:
November 18 - November 22
Time - Intellectual:
15:40 - 16:00
Time - Emotional:
February 24, 00:00 - 23:59
May 8, 00:00 - 23:59
July 22, 00:00 - 23:59
October 5, 00:00 - 23:59
December 16, 00:00 - 23:59

What can I ask the angel Mihael?

The angel Mihael is the patron angel of married life. You can call upon him if divorce looms over your relationship with your partner. He is able to put everything right.

You also should not hesitate to ask for his help and his support if you want to become a parent, as he can improve your fertility and your fruitfulness and help you to have more fruitful sexual relationships. Under his guardianship you will not want to put off discovering the joys of motherhood.

But more than this, the guardian angel Mihael will also improve the sexual side of a relationship. You can ask for his help no matter what kind of sexual concerns you may be experiencing.

If your relationship is suffering from possessiveness or jealousy, ask this guardian angel to help you to escape from such a situation which may risk hurting your romantic relationship. He is the angel that protects marriage and the life you have with your partner. He can bring balance into your relationship.


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46 responses to “Mihael”

  1. Thank you Mihael for watching over me. I pray for my ex’s protection, health, safety, prosperity, and integration. I pray for her cat’s stability, health, and happiness. I pray for my protection, prosperity, and courage to change. Thank you Mihael.

  2. In the name of God I ask Archangel Mihael, for protection, financial stability, luck and growth spirialy thank you

  3. Dear Angel Mihael,

    I pray that God forgives me for whatever sins and wrongdoings both I and my husband have ever done in this life and in all our past lives and help me to conceive a baby boy before the end of this year.
    I pray that my period restores its normal cycle and my body becomes super fertile in order to accommodate the miracle of new life.
    Please give me the energy and the peace of mind to rest assured in hopes of a new tomorrow.
    Thank you

  4. I pray that I get to know whether Larry vianney will bemy future husband and to break all the obstacles in our way of connecting love ways in Jesus name, amen

  5. I pray you help me get my heart desire Angel Mihael, I want to be successful and I want a new beginning in my life in Jesus name

  6. Dear angel Mihael to whom God, in his unparalleled goodness,
    Has assigned the mission of accompanying me and advising me,
    I appeal to your loving kindness.
    Support me when I stumble.
    Remind me of love.
    With your benevolence,
    Make my love life completely serene,
    Save me from negative thoughts, conflicts and lies,
    Allow me to create a family in harmony.
    Help me tackle adversity, help me harness abundance so i might be in prosperity and financially free.
    And ensure that I remain always at your service.

  7. I thank for this guardian angel and Arc.angel that protect the person who ask me to pray for him which he may doesn’t know I love him! Talk to him and Protect him in all levels of life. He in this way can help others. Thank so much

  8. I pray that Angel Miheal strengten the feelings and love that is between me and my wife and he should bless her with fruits of d womb….want her to conceive twins,
    I pray u bless us finicially too….thank you.

  9. I pray that Angel Mihael help me get well from all my illnesses as well as all my children and grandchildren in Jesus name, Amen.

  10. I Pray that you will support and assist me in actualizing my porpose and vision in life, and that also my dream of leaving Nigeria to Europe to get a better and legal job come to pass soon Amen 🙏.

  11. I pray to Angel MIHAEL for blessings on long-term financial prosperity, good health, peace and lifetime happiness not just for my family but as well as extended family members and relatives…thank you!

  12. I pray for guidance, promotion to the position I applied for at work, peace and protection from the enemies at work, health and strength for my family and myself, healing for my niece Monica who has MS, success and the desires of their hearts for my daughters, favor and protection for current situation my granddaughter is in, and favor for my son.
    May my husband show the love and desire I need from him. Protection, health, success, for entire family in Jesus Name.

  13. I pray to Angel MIHAEL for blessings on long-term financial prosperity, good health, peace and lifetime happiness not just for my family but as well as extended family members and relatives…thank you!

  14. I pray for long life and prosperity.Also, for a good luck partner as a wife and abundance grace upon my life

  15. i request financial abundance, i need to pay off my huge debts. i want to get married and be happy with my current partner. i want to serve God the father, i want my true purpose to show up

  16. I and my wife are in a disaster mode which is also affecting my family as well. This is crisis of my life as never before. I pray to my guardian angel Mihael to completely change this unhappy relationship towards a peaceful separation after which I will return to my happy life with my family parents and cousins. I don’t want any more torment from this hellish relationship.

  17. Mihael please allow me to have a healthy babh boy and a baby girl please my kids getting older and i want two more healthy kids a good healthy pregancy and no health issues during my pregnancy me or the babies please im a good mother and i would love to have more beauitful healthy babies with no hardship during or after miheal please god and you please answer my prayers

  18. I pray I learn how to invoke or evoke my 72 angels when I need assistance with my reality in times of chaos. pray I master recreating my own reality as The creator of my own reality and commander of the 144 souls within my spirit.

  19. I pray that My Guardian Angel Mihael who’s governed by the Arch Angel Michael to give me a stable, loving and supporting partner. Amen.

  20. So I have this angel that is supposed to protect me from lust and being sensually arroused, but I constantly find myself horny, I am a chronic masterbater and find it so hard to resist my urges. I do have great predictions in the stock market though.

  21. I pray to my angel to help me fulfill a happy contented life with husband, be happy at work and conceive our much longer for daughter. I pray that my angel will help me lead a stress free, happy and contented life with my family.

  22. I pray that my Angel will help my path of spiritual awakening and guide me to the mission God wants me to preform to spread the Good News ..Prayer, meditatation and acts of good

  23. Dear Michael! Please be with me all of the seconds of my life. Please bless my way home to my Father! I love you and thank u your presence!!💓💓💓

  24. I pray that my relationship with Delanie may find strength and solidarity from the turmoil we have recently been facing.

  25. I pray that you will heal the declining relationship I have with my husband. Should we end up being together again, please let him reach out to me before the end of the year and I will open my heart to him and give the family that our son deserves. And then on forward I trust that you will bless and guide our relationship always with full of respect, understanding, patience, forgiveness and love.

  26. I pray for peace, Harmony, happiness and understanding in my marriage, more passion with my husband, and especially for getting pregnant, having a baby, as soon as possible, a healthy, beautiful, calm, sweet baby we’ve been wainting for for years without hope. Please help me angel Mihael and thank you from my heart.🙏😇❤️

  27. I pray for right partner, finding my earthly purpose of life that God wants me to fulfill divine disere. I need you every step by my side by your great love and education to guide me in every parts of humanity life.
    I really by my whole heart appreciate your assistance . Thank you lovely angel

  28. I pray things get better and better between me and my girl and I pray I become the superstar I wanted to be

  29. I pray for my financial fortune, job stability, grant my gf Cecilia to stand for and by me to marriage. I also pray for my clairvoyance journey as well my political makeover. I pray for healing of dear mom Agatha and dad Kasimu also praying to my dear niece ziphorah..

    • I pray for God to protect me and my family and for God to help me to receive what is meant for me and I pray for financial break through. I also pray for my career, for God to help and promote me and make me famous through my new video. And I also pray for my Angel to guide me against my Enemies and bring them down to nothing in Jesus name Amen

  30. I come before thee this time and pray that my ex girlfriend will return to me with loving arms and heart filled with the love she once had for me for I know she is being controlled by an evil entity so I pray that whatever is controlling her thoughts and her true feelings that it shall be cast out from her and into the firey lake forever and to shield her with the full armor of god for I love her and never stoped loving her we had made a promise to one another to never give up on eachother it almost been a year now since we been together so I pray that her heart be filled with the love true love she once had for me and I pray that she will find it in her heart soul and mind to come back to me so I can show her true love and happiness this I pray humbly in the name of thy son Jesus Christ amen

  31. I pray for the right partner in my life and I also pray for good luck ,peace and harmony through Christ our lord amen.

  32. I pray for Healing over my Younger Sister Adejoke Ishola, who has Cancer of the Breast. I pray that she gets Healed in Jesus Name.

    I also pray for financial favour, Promotion at my Place of work and also that my Wife gets pregnant to a baby boy.

  33. I pray for my family to peacefully and successfully be put back together in my home.
    I’m also praying for calming of my anxieties and depression and for the strength I need right now

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