Anauel is the guardian angel for people born between January 31 and February 4. He has a masculine energy and represents the 10th and 15th degree of Aquarius. In the angel hierarchy he is an Archangel, he is part of the sefirot of Hod, and his governing Archangel is Raphael. His planetary energies are Mercury / Mercury and he represents the element of Air.

His name means: God that is Infinitely Good

He symbolizes: Courage and Health. He provides people with excellent health and helps to cure illness. He protects people from accidents and guides the nations of the world towards a Christian spirituality. The angel Anauel's stone is Sapphire and his colors are Green / Orange. Of the 7 disciplines of medieval scholasticism, he rules over: Logic.

The qualities given to you by the angel Anauel

The guardian angel Anauel brings success in all your social relationships and helps you to communicate with ease. With his help you will find it easy to become a specialist in understanding different cultures and different ways of thinking.

He brings you a practical and rational intelligence and helps you to see the complete picture. He is the one that initiates projects and undertakings which are devoted towards service of the divine. He helps you to better understand the concepts of money and trade. He also teaches you to make things a reality in a fair and correct way and to willingly accept the steps required to do so.

He gives you the ability to create great abundance by using new concepts, ideas, and technologies. Under his protection and influence you are a great leader and an inspiration to others. You are a citizen of the world.

The angel Anauel is the angel of coordinators, administrators, visionaries, and planners. He also comes to the aid of merchants, bankers, manufacturers, industrial agents, and entrepreneurs.

The imbalances regulated by the angel Anauel

The angel Anauel will help you if you have a tendency to get lost in the details, if you attach too much importance to money, or if you are a selfish person. He has the power to change your way of thinking if you are the kind of person who would do anything for money. He does this by keeping you from having flawed reasoning and from being manipulated by your desires.

He keeps you from excess squander, waste, and collapse. He also helps to fix your inferiority and/or superiority complex on the intellectual level. He helps bring you change if you have a tendency to believe you already know everything or if you have a disrespectful, closed, overly sensible, or overly critical mind.

He makes sure that you are able to create unity at the heart of a group. He is also there to help manage any difficulties you may be having creating an abundance of resources, communicating with others, or thriving in business. He will help you if you are lacking in good sense, vision, or a full understanding of things. He will also help you if you lack wisdom when it comes to matters of business.

He helps to rid you of any problems you may have involving new concepts, ideas, and technologies. He makes sure that you do not lack understanding or respect towards people from different cultures or towards people who think differently to you. He makes sure that you have no difficulties leading and motivating your peers.

He prevents you from having difficulty or refusing to believe in a higher power. He therefore protects you from atheism.

When should I communicate with the angel Anauel?

Time - Physical:
January 31 - February 4
Time - Intellectual:
20:40 - 21:00
Time - Emotional:
March 11, 00:00 - 23:59
May 24, 00:00 - 23:59
August 7, 00:00 - 23:59
October 20, 00:00 - 23:59
December 30, 00:00 - 23:59

What can I ask the angel Anauel?

If you are a part of the business world pray to the guardian angel Anauel and he will offer you his light to help you thrive in a group.

As your protector he will make it easy for you to become a good negotiator and planner. You will also be able to communicate easily so as to pass your ideas on to others.

If you are currently searching for universal or supreme love, this guardian angel will guide you along the right path. You will also be given the ability to see the positive and negative side of both things and people.


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47 responses to “Anauel”

  1. My gaurdian Angel Anauel,I thank you for protection all my life,I pray you bring me source of wealth so that I can live a better life and I pray you open my eyes to see phyical and spiritual things in the world,I appreciate you, I thank you,I love you

  2. God please send angel Anauel to protect and heal my mother. We are in deep sorrow now and angel Anauel is the angel of my mother. I pray to you God that angel Anauel caters my mother’s fast recovery and speedy healing. Please God, we are in desperate need of miracle for her recovery and healing. Lastly God, please send angel Anauel to bless our financial status. We are in desperate need of Your providence because of the expenses that we are facing since our beloved mother is still in the ICU due to brain Aneurysm and we lack the funds. Even though we are in a situation to lose hope, I will not cower for You are our Lord, gracious and Merciful God. Please… Send angel Anauel to heal my mother… AMEN!

  3. Angel Anauel 💛 now I know why I love to push people into doing better when I know they can be anything they Wana become in life. I love how you protected me when I was alone. You are always near me I feel you in my heart and soul 💜

  4. Loving Angel Anuel!!!
    Thank You SO much for all of Your Love and support in my life!! You are a divine being and I can feel Your Love!! I ask that You guide me to all the people and places that are in need of Love so I can lead them back home to Our Creator. I ask that You use help guide me to say and make the highest and most Loving decisions possible so that everyone I come in contact with on Earth can experience Unconditional Love! I Love You SOOOOO much!!!! Thank You <3

  5. Guardian Angel Anauel guide me in my daily life and lead me to do the right things and make the right decisions. Help me to heal and stay well.

  6. My guidian Angel Anauel, I am so happy now to know that you have always been by my side and you will always be.
    Thanks Archangel Raphael for your support. Iam in good health. I thank you so much

  7. My Dearest Guardian Angel Anauel, It has been a long time since I wondered who my Guardian Angel is. However, now I finally know you, and I am very grateful. Thank you very much for protecting my whole family. I plead to you to please continue to bless, guard and guide my whole family and the rest of the families around the world. Free us from any form of harm and misfortunes, and help us become a blessing to others. Amen.

  8. My guiding Angel anauel I thank you for the guidance and the love come to my aid now because I need you most, beloved guidance

  9. My Guardian Angel Anauel. i thank this moment that i have come to know you. Sir thank you for guiding me always ,for cleaning my path from any dangers that hinders.May you enlighten me and show me the true purpose of my being. please be with always . please guide and help me to overcome struggles. please guide and guard also my loved ones esp myn3 kids..

  10. Dear my guardian angel anauel I love you thank you because I know you now.please help me,guide me,protect me and my daughter,my parents,my sisters and brothers.and bless me.

  11. Anauel Thank you for all you do and all the blessings you provide. I ask for your assistance to help me with a successful business startup and Entrepreneur. I will then use this success to assist others. Sending Love and light to all.

  12. Good angel protect my family , brothers, sister’s, kids , the whole generation, prevent death till everyone of my family grows older, no sucks on prosperity

  13. Angel Anauel, thank you for being my protector and watching over me as I’m definitely in a rut and want to change my life for the better for both me and my son. Please help me to shield against all those evil and negative people who do not wish us well or to succeed. I would like to feel happiness and true love again from my future partner. Eternally grateful for your support and guidance. Many blessings Rebecca

  14. Oh Great Anauel,

    Thank you for making your presence known in my life. I am now in need again of your divine help. I have been praying for a better promotion all around in my life, ESPECIALLY the job that I have.
    This help is not just for myself, but I want to be in a better position to help the students and the campus more.

    Thank you forever,

  15. Dear Angel Anauel,

    Thank you for assisting me in having a better relationship with my superiors and peers at work!

  16. Dear Angel Anuel,
    I would want to thank you guiding me protecting me whispering in my ear and having me change my mind when its needed!

  17. Dear Angel anauel thank you for loving & guide me.. i love you with all my heart contine keeping me safe. Shine your light on me there for i will shine on others. Bless me with wealth, health, prosperity a long life with love… Ty in advance anauel

  18. Dear angel, i thanks u for being with me thoughout of my life and continue be with me forever, please my angle i want you provide the love of my life for me and bless me, i totally trust that you can do it for me.

  19. I want to be the best i can be,so that the light I have within will shine bright for others. Heal my heart, clear my head, hold me close and let me be the greatest lawyer there can be. I want to serve and help make a difference, for me and these around. Bless my children, my husband, my animal companions, thank you for always being there. Ommmm….. Now and Forever

  20. Years ago, I channeled Anauel and I thought that my thoughts were out of control and I was talking to myself. I didn’t realize that I was actually channeling an angel.

  21. thank you my lovely angel anauel,thank u for being with me ,within me and guiding me always.pls help me resolve my problems and lead me and my family to a life in abundance of good health/wealth/wisdom/peace of mind/happiness/prosperity

  22. Oh great Anauel, I implore thee to take charge of my life in all aspects everyday.bring abundant happiness and love to my life.Guide me in all that I do.. Amen

  23. Dear my angel, I wish you would always guide and guard me whenever and wherever my path will lead me. Please always be with me, specially now and forever.

  24. Dear My Guardian Angel Anauel;
    You have been part of my entire existence. For that alone – I love you dearly.
    I plead with you my Guardian Angel to protect me and provide my needs. As Eileen Anglin stated – Angels know my story. I believe you know my story and will work to make things happen for my favor.
    Thanks a million
    See. Christopher

  25. Dear Angel Anauel

    Thank you for being my angel, help me and assist me i what i do to become better and to be good always to one another. Help me to be the best that i can and Knowing God’s love wonderful works every day. Keep me wherever i go… Watch over me, help to become a better person bless, and guide me through in the Name of Our God above, so that i can help other people too and bless them too. Thank you Lord God, Thank You Angel Anauel in your presence to be my guide always while im still here on Earth and in the next life. ❤️🙏

  26. Thank you so very much for being there for me I love you so much,I just ask for helping an guidance out of my current dark times an to show me the way forward thank you x

  27. Thank you for everything you do for me even when my faith is low somehow I find god again. Guide me to my fullest business potential and help me achieve happiness in all I do and have.

  28. Dear Angel Anauel
    Thank you for always being there to guide me. Keep me safe always and protect me under your wings.

  29. Dear Angel Anauel im glad that I have found you and understand what you can do for me. Please always guide on my path in this world and also heal all the pain in my heart. Please never leave my side. Thank you for being by my side in the past years. Amen

  30. Dear my Angel was looking for you and it took me 42 years to know you are real i love you please protect me of all evil and guide me with your power need your guide with my Lord Jesus please give the light. Amen

  31. I’m grateful for the guidance that is found when I least expect it but really need it. In appreciation for all the prayers you have and haven’t answered.

  32. I love you and I want you to be in charge every day both in my life, house, family(s) and in my hand work

  33. Dear Angel Anauel,
    I’m grateful for your guidance. Please grant grace so that I meet the love of my life. I am tired of being lonely and single. I truly desire my life partner. I love you so much!

  34. I trust u n know you will not lead wrong I can trust u my life, I will never question ur lessons for me to become a better person n unity. Love u I know loved before I knew you was omy arch angel thank u so much o great one.

  35. You are the angel and protector of my precious son. I plead for your help in guiding him now, and through his life. Please help him become the best he can be, and know God’s love deeply..

  36. anauel i love you and i want to thank you for everything i believe in angels i believe in you in my heart i believe there is happiness in my heart there is no such thing as fear in my heart there is love light in my heart iam loving and caring and dont like bad or mean people i love you and thanks for all your help

    • My guidance Angel anauel you are the best but I pray that you open my 2eyes to see the physical world well and open my 3eye to enable me see the spiritual world well too. I am air element and you represent the element of air .Thanks.. I love you

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