Melahel is the guardian angel for people born between July 12 and July 16. He has a feminine energy and represents the 20th and 25th degree of Cancer. In the angel hierarchy he is a Throne, he is part of the sefirah of Binah, and his governing Archangel is Zaphkiel. His planetary energies are Saturn / Mercury and he represents the element of Water.

His name means: God Who Delivers Us from Our Woes.

He symbolizes: Healing. He offers protection against terrorist attacks and firearms. He brings you healing by sharing with you a knowledge of plants. The angel Melahel's stone is Chalcedony and his colors are Yellow / Green. Of the 7 virtues, he rules over: Hope.

The qualities given to you by the angel Melahel

The guardian angel Melahel gives you the ability to heal others. He is the angel of doctors, pharmacists, healers, and scientists. This angel rules over naturopathy, herbalism, and the natural sciences.

Under the influence of this guardian angel, you will be able to learn about all the medicinal benefits which plants can have on our health. With him as your supreme protector, you will also gain the ability to act with the same powers of a medicinal plant yourself.

The guardian angel Melahel will teach you to appreciate healthy foods and to understand all the steps and phases involved in the food chain. You will come to understand that a healthy and balanced diet is the best form of medicine.

From now on you will be able to understand the many different benefits of a healthy vegan or vegetarian diet. It is also thanks to his support that you will become an ardent defender of the environment and that you will develop a respect for nature. He can bestow upon you the secrets of the powers of nature.

Thanks to this angel you will live a calm and peaceful life, you will learn to control your emotions, and you will be able to easily adapt to any given situation. You have the faith that comes from knowledge. He will also give you the power to show appreciation and gratitude for the abundance of the divine without taking it for granted.

The imbalances regulated by the angel Melahel

The guardian angel Melahel protects you from unhappiness, sickness, and all kinds of malaise, while also making sure that you do not lack awareness about any medicine you might be taking. He therefore protects you from people who use medicine purely for their own material or financial enrichment.

This angel is your patron and protector and will keep you from harmfully polluting vegetation and the environment. He will also protect you from artificial foods and crops. He will help you if you have a corrupt or dangerous mind or if you are having impure thoughts.

The angel Melahel will protect you from perverted feelings and courses of action. He will also prevent you from having any difficulty organizing your thoughts or expressing how you are feeling.

When should I communicate with the angel Melahel?

Time - Physical:
July 12 - July 16
Time - Intellectual:
07:20 - 07:40
Time - Emotional:
January 30, 00:00 - 23:59
April 12, 00:00 - 23:59
June 26, 00:00 - 23:59
September 9, 00:00 - 23:59
November 21, 00:00 - 23:59

What can I ask the angel Melahel?

The angel Melahel can help and support you in different situations so that peace and health can reign over you as well as over all the other living creatures here on this Earth. All you have to do is ask and he will bring you the thing which you desire most.

Pray to this guardian angel and he will help you in treating any burns, skin afflictions, high temperatures, varicose veins, or cramps. He will also help you if you want to be rid of any poison, infection, inflammation, or parasites. He is also of vital support in case of injury.

If you wish to lead a healthy lifestyle, call upon your patron and protector the guardian angel Melahel and he will bring you guidance in the realm of nutrition. He will also help you to understand the plant world. If you are engaged in the study of homeopathy, you will find the support of this guardian angel very useful.

You should also not hesitate to ask for his assistance to end pollution in the world we live in here today.


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38 responses to “Melahel”

  1. I ask my angel to heal me from negative things and thoughts. I pray for great healthy lifestyle changes and choices for my family and friends and myself. I’m praying that I will help others with healing and for a blessing to do great things and work on a healthy life. I’m praying for God’s blessings for my family and friends also for myself.

  2. I humbly ask my angel to help me in my career. I want to be responsible and take care of myself and family.while he also grant me protection and long life

  3. I pray to you ye my guardian angel melahel to give me break through in my finance,and all the sweet things life could offer,protect me and my family. bring more opportunities and big connection to my door step so I can grow very big financially,my sweet angel MELAHEL

  4. I pray to you Melahel to help me heal my mind, body, and soul. Help rid me of negative thoughts, reach my highest vibration, and to be happy. Heal my physical body of afflictions and sickness. Cleanse my body of infection and inflammation. Rid my mind of anxiety, depression, and doubt. Heal my heart of all it’s burdens. Thank you.

    • I pray to you my guardian angel Melahel that you help me my heart is heavy there is not enough money flowing my angel you know my heart please lead me to the path i should take thank you angel

  5. Please my angel Melahel help me my things are not going well I’m suffering to much no money no better house for my family. I’m going with bad lucky please help me

  6. I pray to you ye my guardian angel melahel to give me break through in my finance,and all the sweet things life could offer,protect me and my family. bring more opportunities and big connection to my door step so I can grow very big financially,my sweet angel MELAHEL

  7. Thank you for revealing yourself to me. I’m eager to hear your guidance more clearly and to strengthen my consciousness as much as possible. I pray to you Melahel for restored finances, relationships, career, my mind, body, soul, and all aspects of this human experience. Help rid me of negative thoughts, reach my highest vibration, and heal my physical body of afflictions and sickness. Cleanse my body of infection and inflammation. Rid my mind of anxiety, depression, and doubt. Heal my heart of all it’s burdens and teach me how to do all of these miraculous things to others here on Earth. With love and gratitude. Amen

  8. melahel thank you for being their for me throughout my whole life.I ask of you if that you would protect me tonight.I love you.

  9. Melahel, i would like to should appreciation for coming and funally meeting the one who has really been guiding and protecting me and my family. From this this on as ill gain more knowledge about you I wish to believe and accept all it is that im learning while being able to apply such lessons to my daily living. I kindly ask of you to heal me in places where I need healing the most and let me be more open about letting you into my life as am aware individual. Thank you.

  10. I hug you dearest angel melahel, and feel your presence in my journey. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do. Thank you for showing me the way to be with the plants. I will listen now as you guide me deeper into my purpose as a healer. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. In gratitude and light, x

  11. I pray to my guardian to help me heal and deal with negative emotions and promote me to be intelligent about my emotions, feelings and the environment. I pray for health and prosperity for all siblings and friends. Help us to understand nature and plants available to help us in the journey of life. Love, peace, freedom and longevity is order of each and everything we do. Thanks for knowing your exeistance. Thank you

  12. Thanks for everything i still need to know the sigil and the mantra or word of power to be connected to his Angel

  13. Divine and powerful brother here buy you receive my petition to reconnect to the ancient times for better and for worse to achieve the soul mission given to my and all other brothers and lets make the world a better place.

  14. Angel Melahel help me overcome the spirit of lust, the spirit of evil thoughts and the spirit of fear amen

  15. Sure I’m under surveillance of my guardian angle.
    I pray that God may give him the power to fulfil my good purpose in life

  16. Right now and forever more I Omar Smith call on you My Heavenly Angel Melahel to touch my Life onto the will of Our Heavenly Father. I accept all that is given by thee which enables to complete my purpose here in the world. Thank You AND SO LET IT BE

  17. Melahel, I pray you for guidance in my life to know what is right and what is wrong, I pray you for Peace Joy Happiness and Riches in abundance material as well as spiritual. I Pray for a super healthy body, mind and spirit, I pray for assistance in everything I do and undertake that the outcome will always be to my benefit, Guide me to treat people with respect even those who rise against me because of my superior knowledge that I pray you grant me every moment of every day. I Pray for fairness from me to others and from others to me, I Pray that I will always have atomic energy to do what I need to do as well as what I want to do. Let nothing stand against me spiritually as well as in the mind, always grant me the courage and willpower to overcome all obstacles. I Pray for a life that could only be granted to me by God the Father God the Son and God the a holy Spirit. I Pray that my yes will be yes and my no will be no, and that nothing shall and will be impossible to me as I have God within me the great I AM.

  18. I pray to you, my guardian angel Melahel, for our nation’s health.  I also would like to have a breakthrough in my finances and bring more opportunities to me and my family. Thank you my guardian angel. 

  19. I would like my guardian angel to give me strength to help my son by receiving my love and joy from my heart. I would like for him to feel my presents around him. I trust in your good will and abundance of good health and life changes, I do feel your presents around me when I pray and think of you. I wish to communicate again with my son, through your power and true love amen.

  20. Archangel Melahel I ask of you at this time to help me prosper in order to buy my property back living a peaceful and spiritual life with those whom I truly trust.

    I ask that I will win the lottery with the two tickets on my possession now.

    Archangel Melahel I ask that I paint like a pro because so far I’m enjoying connecting to spirit realizing I have a gift

    Archangel Melahel I pray that my gift of being a seer into others lives in readings for myself and others will come through you and God so I can be 100% correct. Bring me those who I can help through you to me a instant connection

    I want to take this time and thank you and God’s directions in my Life!

  21. My personal lovely guardian angle Melahel, I’m happy to know you and to know that you have being with me for long now, please my melahel help me in achieving my dreams, bless the work of my hand, move me from poor level to rich level, bless me will wisdom and knowledge. give more power to heal other, and to speak and it will happen, give the power to win soul, and i thank you in advance for answering of my prayer, i want you to know that i love you from the bottom of my heart my protective guardian angle, please teach the way to talk to you

  22. my angel melahel please help me to overcome the issue iam facing with my siblings and nieces. give me the strenght and let them be enlightened to see the importance of a family. always protect my family from all sickness and harm.

  23. I pray to my angel that I can continue where I left off with my Wing Chun and other Martial Arts training, enjoyment of music, film, history and football.

    To enjoy life to the full again.

  24. I pray that my guardian angel Melahel will protect me from sickness and keep me healthy so I can take care of myself. I pray that Melahel will hellp me to find a mate. I am lonely and don’t want to be alone.

  25. I pray to you my guardian angel Melahel to help my niece Marie to surpass her ailment, and that she comes back strong and healthy. Thank so much.

  26. I pray that my guardian angel melahel to help me to heal from any hormonal issues and use the plant to heal me completely

  27. I pray to you my guardian angel Melahel, to give give me hope in this through times. I pray for a healthy lifestyle. I pray for healing. I pray for financial break through for me and my family. I pray for peace and safety in this world. I pray for protection for my family and friends and myself.

  28. I pray that my guardian angel will look after my relationship with my sister that is really sick and in need of a miracle. I pray for healing my resistance to receiving and giving Love.

  29. i pray my angel guardian melahel to always answer me when ever i need heip more importantly i have pation for nature.healing people of all type of ailment both physical & spiritual conditions.i love u melahel.

  30. i pray my guardian angel to keep me and my family away from any problems and make our life happy and enjoyable and also i love u my guardian angel melahel

  31. My Guardian Angel hear all the love and honesty and wealth be my connection for all needs and wants that are being asking for. Let true love be felt from you and my new phsycal strengthes be use as you may want help for all prayers to you and thank you now and all ways be my true Guardian Angel always thanx to God and every good creatations

  32. My dear angel Melahel plz help to get my one house plz is what I need now am very greatful to you for granting my prayer and healing me thanks

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