Haziel is the guardian angel for people born between May 1 and May 5. He has a masculine energy and represents the 10th and 15th degree of Taurus. In the angel hierarchy he is a Cherub, he is part of the sefirah of Hochmah, and his governing Archangel is Raziel. His planetary energies are Uranus / Uranus and he represents the element of Earth.

His name means: God of Mercy.

He symbolizes: Forgiveness and Unconditional Love. He offers you complete forgiveness for all of your faults through the mercy of the divine and attracts the kindness of important people towards you. The angel Haziel's stone is Topaz and his colors are Turquoise / Yellow. Of the 7 charisms, he rules over: The Word of Peace

The qualities given to you by the angel Haziel

He brings you the unconditional love of the universe which allows you to receive the gift of forgiveness and to benefit from the mercy of the divine. He encourages you along the path towards reconciliation with your enemies.

He makes of you an honest person who is highly respected and whose sincerity of heart is well known. Haziel feeds your inner kindness allowing you to banish any evil which surrounds you.

He brings you such a powerful loving energy that you are able to immediately rid your mind of any and all negative thoughts. This impacts the people close to you as well.

This makes you the kind of person that people can count on as well as a great source of support for your friends. He fosters your relationships with powerful people which will help you throughout your life.

He helps you to keep your promises and commitments and guides you towards more altruistic and selfless behavior. He cultivates within you the innocence of a child, a pure kind of emotion with the power to resolve all problems.

The imbalances regulated by the angel Haziel

He helps you if you are having difficulties related to your romantic life or if you are failing to give or to receive love. His powerful energy will help fill this void.

He prevents you from feeling overly possessive or jealous and helps you to channel the passionate feelings you come to experience. He allows you to move past your fear of love and your fear of giving your heart to another.

He is the first line of defense against the hatred of others, as well as against conflicts, disputes, lies, and hypocrites who would seek to deceive you.

He allows you to win the favor of people in high places but helps you to avoid using manipulation to achieve this. The angel Haziel helps you to avoid feeling resentment or malice towards those who have deceived you.

When should I communicate with the angel Haziel?

Time - Physical:
May 1 - May 5
Time - Intellectual:
02:40 - 03:00
Time - Emotional:
January 17, 00:00 - 23:59
March 29, 00:00 - 23:59
June 11, 00:00 - 23:59
August 26, 00:00 - 23:59
November 7, 00:00 - 23:59

What can I ask the angel Haziel?

You can pray to Haziel so that he will give you unconditional forgiveness for your flaws as well as help you yourself to forgive those who have offended you.

Ask for his help if you wish to successfully persuade or win the friendship of important people. He will give you enough confidence and powers of reason to achieve this.

Ask him to ensure that all the promises that you have made, as well as the promises that have been made to you are kept. He will make sure that both sides keep their word with the other.


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54 responses to “Haziel”

  1. Dear Haziel,
    I ask that you please create forgiveness, reconciliation and closeness between Ryan and I again. I admit my responsibility in what went wrong and ask your forgiveness as well. Please put a stop to those in his ear filling him with lies in order to keep him from me. Please flood his mind with the happy memories. Give him the strength to stand up to the people in the way of our relationship. Bring him back to me. We have pieces of each other’s hearts.

  2. Haziel, I know these guys are Christians, and it’s weird for a non-Christian to be on here, but I just needed this to be said.
    Thank you. I am sorry for what P has done, and possibly for what I have done, but I hope you are doing ok. I worry about you. I am not sure if you are just another aspect of P or if you will come back in P’s absence, but just know you do not need to grant me anything for me to love you (and P for that matter).
    If you really are P’s angelic self, I hope you have found reconciliation with him. If not, I still hope you two can learn to be friends. If P really asked to be an archangel, can you take good care of him for me? It would mean a lot to me.
    Please take care.
    I love you.

  3. I thank God for you my friend and helper Archangel Haziel, the feeling was intense and loving and i know and am convinced that you will make me reach my destiny assigned to me through your guidance and love above all you will help me to accomplish all the promises made to me in Jesus name

  4. Thanks you Haziel for making me feel better I asked that you help me with with a great forgiven spirit,to forgive all those people that offense me give me this heart to love them again Lord Jesus come into my life and dwell so that I will be free Amen

  5. Thanks angel πŸ˜‡ Haziel for the life I working through but I want you to help me towards my way of leaving and I thank you Lord Jesus Christ for my life also

  6. My brother Hazel ,please I need your protection, forgiveness, your power, delivers from the hand of powers of darkness.
    Please Hazel break every spell cast on both spiritual and fiscal..
    Please don’t live me.
    You are my brother.
    Thanks you.

  7. Thank you lovely father for the gift of life which you have given me, I thank you angel Haziel my guiding angel for always being there for me even when I was foolishly going the wrong path. I am begging for forgiveness from God, please have mercy on me…… . I pray for the grace of our Lord Lesus christ to come upon me, bless me oh Lord.
    Thank you for answering my prayers in Jesus mighty name I pray

  8. Thanks you my Angle Haziel for helping me .
    Please helper me to be successful in life..
    Haziel ,provide for so that I will be able to fulfill what God want me to do.
    Please never forsake me.
    Please thank you.

  9. Thank you my Angel Haziel,for helping me in my journey without knowing you,I want to say thank you again and again.Angel Haziel help me to be successful in life,locate my soulmate that have wisdom too to me so that I will not marry the wrong person and show me right work or Job to do that will make me to be a successful woman,a role model, a good woman/wife and a woman that have wisdom.My Angel Haziel please connect me with those/ the important people that will help me grow, develop and great in life.please my Angel Haziel provide for me so that I will be able to fulfill my promise to provide for or help the widows and elderly ones.once again, My Angel Haziel thank you for revealing yourself to me(Moyosore Oluwaseun)am so happy πŸ€—β˜ΊοΈπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜˜ please My Angel Haziel never forsake/leave me alone,thank you

  10. Thank you Haziel for helping me in my journey. For always being by my side when I needed you most. Forgive me for I have hurt someone who was my soulmate. I let my mind consume me and let it change who I turkey am. I pray to you that you help overcome this journey that is taking a toll on my heart. Help me successfully persuade my other part of my soul. My one and only true love. Please show her who I truly am. I ask you in a time that I need you the most be with me and give me strength. Please hear my prays of the twin flame readings. And help me achieve my one true wish. To be complete again. Amen

  11. Thank you Haziel for being my guardian and for protect me from demons, evil sprit as well negative things. Please keep doing it and show me the right path, let me forgive those treated me badly and let them forgive me. Let all my dream come true that i keep praying for. Amen

  12. I accept you as my one and true guardian angel haziel! Please guide me thru these turbulent trials in my life and give me the wisdom and strength to better myself and protect me from the evil people that seek to manipulate and take advantage of me! Please grant me the fortune and life i deserve!

  13. Thank you my Angel Haziel for your Devine power. Please help me sort things out with my partner and my best friend because they are the most important people in my life and I want to keep them forever.

    Help my partner realise that she was made for me and I for her. Open our paths to finding our way back to each other. Protect us from anyone trying to do evil deeds to us. Please help us keep all the promises we made to each other. Thank you for your guidance and love for me.

    Thank you!
    Thank you!
    Thank YOU!

  14. Thanks to the Most High
    God is the greatest in the universe
    Thanks to the Almighty for bringing Archangel Haziel as my guarding angel
    Make all my wishes and promises come to pass and make me a prominent person so that I become a blessing to my family and our generation
    Thank you my angel
    I love you so much

  15. Thank you guardian archangel Haziel for watching over me and now revealing yourself to me. I will cherish your presence In my life and stay connected with you. I’m glad to have such a powerful and compassionate angel by my side in this lifetime.

  16. Heavenly Father, who cannot be seen without forgiveness, thank you for the blessed assigning of the Angel Haziel who has helped me to be a forgiving person so that I may be able to see you. From birth the effects of this presence is now being acknowledged. May success, Grace and mercy, luck, good fortune, love and all the beneficial attributes continue to build and surround my life.
    Thank you heavenly Father for the gift of salvation through your son Yeshua ha Masheak which has granted us favour, hope and opportunity, Amen.

  17. My guardian angel haziel thank you for guiding me and please protect my family and me, guide me to achieve my dreams and thank you papa God for giving haziel as my guardian angel. Protect people around me my guardian angel haziel
    ILOVEYOU and also ILOVEYOU papa God

  18. My Guardian angel haziel, I have been told there are two angels beside me and keep prevent good fortune to happen in my life. Finding out now about your qualities , can you please do something about it for and sorry for all the sin and pain I caused you and thank you for inculcating in me some of your qualities I can boldly affirm within me, please never leave and get tired of me.

  19. Dear Angel,

    Please Protect Me, Redeem Me, & Bring new Friendships, & Love. Protect me from defamation, & Violence or Banishment


  20. Everything that was described to me through this Angel is all that I am I’m thankful for this Angel to be merciful and forgiving as well and I’m thankful to the universe and the almighty God for my perfect guardian angel.

  21. I have just come across this divine knowledge of the Archangel Haziel as my guidian angel and I’m so surprised that my person and my behavior is how it was described as guided by Archangel Haziel.I pray to God Almighty,The Creator of Heaven and Earth,in The Mighty Name Of Jesus Christ To Continue To Empower My Guidian Angel Haziel To Watch Over Me Till The End Of My Exploits And Journey On Earth In Jesus Mighty Name, Amen.

  22. Thanks hazel and Kali and creation for all the help,I accept it’s not been easy , thank you very much

  23. I can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me. I am blessed with the guardian angel Haziel, of Unconditional Love and Forgiveness !! Thank you and bless you for always being by my side .

  24. I thank God Almighty for his grace upon my life . Today i come to Know my angel haziel.please unite with me to help me to be where i was destined to be in life.thank u.

  25. Im sorry father for not listening my HEAD hurts as i confus coes i know I’ve done nothing but turn my back i am filled with guilt i am ashamed by my actions i tried to run a way from everything you where showing me i was scared still am not everyone can hear you and growing up in a world where judgment is constant where i was judging my self for being crazy because i didnt want to BELIEVE that i could hear you or see the pictures/story’s so started drinking and all that did was make me fill crook.

    I amone of your meny sons that has been disobedient not listening and still you love and protect me look after me guiding me constantly i am nothing lately but selfish i love you father in the name of our heavenly father the holy spirit and the holy ghost god of gods creator of all thank you for listening to me when all i have done is complain. And i love you to my guardian angel

  26. Thank you my holy father for your angels that watch over me and guide and protect me . I am so very grateful to know I’m not alone. Please stay with me to help me grow and learn as God intended. Thank you for your forgiveness. As I ask for it in this moment with all my heart and soul. I love you for you for loving me even when I couldn’t love myself.

  27. Thank you Lord for our Angels and Archangels, with them you are passing your grace, protecting and enlightening all of us. Angel Haziel please continue to be by our side. I open my heart to receive your gifts with love, and with my heart full of gratitude I thank you for the gift of Forgiveness and Unconditional Love ❀️ I honor you and what you represent. May you be my side everyday of my life πŸ™πŸ»

  28. My loving angel Haziel , thank you πŸ™ for blessing and protection over life and my family … God of mercy

  29. Thank you Lord & Thank you Haziel for living through em. Continue to work with and through me to be the best I can in life. Thank you

  30. Thank you for all that you have Blessed me with for all of your forgiveness and Never leaving my side even when I let you down I’m sorry I am trying and I know that I have come so far from the person I use to be . Thank you for opening my eyes . Honestly I just need to get away somewhere away from here and I will do fine I know it I’ve done it before thank you for everything I am grateful I surrender my heart my soul to you show me the way please show me where you want me to go

    • Angel Haziel I want thanks you for me been honest person I want u to u more better and I want forgive those who betrayed me

  31. Thank you my guardian angel haziel for guiding me and protecting me this far. I am praying and asking to make room in my heart for forgiveness for love to fill me and my life with my now separated partner whom I love. Please help us love each other in a way we have never lived before. I am blessed to have you as my angel and am seeking your blessing and guidance as well as Gods thy will be done.

  32. Thank you my guardian angel Haziel…thanks for always guides me and protect me in any any situation… please don’t leave me…send all my prayers to God Almighty and I wish all my prayers be granted… thank you and I love you…

  33. Thank you guardian haziel for coming into my life I love God thank him for bringing you to me as theses times are turbulent and evil I repent ive everything said or done wrong I thank you from the bottom of my heart guardian haziel for forgiving me and the mercy I love all and everyone

    • Thank you angel haziel Now I know you are with me always let your merciful and unconditional love lead me to every where I go, and favor me with more power wisdom and money and good health with energy thank you πŸ™πŸ™βœ…

  34. Hi my gardien angel please help me get my strength back to forgive people who hurt me and may God forgive me also I need a new lifestyle opportunity πŸ™

  35. Haziel, my guardian angel! Thank you so much for the blessings of love and forgiveness. Thank you for your guideance and direction. Most of all thank you for loving me unconditionally! Im blessed and honored to have you as my guardian angel.

  36. Blessed be who come in he name of thee lord. Thanks and praise to the MOST HIGH and to all our guardian angels. Special love and thanks to Archangel Haziel, may he help guide us and keep us grounded.

  37. Thanks to God almighty for signing archangel haziel as my guardian angel. very big thanks to my guardian angel archangel haziel for being there for me at all times. please dont ever live me alone, i need you in my always,guide me long life/prosperity,guide my foots from evil, protect me, feed and accommodate me and my family. rebuild my strength and faith, give me more power to succeed in my ministerial journey Amen.

  38. Giving thanks to the the most high for assigning Haziel as our guardian angel and all the attributes Haziel holds giving thanks for this journey I’m about to embark on


  39. Thank you Haziel for being my guardian angel I also thanks the Father my Lord Jesus Christ for loving me.

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