Mitzrael is the guardian angel for people born between January 16 and January 20. He has a masculine energy and represents the 25th and 30th degree of Capricorn. In the angel hierarchy he is an Archangel, he is part of the sefirot of Hod, and his governing Archangel is Raphael. His planetary energies are Mercury / Mars and he represents the element of Earth.

His name means: God Who Comforts the Oppressed.

He symbolizes: Liberation. He brings liberation to those who are suffering from persecution, he also liberates people from mental illness and makes you a respected person in the chain of command. The angel Mitzrael's stone is Tiger’s Eye and his colors are Violet / Green. Of the 7 disciplines of medieval scholasticism, he rules over: Geometry.

The qualities given to you by the angel Mitzrael

Mitzrael is the angel of reparation and change. He helps you to recognize and to fix your mistakes while also ensuring you act better in the future.

He helps you to understand the nature of obedience and authority. Thanks to the natural powers he brings you, you have the ability to lead others and to take on big responsibilities. With his help you will live your life with great ease.

He makes it easier for you to practice psychology and psychiatry. Under his influence you will come to possess a great talent for neurobiology, neurotechnology, and the technological world in general.

Should you ever suffer from mental illness he will bring you healing, but to fix these problems you must be aware of them first. He brings you unity between your emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical sides.

The imbalances regulated by the angel Mitzrael

The guardian angel Mitzrael makes it easier for you to accept and to fix your mistakes therefore allowing you to build a new life for yourself. By his side you will no longer have the habit of giving up and throwing in the towel without putting up a fight first.

He will help you if you have a fear of change because he knows that this is what is stopping you from moving forwards. He will also help you if you are unable to accept your karma and if you refuse to improve yourself. He also protects you from feelings of fragility due to distance.

He protects you from problems of authority with your father or with the person who plays a fatherly role in your life, as well as with your boss or superior. He protects you from deliberate disobedience and from insubordination. He also keeps you from oppression, rebellion, and revolt. He will help you to change if you are a vindictive, difficult, or critical person.

The guardian angel Mitzrael will make sure you have enough help and that you do not lack in mutual support or opportunities for collaboration. He helps to rid your mind of the mentality that everyone is out for themselves.

He is able to protect you from mental illnesses like madness, paranoia, schizophrenia, etc. He will also protect you from migraines and from chronic fatigue. He prevents you from taking medicine in ignorance.

When should I communicate with the angel Mitzrael?

Time - Physical:
January 16 - January 20
Time - Intellectual:
19:40 - 20:00
Time - Emotional:
March 8, 00:00 - 23:59
May 20, 12:00 - 23:59
May 21, 00:00 - 23:59
August 4, 00:00 - 23:59
October 17, 00:00 - 23:59
December 27, 18:00 - 23:59

What can I ask the angel Mitzrael?

If you are having problems with tyranny whether this be with your father or with one of your higher ups, pray to the angel Mitzrael.

If you are about to take an exam or a test, ask this angel who is your patron and protector for his clairvoyance and light. If you do this you will be successful. You have the ability to reflect and to explore things in great depth. You are also able to regulate your high level of honesty which can do you more harm than good.

If you are feeling regret over the mistakes you made in the past, call upon the angel Mitzrael and he can cleanse your karma and allow you to live your future in peace. He will help you to accept your mistakes and move past them without regretting them too much.


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  1. dear guardian Angel Mitzreal
    \please come into my my life and my son son Ryder as well protect us from the wicked. Please steer us in the direction of success. Help us get rid of our anxieties…Please give ne a sign so I can know you are with me…I would be grateful for your presence.

  2. I pray everyday that I can have a good communication with my family. Every wall build between the siblings be broken as this lead to brokenhearted.Prosperity in life is my dream in every corner of my life. I pray that my kids prosper in their education as a foundation for great life.

  3. I pray for new opportunities that will lead me to better position and great potential in life.

    Long life and sound mind.

  4. I pray for my financial crisis,and I have done lots of wrong things in my life plz repent me,I want to have oppurtunites to have wealth..plz pray for the joy and happiness in my life and family

  5. I am proud and full of delight getting to know ANGEL MITZRAEL, My Guardian Angel. I love MITZRAEL.
    Please MITZRAEL deliver me from this low estate I am, deal with my fears and heart troubles and make way for me to become fulfilled in life. Librate me Spiritually, Financially, Emotionally and Physically.

  6. I now know you my Guardian Angel Mitzrael . forgive me for all the harm i ve caused you. may you give me clairvoyance and light and protection in all my endeavors, i pray dee

  7. Thanks angel for being My patron and My protector, please bring peace between I and Dad, make My dad My Best friend, eliminate everyone that choose to oppress me,or choose to break the Bond between I and my Dad. Let my aunt chiadi love me more and bring me closer, amen.deliver me from My step mom.

  8. Hello My Guardian Angel Mitzrael, thank you for the protection and help over the years. I remain most grateful. Knowing you as my guardian angel is one of the best news I’ve had over the years and a sigh of relief from the burden of challenges I’m in

    Dear guardian angel, I sincerely need your help and its crucial to me. I have opportunities but at the verge of breakthrough all I see is disappointments. This is like a recurring event. I am in a deep financial shit and it seems there is no escape route for me.which is why I call upon your awesome power to help me at this time. All I need is just one click to atleast one of the numerous opportunities I have. It is deeper than the write up but I know you know my predicament. Please, help me my guardian Angel.

  9. Angel mitzreal….fight for me blot out every evil the enemies have planted in my life…..bless my going out and coming in, give me wisdom and understanding

  10. Angel Mitzreal..Thank you for guarding me through all the years I have lived..I pray and hope you help me move from my mistakes from.. the past and help me have a better future …Help me fight my battles..I wish to get a life partner this year pls help me and let my life partner locate me soonest..I love you Angel Mitzreal


    Help me accept my trespasses as learning experiences. Help me to let go of the pain of grief of losing a child who is still alive, living their life and is, by accounts, happy. I ask for assistance with their partners acceptance of me. I ask for being involved in their lives. That they become part of my life.
    I ask for help working the land into a farm and self sustaining food forest.
    Ask for clearance of any and all red tape that ever has been or ever will be associated with the North County Drong Ngur Jangchub Drubdhe Retreat Center and a smooth transition of paper work be handled easily, quickly, and to the benefit of all. I pray for financial windfalls to assist in creating, maintaining, and growing the farm and retreat center on a continuous basis. I am grateful for the continuous
    Excellent health of all.

  12. I bless thy name Angel mitzrael and am so glad to have you as my guardian Angel.i pray with full confidence knowing that my needs, problems, setbacks,fear, financial blockage, sickness, hardship and tries has been over comes by you Angel(Mitzrael) making all wishes to be great and wealthy, a realistic. Thank you Angel Mitzrael for your divine intervention and protection upon my life, family and loved ones.

  13. Hello Mitzrael,I come to you tonight to ask you guide me on my divine spiritual journey while aiding me in healing my mental,emotional and physical barriers. I ask you bring true love into my life and aid with all conscious and subconscious fears. Help me to unlock my light working abilities and to find my true purpose. Amen.

  14. I pray that my guardian angel helps me with all these problems Im facing in my business and financially. Im so tired.

  15. I am very happy and excited to know my guidian angel name, l pray that let my guidian angel guide me and help me to find love and good job.

  16. I am happy now that I have know my gaudian angel name and I pray to my angel to be with me and bless me

  17. i am glad that i have come to read about my Angel, i didn’t know about you yet you did.
    i pray that get to know you more and to always recognize your presence in my everyday life. help me discover who i am, knowledge and help me know my call and goal in life.
    Thank you my angel i love

  18. Thank you my gaurdian Angel Mitzrael, for showing your presents in my life recently, thru symbols of numbers in my digital clock. The protection you have given me since birth as i went thru hardship, challenges and blockages on my path. I ask for your guidance still so I can finally find my real path that will lead me to prosperity over the great injustice that ravaged my life over the past years, I ask for light please shine my path… Thank you!!!


  19. Dear guardian Angel Mitzreal
    I ask you to clear my Karma and have all negative energy to be cleared from my whole self.
    I ask for your help with my boss…that she may see the good person and hard worker I really am.
    I ask for your protection from a very negative volatile coworker. I ask for your help to over come fear of moving forward. I real want to have my own home so my children can come viditvwhen they marry and start having children..I also ask that you help me find my twin fame.
    Thank you for these ..I would like to know you better and to be given a sign when you are with me. All my love light and gratitude kind mitzrael

  20. I pray that you might find some rest with me Mitzrael. You’ve done nothing but help these years and I thank you so much, but please, please do not overwork yourself. It’s not worth it ^-^

  21. Hello Angel Mitzreal, I thank you for being a wonderful protector over these years. I really acknowledge your presence in my life and I’m much grateful. Angel Mitzreal, I’m facing difficulties in school at the moment with my authorities and I want you to help me solve this problem amicably. I also ask for divine Protection and high level of intelligence(wisdom) to go about in life. Grant me opportunities that will open great doors in my life. Let favor locate me from today onwards and any hindrance preventing me from moving forward and achieving my goals please destroy it and help me succeed. Amen

  22. I thank you mitzrael for being by my side when the bad things have happened now I know who you are I will give u glory

  23. Thank you Mitzrael for your protection over the years. I am happy and grateful to learn that you are my Guardian angel and I am happier to know of your presence. I ask for your ongoing help as it relates to my spiritual, mental, emotional, social/relationships, financial, career, business and health areas of my life.

    Please help me with with the loss of my partner of 13 years. Please help me with the lack of respect and consideration from the male tenant who lives below me. Please increase and bring financial abundance into my life so that I can move into a permanent, stable and safe dwelling. Please open doors of immeasurable and positive opportunities and close doors and remove people and mountains that are negative and mean me hurt, harm and danger.

    Please help me to let go of the past mistakes I have made so that I can have a bright and promising future. Please bless me so that I may be a blessing and a beacon of light for others. Give me a spirit of fearlessness, courage, strength, grace, power and everlasting joy. Thank you in the mighty name of all that is great, worthy and omnipotent.

  24. Hello Mitzrael, my guardian angel, please help me to get out of the financial debt and frustration I found myself today… help me turnaround my business to be the most successful.. let me have financial breakthrough that nobody has ever experienced in my generation….give me peace of mind and love…..thank you

  25. I pray to my guardian angel mitzrael to give me happiness and success in my life and also protects me from unwanted energy… i pray that you give me more energy more power and money

  26. Please help me in any winning games that I play and successful buisness and clear the block in my way to move forward to happy New year 🎉 🎉

  27. My dear Archangel Mitzrael, thank for your protection and actions in my life as my guardian angel. Please help me to let go of my past mistakes ad faults, clean my karma, and learn from them so as to never repeat them. Help me to fix problems with my superiors and , my father and all members of my family who think that I am not worthy of respect… Please help me to cease new opportunities, that I have the preferred job among those I applied for recently, to have a new start in life , to be happy with my family, my new job and to be prosperous again in everything I do. I love you and would like to communicate more with you.

  28. I thank you very much for your help in my life. please,keep, on your good work in me.I pray that you will let my true potential out and also remove any fear in me and also reveal yourself to me.And also pray that you will continue to guide, protect and shower your blessings upon my life.Amen.I thank God for having you as my guardian MITZRAEL.

  29. I pray that you continue to bless my father and keep us safe. I pray that u continue to show me the way that god intended for me to go. I pray that I continue to walk in peace and love ❤️

  30. I pray that you watch over me and my family help me to receive opportunities to better myself, help me to be able to take those opportunities so that I may be the best I may be. Help rid me of all these negative energy and thoughts that I may possess I pray to you to give me success and happiness please clear all blockage in my life and break all the barriers which stops me from winning games of luck I pray you help me move on from my mistakes I’ve made from the past help cleans my karma so that I can move towards a great tomorrow.

  31. Thank You for your continual protection in the physical realm. I have put myself in danger, but you were always there to help protect and heal me. I pray for your benevolent and magnificent touch in all aspects of my life as I cleanse myself of all negative energy, shame, guilt, and fear. Bless me with a strong romantic partner, home security, job security, and all unknown unknowns that I will need to fulfill my destiny bringing light and divine energy to this world.

  32. Mitzrae, I pray you help me move on from the mistakes ive made, help cleans my karma so that i can move towards a great tomorrow, help me receive better opportunities that will favour me and also help me in winnings to myself . Thanks awesone archangel.

  33. Thank you Angel mitzrael for being my guardian angel and protector throughout my life, I ask of you for guidance through my online business to create and abundance of wealth so I’m able to spend more time with my family and life on our terms and I promise I will share this with everyone who is willing to listen. I pray for guigance from you Angel Mitzrael to guide me to build an amazing Fun Exciting Action Taking Soul Tribe within my community and to share my set of skills with everyone. Thank you Thank you Thank you

  34. Mitzrael, help me receive better opportunities that will favour me and also help me in winning, and also cleanse my mistakes

  35. Mitzrael I pray you help me move on from the mistakes ive made, help cleans my karma so that i can move towards a great tomorrow. Thanks awesone archangel.

  36. Thank you Mitzrael for your protection over the years. I am very happy to have you as my Guardian angel and I am even more happy to finally be aware of you presence. I ask for your help at this time as it relates to my spiritual, mental, emotional, marital & family life, social/relationships, financial, career, business and health areas of my life. Please help me to let go of the past & mistakes I have made, as well as to learn from them and be a beacon of light for others. Give me a spirit of fearlessness, courage, strength, humility, peace, kindess, forgiveness and joy. Thank you again.

  37. I pray to you to give me success and happiness. Please clear all blockages in my life and break all the barriers which stops me from winning in game of luck.

  38. I pray that you watch over me, help me to receive opportunities to better myself, help me to be able to take those opportunities so that I may be the best I may be. Help rid me of all negative energy and thoughts that I may possess

    • Arch angel MitReal thank you for acknowledging your presence and n my life with out u I would be loss . Only thing I regret In life now it giving up on my dreams to soon I need help to manifest the greater me could you please assist with making it happen seems like I’m bout it to have a natural breakdown.

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